Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Three days after opening, the restaurant business was very good. Revenue has steadily increased at the same time. They also formed a very good reputation. In addition to the main food, snacks were not enough.

“Boss, your marinated chicken feet were too good. Every time I want to eat two more, there are none. Can you make more next time?”


Li Wangping did not know how to respond. He looked at the bookkeeper, his sister-in-law, Dong Jiahui.

“Sorry, for the time being, the store can only supply this much. If the customer wants more, you can book it in advance, and we will prepare it for the customer the next day.

When the other party heard this, his eyes brightened. He really likes to chew chicken claws. With his appetite, not to mention two or three chicken claws, chewing 20 to 30 was not even a problem for him.

“Oh? Can we still make reservations? “

Jiahui laughed, “Of course, the business came to our door. There is no reason to push out the business.”

The reason for the limited supply, in addition to the hot weather and waste if it can’t be sold, the other intention was for “hunger marketing.”

It has to be said that most Chinese people have a “problem.” What they can’t get is always the best. It can’t be rare when there are many supplies of these things, but they will become hot potatoes once the supply is limited.

“I didn’t expect you, a woman, to be business-minded. OK, I’ll take two kilograms. It’s just that guests will come to my house tomorrow. It’s decent to take it out for guests. I’ll come and pick it up at noon tomorrow.

After saying that, the other party was ready to leave.

“Please wait a moment. For the reservation, you have to leave your name and contact information. “

The other party turned around, and his face was not very good. “What? Are you still afraid that I will run away? Do I have to pay you first or something? “

He was a fat man. The meat on his face looked overly fierce. Others might be afraid to look at him, but Jiahui was not afraid at all.

She spoke with a normal face, “if you are willing to pay the deposit, naturally, I want you to leave your name and contact information just to ensure your rights and interests.” If someone takes it on your behalf, since we have promised to book it for you, it will naturally have to be handed over to you. “

Two kilograms of chicken feet can be sold even if the customer really doesn’t come to pick them up. Ten thousand steps back, even if they really can’t sell them, they can eat them by themselves.

Jiahui let the guests register just to establish an effective system in the case, after the reservation of more people, they all open their mouths, and they wouldn’t pick it up at the end, which is very unfavorable to the operation of the restaurant.

The other party reluctantly calmed down after hearing Jiahui’s explanation, but he was still unhappy. He wrote his name and address with a pen and couldn’t help complaining.

“A good-looking face was wasted on a shrewish temper.

The words were spoken in a whisper. Jiahui did not hear it, but Li Wangping, who was standing next to him, heard the whole thing.

In fact, Li Wangping has been sweating anxiously for a long time. He is not very talkative. He will be confused when he encounters this kind of situation. His sister-in-law and wife are powerful and can solve it in a few words.

Zhao Donglin was not here. He went to the vegetable market with Donghe to buy vegetables. In order to ensure quality, the ingredients used in the restaurant are fresh every day. When Zhao Donglin came back, Li Wangping told him about it, even the other party’s words.

Zhao Donglin’s face was very ugly after hearing this. He is a protective person, especially towards Jiahui. He loves his wife dearly. Usually, he was even reluctant to say a harsh word toward her. Today, he can’t believe she was coldly spoken to by others.

He took out Jiahui’s account book to see if the chicken feet were ordered by a person named “Ding Guifa.” His address was near the restaurant.

“Donglin, what are you looking at this for?”

Li Wangping is anxious again.

“Not doing anything, I just took a glance.”

No matter how honest and kind Li Wangping is, he doesn’t believe this. Looking at his eldest brother’s expression, he wants to swallow the other party alive.

“Don’t find him in trouble. He is a customer in the end. “

Zhao Donglin closed the book and looked at Li Wangping very seriously, expressing great disapproval of what he had just said.

“What’s wrong with it if he’s a customer? If he’s a customer, he can be rude and verbally harass someone?”

“He just talked a little bit and did not harass her.”

“How can’t it be harassment? Whether my wife is good or not, what does her personality have to do with him?”

Jiahui heard the commotion in the kitchen and came out, and he was amused by Zhao Donglin’s last sentence.

This man’s protective look is quite cute.

“Donglin, let’s talk about it tomorrow. He only talked louder; the rest is nothing.”

She has seen this kind of person a lot. After all, not everyone in life knows how to be polite and educated, but apparently, Zhao Donglin is not ready to let go easily.

“I just have to set a rule, we are doing business, and we are selling food, not face. How can we do business in the future if everyone is acting like this? “

After thinking about it for a while, his words were quite reasonable, and the store was ultimately opened for his sister and brother-in-law. With their character, it’s impossible to say that they were really bullied in the future.

