Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 81.2

Chapter 81 Part 2

The last time the village chief asked Zhao Donglin about land contracting, the village chief went back and wrote a material combining the specific situation of Shanghe village and called on Zhao Donglin to go to the commune together.

“Donglin, we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time.”

“Director Zhong.”

Zhao Donglin went up and shook hands with Director Zhong.

“How was it? How was the harvest at school this time? “

“I’ve gained a lot, especially the way my view of things has become more objective and comprehensive.”

“This is the importance of learning. It’s unfortunate that I am older. If I were a dozen or twenty years younger, I would also be willing to go back to the university to receive an education.”

Zhao Donglin smiled. “The director has received the best education in this society. I came out of the army and didn’t work carefully enough. I have to accept professional knowledge to be competent. “

“Have you thought about what work to do after graduation?”

“Not yet. We’ll see what the time has arranged for me.”

“Your relationship is still in the commune. As a member of our commune, I sincerely hope that you can come back to our commune after you finish your studies and contribute to the development of our commune.

“As long as the commune needs me, I am obliged to do so.”

Director Zhong smiled.

“Good, young people should be like this, not only know how to enrich themselves but also know how to give back to their hometown. Then I’ll be waiting for you. “

“Donglin’s return is definitely a great help to the development of our commune. A few days ago, I didn’t understand some of the economic problems. I especially went to Donglin for advice. I gained a lot. No, I also wrote a message to the director. “

Village chief Xu Haiming handed over his handwritten materials.

“Oh? Then I’ll have to take a good look at it. “

Director Zhong took the material and put on his glasses to look through it carefully, especially the various data of Shanghe Village, such as how many acres of land, how many families, how many working people, and the feasibility of implementing the land contract responsibility system.

“This material is well written. Are these statistics true?”

“Yes, the data is real data from previous years, and I also asked Donglin to help me make data projections.”

“Economic reform, everyone is advancing cautiously, step by step. No one knows how to get it right or what you did wrong. But the leaders above also said that we are allowed to make some small mistakes. If you don’t do it or try it, you will never know how to go on. “

“The strength of Shanghe village has always been at the forefront of our commune. As long as you, the village chief, have the courage to engage in land contracting, the commune will unconditionally support you.”

Xu Haiming took a long breath and smiled, “Director, with your words, I am relieved.”

Today’s conversation went very well. The village chief, Xu Haiming, is a person who is not willing to be mediocre and wants to achieve great things. Leaving the Revolutionary Committee, the two pushed the cart back.

“Donglin, I’m going to have a meeting with the heads of the production teams when I go back. Why don’t you come with me? You’ve been the village party secretary of our village and know the situation in our village very well. You’re also a college student and have received higher education. If you speak, some people are still willing to listen to you. “

One becomes a wood, two become a forest. Xu Haiming was not a jealous person. On the other hand, Zhao Donglin was not in the village anymore, so the credit cannot fall on Zhao Donglin’s head. According to director Zhong, he wants to reuse Zhao Donglin in the future. Now he has a good relationship with Zhao Donglin, and he will benefit from it in the future.

In the workplace, interpersonal relationships are the most important thing. This moment of good karma, he didn’t know when he’d be able to use it.

Shanghe village thus began to implement the family joint production contract responsibility system. Some people in the village support someone opposed, and then the captain of each production team can have a family who can vote. The minority obeyed the majority. The official launch of the land contract was made.

“Donglin, what about our land?”

“It’s simple. You can either plant it yourself or rent it to others. Tomorrow I’ll go to the county with you to finalize the matter of opening a restaurant and then make plans. “

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Li Wangping still trusts his brother-in-law very much. He can see that his brother-in-law still has some say in the village. It proves that he has strength and real talent! 

There is a residential area near the No. 1 middle school in the county. There is no so-called “façade room.” Zhao Donglin and Jiahui took Li Wangping around and found the nearest idle bungalow, which is very suitable for restaurants.

“No one lives there. We have to find someone to ask the owner of the house.”

Several people looked for someone to ask, and after inquiring, they learned that the house was left by an old couple, who were no longer there, and the house was naturally given to the only daughter, who lived in another district.

The three inquired about the daughter’s address, which was not far away; it would take twenty minutes by bus to get there.

“Hello, is this Xu Hailong’s house?”

“Yes, I’m Xu Hairong. What can I do for you? “

Xu Hairong looked at them in surprise. After Jiahui explained her intention, Xu Hairong stared even bigger.

Xu Hailong looked at them with a surprised face, and when Jiahui explained the reason for her visit, Xu Hailong’s eyes widened.

The house left by her parents had been vacant for several years; it was just two bungalows, not too big and not too small. She had been treating the house as if it were something useless, and now someone wanted to rent it.

Jiahui did not directly state that the rental of the house was for the opening of a restaurant. When talking about business, she can’t show her cards all at once. It depends on how the other party responds.

“You want to rent that house?”

Jiahui smiled and said, “Yes, mainly because it is close to the school.” Of course, if the price is right, we can also buy it for convenience.

Xu Hairong was even more surprised, and her husband came out of the house.

