Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 81.1

Chapter 81 Part 1

“The village chief went to see you?”

Zhao Donglin took the basket from Jiahui and entered the courtyard together.

“He asked me about the land reform. I told him about Xiaogang Village. He asked me to go to the commune in a couple of days to see Director Zhong report on the situation.”

Zhao Donglin is studying economics; land reform is also part of economic reform, and participating in it is an important practical experience for him.

Before the break, the professor assigned homework to let them think and observe the trend of economic development under the current national conditions and policies. Zhao Donglin was ready to list land reform as the topic.

Jiahui did not express any opinion on this matter. As a traveler in the 21st century, she knew that land reform was the trend of social development, and it would not be long before this system was implemented in the countryside.

“Last time I thought about something, I forgot to mention it to you. How about asking our eldest sister to go to the county with my brother-in-law to do business? They can open a small restaurant near the school. As long as it is delicious, there will be customers. Last time, I went to Meixiang’s school to see the surrounding environment. There are residential areas nearby, with a sufficient flow of people, which is very suitable for doing business. “

People who have lived in cities know that restaurants are most suitable near schools and hospitals. This is also an industry with the lowest investment costs and the highest rate of return. As long as you have some skills, you can make money.

They could sell breakfast in the morning, and they could sell meals for lunch and dinner. In addition, they can sell snacks. This business would definitely be hot.

In this age of gold everywhere and money within reach, those who make a living by farming can never become the first to get rich.

Zhao Caixia and Li Wangping were both loyal and kind and had a hard-working and simple temperament. If you give such people an opportunity, they will definitely seize the opportunity well.

Jiahui’s proposal made Zhao Donglin suddenly feel bright. He looked at Jiahui with burning eyes, as if he were looking at a rare treasure.

“Wife, you’re so smart, I didn’t even think about that!”

He hugged Jiahui and took a strong breath on her cheek.

Jiahui looked at his happy appearance and said with amusement, “Now you know.” Didn’t you know who I am? “

She is the prophet of this era. After that, Jiahui thought of her mother’s family again. Although her brothers had a good life, the great wheel of the times had set sail, how could she leave her mother’s family behind?

Zhao Donglin ate lunch and rode his bicycle to his elder sister’s house. When he arrived, Zhao Caixia was still eating, and there were a pot of cabbage, a pot of eggplant, and a bowl of noodle sauce on the table. There was no fish, no meat, not even an egg.

How can such a meal be nutritious when he thinks that his eldest sister is pregnant and there are two children at home?

Zhao Donglin was a little saddened. Zhao Caixia was shocked to see her brother coming to her house. Donglin, why are you here? Have you eaten lunch? “

Li Wangping brought a stool to Zhao Donglin to greet him and let him sit.

“I’ve already eaten, sister. No need to make yourself busy. I just came to talk to my brother-in-law. “

Zhao Donglin waved his hand and sat down.

“What is it?”

In such a hurry, they both thought something big had happened.

“I just came to ask you if you are willing to do business in the county. It’s not a big business. Just open a small restaurant and have the skill to cook. “

Zhao Caixia and her husband, Li Wangping, looked at each other. Both were a little confused. It was not in their understanding to open a restaurant in the county. They had never thought about it.

“That… how can we do business? We have not done it and do not understand it. “

In their lives, they didn’t understand anything except farming chickens and ducks and raising a few pigs.

“If you are willing, I’ll help you get things done while we’re at home and before school starts.”

As for the reluctance, Zhao Donglin really didn’t think about it. Before, he thought it didn’t matter if his sister and brother-in-law would do business or not. Today, when he saw this meal, he felt that he still had to make changes. Even if they didn’t want to, he had to try his best to persuade them.

People have an instinctive fear of the unknown, but Zhao Caixia has always been very convinced of her brother. Donglin grew up with a good mind. The family can live so well because of Donglin. Now that their family was in the provincial capital, and she, as their eldest sister, was living the most unsatisfactory life. Donglin was obviously trying to pull his sister up. She couldn’t brush off the goodwill of her brother.

Zhao Caixia’s hand unconsciously touched her stomach; the child in her stomach telepathically kicked her; her heart instantly hardened.

“OK, although your brother-in-law and I can’t do business, we are not lazy and we can learn. For the sake of a few children, we as parents can’t be cowards. “

Daya held a bowl and watched her uncle talk to her parents. Daya was especially happy to hear her mother promise her uncle to do business in the county.

“This is the truth. In fact, business is not as difficult as you think. You just need to ensure that things are delicious. There will naturally be customers who will come to your door.”

When Zhao Donglin said so, Zhao Caixia became worried. Her cooking skills were average. Like her mother, it could barely be eaten. It was not delicious.

“You do not have to worry about this. Jiahui said that she would be responsible for training you how to cook.

Since things are set, On the next day, Zhao Caixia went back to her mother’s house, and Jiahui taught her a few of the foods she could take home.

“Noodles must be made. It’s the easiest and can be sold for three meals a day. Fried rice and fried noodles are also easy to learn. The ingredients are ready to be fried. I’ll teach you how to cook tea eggs and all kinds of snacks. In the beginning, we made a lot of money in the provincial capital with these foods.”

Zhao Caixia looked at Jiahui’s movement of flowing clouds and water and was envious.

“Meixiang always praised you for your cooking. I did not expect you to be so powerful. If I had half of you, I wouldn’t be worried about doing this business.”

“You should study hard, sister. In the future, I will have someone who will take care of my meals at school.

“Okay, I’ll take care of your meal, but you have to save some time to help with my work. I’m afraid if I go, I will be flustered and have more work than I can handle.”

“That’s for sure. I’m not only going to help, but I’m also going to help you market so that all the teachers in our school will go to your place to eat.”

“Maybe in the future, we can also take the patrol brigade’s business. In order to make his girlfriend laugh, a police officer surnamed Ji has to report every day.”

Zhao Caixia has heard of Ji Zhenfeng, this person. Listening to Jiahui jokes, she also followed the joy.

Zhao Caixia has learned how to cook after several days of learning. The modulation method of brine has basically been mastered. Now she has a big stomach and is afraid that she is too tired. She has to wait until the end of her pregnancy to open a shop, but she is unwilling to wait.

“I can do all the work in the field, how can I not do the work on the stove?”

Anyway, there is still Li Wangping, and not everything needs to be done by her.


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  1. chi has spoken 1 year ago

    It really did feel like she forgot about her mother’s family LOL. with the restaurant business it needs more than two people so she could add more of her family to help and teach her family to cook, and they can split the profits among themselves and maybe she can take a little 5% after they stabilize, they’re holding in the capital and only for a couple of years and then by then she should have her own business where she doesn’t need that little profit anymore.

    • idkkkkk has spoken 10 months ago

      i read a book were the fl said business is good but no matter how close you are with someone, as soon as money comes into play, it can ruin everything so ‘family’ business should not be done with a relative and it make sense tbh. what if someone from te fl’s family does something wrong or someone from ml’s family do something wrong? there will always be a resentment no matter which side to choose

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    Good eldest sister trusts her big bro🥰

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