Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 79.1

Chapter 79, Part 1

Ji Zhenfeng is in the patrol brigade. People from all professions know him. He has the intention of “please” his future mother-in-law, uncles, and brothers-in-law. He especially asked someone to borrow a small truck to send the Zhao family back to the village.


When it comes to cars, Zhao Donglin is knowledgeable. With just a glance at the car, he would recognize it.

Unlike other domestic trucks, the SH130 uses an alternative timing chain and belongs to the light-duty series, with a load capacity of 2000 kg. It is a very practical truck type.

Men are mechanically inclined at heart, Zhao Donglin turned around in front of the car, patted the front cover, and showed an expression of interest.

“Brother, why don’t you go and drive it?”

Ji Zhenfeng knew that Zhao Donglin had been in the army. The army has a lot of cars, many soldiers can drive, some even drive tanks. Zhenfeng looked at his future brother-in-law’s expression. He knew that his brother-in-law was interested in this truck. Throwing a good deal, he sent the car keys to Zhao Donglin.

Zhao Donglin smiled and refused. He patted Ji Zhenfeng’s shoulder and said, “You should do it. I’ll sit at the back and watch the kids.”

Ji Zhenfeng smiled and got into the driver’s seat. Meixiang took Fang Fang on the passenger side. Originally, the passenger seat should have been for Zhang Qiaoer, but she had extreme carsickness. She would rather bask in the sun outside than suffer from the smell of gasoline from the car.

“This child looks good. Our Meixiang’s vision is good.”

On the way, Zhang Qiaoer chattered with her son and daughter-in-law.

Although Ji Zhenfeng appeared very suddenly, he used his outstanding appearance and unassuming talk to win Zhang Qiaoer’s good first impression of him.

Jiahui nodded, “It looks good, and most importantly, he is good to Meixiang.”

Including the effort of coming to the station to pick them up on a hot day. He even borrowed a car to send them back to the village. If he didn’t really like Meixiang, why would he bother to put in so much effort?

Zhang Qiaoer smiled and nodded, “It is for this reason.”

From the marriage of the two sons, she also saw a little truth. They still have to find their own suitable pot. What kind of pot should be matched with what kind of lid? A little bit bigger and a little bit smaller don’t match. Their lives would only be bumpy, which is not a good thing for anyone.

The truck went into the Shengli commune and attracted a lot of attention along the way. Everyone saw that, at the back of the car, the Zhao family was sitting there. There was a look of envy written on their faces.

Since the Zhao family took the examination, they had four college students and became the only ones in the village. The whole family followed him to the provincial capital and moved there. Zhao Manzhu stayed in the village to look after their family’s property. The Zhao family has lived well and seen the world. In the eyes of the villagers, they are different from everyone else.

People will have a sense of awe at the heights they can’t reach, and the Zhao family is now at this kind of height that people look up to.

Zhao Donglin got out of the car and gave cigarettes to his uncles, and everyone took them with a smile.

“Oh, peony.”

This cigarette can be sold for 1 cent a piece at retail.

There were also some sayings about smoking. In the province of China, the City of Peony, the grassroots cadre Shi Linyan, Most cadres smoke Daqianmen. Not for ordinary people, though, so peony cigarettes are the best cigarettes they have ever seen.

Zhao Donglin has quit smoking now. He used to be a cadre, and smoking is in line with his status. Now he is a student. Jiahui told him that no student smokes more seriously than a teacher.

He bought a few packs of peonies for socializing, and he also brought a whole strip to give a share to the elderly and brothers of his mother-in-law’s family, so that everyone could have fun together.

The car stopped outside the family’s yard at four o’clock. Donghe got out of the car first and took the children out, then started to unload things, while Jiahui helped Zhang Qiaoer out of the car.

“Young man, stay and eat here.”

Zhao Manzhu also came back, seeing several grandchildren with smiles on their faces. He even mistook Ji Zhenfeng as the driver, and thanked Ji Zhenfeng with a few words, and led him into the house to drink water.

“This is the blind date Meixiang met in the county.”


Only then did he turn around and look carefully at Ji Zhenfeng.

Although he is silent at home most of the time, he is a father who loves his children very much, especially the youngest, Meixiang. After she was born, the situation at home improved and improved. She grew up in the palm of his hand and stayed with him for more than 20 years. She was admitted to college and became a middle school teacher, but in her father’s eyes, such a girl couldn’t be matched with any kind of man. When looking at Ji Zhenfeng, he was naturally picky.

No matter how good Ji Zhenfeng’s psychological quality was, in the old father’s scrutinizing gaze, he still couldn’t help but clear his throat.

“Hello uncle, I’m from the county patrol brigade. My name is Ji Zhenfeng. “

Zhao Manzhu nodded his head as he looked upright, straight-backed, and broad-minded.

“Well, hello, come in and sit down if you’re not busy. “

At this time, he didn’t mention drinking tea, instead of just being polite.

A few children went down to play with other children in the village. Jiahui repeatedly emphasizes that they can’t play in the water or do dangerous things. If something happens, they must run away and call for help.

Since Ji Zhenfeng stayed for a meal, Jiahui and Meixiang naturally had to prepare the meal. They picked fresh vegetables from the garden, including cucumbers, eggplants, leeks, lettuce, vegetable peppers, and cowpeas. There were two baskets full of vegetables, as well as the chicken at home. They boiled water, slaughtered the chicken, and removed its feathers. They chopped up a piece of bacon leftover from the new year and began cooking.

In a short sentence, Meixiang already understood Jiahui’s meaning, and she gave a low declaration.

“This officer, Ji, is quite nice. He is a good match for you. “

Meixiang’s temperament was too quiet. There should be an honest and active man to take the initiative and pursue her.

“I haven’t asked, what happened to that classmate before?”

Meixiang squatted on the ground, picking the vegetables. After Jiahui asked this question, she thought about how she should word it and said, “In fact, I don’t know what happened. When I met him during my internship, he took good care of me. At that time, I also wondered if he liked me a little. “

“He was there when Teacher Ji said she would introduce me to someone. Teacher Ji also asked him to persuade me, saying that you can’t think you’re too young to not hurry up and find a date. I thought he would help me speak out and reject it. Who knows, he not only helped me speak but also advised me to go on a blind date. I was confused at that time. I thought, “What did he mean?” Is it true that he never liked me from the beginning to the end and that I was always the one who made a fool of myself? “

Jiahui nodded her head. She also felt that the surname Cui had problems.

“What about after that? What was the reaction of the man named Cui? “

Meixiang sighed, “After I went on a blind date with Ji Zhenfeng, he (JZ) always goes to school to find me. Cui Zongyi also met with me several times. We get along as ordinary colleagues. “

They used to talk a lot before, but now there is no communication between them except for work. The awkwardness between the two was visible.

Jiahui feels that Meixiang was lucky. Fortunately, she was not with Cui. That kind of man is not suitable for Meixiang at all.

Meixiang is introverted and kind-hearted. A man like Cui Zongyi, who had “love for everyone,” will only hurt Meixiang severely.

He is the kind of man who is good to everyone and irresponsible towards everyone. A man who likes to play ambiguous but will not be responsible for that someone. It was the right choice for Meixiang to quickly cut off her love for him. This is also a very good thing.

When Jiahui expressed this meaning, Meixiang said with a smile, “Sister, I didn’t think so much. I felt very wronged. Since he asked me to go, I’ll go and have a look. “

Who knew that she would meet the right one?

“It’s called fate. If it weren’t for this, you wouldn’t be able to meet him. “

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