Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Shen Nianru was the happiest when Jiahui came back. She hugged Fang Fang and didn’t let go.

“I look forward to your return every day, but finally, you guys are back.”

They were so lively. Once they left, the whole yard was cold and quiet.

Fang Fang quietly stayed in Shen Nianru’s arms and said, in a milky voice, “Grandma, Fang Fang missed you. It would be better if you and grandpa could go back with us.”

Shen Nianru’s heart was moved. She rubbed Fang Fang’s soft hair and smiled kindly.

“Oh, my little sweetheart, grandma misses you too. She thinks about you every day and has lost weight. “

She is older, has had a bitter summer, and has lost her appetite; if she eats less, she will naturally lose weight.

Fang Fang raised her head and looked at Shen Nianru, her eyes full of confusion, asking, “Why did you lose weight? If you don’t eat properly, you will lose weight. Grandma is not good. You didn’t eat properly, right? “

Shen Nianru smiled.

“Fang Fang really knows a lot. This is because Grandma misses Fang Fang, so I became thin. “

Fang Fang listened to these words and took them seriously. While hugging Shen Nianru, he patted her on the back like a little adult.

“Fang Fang has come back, so Grandma doesn’t have to think of me.”

The lovely appearance amused the family.

Jiahui brought some local specialties from her hometown, sun-dried mushrooms, and she cooked a pot of mushroom and old duck soup.

At the dinner table, Shen Nianru was in a good mood and drank two bowls of soup while Zhao Donglin talked to Zhong Daomin about the land contract reform.

“Very good. It is good to have this momentum. Our country will only become more and more prosperous. “

After two cups of small wine, Zhong Daomin’s mood also showed the excitement rarely seen in ordinary times.

After school started, Jiahui went to the professor and turned in the homework she had completed over the summer.

“Editor Chu read the last book and said that you translated it very well. The publishing company decided to publish it. “

Jiahui was still quite happy to have the fruits of her own labor acknowledged.

You grow up very fast, and my request for you can’t be a general requirement. Do you want to learn simultaneous interpreting? “

A student came to visit him in the summer, saying that there was a shortage of excellent simultaneous interpreters, and asked him if he could train such students. He had considered it, and among the two groups of students now, there were only three students who could meet the same requirement in the professional field, and Jiahui was one of them.

“Simultaneous interpreting?”

Jia Hui was a bit stunned. She was surprised to hear this.

She knew simultaneous interpreting; the full name is simultaneous interpretation. It shows the interpreter’s ability to speak without interrupting the speaker. It is a translation method of interpreting content for the audience without interruption.

If she remembers correctly, this method of translation first appeared when the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, tried fascist war criminals after the end of the Second World War.

The normal way of translation is called consecutive interpretation, which means waiting for the end of the speaker’s speech and then translating orally alone. Which definitely takes longer than uninterrupted translation, and it is mostly used for general diplomatic meetings, bilateral negotiations, visiting expeditions, journalist interviews, etc. Jiahui’s direction in her training was also to make a consecutive interpretation.

The advantage of simultaneous interpretation is that it does not take up time and is highly efficient, but it is an interlingual conversion activity that is strictly limited by time and is extremely difficult, requiring the interpreter to listen to and identify the source language speech while quickly completing the prediction, understanding, memory, and conversion of the source language information in a very short period of time with the help of existing subject knowledge, and at the same time to monitor, organize, correct, and express the target language and speak the translation of the target language.

Even in the twenty-first century, talent for simultaneous interpretation was scarce. It costs a lot to train a simultaneous interpreter. She remembers that a schoolmate she knew at that time said that there were no more than two thousand simultaneous interpreters worldwide, and domestic ones were even scarcer. She did not expect that the professor would let her consider developing towards simultaneous interpretation. In a sense, it was also an affirmation of the professor’s ability.

“I’m very optimistic about your learning ability. You have such an advantage. You should work harder and go further on your professional path.”

