Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 79.2

Chapter 79 Part 2

Stew, fried eggs with leeks, fried bacon with lettuce, mushroom chicken, and a pot of tomato egg soup. The staple foods are noodles and corn cakes.

“Well, it’s delicious.”

“Meixiang did both. She followed her sister-in-law and learned how to cook.

Ji Zhenfeng nodded, “Her cooking skills were very good. I love to eat home-cooked foods. “

Then he smiled at Meixiang.

After dinner, Ji Zhenfeng drove away. Zhang Qiaoer thanked him for giving them a ride. She gave him a lot of vegetables and the eggs she had saved at home. The jar was full of eggs. Twenty or so eggs were given to him.

“Thank you, auntie, then I’ll accept it without ceremony.”

“They are all things from home. What are you polite for?”

“Then I’ll go.”

He put the things in the car, turned around, and waved. He gave Meixiang a final look, started the car, and left.

“Hey, Meixiang also found someone.”

While in the living room, Ji Zhenfeng had already taken the initiative to explain the family’s affairs. Zhang Qiaoer was becoming more and more satisfied with him, and already considered him as her future son-in-law in her heart.

“This is Meixiang’s fate, this is good. Meixiang is teaching in the county, and marrying in the county is just right.

Zhang Qiaoer nodded, “It’s for this reason, but we still have to investigate and find someone to inquire with.”

“I’ll go find someone; it just so happens that a comrade is in the police department.”

Jiahui smiled at Donglin.

The room had been vacant for a long time. Donglin took the mat that he washed in the afternoon into the room and spread it out. He lit wormwood to make mosquitoes dizzy. After Jiahui washed the dishes and took a bath, she entered the room in her pajamas. Zhao Donglin has been lying in bed in his big underpants. He immediately fetched a tub of well water to cool off.

“I’ll take the kids back to my mother’s house tomorrow. I haven’t seen my parents in a long time. “

She wiped her head while talking to Zhao Donglin.

“En, I will accompany you. We will go together. “

He is now a student and was on holiday. In addition to the school’s practical projects, he has a lot of time to accompany Jiahui to do what she wants to do and make up for neglecting her before.

Jiahui rubbed her hair in the mirror. She was twenty-six years old this year, looking a little more mature than when she first arrived, but the whole person was more confident and more radiant, as if a pearl, emitting a faint light.

Zhao Donglin was lying on the bed watching her. He was infinitely satisfied and calm, just like the cool wind in summer and the warm sun in autumn. He was the most comfortable and happy, from the heart to the body.

When Jiahui combed her hair and sat on the edge of the bed, she fell into a sturdy arm, and the two of them looked at each other, familiar eyebrows, with a different stirring.

Some people say that after a year of marriage, the husband will gradually lose interest in his wife, and no matter how beautiful a woman is, she will lose her lure. This law obviously does not apply to Zhao Donglin. Jiahui will always have a fatal attraction to him.

He carefully traced the shape of Jiahui’s lips and hugged her tightly. He was on fire, and Jiahui was the antidote to the heat.

The next day, in the morning light, the rooster had already crowed, and a curl of cooking smoke rose in the kitchen. Jiahui opened her eyes and saw the familiar beam above her head. She finally remembered that she had returned to her hometown.

“Chickens run, cluck, cluck, cluck, see who runs fast.”

“Fang Fang, the chickens were scared to death by you. Look at how many chicken feathers have dropped.”

“Pick up these feathers and let Mommy make us a shuttlecock to kick.

“These chicken feathers are too soft. You need the ones from the tail.”

“Then I’ll go pick up the ones on the tail.”

“Hey, don’t go, the chickens will bite. Don’t get pecked in the eye.”

“Hmph, I won’t.”

Outside the window, Fang Fang was talking to Ying Bao. Jiahui looked out through the screen window. The sister and brother were hawking the hens laying eggs in the yard. Heidan sat by the well, reciting English words.

Jiahui got up late again today. She put on her clothes, tidied up briefly, and went out of the room.

“Mom, you’re up really late, the sun is almost on your butt.”

