Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 85

Chapter 85

“Is Meixiang teaching in middle school now?”

Ji Qingming picked up the teacup on the coffee table, skimming the tea foam while looking at Meixiang. Yang Yuqin went to the kitchen to wash the fruit. Before Meixiang came, she bought grapes, loquats, and a big watermelon.

“Yes, uncle, I just graduated in June.”

Meixiang sat very upright, legs together, hands naturally hanging on his thighs, looking obedient with a hint of nervousness.

Li Qingming nodded his head and smoothly put the teacup back on the coffee table. He smiled at Meixiang, “It’s good for a female comrade to be a teacher. The work is stable, and the work itself is very meaningful. Comrade Stalin once said that a teacher is an engineer of the human soul. It can be seen that this profession has a very far-reaching impact on people. “

Meixiang listened very carefully, and her eyes were bright. She had the appearance of a primary student listening to the teacher. She nodded in agreement from time to time, amusing Ji Zhenfeng.

He now found out that his girlfriend was like a treasure box. He has a variety of appearances. Sometimes she’s like a good cat, sometimes she dances her claws to show off her ferocity and fight hard, and sometimes she is silly and naive. People can’t help but want to tease her, but he likes her more and thinks how lovely she looks.

“The main reason you say this is to praise your mother, right? Mom has been a teacher all her life. Peaches and plums are fragrant all over Yunxian County.” [1]It came from peaches and plums all over the world, which means that the outstanding students educated by teachers are all over the world, praising teachers for their hard work in educating people.

Yang Yuqin came out of the kitchen with a fruit plate and put it in front of Meixiang. She heard her husband’s conversation with her son in the kitchen and knew that he was deliberately teasing her.

She sat down and said, “What’s wrong with being a teacher? Female teachers can teach and educate people and take care of their families. Since childhood, the three of you have been brought up by me little by little. I carried you to school. I had class. You sat in a wooden basin when you were young, and you grabbed insects and pulled back from the school playground when you were old. Your father was so busy. Coming back to your home for two days a month can be considered good. I couldn’t control you at all. “

Ji Qingming nodded as he listened, “Yes, it’s all thanks to your mother’s hard work for taking care of our family, which I admit and appreciate.”

Yang Yuqin looked askance at her husband and said, “You said that very reluctantly.” What? Am I wrong? Are you not convinced? “

Ji Qingming waved his hands and said, “No, absolutely not. From the bottom of my heart, I will always recognize your selfless dedication to this family, and I will always recognize any words you say.”

The couple’s feelings have always been very harmonious, though they quarrel from time to time. This is the way they have gotten along for decades, but Meixiang was stunned when he saw it. In her opinion, Ji Zhenfeng’s parents were high intellectuals. They should be those who speak with grace and let people feel a sense of distance from them. Unexpectedly, they will quarrel and toss around, which is no different from ordinary people. The feeling of closeness came up all at once. 

Yang Yuqin also felt embarrassed after “quarreling” with her husband. She patted Meixiang’s hand and said, “Meixiang, I hope you won’t mind. That’s how we quarrel. “

She pointed to the fruit plate on the table and said, “Don’t just sit there. Eat the fruit. I just washed the grapes, and this loquat is sweet. The watermelon is also sweet. You can eat whatever you like, don’t be restrained.”

Meixiang smiled and responded, “Thank you, auntie.”

She took a grape and put it in her mouth. Yang Yuqin looked at Meixiang with a smile on her face. Meixiang was eating like a little squirrel. Everyone will like her when they see her.

“How does your family feel about your relationship with Zhenfeng? Are they all supportive? “

Yang Yuqin also took a loquat and peeled it, eating it while chatting with Meixiang.

“They all respect my opinion, and I feel good about it. They let me find someone who is good to me, can talk to me, and respect me for a lifetime.”

This answer made Yang Yuqin a little surprised. After all, it is still rare to see a family with this kind of awareness.

“Your family’s idea is very right. Two people live their lives; chatting is very important. I have seen many families. The couple either has nothing to say or quarrel every day. A good life becomes a mess. I quite resent this. “

So, after the eldest son got married, her daughter-in-law was not close to them and wanted to move out. She was free to talk without speculation. What can you do if people don’t take you as their mother and take you as an outsider? Finally, they got tired of looking at each other. It’s better to stay far away and save face.

Anyway, they have wages and savings, so they can take care of themselves. In this life, they are not sure if they will be able to have a daughter-in-law that won’t add to their own problems. Is it possible that they still have to look at their daughter-in-law’s face to live their lives?

“How many people do you have in your family? Do you all live together? “

Meixiang shook her head. “In my hometown, my parents lived with my eldest brother and sister-in-law. My second brother lived in the yard next door. After going to school in the provincial capital, we all lived together. “

“Yes, I heard from Zhenfeng, your family has produced four college students.”

Meixiang modestly smiled and explained, “Actually, I’m not technically a college student. I’m a junior college student. I graduated after a year and a half. My eldest brother and they are serious college students.

“I know the school you went to. It was set up by the Provincial Education Bureau of our provincial government to train educational talents. The admission score was not low. I remember you need 240 points to be qualified. “

“The teacher in charge of admissions went to our home to mobilize. I think it is quite suitable for me to go.”

“The teacher in charge of admission came to our house to ask. I thought it was very suitable, so I went.”

“I heard from Zhenfeng that your sister has opened a restaurant.”

“Just opened. Business is quite good. Uncle and aunt, if you have time, you can also go over to try it.”

“I will definitely go there when I have the chance.”

