Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

In October, the school held a large-scale national day party, and Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen participated in the activity as hosts again.

“In October, there are endless flower rolls, which are colorful.”

“In October, there are endless poems that move people’s hearts.”

“In October, there are endless carols and calendars, recording the fruitful achievements of the motherland.”

“In October, there are endless congratulations on the journey step by step, flashing the sweat of Chinese children.”

The host of this era does not need to wear a beautiful dress or wear high heels. It is already dazzling enough with just a simple military uniform and clean and sharp makeup.

Today’s party was attended by the leaders of the provincial party committee. After the party, the headmaster called several excellent students from the school, including Jiahui and Zhou Rusen.

The headmaster pointed to them and said, with a smile, “They are today’s hosts.” The two little comrades in the English department have outstanding learning abilities and participate in various school activities. They are very excellent and active comrades. “

The leader smiled and nodded, “Well, this is what our country needs.” Young people who are willing to bear hardships and work hard professionally Our provincial party committee now has a lot of work to do with foreign guests. Since the two young comrades are English majors, they can go to the provincial Party committee to study in their spare time, and practice makes true knowledge.”

The principal also smiled and said, “Yes, Director Zheng is right. Practice opportunities can be met but not sought. The leaders are willing to give them this opportunity. It is also their love and support for us at Wudong University. I believe that all students will study hard, live up to expectations, and become the pillars of the motherland.

The follow-up on this matter is that the school really arranged for Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen to go to the provincial Party Committee for internships.

As sophomores, they were already doing enviable jobs, which was naturally very eye-catching, but this time, the students in the department no longer had any micro-aggressions. Instead, they took them as the target they were striving to catch up with.

“You have done a good job of translation today. The director is very satisfied. This is a gift brought by a foreign guest. The director asked me to give you one.”

The other party handed over two identical boxes. Jiahui and Zhou Ruosen took them, and when the other party left, they opened the boxes to take a look. What was contained inside was actually perfume.

Zhou Ruosen came from a diplomatic family, so naturally, he can recognize it. Although Jiahui came from an ordinary background, she has the soul of the modern age.

“Well, I’m a man and can’t use it. I’d better give it to you. “

Zhou Ruosen closed the lid and sent it to Jiahui with a smile.

“Perfumes can also be used for men, or you can send them to a lady you like.”

A woman loves beauty. She already had a bottle, and her relationship with Zhou Ruoshen was not good enough to accept his gifts. Naturally, Jiahui will not accept it.

Zhou Ruosen’s outstretched right hand paused, surprised that Jiahui recognized it at a glance and also heartbroken at her words about giving it to the person he likes.

Ruoshen smiled bitterly. He took back his hand and held the box in his hand.

This bottle of perfume may not be delivered for the rest of its life because it has been rejected by the girl he liked.


In one month, Jiahui received a letter from her elder brother, Dong Aihua, which said that Dayu village had started implementing the land contract responsibility system. He asked about the fruit cultivation that Jiahui had mentioned before.

Jiahui immediately wrote back to him, detailing the advantages of fruit cultivation as well as vegetable cultivation and farming.

“We can’t stick to the old-fashioned life. We have to try to find a breakthrough to the ideal. It’s always difficult to start a new model at first. If brothers choose this road, they must be prepared to bear hardships. “

She wrote down the pros and cons and left the right of choice to them. Only when they have such subjective initiative can they overcome all difficulties in the future.

After receiving the letter, Dong Aihua showed it to his family and asked for their opinions.

“Then do it. You have to bear hardships in everything. Who is afraid of hardship? “

“I believe Jiahui. She is a college student and has a smart brain. If she said it would be good, then it will be good.”

“I think fruit is very expensive. It’s much more expensive than rice and flour. That kind of fruit must make more money than growing rice and wheat. “

“Jiahui also mentioned vegetable planting and aquaculture. She also told us how to open the market. I studied it carefully. All the methods she said are feasible.”

“Let’s not mention anything else. The eldest sister-in-law of the Zhao family used to be average, and the conditions are not as good as ours. Now, she has opened a small restaurant in the county, and her business is doing very well. They can pick up one or two hundred customers from morning to night every day. What’s more, a customer pays 10 cents. They could earn more than 20 yuan a day, 600 yuan a month, and 7000 yuan a year. “

Jiahui thought of opening a restaurant at the beginning. If Jiahui is so kind to her mother-in-law’s eldest daughter, can she still pit her brothers?

“I put the ugly words in front, you want to do it, then our family will do it, but whether good or bad, the heart is not allowed to have ideas. Even if the final money is not earned, you cannot blame Jiahui.”

Chen Guixiang gave everyone a precautionary shot. Her sons and daughters-in-law nodded their heads and agreed.

