Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 86

Chapter 86

“I’m leaving.”

Outside the restaurant, Ji Zhenfeng sent Meixiang to the door. His mouth said he was leaving, but his hand honestly grabbed Meixiang’s hand and refused to let go.

“Yes, be safe on the road.”

Meixiang shook their hands and waved to him with a smile. Ji Zhenfeng looked at her and suddenly couldn’t bear to leave.

As soon as he pulled on his hand, Meixiang bumped into his arms. He surrounded Meixiang’s waist and directly sealed Meixiang’s lips.

Meixiang did not expect him to kiss her suddenly. This is outside of their own store. The house is still lit. If her family catches her, she will have no face to see anyone.

After the breathless kiss, Meixiang was a little angry. Ji Zhenfeng rubbed Meixiang’s face and said, “OK, don’t be angry.”

After saying that, he handed the basket of grapes to Meixiang.

“Go to bed early, and remember to miss me.”

Meixiang pursed his lips and nodded.

“You’re back?”

Zhao Caixia and Zhang Qiaoer came out of the house.

Jiahui and her family went back in the evening and came back in the morning. Zhao Caixia had a big stomach, and it was inconvenient to come back and forth. Zhang Qiaoer stayed with her. The three of them lived in the house, while Li Wangping lived in another wooden house built behind the house. It’s summer now. It’s OK to sleep in it. When school starts, he will move back to the house, and the wooden house will be used as a warehouse.

“We’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Mom has been uneasy. “

“What is it?”

Meixiang put the grapes on the table, sat down, and poured a glass of water, gulping it down. After drinking, she saw her mother and sister staring at her with bright eyes. She smiled and said, “I’m fine. They are very good. His parents are very good. They don’t have the arrogance of being residents of the city. They’re very easy-going and friendly. “

Zhang Qiaoer’s worry fell into her stomach. She asked again about the details of today’s meeting. Meixiang then remembered that Yang Yuqin had also given her a red envelope and took it out of the bag.

“I originally refused to accept it, but Auntie said it was their custom, so I must accept it.”

Meixiang opened it and saw that there were new ten-yuan bills. She took them out and counted them. There were eight pieces, for a total of 80 yuan.

“80 yuan…” People from the city are really generous. “

They gave me such a big red envelope for meeting Meixiang for the first time. What’s more, they might give more after the marriage. 

Zhang Qiaoer finally felt reassured. Not because of the red envelope, but Ji Zhenfeng’s parents’ attitude towards Meixiang.

“OK, you keep this money yourself; do not spend it indiscriminately.”

“Mom, why don’t I give it to you? I have no place to spend the money. “

“What do I do with your money? I am not short of money. Save it up at the post office tomorrow. There will be many places to spend money in the future.

When you’re a girl, it’s just a matter of buying a few clothes and face cream, but when you get married, you’ll have more places to spend your money.

After handing over the house-keeping power to her daughter-in-law, Zhang Qiao’er stopped caring about the money. Her son and daughter-in-law give money to the family every month and some for filial piety during the new year’s festival. She has been living a happy life.

The Ji family said they would settle the relationship as soon as possible and soon arranged the time. They were ready to pay a door-to-door visit to the Zhao family out of politeness.

On this day, the Zhao family cleaned up inside and out, and the tea, snacks, and ingredients for the guests were all prepared properly.

Yang Yuqin did not look well in the car, and Ji Qingming patted her arm and said comfortingly, “Put down your emotions first. We are here today as guests. Don’t let people misunderstand.”

Yang Yuqin sniffed and sighed, “You think I want to be angry? But I can’t help but be angry. “

The cause of the incident was that on the family’s first visit to the Zhao family, Yang Yuqin wanted to let the eldest son and her daughter-in-law also come over together. It is equivalent to the two families meeting formally, but the eldest daughter-in-law, Luo Siwen, was not willing to come over with them and even complained about Zhenfeng’s finding a rural girl.

“We are the elderly; we should be more tolerant. Don’t hurt the peace of the family for these small things. “

Yang Yuqin waved her hand, indicating that she did not want to hear anymore. She had long been tired of hearing these words, but she still let out a deep breath to make her face look less unpleasant.

“Here it comes. I see the car.”

Zhao Donghe had been watching, and when he saw the car drive into the intersection, the one Ji Zhenfeng had once driven, he hurried back to the house to talk to his parents.

“Ah, they finally came. Do you think I can do this? Is my hair messy or not? “

Zhang Qiaoer was particularly nervous. This nervousness was out of her own lack of confidence, a self-imposed shame, and fear of losing face to her daughter.

“It’s OK, mom. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. “Zhenfeng’s parents are not the kind of people who look down on people.”

Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t hear it. She responded casually. Meixiang looked at her father, Zhao Manzhu, again, who looked anxious, as if he were “facing a great enemy.”

The car stopped in front of the Zhao family. The family walked out of the yard. Ji Qingming first went out of the car, followed by Yang Yuqin.

Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Manzhu have not yet thought of how to talk to them. Over there, Ji Qingming and Yang Yuqin have come with a smile.

“Hello, Meixiang’s father and Meixiang’s mother. I am Zhenfeng’s mother. My surname is Yang. I’m Yang Yuqin.”

“Hello, Comrade Zhao and Comrade Zhang! How are you? We finally met. “

“Oh, good. Hello, hello.”

Ji Zhenfeng turned off the engine, got out, and opened the trunk of the car to move the gifts they brought. They brought milk powder, canned foods, noodles, gift boxes of cookies, and a few pig’s feet.