After chatting for a while, Yang Yuqin began preparing dinner. Meixiang was embarrassed to sit still, so she also went to the kitchen to cook.

“Zhenfeng said you’re a good cook. You shouldn’t do it today; it’s your first time here. Next time, I wish to try your craft. “

“He was just praising me. I didn’t make it so delicious. “

“Good or bad, I’ll know it when I try it next time. “

“So… why don’t I make a dish for my aunt and uncle today?”

“Okay, the ingredients are here. See what you make of them.”

Meixiang saw that there was a big piece of pork in the kitchen and thought of braised pork meatballs, which she had learned to make from her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law said her pork meatballs were very authentic.

“Do aunts and uncles like meatballs? I can make pork meatballs or roast pork. “

“Oh, that’s a big dish. Okay, you can make meatballs. Zhenfeng and his father both love them.”

Meixiang nodded, picked up the streaky pork, cut off half of it, and began to clean up the chopped meat.

Ji Zhenfeng couldn’t help but come to see the sound of banging in the kitchen.

“Teacher Zhao, you are going to show your hand today?”

“I have nothing to do. So, I want to make meatballs for my aunt and uncle to try.”

“Let me help you chop the meat.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

“It’s all right. You should ask him to help, and don’t just let him wait for food. Male comrades also need to help with the housework. “

Meixiang then handed the kitchen knife to Ji Zhenfeng.

During Ji Zhenfeng’s meat chopping time, Meixiang took the time to prepare the ingredients for the meatballs, including chopped green onions, ginger, eggs, raw flour, and various seasonings.

After Ji Zhenfeng chopped the meat, Meixiang put the meat into a clean basin, added salt, monosodium glutamate, wine, onion, and ginger foam, and stirred hard, then added water egg, and starch, and stirred well. Marinate for about twenty minutes.

Heat the oil in the hot pot until it is 60% or 70% hot. Round up the meat into a meatball the size of a small fist. Deep fry it in hot oil until golden. Control the oil, remove it, and set it aside.

Heat the oil in a pan, add the spices, then add oyster sauce and stir-fry. Then add water, salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, chicken powder, pepper, and boil over high heat. Finally, add the fried meatballs and stew for twenty minutes over medium heat. A colorful and fragrant braised meatball is ready.

“Meixiang made this.”

“It’s beautiful. I didn’t expect Meixiang to have this skill.”

“Exactly. You must be nimble when you cook. Take a look at her craft. No wonder your sister opened a restaurant. “

Ji Zhenfeng first gave his father a clip, then Yang Yuqin and Meixiang, and finally, his own turn.

“Yes, it tastes good. The meat is tender and not greasy. This craft is already comparable to that of the chef of the state-run restaurant. “

“We really can’t eat this in our house. This is too delicate. Anyway, I am not able to cook it. “

“I learned this from my sister-in-law. She is very good at cooking. Many dishes can be made as long as she has seen them. “

“I always hear you talk about your sister-in-law; I have to meet her later. She must be a particularly good young lady.”

Meixiang nodded, “My sister-in-law is very good. She taught me a lot of things. “

“This is to marry a wife and a virtuous person. Therefore, your uncle and I also hope you and Zhenfeng can settle down early. He is not young. He hadn’t met the right one before, and we didn’t urge him much. Now that we’ve met the right one, we should hurry up. “

Meixiang shyly looked at Ji Zhenfeng. He was laughing happily.

After eating, Meixiang wanted to help Yang Yuqin clean up the table and dishes. Yang Yuqin stopped her and did not let her.

“You go sit down and rest, stay with your uncle and talk for a while. I will clean these things up quickly.”

Meixiang had no choice but to sit back in the living room.

“Meixiang, go back and tell your parents that I and Zhenfeng’s mother will come to visit your family after a while.”

The meaning of the official visit naturally means “settling down.” Meixiang’s heart jumped; she was happy and yet flustered. Ji Zhenfeng, who sat next to Meixiang, secretly held Meixiang’s hand and, feeling the wetness of Meixiang’s palm, rubbed her palm.

“En, Okay, I will talk to them when I go back.”

Yang Yuqin finished cleaning up the kitchen, went into the room, and came out with a red envelope in her hand.

“Meixiang, this is your first visit. Your uncle and I are supposed to give you red envelopes. Take this; it’s a small token of appreciation from your uncle and me. “

Meixiang panicked and pushed back, “Auntie, I can’t accept this.”

In rural areas, blind dates are quickly set by both parties. The parents of both parties talk clearly about the bride price meeting ceremony. Meixiang’s situation, such as free love, is quite rare, so Meixiang really didn’t know about this custom and whether the money should be collected or not.

“Listen, this is our rule as elders. It is not inappropriate to receive it.”

Ji Zhenfeng also said, “My parents gave it to you, so you should accept it.”

“Then… thank you, uncle and aunt.”

It was getting late. Meixiang left. Yang Yuqin took a basket of grapes and asked Meixiang to take them back. She said it was sent by a student and could not be bought locally.

Ji Zhenfeng sent Meixiang back to the restaurant. On the way, he carried the grapes in one hand, holding Meixiang in the other. His heart was particularly happy.

“It’s great. We’ll settle down soon.”

Meixiang curled her lips in the dark and smiled. All kinds of worries before she came to Ji’s family’s house no longer exist. She felt very lucky. She was admitted to a university, had a good job, and met a good man like Ji Zhenfeng.

As my sister-in-law said, “If you are fragrant, butterflies will come.” After working hard, everything is developing in a good direction!


1 It came from peaches and plums all over the world, which means that the outstanding students educated by teachers are all over the world, praising teachers for their hard work in educating people.


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