“Are you really willing to buy it? Two thousand yuan. I’ll sell it if you’re willing to pay. “

As soon as Xu Hailong’s words fell, Li Wangping became anxious. He could not afford to pay two thousand yuan.

Li Wangping turned his gaze to Zhao Donglin, who gave him a wink and told him not to panic, so Li Wangping pressed down on his anxious mind and calmed down.

The reason why Jiahui mentioned buying a house was that she was afraid that if business was good, the landlord would raise the rent price. And this house is the closest to the school and has an independent space. With her years of experience, it will definitely work. Taking 10,000 steps back, even if you can’t make a business boom, you can still make a fortune after the renovation and demolition of the old city.

After she proposed to buy a house, she waited for the homeowner to bid. She could afford the price of 2000 yuan, which is not unreasonable in terms of the size and geographical location of the house. But when it comes to business, there is never a reason for the seller to inquire how much the buyer would be willing to pay. There still has to be a bargaining process. 

“Sister, you see, the house has not been occupied for a long time. We have to spend money to repair it. You can give us 200 yuan as a discount, and we will pay 1800 yuan to complete the transaction. Comrade, we will pay the money and deliver the goods. “

Xu Hairong is excited. It’s definitely a cost-effective deal to exchange the abandoned house for 1800. When her son is old, she has to spend money to find him a wife. With this money, she can negotiate with any potential wife. She can also use this money to get a head start for her son and find a better job.

Compared to Xu Hailong, her husband is obviously more thoughtful, pulling Xu Hailong’s clothes and saying, “That is your parents’ house. We can’t just sell it like this.”

Who would spend so many years buying a useless house? The three of them don’t look like they don’t have money, but there is definitely something else in between.

Xu Hairong didn’t know what her husband thought. She thought her husband had really stopped her from selling the house. After a while, she planned how to arrange the money.

“Yes, my parents left it. I have the right to sell it. If you feel distressed, Why don’t you move in? “

Her husband immediately shut up and stopped talking, purely out of anger.

“1800 yuan is no good. You also heard that this house was left to me by my parents. It is of great commemorative value. If I said two thousand, then it’s two thousand, and not a penny can be less. “

Jiahui looked at Zhao Donglin and saw the trust in herself in his eyes, which made Jiahui partly pleased.

“Elder sister, it’s not easy for us to come once. Can you go through the formalities with us as soon as possible? The school will start soon, and the children at home are waiting to live. “

Jiahui did not remember to say yes but instead, put forward her own request.

“If you are willing to cooperate, we will not bargain. If you are not willing, we will find other suitable houses near the school, but there are not many vacant houses near the school, otherwise, we won’t come to your door.

The implication is that you are not the only choice if you want money. If you want money, you have to cooperate with me.

Before Jiahui came, she brought her passbook just in case. She could take the money out when she went to the post office. Since she liked the two houses, she bought them as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Obviously, Jiahui was not the only one who was afraid of delays. Xu Hailong followed Jiahui and went to the police station, passing by the post office to get the money.

Li Wangping was ignorant all the way. They said they would be renting a house before they came. How did it suddenly turn into buying a house? Two thousand yuan. My brother-in-law and his wife even said they could take it out. They are too well off.

He thought of his daughter-in-law’s belly, thought of his own savings, and once again strengthened his mind to do business.

The old house had no real estate certificate, only a yellow registration certificate. At this time, there was no housing management office. The police at the police station notarized them and issued a new property right description, and the owner will be Dong Jiahui.

“Thank you, Sister Xu. I hope we will have good cooperation. “

The money has been put into their pockets. According to the truth, she should be happy, but Xu Hairong somehow felt a little disappointed. It was the place where she had lived since childhood. If she sells it, she will really lose her childhood memories.

She felt a stack of money, the 2000 yuan in her pocket, which was very full in her hand, and her thoughts returned to reality from memory.

“Comrade, we would like to inquire about one more thing; that is, we want to open a restaurant. Where do we have to go for the formalities?”

“You bought the house because you want to open a restaurant?”

The police look at them with a suspicious expression. Now that there are no large-scale individual households, especially restaurants, few people do this. After all, there are still a few state-run hotels in the county.

But the state did not explicitly prohibit that they could not do this. Since the state issued a document on economic reform, the market has really changed. Previously, they were not allowed to do private transactions, and if they were found, they would be detained. But now private transactions are no longer a major event, and there are people selling sweet potatoes on the street.

“You guys wait, I’ll go ask our leaders.”

After the police left, Li Wangping apprehensively asked Zhao Donglin, “What do they mean? Won’t they let us do business? “

Zhao Donglin shook his head, “Do not worry, it should not be. Now the provincial capital has started self-employed businesses, which shows that individual businesses do not violate national policies and regulations.

Li Wangping nodded haphazardly. His heart is still very worried. He is now particularly concerned about business matters. Failure to do so is akin to deflating their hopes for the future.

The three sat on the police station chairs waiting for a reply. A footstep sounded, and several uniformed police officers walked in while talking and laughing. Among them was Ji Zhenfeng.


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