“Mom, who do you think we are? Are we like that? “

“Yes, mom. We know that Jiahui is doing this for our own good. We are willing to do it ourselves. We won’t blame other people if we can’t do it well, “

After discussion, the family decided to do it. Dong Aihua wrote the family’s decision to Jiahui.

A letter was mailed from the village to the provincial capital for two days.

“What did your brother say?”

Zhao Donglin asked curiously when he got the letter.

“They are willing to do it and asked me exactly how they should prepare.”

The document issued by the state points out that rural land contracting adopts the household contracting method within rural collective economic organizations. Rural land such as barren mountains, ditches, hills, and beaches that are not suitable for household contracting can be contracted by means of bidding, auction, and public consultation.

In other words, those wastelands and mountains can be obtained by contracting.

Jiahui was slow to reply to the letter and wasted time. She called the Dayu village committee and asked someone to bring a message to her brother. She called him on time at three o’clock in the afternoon.

“Did your sister send a message?”

The village committee looked for Dong Aihua in the field. Chen Guixiang saw it from a distance. At that time, she didn’t go there immediately but asked when she went home.

“Yes, she had me answer the phone at the village committee at 3 p.m.”

After working in the field all morning, Dong Aihua held a bowl and ate a large mouthful of rice. He was hungry.

“The telephone fee is very expensive. It costs a lot of money to make a phone call. “

“Hmmph, when did your sister become reluctant to spend money on you?”

Liu Xiuyun’s mouth was quick. She said a word casually and was hated by her mother-in-law. She knew what she said was really not beautiful, so she quickly responded back.

“Oops, mom, my mouth is fast. I said the wrong thing. Of course, I know that sister is good to us. Every time she goes back to her natal family’s house, she brings everyone something good. The whole village cannot find a sister that is as filial as your daughter.”

When Liu Xiuyun finished looking for a supplement, Zhao Lijuan also followed and agreed, “Exactly, who in the village does not envy our mother’s good fortune?”

Chen Guixiang then smiled.

“I’m lucky not only because my sons and daughter are filial, but also because our family has found three sensible daughters-in-law. I always say that as long as we work together, our family’s life will only get better, not worse. “

The three daughters-in-law nodded together, but only they knew what was going on in their hearts.

Before 3 p.m., Dong Aihua went to the village committee to guard the phone. At 3 p.m., Jiahui called.

“Brother, the state is now very supportive of wasteland planting. You go to Brother Haotian, ask him about the price of our team’s contracted wasteland and the hillside.”

First, inquire about the price, and then, according to their family’s economic situation, see how much they could contract.

Of course, if the family’s economic conditions are not good at the moment, Jiahui can also give some support. Recently, she has earned hundreds of yuan by working as a translator.

“Also, you have to tell Brother Haotian that we have to sign a contract, and we have to sign a long-term contract. After all, the planting industry is a long-term investment. We can’t just plant it, let it expire, and finally make wedding clothes for others. “

Dong Aihua fully understood what Jiahui said. They hung up and went to Dong Haotian’s house when they finished talking.

“Your family wants to contract the wasteland and mountains on the team?”

Dong Haotian never thought that Dong Aihua would come to the door for this matter. The farmland in the village had just been divided, and Dong Aihua thought about those wastelands.

“Yes, I think there is a lot of wasteland on the team. It’s also empty. It’s better to use it and plant something else. “

Dong Haotian smoked a cigarette and thought about it. The vacant barren land is not suitable for crop growth and requires a lot of human and material resources to clean up. There is no use in keeping it. Since Dong Aihua wants it, then it can be contracted to him, but he did not immediately give a positive answer.

“There is no example of this matter before. I, even the captain, can’t say it in vain. In this way, I’ll ask some uncles on the team to see what everyone thinks. “

Dong Aihua nodded his head.

“Don’t be too high on the price. I can’t afford the money. We can only pay as much as our abilities. “

After Dong Haotian left, Zhao Juhua came and asked.

“He said he wanted a few pieces of barren land on the team.”

“In my opinion, this must be the idea of Jiahui and Donglin. They are college students and have many ways to make money in their minds. Otherwise, let’s also follow them and ask for a contract, and we’ll plant what they plant?”

After listening to his wife’s words, it is undeniable that Dong Haotian was a little excited, but he refused after thinking about it. He felt that it was not authentic. How could he have the thick skin to do it?

A few years later, due to the success of planting and breeding, Dong Aihua, together with his two brothers, became one of the richest households in the village. A step ahead of the door into the million-dollar households, Zhao Juhua, has complained about her husband’s indecisiveness and is afraid of losing face. Otherwise, their own family has long been rich.

Without saying anything, Dong Haotian himself couldn’t help regretting his original choice before going to bed every day, so he had the problem of insomnia.

The good thing is that he learned from his mistakes, and after missing this opportunity, he seized the opportunity to contract projects, open hotels, and engage in real estate. By the mid-1990s, his assets had accumulated into tens of millions.

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