Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82 Part 1

“Brother, sister-in-law, why are you here?”

Ji Zhenfeng came in from the outside, laughing and joking with his colleagues, as soon as he turned his head unconsciously, he saw Zhao Donglin sitting in the corner. He hurriedly left his colleagues who were talking and went to Donglin’s side.

Zhao Donglin and Jiahui were also surprised to see Ji Zhenfeng. The office of the patrol where Ji Zhenfeng worked was not located in this area.

“We came to do some business.”

Zhao Donglin got up and told Ji Zhenfeng about it.

Ji Zhenfeng was delighted to hear that the couple had bought a house near the school and were ready to let Meixiang’s eldest sister and her husband open a restaurant.

He looked at an honest farmer standing next to him and asked, “This is my brother-in-law?”

Then he stretched out his right hand to shake hands with Li Wangping.

Li Wangping hurriedly stood up. He saw Ji Zhenfeng wearing a police uniform and felt natural awe. You can’t blame him. He is an ordinary farmer and hasn’t traveled in his life. Let alone the police comrades, he was also afraid to speak to the village head.

“Hello brother-in-law, I am Ji Zhenfeng. I’m Meixiang’s— friend.”

The two words “blind date” that was about to come out of his mouth were swallowed back immediately. After all, their status hasn’t been recognized yet.

“Oh! Hello, hello! “

Li Wangping then remembered that his wife said that Meixiang was dating a police officer. It turned out to be such a magnificent young man.

“Brother, I know what happened. I will help you inquire.”

After listening to the specific situation, Ji Zhenfeng knew how big it was and how small it was. He helped solve the problem in a few words.

“Good, then I’ll trouble you.”

Zhao Donglin nodded and said thanks. From the appearance of Ji Zhenfeng, he knew that Ji Zhenfeng would definitely help, and he also knew that this matter would be done in the end. If not, he can go to the Revolutionary Committee’s office to find Director Zhong. He could always settle the matter in the end.

As soon as Ji Zhenfeng looked back, several colleagues of the patrol team asked him.

“Ji Zhenfeng, who are those? I saw you acting very respectfully. You don’t usually do this to the director or your father. “

“He’s right, your face was all smiling.”

“I’ve seen your brother, but your brother doesn’t look like him.”

Not to mention Ji Zhenfeng’s brother-in-law, who is the director of the office of the municipal committee, with glasses, looking gentle and dignified. He doesn’t look like a farmer at all.

Ji Zhenfeng laughed and casually responded. This is my blind date’s family. They can be considered my family. “

The crowd roared, “Oh, no wonder.”

“Then you must really be respectful, otherwise your wife will not marry into your family.”

“I’ll help you greet them and pour them a glass of water.”

Ji Zhenfeng nodded, straightened the brim of his hat, and walked inside the office.

“I’ll go talk to Officer Zhang.”

Ji Zhenfeng went in for a few minutes, came out hooked up with the civilian police officer from before.

The civilian police officer smiled and said to Zhao Donglin and the others, “If you guys said you knew Zhenfeng and were acquaintances, there was no need to make things so complicated.”

Zhao Donglin looked at Ji Zhenfeng and said with a smile, “We don’t want to add trouble to Zhenfeng either.”

Ji Zhenfeng stood aside to help, “My brother is such a person. He was unwilling to use my name and was afraid to affect my progress. Actually, my brother is a party member and used to be a company commander in the army. He left the military and went to college. He is really too low-key. “

This is to show Zhao Donglin’s background from the side. It also means that they should not underestimate Zhao Donglin.

The police laughed twice.

“Your brother is really low-key, which is good quality. You have to learn more from him. “

After saying that, the police brushed a few words on a sheet, finally signed his name, and handed it to Zhao Donglin.

“Now, it’s fine to do business and be self-employed. The county hasn’t come up with a specific constitution yet. Take this note to the Bureau of Trade and Industry to register your business. If someone asks for trouble in the future, tell them my name. “

Zhao Donglin very solemnly thanked him. Regardless of whether the other party was so quick to do it because of the face of Ji Zhenfeng, you ought to accept what must be accepted.

After leaving the police station, Ji Zhenfeng accompanied Zhao Donglin to the Bureau of Trade and Industry to complete the formalities.

“Thank you today. It’s a little late today. I’ll invite you to dinner next time. “

“No, brother, your business is my business.” It’s right to help. “

What he was thinking was that there was no need to wait for next time, just treat him to a meal today.

“Brother, it’s hard to find a bus at this time. Let me drive you back. “

Zhao Donglin took a look at Jiahui. She could find out Ji Zhenfeng’s purpose. He wanted to see Meixiang. With that, Jiahui nodded with a smile.

Falling in love in their youth, their love was really as sweet as a red apple, emitting a charming fragrance.

“Well, we’ll wait for you to get off work. Don’t delay your work.”

“It doesn’t matter. My working hours are very flexible. I’m on standby for 24 hours. There’s no special rest time. I just need to say that it was something about private matters. “

Ji Zhenfeng went back to the office to borrow a car, and said to the captain, “Leave.”

“According to Ji Zhenfeng’s attentive energy, in a short time, he should get married soon.”

“I thought he would never get married, but I didn’t expect that he would wait and find the right one.”

Ji Zhenfeng’s family’s conditions were good, his father is a surgeon, and the deputy director of the Health Bureau. His mother is a retired teacher, but many of the students she has taught were very promising. As a result, he has “no people with shallow knowledge with whom he had associated.” at home. He is experienced and knowledgeable.

Let’s say that his eyes are higher than the top. He treats people very honestly and has no young master’s temper. But for people like him, kindness is just a mask. It is difficult to genuinely get to know or get along with him.

There are a lot of people who introduce someone to him, but he doesn’t want those who have a delicate temper, or those who are old-fashioned in the way they think. Zhenfeng doesn’t want to talk to someone without any common topics, and he doesn’t want those who are unattractive. Zhenfeng was so picky and choosy that he still didn’t have an object at the age of 25. Everyone teases him, and if he continues to be so picky, he won’t be able to get a wife in his life.

If I can’t find one, then I can’t find one. Living with a person you don’t like all your life is also a kind of torture. “

“You are a well-fed man who has no idea what those starving men went through. People are waiting in line for you to choose, but you don’t want anyone else to see it. Those of us who want to find a wife can’t find one. “

“Toads with three legs are hard to find, but there are people with two legs[1]TN: Toads with three legs are hard to find, but there are people with two legs which means that you should not be too persistent and unable to extricate yourself, but you must know how to give up and … Continue reading. You can’t find someone because you are also picky. If you’re not picky and marry one at random, how can you not find a wife?”

When the other party thinks about it, it seems to be so true.

“Okay, we can’t talk you out of it. Let’s see what kind of wife you will find later. “

They have not seen Meixiang, but today, they met Meixiang’s family. Her brother appears to be a natural talent, not in the pond [2]It is a metaphor for people with lofty ambitions to achieve great things. Her sister-in-law was also quiet and beautiful and had the appearance of a lady; she dressed like she was from a good family. They heard that they were college students, that is, they were educated and had a great future. In this way, the girl from the family should not be bad.


1 TN: Toads with three legs are hard to find, but there are people with two legs which means that you should not be too persistent and unable to extricate yourself, but you must know how to give up and make new choices.
2 It is a metaphor for people with lofty ambitions to achieve great things

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