Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Shen Nianru reluctantly said goodbye to Jiahui as she was going back to the village.

“My child, come back early. I really can’t bear to see you all leave. “

Shen Nianru held Jiahui in her left hand and Yingbao in her right hand. Together with her husband, they sent the Zhao family out of the courtyard.

Jiahui hugged her godmother. She smiled and said, “Yes, we will definitely come back early. You and your godfather must take care of yourselves at home. Call us in the village if you need anything. I will write down the phone number for you.

“Okay, don’t worry, we will take care of ourselves.”

The brothers, Donglin and Donghe, carried the luggage, while Zhang Qiaoer held Fang Fang. Heidan and Shitou followed behind the adults. A group of people went to the station in a grandiose way.

“Hey, do you want to talk to Mom about the police comrade first?”

On the bus, Jiahui secretly discussed with Zhao Donglin

The last time she wrote to Meixiang, she asked her what she thought. Meixiang said she didn’t know and was very confused. In that case, Jiahui didn’t tell Zhang Qiaoer about it. She was afraid that Zhang Qiaoer was too excited after Jiahui told her about it. Jiahui thought she’d better wait for Meixiang to think about it herself and let nature take its course, but today they are going to the county, and she and Zhao Donglin want to find a chance to meet with the comrade. Jiahui hesitated whether to say it or not.

Zhao Donglin looked at Zhang Qiaoer, who was carsick, and shook his head, “Wait for now. We will wait until we get to the county.

It was at this time that Ji Zhenfeng bought a watermelon and sent it downstairs to Meixiang’s dormitory. His tanned face was full of sweat.

“Why don’t you go to my dormitory and rest for a while?”

Although Ji Zhenfeng often sent Meixiang back to the dormitory, Meixiang never let him inside the dormitory. But today, Meixiang was really touched. How hot was the weather? And he even made a special trip for a watermelon.

“All right, Can I go in? “

Saying so, Ji Zhenfeng walked in with a grin, but he didn’t look embarrassed.

Meixiang’s dormitory was very clean. The room was about ten square meters, with a single bed, a small desk, and a small wooden chair. There are books, pen holders, and a small red round mirror on the desk.

The broken flower-styled curtain was fastened with ribbons. On the windowsill are two pots of flowers: a pot of cactus and a pot of daffodils. They are green and have a faint fragrance. He didn’t know whether it was the fragrance of daffodils or the smell of Meixiang.

“When are you going home? I’ll find a car to drive you home. “

Ji Zhenfeng put the watermelon on the desk, and Meixiang found a fruit knife to cut it down and handed Zhengfeng a piece of the sweetest part of the watermelon.

The patrol team has a car. When not on duty, it can be borrowed. It takes only about an hour to drive back and forth from Yun County to Shengli Commune. By the way, Ji Zhenfeng wants to take Meixiang home and meet the family.

Meixiang took the watermelon and hummed, then refused Ji Zhenfeng’s offer to send her home.

“No, I’m not going back alone. My mom and the others will pass by here today from the provincial capital. I’ll go back with them. “

Ji Zhenfeng stopped moving. He wiped the watermelon juice from the corner of his mouth and looked at Meixiang, asking, “Your family is coming back from the province today?”

Meixiang nodded, “En. The school is on vacation. They just want to go home and have a look. “

In a year, they can come back from winter and summer vacation. After living in the city for a long time, they really miss living in the countryside. Everyone missed the constant chirping of cicadas, the fragrant and refreshing mountain fruits, the joy of children jumping into the water to swim, and the sweet water chestnuts and lotus in the water.

Ji Zhenfeng’s mind turned a hundred times. He looked at Meixiang and asked. “So… What time do they arrive? Or should I go with you to the station to pick them up? “

After saying that, his gaze was fixed on Meixiang. He had an intuition. His intuition told him that the answer to this question was very important.

Meixiang opened her mouth, and even her eyelashes twitched.

She didn’t give an answer right away, and after about 34 seconds, Meixiang nodded with a red face.

“Okay, you can come with me if you have time. The car coming from the provincial capital usually arrives at two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Ji Zhenfeng just opened his mouth uncertainly. To tell the truth, he didn’t have any psychological preparation at the beginning, and he didn’t know that the Zhao family had come back from the provincial capital today.

Seriously? I didn’t hear it wrong, right? Do you really want me to take me with you? “

Happiness comes too suddenly. He is like a traveler stumbling along in the desert, suddenly seeing an oasis.

“Meixiang, you are willing to take me to meet your family? Does that mean that you have accepted me?”

He excitedly held Meixiang’s hand. Meixiang did not pull it away. She stared at Ji Zhenfeng and asked him to let go of her hands by himself.

“Pay attention to the influence. There are other teachers living in the dormitory.

She took Ji Zhenfeng into the dormitory under pressure. She was afraid that others would gossip. The dormitory door had been opened. If someone saw them holding their hands together, they couldn’t really explain it.

“Have you accepted me, and have I become your object from today on?”

Ji Zhenfeng maintained this posture and insisted on seeking an answer from Meixiang.

Meixiang glared at him in annoyance and hummed, “Then, if you don’t let go, I’ll take it back.”

The meaning is self-evident, that is, she agrees!

He didn’t loosen Meixiang, but took advantage of the situation; he pulled her hand in his direction. Meixiang screamed and fell into Ji Zhenfeng’s arms. She looked up in surprise and looked up at Ji Zhenfeng.