The professor’s words made her feel a bit ashamed. In fact, when she first heard the professor speaking about simultaneous interpreting, she did not have an eager learning attitude. She chose English as her major to a great extent because she had a certain English foundation and felt that the employment prospect for English was good, and it would not affect her greatly in the future even if she did not work in the industry.

“Well, since you trust me, Professor, I want to give it a try.”

Only then did Professor Mei nod and smile in relief.

“Very well, in that case, your study direction will have to be re-planned, and I will also go to Zhou Ruoshen’s place to find out more about it.

Jiahui returned home and told Zhao Donglin about it.

“In the future, I’ll be responsible for cooking at home, and the children will have to rely on you.”

The choice of simultaneous interpreting means that Jiahui will make greater efforts in her studies. Fang Fang is now in kindergarten, and Yingbao has been promoted to primary school. Heidan, who is only nine years old, was already a freshman in the first year of school.

Heidan’s stature follows Zhao Donglin’s. In addition, the family has good food and adequate nutrition. He is half a head taller than children of the same age. He doesn’t look much smaller than the children in the class.

“Well, focus on your studies. You don’t have to worry about things at home. It’s okay if you don’t have time to cook. As long as you don’t dislike my cooking, I can do it. “

Jiahui wrapped her arms around Donglin’s neck. She leaned against his shoulder and said, “Why are you so good?”

But as a last resort, Jiahui certainly can’t let him cook. Their Zhao family really has no talent when it comes to cooking.

Zhao Donglin wrapped his arm around Jiahui’s waist and let her sit on his lap. He said, half-serious and half-joking, “I can’t help it. My wife is so good, so I can only spoil her a little more.”

Jiahui laughed and lowered her head to give him a peck on the lips.

“Well, here’s your reward.”

“That’s it? Can’t you go a little deeper? “

Jiahui punched him with her small pink fist, “You think you’re beautiful.” [1]sarcastic

Zhao Donglin laughed lightly and picked up Jiahui in a “princess hug.” Donglin then walked towards the bed.

“I heard from the professor that you also chose simultaneous interpreting.”

After class, Zhou Ruosen caught up with Jiahui and talked to her.

“Yes, although I don’t know if I can do it, I will never know the answer if I don’t try it myself.”

Zhou Ruosen nodded, “I also think so. Let’s work together in the future. “

“Good. Good. On a difficult road, you will not be afraid of hardship when you have many comrades in arms. “

Zhou Ruosen looked down and smiled with a trace of bitterness that he couldn’t even notice.

He admired Jiahui. He admired her talent and skills, and he admired her beauty, but from the day he met her, she had already become a married woman, and all his thoughts were gone.

Zhou Ruosen had tried to repress his heart with morality, but feelings like this, the more he restrained him, the more he couldn’t forget. Finally, she became a Cinnabar mole in his heart, which he could not touch or forget.

For example, now, he is eager to talk to her but also delighted to talk to her, but he did not dare to look at her, did not dare to look at each other. He’s afraid that his feelings could not help but flow out of his eyes, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Half a month later, the English students, with a total of 77 students, found that Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen began to miss the regular courses of the class. After learning about it, they realized that the two students were undergoing more professional training.

“The professor is too biased, right? All the good things were just given to them. We are also his students. Why should he favor one over the other? “

“That’s right, the usual translation work was also given to them, saying that we still need to study more and practice more, but how can we practice without having the opportunity? Just memorize English words and listen to English radio every day?”

The translation work is not only decent, but they also have commissions. Everyone has coveted it for a long time, but so far, the professor has only given three students the opportunity to do some translation work, including Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen.

Some people expressed dissatisfaction, while others maintained rational judgment and advised, “We should not question the professor’s decision. Let’s ask ourselves. Is our knowledge really better and stronger than theirs? Anyway, I still know myself very well. I think I am not capable enough to compare with Student Dong and Student Zhao. “

“So what if we can’t compare with them? They are not the only two students in our department; the professor just can’t be biased. “

“I heard that they are training for simultaneous interpreting, which means continuous interpreting. I consulted a professional teacher, and this translation method is very difficult.”