“This …… come on. Why did you bring so many things? Oh, these are good things. You can’t buy them with money. “

Yang Yuqin took Zhang Qiaoer’s hand and said, with a smile, “I should do this. You have to show sincerity if you like someone’s daughter, right? There is no reason to pick the fruit home for nothing. “

Meixiang, who was standing behind Zhang Qiaoer with Jiahui, turned red. At the same time, Zhao Manzhu and Zhang Qiaoer’s hearts were extremely pressed. These words simply touched their hearts. It’s not like marrying a daughter-in-law. Others have picked up the fruits that have been planted for decades.

Zhang Qiaoer smiled and invited Yang Yuqin and Ji Qingming into the courtyard, where he introduced the two family members.

“This is my eldest son. This is my eldest daughter-in-law. This is my second son. This is my eldest grandson. His nickname is Heidan. His first name is Zhao Zhuojun ……”

This is the first time Yang Yuqin has seen Jiahui, the perfect sister-in-law in Meixiang’s mouth. She has a beautiful face and white skin. Standing with Meixiang, they looked like sisters. She is so different from her imagination.


The time soon came to the end of August. They had to prepare to go back to the provincial capital, and they had to

“I want to talk to you guys about something.”

“Mom, what do you want to talk about?”

“Your elder sister’s belly is almost eight months old. You know the situation in the Li family, right? Her mother-in-law can’t help her. I was worried about her, and now they have opened a restaurant, and they will be busy when the baby is born, so I want to stay and take care of her for a while.”

Zhao Donglin looked at Jiahui after hearing this. It’s about his sister. Zhao Donglin must be considerate, but it depends on Jiahui’s meaning.

“Yes, Fang Fang is old. We can send him to kindergarten. The school is close to home. There’s nothing to worry about. “

She and Donglin can work harder, but what else can they do? Life always has to pass. Her mother-in-law has put these forward, and she can’t be a villain as a daughter-in-law.

“Jiahui, I’m really sorry. Both of you are equally important. If I could split myself in half, it would be better. “

“Mom, Don’t think too much. With the situation now, elder sister really needs your care more. I have no problem taking care of a few kids with Donglin and Donghe. “

Zhang Qiaoer looked down and tucked the corners of her eyes before opening her mouth. She knew Jiahui would not say anything, but she always felt a little sorry for her in her heart.

Before returning to the city, Jiahui went back to her mother’s house. Her mother knew that Zhang Qiaoer had left to take care of her eldest daughter. She didn’t say anything, and her face didn’t look good.

In this era, rural people’s thinking is still relatively solidified. The daughter who marries out is said to have spilled water (which can’t be retrieved). But your natal family will really not reach out to your daughter and son-in-law’s home—especially those who have daughters. Helping out your son was the more dominant thought.

“Then what will you do? Do you have to attend classes and manage the family’s food and drink at the same time? “

Adults can’t make do with children at will. This meal must be cooked.

“It’s OK, and it’s just the morning and evening meals. The school cooks meals at noon, and I’m relieved to put them in school.”

“Hey, it’s still hard for you. Sometimes I want to. What if you didn’t find Donglin and someone else? “

“Mom, we have to look forward, not backward. Donglin is not bad. At least he is good to me. Another person may not be able to support me to go to college.”

There is also the matter of business, which not every man can understand. He must have a certain ideological height and mind.

So, Jiahui has never regretted marrying Zhao Donglin. Even if her life has had a little friction, sometimes it is hard. He has been the best choice at that time.

“One more thing, now that the national policy is relaxed, the future will focus more and more on economic development. Our family cannot put all its thoughts on the farm; we have to keep up with the times and find ways to do something.”

“Your brother-in-law is not as smart as you. If you have any ideas, you can tell them. They are willing to listen to you. “

Not to mention the others, just the restaurant opened by Zhao Caixia. I heard that the business was very good and made a lot of money.

The land contract responsibility system in Shanghe village has been fully implemented, and there is no news in Dayu village for the time being. Jiahui told her brothers that when the land contract responsibility system in the village is promoted, they will ask the village head to buy land. Whether it is a flat, wasteland, or mountain, it is always useful to buy it back.

The local soil is fertile, and fruits and vegetables are growing well. It is very suitable for growing fruits and vegetables.

In addition, Dayu village is close to the town with convenient transportation. The fruits and vegetables planted are convenient for transportation. As long as you find a market, you don’t have to worry about pressing it into your hand.

“OK, you are a college student with a good brain. We listened to you.”

Several brothers immediately expressed their attitudes and didn’t say anything else. Jiahui was also very moved.

On the third day before school, Jiahui returned to the provincial capital with the four children, Donglin and Donghe. This time, she packed light and only brought the necessary things.

“You guys pay more attention. If you are really too busy, send me a letter. “

Zhang Qiaoer looked at several grandchildren. She was quite reluctant in her heart. If not for her eldest daughter, she would certainly follow them back.

“Sister-in-law, you should take more care of yourself. Don’t be too tired. Brother, you have to take more care of your family and sister-in-law. “

Meixiang was also reluctant. She has officially started working and will stay in the county. Meixiang knows her sister-in-law works seriously and is always strict with herself and lenient with others. She is afraid that Jiahui will be too tired, so she can’t help telling her brother to love and cherish her sister-in-law more.

“En, I know, you also take care of yourself.”

After saying that, they carried their things and took the children to the bus.


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