Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 80

Chapter 80

On the third day after returning from the provincial capital, her eldest sister-in-law Zhao Caixia came back with her brother-in-law Li Wangping and their two children. After this year, Zhao Caixia found that she was pregnant. The husband and wife were very happy. Daya and Er Pang looked forward to having another brother or sister at home.

Daya wanted a younger sister because she thought Er Pang was too naughty and always made her mad. On the other hand, Er Pang wanted a younger brother. He envies his friends with brothers, and he can even have more helpers when fighting.

“So sister, do you want a boy or a girl?”

Jiahui brought a chair for Zhao Caixia and let her sit in the shade to hide from the heat.

“I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, I just want to give birth now. It’s too painful.”

The child’s bloodline changes little by little in the belly, from the size of a sesame seed to a round watermelon. As a mother, I was subjected to various physical and psychological changes, especially in the middle and late stages. In order to protect the child’s safety, she not only restricts her actions but also worries and fears every day, afraid of an accident or something.

“The due date is in October? That’s a good time to give birth because the weather is not too hot. “

“Yes, it’s also soon.”

As she spoke, Zhao Caixia unconsciously placed her hand on her abdomen, with a smile on her face, having that very maternal glow.

Jiahui looked at her. In fact, Zhao Caixia was only four years older than Zhao Donglin, but she looked as if she was seven or eight years older. Her skin was no longer smooth and delicate due to years of labor. There were fine lines at the corners of her eyes, and her hands were also very rough.

Out of the four children of the Zhao family, three went to college, and now the eldest sister was living the worst.

Don’t mention Zhao Donglin and Zhao Meixiang. One has savings and the other has participated in work. Even Zhao Donghe still works part-time in the city in his spare time to earn some money.

“Sister, do you still go to work in the field every day?”

“Yes, but the captain took good care of me and didn’t let me do hard work.”

In addition to work, she also has to work on household chores and cook three meals a day. However, Daya has grown up and is sensible. She can take the initiative to help her work when she comes back from school. Now it’s summer vacation, Daya doesn’t have to go to school, and Zhao Caixia is a lot more relaxed.

“I heard mom said that you had back pain when you gave birth to Er Pang. How is it now?”

Zhao Caixia unconsciously sighed lightly, “It’s okay, as long as I don’t get tired.”

But how can she not be tired? There is pubic separation in the later stages of pregnancy. She can’t even turn her body when she lies in bed at night. When she experiences extreme pain, Caixia can’t help but cry. But when she thinks of the child, she can only endure all the pain and suffering.

Jiahui smiled and nodded. She had some ideas in mind to help her great aunt find a way to improve her life but now was not a good time. They had to wait a little longer.

Daya went to Meixiang as soon as she arrived. She’s a 13-year-old girl who has been in junior high school. She’s slim and graceful and looks like Zhao Caixia, quiet and beautiful.

She went to junior high school in the commune and was particularly curious about the middle school in the county.

“The contents of the lessons are the same, but there are a lot of extracurricular activities in the county. Sometimes the students will be organized to watch a patriotic education film. There are spring outings and autumn outings every year, and there are literary and artistic performances during the spring festival. I feel that the children in the county are more confident than ours. “

“What about the provincial city? Is it more prosperous and has everything? “

She hasn’t been out of the Shengli commune yet. Her mother said she took her to the provincial capital once when she was a child, but she couldn’t remember it. She hadn’t thought so much before. However, since her uncle and sisters were admitted to the provincial capital and took her cousins to live in the city, Daya began to be curious about the outside world.

“You should study hard, take the college entrance examination like your uncles and aunts, and live a good life in the city.”

Daya herself is a strong girl. Her cousins have moved to the city. They came back from the city during the winter and summer holidays and told a lot of interesting stories about the city. Daya was very envious.

It turns out that little girls in the city can wear dresses, beautiful white socks, and black leather shoes, and there were many delicious foods in the city,

“Auntie, can I stay here for a few days? I want to ask you to help me with my composition. “

She is quite good at math, but weak at composition. Her teacher said that her composition lacks imagination and appeal. She doesn’t know what imagination is. Shouldn’t she write a composition with her true feelings and tell the truth?

“Yes, you can live with your auntie. Auntie will help you with your homework. “

This day, Zhao Donglin was doing carpentry in the yard when the village head suddenly came to the door.

“Donglin, what are you working on?”

Zhao Donglin turned around and saw that it was the village chief, so he hurriedly put down the tools he was holding.

“Village chief, why are you here?”

He went up to shake hands with the village chief, who smiled and patted his shoulder.

“I came to see the college students. I heard them say that you are on summer vacation, so I came to talk to you. “

The village chief said very politely, but Zhao Donglin knows that he doesn’t go to the three treasures hall without anything. The village chief must have something to say to himself.

“Village chief, come in and sit down. Have some tea.”