“If you don’t give us a chance to try, how can you know we can’t? The professor can’t subjectively deny us. In a competition, even if we are eliminated, we should know why right? “

In every group, there are always some people who are blind and can’t see reality. They are eager to prove themselves, don’t accept the fact that they are weaker than others, and have been seeking so-called “fairness.”

This was only a small-scale discussion. Later, somehow, this dissatisfaction spread among the students. The monitor could only reflect everyone’s voices to the counselor. The counselor was angry and held a class meeting for everyone.

“You shouldn’t have such an idea. Professor Mei is a respected old gentleman. He certainly wants every student to learn more. Any decision made by the professor is carefully considered. Who is suitable and who is not? He has made a professional choice. How can he talk about your teacher in private and put labels on his head? What, it’s only been a few years since the Revolution, and everyone hasn’t had enough lessons, have you? “

During those years, many experts, scholars, and professors were hurt, and most of the hurt came from their own students.

The counselor’s words were so serious that everyone was silent, and no one dared to say anything.

“I don’t want to hear similar words coming out of anyone’s mouth again; these are not the words a qualified and respectful student should say.”

The counselor educated the students severely and still approached Professor Mei afterward to explain the situation.

“I understand the situation. First of all, I did a self-examination. I really didn’t consider it thoroughly enough and didn’t take into account the feelings of the students. I’ll explain it to the students before the next class. “

The counselor was stunned. His original intention was to reflect on the situation, not to let the professor explain.

What can be explained? Students should obey their teachers just as children must obey their parents.

“Teacher, how can you use such a serious word as ‘explain’? I’ve taught them a lesson…”

Professor Mei waved his hand, made a stop hand sign, and said gently, “As Voltaire said, ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,’ everyone has the right to express their thoughts. It’s better to block than to be sparse. Even if you block their mouths, don’t let them speak or let them express themselves. This thorn will stay in their hearts forever. “

Professor Mei has lived to the present age. He has experienced too many things. People’s hearts and human nature can be seen clearly. He doesn’t care about these little things at all, nor does he have the slightest angry emotion.

He smiled and said open-mindedly, “This matter is not all meaningless. At least they have a good attitude towards striving for the top. It is good to actively ask for progress. What we have to do is to let them know where their gap is and motivate them to learn. “

The next day in class, Professor Mei let the entire English Department of the Class of ’77 appreciate what is called “simultaneous interpretation.” The whole class, except Dong Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen, was unable to carry out uninterrupted translation and keep up with his rhythm.

At the end of fifty minutes, all the students blushed with shame.

The professor stood on the podium and looked at the students sitting under the podium with a generous and loving smile.

“I’ve heard about it. To tell you the truth, I’m moved by everyone’s learning spirit. I can see how hard you work and how you have made a little progress since you entered our English department. “

The students had different expressions, but most of them thought that the professor would scold them or even punish them, but the result was very unexpected.

“First of all, I started with a self-examination. This matter is my poor consideration. I should have made it clear to you beforehand. I should have respected your emotions. For these, I apologize to you all.”

With that, the professor bowed to the students on the stage to express his apology. The students were ashamed and anxious. Some even cried.

“Teacher, we are wrong. We couldn’t recognize ourselves. We don’t respect the teacher! “

Professor Mei smiled and shook his head.

“I have made mistakes, and you have made mistakes, but I am your teacher. In the final analysis, your mistakes are still my mistakes. “

This sentence was like a steel knif that poked into everyone’s chest.

“As you can see, the requirements for simultaneous interpretation are very high. Our country urgently needs such high-end talents. I very much look forward to going further and further on the professional path through our efforts in the future. “

As for now, at this moment, most people do not have such an ability.

In this class, the professor’s tolerance and humility made everyone embarrassed and grateful.

Since then, the students have studied harder, strengthened their professional skills, and made rapid progress. After graduation, this year’s students have made great achievements in their professional fields. Whenever Professor Mei is mentioned, their hearts are full of love and gratitude.


1 sarcastic


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