“Thank you Meixiang, you can rest assured that I will not let you regret your choice today.”

After saying that, he let go of Meixiang’s hand after smiling at her.

When the car stopped at the station, Zhao Donghe helped the pale Zhang Qiaoer get off the bus.

“Aiya, I finally got off the bus. It really made me suffer.”

Zhang Qioaer vomited three times on the way and once when she sat down. She wanted to vomit when she saw the bus on the road. She really didn’t want to take the bus if she didn’t have the conviction to go home.

Not far away, outside the iron gate, Meixiang has seen her family. She waved her hand happily and shouted. “Brother, sister-in-law, I am here!”

Jiahui turned around when she heard the sound from afar and saw Meixiang outside the iron gate, with a young man in uniform standing behind her.

Jiahui smiled at Meixiang and pulled Zhao Donglin behind her to look over.

“Is that the police comrade standing behind Meixiang? I see he’s still wearing his uniform. “

Zhao Donglin raised his eyebrows to look over. His eyesight was very good. He could see that man’s appearance and the details of his uniform better than Jiahui. He was indeed a patrol team leader.

“Well, yes, let’s hurry over.”

Zhang Qiaoer drank two mouthfuls of water and was almost slow. Jiahui walked over and helped her out of the station.

“Mom, Meixiang is here to pick us up.”

Zhang Qiao’er nodded weakly.

“Mom, I still have something to tell you. Don’t freak out when you hear it.

Zhang Qiao’er frowned and turned her head to look at Jiahui, “What is it? I have to take it easy. I’m afraid I really can’t stand it. “

Then she patted her heart. The weather was hot enough. She felt stuffy and dizzy the whole way. Anyone with poor physical quality can close their eyes and see the king of hell.

“It’s not a bad thing; it’s Meixiang. After she arrived at school, a colleague introduced her to an object. I don’t know if they had a good talk. And I just saw it from a distance, and the comrade came together with Meixiang today. “

“Ah?! Is this true? “

Zhang Qiaoer exclaimed, hurriedly looking around.

“Where is it? How come I didn’t see it?”

“It’s right outside the door. You’ll see it soon.”

Zhang Qiaoer uncomfortably tidied up her hair. Her daughter had found someone without saying a word. She, as a mother, only knew now and did not know whether she should be happy or worried.

Her original plan was to go back to the village to find someone to introduce to her daughter. How long has she been in school? A month or so later, and she now has an object. Her silly daughter, she might have been cheated.

Outside the door, Meixiang’s heart also fluttered. She said to the dignified Ji Zhenfeng behind her, “I told my eldest brother and sister-in-law about you. My mother and my second brother might not know. You have to take it easy when you see them. My mother’s car sickness is very serious. Don’t scare her. “

Ji Zhenfeng nodded his head and obediently responded.

“Don’t worry, I will behave well.”

Do not look at his face with a calm and collected look. In his heart, he was also very nervous. This was his first time pursuing a girl and the first time seeing each other’s family. He had just met Meixiang’s eldest brother from a distance. He was really worthy of someone who came out of the army, which made him very stressed.

A group of people went out of the gate in the hot sun. Zhang Qiaoer took care not to look at her daughter. Her eyes fell directly on the young man beside her daughter.

The boy was tall and straight, with bronze skin, upright and with handsome facial features, and a smile in his eyes. He looked good. Zhang Qiaoer put down half his worries at the first sight of him.

“Meixiang, this is?”

Meixiang said, with an embarrassed smile, “This is Ji Zhenfeng. I just met him.”

She didn’t have the heart to say the word “object.” Mostly because she thought it was wrong to talk to someone without her parents’ consent, but she brought Ji Zhenfeng here today to show her attitude.

Ji Zhenfeng smiled and took half a step forward. She first greeted Zhang Qiaoer, “Hello Auntie, I am the deputy captain of the Yun County Patrol Brigade, Ji Zhenfeng. My sister-in-law introduced me to Meixiang. Now we are in the stage of mutual understanding. “

This formal and detailed self-introduction made Zhang Qiaoer quite satisfied. The young man has a good spirit, good work ethic, and the correct attitude.

“I didn’t know about this before. I just heard about it today, and it scared me.

Isn’t it a shock? The girl, who is usually silent, looks for an object quietly. She was just like the person who usually doesn’t eat salty pancakes but suddenly starts eating salty pancakes. For people who were familiar with her, it was a very significant change.

Zhang Qiaoer then said, “it’s reasonable to say that parents decide the major matters of marriage, but now is a new era.” I’m not unenlightened and old-fashioned, she can look for someone herself. As for the next stage, we still have to follow the rules.”

The insinuation is that she acknowledged Meixiang and Ji Zhenfeng’s matchmaking, but as to whether Ji Zhenfeng’s can finally be approved, they still have to continue to see.

Ji Zhenfeng stood in front of Zhang Qiaoer. After listening to Zhang Qiaoer’s words, he nodded his head very humbly and said, “You are right. I will definitely perform well to your satisfaction and strive to get your support and approval as soon as possible.”

Jiahui winked at Meixiang. She pointed at Ji Zhenfeng and gave her a thumbs-up, praising her for finding a good object, and the two pursed their lips and smiled together.


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