Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 82.2

Chapter 82 Part 2

Once again, Ji Zhenfeng came to Shanghe Village. Last time, he drove a truck, and this time, he drove a jeep.

“Did the Zhao family befriend a big shot?”

If he’s not a big shot, how can he drive a car? He also drove a different car each time.

In this era, bicycles have not been popularized. People who drive cars are either rich people or public cars. They are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

The car stopped outside the courtyard of Zhao’s house. When Meixiang heard the sound of the engine, she froze and went out to take a look. ‘Was that Ji Zhenfeng sitting in the passenger seat?’

Ji Zhenfeng saw Meixiang and got out of the car with a smile. Meixiang was surprised and happy at the same time. She asked, “What are you doing here?”

She hasn’t had time to see Zhao Donglin. They also got out of the car.

“I just happened to run into them when they went to the county for business, so I followed them here.”

After saying that, he smiled, revealing the standard eight teeth smile. He looks kind of indescribably stupid.

The two looked at each other in the doorway, and for them, time seemed to stop. Jiahui came over and said with a smile, “Okay, don’t show your love at the door. People are watching. Hurry back to the house.”

The neighbors were all sticking their heads out to watch, and there was no telling what gossip was going to spread later.

After they came back from the provincial capital, they gradually found that the villagers’ attitude towards them had changed. They were very curious about their family affairs, and a lot of people talked behind their backs, but few came up to say something to their faces, which is also an interesting phenomenon.

“Ah, Zhenfeng is here.”

Zhang Qiaoer was feeding a pig with her apron. The sows at home were sold long ago. The sows give birth to piglets every year. Zhao Manzhu can’t take care of them alone. He simply sold them, took the piglets, raised them, and didn’t sell them. He kept them for the new year.

Bacon, sausage, can be eaten by themselves or sent to relatives and friends. This can really make them dignified. Anyway, the family does not need the income from the sale of pigs anyway.

“Auntie, I met my elder brother and his family in the county. I was thinking of you and your uncle, so I thought I would come and see you. I brought some grapes for the children to eat.”

“Oh, just come inside. What else did you bring? You are too polite. “

The mouth says so, but people love to hear good things. Ji Zhenfeng looks good and has a sweet mouth. In fact, Zhang Qiaoer likes him very much.

Today’s dinner was cooked by Meixiang. She cooked corn porridge, corn pancakes, pickles fried with fennel beans, and cold pickled cucumbers. Seeing Ji Zhenfeng coming, he fried another egg and sausages.

Farmers will move the dinner table to the yard in the summer and enjoy the cool breeze under the tree. In the evening, the sun sets and the evening wind blows. It is no longer hot and uncomfortable, and the mood is calm.

“Come, eat this Zhenfeng. This cake is delicious; it was rolled with pickles, and then brushed with some sauce and eaten. We eat simple food at home. I hope you won’t mind it.”

Zhang Qiaoer already knew that Ji Zhenfeng had helped Donglin today in the county, so she was naturally more polite than usual.

She has lived in the provincial capital for more than a year and has seen better than the average old lady of a farming family. She knows the importance of human relations. If he could do things so smoothly, others must have done it for Ji Zhenfeng’s face.

“It’s very good. It’s OK to eat this way in the summer. I like these. Besides, Meixiang’s rice is delicious and fragrant. “

Meixiang blushed and looked down. She stepped on his foot under the table.

“Brother, if you need any help in opening a restaurant, tell me. I know many skilled craftsmen in the county. I can introduce them to you at that time.

“That’s a good feeling. Next time I’ll ask you for your help.”

“Okay, I promise to be there whenever you call me.”

After eating, Jiahu took the initiative to clean up the dishes and gave Meixiang a wink, asking her to accompany Ji Zhenfeng to talk for a while.

The two walked along the fence to the river, the moonlight reflecting off the water. It was quiet and peaceful. From time to time, Ji Zhenfeng would give side glances at Meixiang, but the corner of his lips never went down.

Meixiang pretended not to know he was looking at herself, but her heart was still a little uncomfortable.

“Thank you for today.”

Her sister-in-law said that if it weren’t for Ji Zhenfeng, they would have had to run twice. Not to mention the delays, it was certain that they would be begging around to say good things by then.

“This is why we have to study hard and work hard. When our ability improves, then the status will follow. No matter what we do or say, only people who are willing to listen and help you can straighten our backs. “

Even if your soul is noble, it cannot withstand the tossing and turning of others. What is the point of having an empty pride if you still have to bow down to life in the end?

Keeping the original mind and moving forward at the same time. This is really neither servile nor overbearing. You can afford to do the same to yourself and to others.

“I don’t want to hear you say thank you; it seems like we are not close.”

He reached out and took Meixiang’s hand, wrapping it tightly in his heart. Meixiang’s heart pounded and he secretly looked up at him. He met her eyes with a smile that was brighter than the stars, which reminded her of the day he sent her back to the dormitory for the first time. He looked at her the same way.

Meixiang unconsciously swallowed her saliva. Ji Zhenfeng’s eyes were dark. He approached Meixiang and kissed his hand at the back of Meixiang’s head.

This is their first kiss. Meixiang unconsciously shivered. Ji Zhenfeng hugged her and slowly deepened the kiss.

Time seems to be at a standstill. Their breath blends with each other, forgetting everything and even having a feeling that they don’t know what day it is today.

A sound of “click” woke up the couple immersed in love, and Ji Zhenfeng looked back and found that it was the man next door who went out to pee.

He hurriedly covered Meixiang’s eyes to keep her from seeing what she shouldn’t.

The other party left after peeing and did not find the little couple in the dark, and when he left, Ji Zhenfeng removed his palm from Meixiang’s eyes. Meixiang showed her frightened eyes. As soon as she looked at Ji Zhenfeng, they laughed together somehow.

Meixiang’s lips were red and lustrous, and her eyes were sparkling with waves of light, which was a different kind of beauty. It was like a rosebud that suddenly bloomed. She was delicate, bright, and had a light fragrance so that people could not help but hold it in their hands and care for it.

He kissed Meixiang again. This time Meixiang responded. Ji Zhenfeng had a feeling of suffocation that was about to explode. Finally, he finally stopped with strong perseverance.

“I want to finalize our relationship sooner rather than later this year or next year at the latest. I want to get married.”

The word marriage used to be very distant to him. He could not imagine what kind of girl he would marry one day. As a result, when he met her, he found that she was the person he was looking for. When he met her, he wanted to see her all the time. She doesn’t feel it’s too hot when it’s hot. He loves to listen to whatever she says. When she was laughing, crying, or angry, in his eyes, it was all good-looking.

“It’s too soon. My family hasn’t fully agreed yet.”

“As long as I work harder and come more often, your family will certainly accept me. I’ll mention it to my parents when I go back. They certainly want me to get married immediately.”

Meixiang blushed and didn’t answer. The girl was more reserved. Although she was happy, she was embarrassed to say yes. If she did, it was inconsistent with her character.

The two stayed outside for a short time, and after finishing their talks. Ji Zhenfeng also opened his mouth to say goodbye.

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