“All right, then you go deal with this.”

Her man is willing to stand up for herself, and Jiahui is not unhappy about it. Besides, Zhao Donglin, being a measured person, will not make a big deal out of it.

Jiahui returned to the kitchen. Zhao Caixia asked anxiously, “Are you OK?”

“It’s all right. Donglin is also considering you and your brother-in-law. If we’re gone, what if someone asks you for trouble? Now it saves a lot of things to set up the rules. “

Zhao Caixia nodded with lingering fear. In the past three days, she had seen that she earned a lot of money in business, but the money was not easy to earn. She was really afraid that she and her husband could not make it.

“Sister, you don’t have to worry. It’s not a big deal if we don’t open this store. “

Zhao Caixia detached the melancholy yet “scared” look and shook her head, saying, “Don’t worry, I can deal with your brother-in-law.”

A day of income of dozens of yuan, that is, for the sake of money, they can’t back out.

The next day, at noon, the customer, Ding Guifa, who had booked the chicken feet, came to pick up the goods, was stopped by Zhao Donglin.

“Brother, let’s go and have a talk.”

Ding Guifa looked around suspiciously to make sure Zhao Donglin was talking to him.

“What do you want to talk to me about?”

He was simply dumbfounded.

“I heard that you got into trouble with my wife yesterday.”

Zhao Donglin said and took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and gave one to Ding Guifa.

He is taller than Ding Guifa. Although he is not as strong as Ding Guifa, his eyes are firm, his fingers are slender and powerful, and his expression is the same as that of the military instructor or the most severe teaching director of the school. Just looking at you without any expression makes people panic. His momentum is amazing, and it takes no effort to press Ding Guifa’s head.

Ding Guifa’s heart defense line quickly collapsed. He thought back to yesterday’s events. It seems that his attitude is a little bad, but only a little, and definitely not to “look for trouble.”

“No, how can I find trouble with your wife? I don’t even know who your wife is. “

He saw Zhao Donglin unmoved. He stretched out his thick right hand like a bear’s paw and swore to the heavens, “Really! Don’t misunderstand me because of my appearance. I just look mean, but I never make trouble or look for trouble. It’s not my fault. I was born like this. It’s only my mother’s fault that I wasn’t born well.

Zhao Donglin exhaled a smoke ring, nodded in silence, and didn’t speak.

“It’s really a misunderstanding. You see, I went to your store every day to eat. There is no point in looking for trouble.

This time, Zhao Donglin finally loosened up.

“Well, even if we don’t fight and don’t know each other this time, we’re welcome to visit often in the future. Take care of yourself and don’t make trouble. I came out of the army. I don’t mind fighting with people to see who has a hard fist. “

Ding Guifa looked at the clear muscle lines on Zhao Donglin’s arm, and sweat dripped down.

“OK, I’ve seen a great man today. From now on, I will absolutely be respectful and don’t dare to be subtle.”

With his strong physique and ferocious appearance, Ding Guifa would scare the children in the street. Generally, no one would cross him. Unexpectedly, he was “threatened” today with a few words.

The news of the two people was seen by many “interested people.” Later, it was spread to hundreds of people, saying how powerful the boss of Xiao Li restaurant was and knew how to hit the strong man with one punch. After that, no one dared to make trouble in the store. Of course, the frequent patronage of the police was also one of the reasons.

(TN: I also really want to see those muscle lines. >///<)

This weekend, Ji Qingming finally had time to rest. Yang Yuqin talked to Ji Zhenfeng and asked him to bring Meixiang back to eat a meal.

Since the opening of Xiao Li’s restaurant, the Zhao family has been helping out at the restaurant most of the time, and Ji Zhenfeng came to the restaurant to talk to Meixiang about it first.

“Huh? So soon? I’m not mentally prepared for this. “

“If I let you prepare, the dishes will be cold [1]to take one’s sweet time. My parents are kind people. If you’re just coming over to eat a meal, talk to them with a few words and say what you want to say. If you don’t want to talk, look at me, and I’ll do it for you. “

He said it as if it was easy. Meixiang’s tension did not ease at all, but she knew that it was only a matter of time for her to see his parents. As the saying goes, the ugly daughter-in-law must see her in-laws sooner or later. [2]It is an idiom which means metaphor cannot be hidden, and she always has to show her appearance.

“OK, then you have to help me. You can’t let me down alone.”

“Don’t worry, and you won’t be embarrassed. You’ll know when you go. My parents will be especially fond of you. “

His sister-in-law is a woman with a strong sense of career and doesn’t speak and do things gently. His mother tolerated many things for the sake of family harmony and never said a harsh word to his sister-in-law. Meixiang has a gentle personality and knows how to be considerate of others. Such a temperament must get along with his mother.