“It’s not that mommy is late, it’s that you guys are early. In the future, you should keep this good habit in school and get up early every day, okay? “

Jiahui stroked Fang Fang’s hair and Yingbao’s little cheeks, then turned around and went into the kitchen.

“Sister-in-law, breakfast is already cooked.”

A pot of rice porridge, fresh corn on the cob, and noodle sauce made of soybeans and river shrimp were fragrant and ready to be eaten.

“Meixiang is getting better and better now. She can get married now. “

Zhang Qiaoer came into the kitchen with wheat stalks, and when she heard this, she smiled and said, “No. She was too old and won’t stay here anymore, and I don’t know how much longer she will stay. “

If you want, I would like to stay home with you for the rest of my life, to be your sweetheart.

“But forget it. Even if you’re a cotton-padded jacket, you can’t stay as an old cotton coat.”

Meixiang herself also laughed.

“Mom, I’ll take the children back to my mother’s house after dinner.”

“Okay, you should. Your mother has not seen you for a long time. “

After breakfast, Zhao Donglin and Jiahui went to their mother’s house with their bicycles and children.


“Grandma, grandpa!”

“Uncle, aunt!”

The family had just eaten breakfast and was ready to go down to the field when the door creaked open and the daughter and son-in-law, whom they hadn’t seen in months, came with their grandson and granddaughter.

“Aiya, when did you guys come back?” Chen Guixiang quickly walked over and said, with a face full of surprise, “I also told your brothers and sisters-in-law yesterday to see if they could meet the people in your village when they went to town and ask if you’d come back. I didn’t expect to see you all today. “

She patted Heidan and Yingbao affectionately and finally took the youngest Fang Fang into her arms and gave him a fragrant bite on his face.

“My good grandson, your grandma missed so much.”

Fang Fang also beamed and gave his grandmother a mouthful of kisses. He stretched out his fleshy little hand and caressed Chen Guixiang’s face and said, “Grandmother, even if you miss me, don’t die. Grandmother must live to a hundred years.”

Everyone laughed, and Chen Guixiang rubbed Fang Fang’s face with affection.

“My Fang Fang wants me to live a hundred years. It’s really my good grandson. Don’t forget that Grandma loves you and cares about you. Grandma will tell you something. Next time your parents go to the city, don’t follow them, okay? Will you stay at home with grandma? “

They looked at Fang Fang with a smile to see how he would answer, only to see Fang Fang shaking his little head and refusing.

“No, I want to stay with mom and dad. They will miss me if they can’t see me.”

“What if Grandma Misses You?”

Fang Fang touched the buttons on Chen Guixiang’s coat and replied cheerfully, “That’s okay, I’ll leave a picture for Grandma, so she won’t have to miss me when she sees the picture.”

The children went to the photo studio to take pictures every year on their birthdays. This year, Fang Fang took a picture on his birthday, and Jiahui washed a few more pictures and said she would bring them back home to their grandma and grandpa and her great aunt to see them. Because everyone misses Fang Fang very much, they won’t miss him too much when they see the photos. Unexpectedly, Fang Fang remembered Jiahui’s words.

“The child is very clever. Come on, give your big aunt a hug, and the big aunt will buy you sugar. “

Has Heidan grown taller? He has grown so fast. “

“Yingbao was also getting prettier and prettier; she has the appearance of a young girl in the city.”

Jiahui then remembered what she had brought, including peony cigarettes for her father and brother, food for the children, a flowered dress for Tianniu, and sandals for her mother and sisters-in-law.

“Ah, these shoes are beautiful. The last time I went to town, I saw some people wearing them. They said they didn’t sell them here. I envied them for a while. “

The black hollowed-out leather sandals cost about ten yuan a pair. They are absolutely face-saving. These pairs of shoes are equivalent to the salaries of urban workers. Jiahui bought everything with the royalties from her own translation materials.

It can be said that in the Shengli Commune, it is definitely a very dignified thing to wear a pair of leather sandals.

The sisters-in-law were overjoyed to receive the gifts. The shoe sizes Jiahui bought for them were all accurate, and she deliberately chose half an inch larger than their actual size, so that they would be more comfortable to wear on their feet.

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