The village chief nodded in response. He looked around with his hands behind his back and pointed to the seesaw slide under the tree and laughed, “Did you make all these? These are for children to play with, right? “

Zhao Donglin smiled helplessly, “No, my lover saw that I had nothing to do at home, so she let me practice my hands as a carpenter.”

“That’s good. Life is interesting this way.”

Zhao Donglin poured a cup of tea for the village head in the hall and sat down.

“It’s quite quiet. Everyone in the family has gone out? “

“Yes, it’s cool in the morning. If you have something to do now, it’s best to do it in the morning. “

Jiahui and Meixiang went down to the river to pick water chestnuts. Zhao Manzhu and Zhang Qiaoer took their little grandson to work. If they could earn a point, they would earn a point. As for Heidan, they asked him to go up the mountain to look for sparrows.

The village chief nodded, turned the water cup, and drank a mouthful of tea.

“You are studying economics, right? Have you heard of the “big package” launched by Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, last year?”

It turned out that the village head wanted him for this. Zhao Donglin knew it.

“I heard that at the end of last year, eighteen families in Xiaogang Village signed a “life and death contract” to divide the land among each household because they were too poor to eat. The central government was alarmed. “

This incident was seen as a prelude to rural reform, and the production team leader of Xiaogang Village was praised for it.

The village chief nodded and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He smoked one and handed the other to Zhao Donglin, who also took one himself. Zhao Donglin took the fire and lit it for both of them.

“The day before yesterday, the commune had a meeting to talk about this and told the production teams of all villages to come back and think seriously and use their brains to say that others have made great strides forward. We can’t standstill. If you don’t improve, you are going backward. “

This is called “rowing against the current.” No progress is regression.

“The commune leaders also have a point.”

The village chief sighed, “I know it makes sense, but how can this whole thing be done?” No one took out a charter. No, you’re a college student or an economic student. That’s why I came to talk to you and see if you could give me an idea. “

Zhao Donglin exhaled a smoke ring and nodded. His firm brow in the smoke had an indescribable taste.

He also did not answer immediately. After all, he is not working in the village now. He has to think about what he says.

“I read the newspaper a few days ago. The central government officially approved the two coastal provinces to implement special policies and flexible measures in foreign economic activities, which shows that our country’s economic policy has changed. To speed up economic construction, the land contract system of Xiaogang village also inspired everyone, that is, how to mobilize farmers’ production enthusiasm and maximize production efficiency. “

Zhao Donglin has lived in the provincial capital for more than a year and knows that the whole social environment is undergoing earth-shaking changes. Many things are quietly changing outside Shanghe village and even Shengli commune.

In 1978, when they went to the provincial capital, Jiahui, they started a business through the venue of the cinema. She was the first group to set up stalls in the city. At that time, they were also afraid that the relevant departments would look for trouble. In fact, everything was safe. Especially after the business was handed over to boss Zhu, only the people of the Administration for Industry and Commerce urged them to go through the relevant procedures, and no one came out to stop it.

After a few months, some people began to imitate their business. Biss Zhu came to find Jiahui and bought a few recipes. The business is getting more and more prosperous. The last time they met boss Zhu, he confessed to having earned tens of thousands of yuan, and he is preparing to open a snack store.

He was very embarrassed and felt that the 6,000 yuan was underpaid.

Of course, these are secondary reasons why Zhao Donglin remembered them. From these things, it can be seen that the whole society is undergoing great changes. This change is accumulated between the drips and drabs, and it is closely related to people’s lives.

The village chief chewed carefully on Zhao Donglin’s words and asked, with a frown, “Do you mean that we should also do a big package?”

Zhao Donglin smiled and lit the ash, looking at the date palm tree in the courtyard, which had been “sick” in previous years, and then sawed off the bad branches and grafted in new ones, giving it new life.

The economy may be the same. If we abandon the bad parts and make some appropriate changes, unexpected changes will occur.

But he can’t say these words directly. His current identity is only as a student, and he can only point it out.

“This is only my shallow opinion. For the development plan of our village, it is up to you, the village chief, to take the trouble.”

After hearing this, the village head laughed twice, patted Zhao Donglin on the shoulder, and said with emotion, “You still haven’t changed. You are so cautious in what you say and do, but after talking with you this year, I have gained a lot. When I go back, I will write material to the commune to find director Zhong. You will go with me at that time. Director Zhong often mentions you. “

Zhao Donglin responded with a smile.

The village chief said goodbye and left. Zhao Donglin sent him out of the courtyard door. Just in time, he just met Jiahui and Meixiang, who came back from picking water chestnuts.

“Hey, Village Chief? Why are you here? “

“I came to see Donglin for a few words.”

The village chief looked at the two, smiling with a pleasant face.

“Meixiang, I heard that you have graduated and are teaching in the county.”

Meixiang smiled and nodded.

“Good, you have made great achievements. You are all excellent young people in our village.”

After saying that, the village chief waved his hand and left. Jiahui asked him to stay for a meal, but he politely declined.

After talking with Zhao Donglin for about 40 minutes, he had a lot of ideas in his head and had to hurry back to write them down.

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