“Go to your house for dinner?”

“Yes, aunt, my parents have long wanted to see Meixiang. They also said that let our two families meet if you and your uncle think it’s appropriate.

Zhang Qiao’er loosened her mouth. If she did not agree with Ji Zhenfeng and Meixiang in the first place, she would not let Ji Zhenfeng come to their door, but the conditions of the Ji family were better than her own. She was afraid that her daughter would be wronged.

Don’t go empty-handed. Buy something. Do you have money or not? I’ll get you some. “

“No, I have money.”

Two years ago, Meixiang saved some money by sewing and spent some money on going to school. Now she has officially participated in work. It’s not good to take money from her parents.

“What are you going to buy?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Why don’t you buy a can of milk powder and bring some fruit?”

“That’s good, but I don’t have a formula ticket.”

“I have one there. I’ll get one for you.”

Meixiang happily took Jiahui’s arm and said, “Sister-in-law, you’re still good. You can solve any problem.”

Jiahui laughed helplessly, “What can I do? Look at you now. At most, you are as big as Yingbao. Who can see that you are an aunt? “

Meixiang snorted a laugh.

“That’s because my sister-in-law loves me.”

Her sister-in-law was only four years older than her, and besides knowing more than her, she was also better at dealing with people than she was. A reliance and dependence that often made her forget her sister-in-law’s age.

In the evening, Ji Zhenfeng came to pick up Meixiang. Meixiang wore a blue Bragi dress, stepped on a pair of leather sandals, carried a beige canvas bag made for her by her sister-in-law, and set off. The milk powder and fruit had been bought in the afternoon and were being carried in Ji Zhenfeng’s hand.

“How is it? Still nervous? “

In the eyes of Ji Zhenfeng, Meixiang was always good-looking, but today Meixiang looks fresher and more elegant. On the way, Ji Zhenfeng wanted to hold Meixiang’s hand but was avoided by Meixiang. He had to cover up and touch his nose.

“I wasn’t so nervous, but my heart started banging again when you asked me. Did you deliberately remind me to make me nervous? “

Meixiang usually speaks softly and understandingly but with a little “unreasonable” look. Ji Zhenfeng has never seen it. He felt particularly surprised that there was a different flavor.

It’s like eating too many sweet apples, and occasionally eating a sour apple is also very appetizing.

The Ji family lives in the heart of the county, adjacent to the county government. The community environment is quiet. The environment of the community is quiet. As soon as they enter, people’s moods calm down unconsciously.

Ji Zhenfeng took Meixiang up to the third floor and stopped in front of a door with the word “fortune” on it.

When ringing the doorbell, Meixiang took a deep breath and stood behind Ji Zhenfeng for a few seconds, which felt extraordinarily long, until a kind and friendly voice said “Coming” inside the door. She was suddenly less nervous.

“Creak,” a woman wearing a white shirt and black pants, with combed neatly coiffed hair, appeared in front of Meixiang. A bookish face, wearing a pair of presbyopia glasses, the corners of the mouth slightly curved, and very kind eyebrows.

“Mom, this is Meixiang.”

Ji Zhenfeng held Meixiang’s shoulders to bring him to Yang Yuqin. Meixiang smiled sweetly at Yang Yuqin and shouted, “Hello, auntie.”

“Hey, hello, hello, come in and sit down.”

As expected by Ji Zhenfeng, Yang Yuqin especially liked Meixiang once she saw her. The girl has a round face and looks at people with bright, clear, and clean eyes. There is a kind of naive, unfamiliar with worldly affairs, taste. She has taught students all her life. What kind of children and what kind of character do they have? She can sense it. Meixiang is a pure and kind-hearted girl without any bad thoughts.

Yang Yuqin took Meixiang’s hand into the house, leaving her son behind. Meixiang looked back at Ji Zhenfeng, who returned a smile that reassured her.

Ji Qingming was writing brushstrokes in his study and came out of the house when he heard the commotion.

Yang Yuqin smiled and said to Meixiang, “This is Zhenfeng’s father.”

“Hello, uncle.”

“Hey, good, your name is Meixiang, right? Come, let’s go sit on the sofa and talk. “

Ji Qingming is a leader. He naturally has the temperament of a leader. Meixiang unconsciously respected him. This respect is entirely out of respect for intellectuals, not about identity and background. Ji Qingming can see this, and Yang Yuqin can see it.

Their first impressions were simple, kind, and gentle when they first met Meixiang.


1 to take one’s sweet time
2 It is an idiom which means metaphor cannot be hidden, and she always has to show her appearance.


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