Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 89.1

Chapter 89 Part 1

In the morning, Dong Haotian replied to Dong Aihua that the annual rent of contracted wasteland was 12 yuan per mu and mountain land was 5 yuan per mu.

“This is the result of our discussion.” If you rent more, the payment could be less.

They did not decide the price for these lands and mountains blindly but only after a reasonable calculation.

In this era, there was no hybrid rice. The yield per mu of rice and wheat was not high. It was about two or three hundred kilograms per mu. Half of it will be used to pay for the public’s food.

The price was based on the market price of wheat, which amounted to 16 cents a pound. 300 kg of wheat was only 48 yuan, excluding the public grain and artificial fertilizer. The remaining income is not much, not to mention that it is a wasteland. It was not a suitable land for farming.

As for the rent for the mountain, it was even higher. Such a large area is useless except for collecting firewood and catching pheasants and rabbits.

The barren land was also a waste. It takes a lot of trouble to clean up. You can’t earn money if you plan to plant on it. It’s good to contract it out. With your eyes closed, the team can profit from it every year.

“So…” Dong Aihua calculated that there were more than 3,000 yuan in savings at home, which the family saved after so many years of hard work.

With these savings, they thought they were already working hard enough, at least more than half of the people in the village. They didn’t think the money would come in handy in contracting these lands.

More than three thousand yuan… This money wouldn’t be enough to rent the land for a year. They have to buy fruit trees, vegetable seeds, fish fry, and fertilizer. Jiahui also said that they shouldn’t expect to earn money in the first year. It’s a long-term plan, at least until the second year.

“Then I’ll go home and discuss with my family how much we ought to rent.

Dong Aihua first went home and told his family. Everyone agreed that it would be okay to rent 50 mu of wasteland. Renting more land would be troublesome, and they would be able to take care of it. Although the price was lower than the wasteland, there was no need to contract more land. A dozen mu of land was already enough.

Dong Aihua went to the village office to call Jiahui and told her about the situation and their family’s opinion.

In order to have smooth contact, Jiahui left two numbers for Dong Aihua. One was from the school reception room, and the other was from a nearby store. Dong Aihua guessed that Jiahui was in the school and called the school at that time. Unexpectedly, he really chanced upon her.

“Sister, this is the situation. How much do you think our family contract is appropriate.”

Jiahui was not in favor of contracting only a few dozen acres of the mountain. Maybe they were used to their old-fashioned ways and didn’t think it would generate income. However, as a person whose soul came from the 21st century, she saw many cases where a person became rich relying on the lands they owned. 

“Brother, I agree that it’s too big to contract dozens of acres of wasteland. We need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources if we do so. Our current ability is not enough. But my suggestion is that you should contract more in the mountains. In addition to planting fruit trees, we can also plant medicinal supplies. If the climate here is suitable, we can introduce tea in the future. We can also raise livestock. The mountain can serve as a natural pasture if we raise chickens and sheep, right?

“At present, everyone’s mentality has not turned yet. If we had contracted earlier, the price would have been lower. After a few years, more than ten years, or even decades, we won’t be able to have a contract at the price we paid for now. “

Jiahui remembered that she once read a column on agricultural science and education, telling the story of how a professional farmer raised mountain pigs.

“If the family doesn’t have enough money, I still have some here. I’ll go back in a few days and bring it back to you?”

“Are you coming back?”

Dong Aihua wanted to ask Jiahui why she planned to come back now. Later, he remembered that Jiahui’s eldest sister-in-law was pregnant. It was estimated that she would come back for this matter.

“My mother-in-law’s eldest daughter was in the last months of her pregnancy. I have to go back and take a look. “

Sure enough, Jiahui came back for this reason.

She was busy in school and had a lot of things to do. Jiahui needs professional training for simultaneous interpretation, processing of the internship in the provincial committee, and hosting and performing at the New Year’s Day party. She was looking for ways to find time to have a short break in her busy schedule.

After calling Jiahui, Dong Aihua went home and said Jiahui’s opinion. The family thought about it. As the old saying goes, “the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea.” [1]to exploit one’s position to advance oneself. There are many treasures on the mountain. If you contract more mountains, the mountain will be your own in the future. 

“Then contract more mountains. The one closest to our house will be contracted down. “

“That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?”

Liu Xiuyun couldn’t help but open her mouth again.

“What are you afraid of? When the sky falls, there is a high roof. Your father and I are still here. Can it still crush you? “

Since her mother-in-law said so, Liu Xiuyu didn’t dare speak. Anyway, her sister-in-law said that she could support the family if they lacked money. Besides, she doesn’t take the money out of her pocket. What is she afraid of? She can just go with the flow, and the loss won’t be counted on her, and she might even enjoy the benefits as she follows along.

The Dong family decided to contract 50 acres of barren land and the sunrise side of the nearest mountain. As for the back, it’s from another village. Each village planted a tree on the top of the mountain, bounded by trees. Each village does not interfere with the other.

“So many? Do you want the whole mountain land? “

When Dong Haotian heard Dong Aihua’s words, he almost dropped his jaw.

“Yes, it’s just a matter of maintaining, so why don’t you just wrap it all up?”

Dong Haotian nodded, thinking their family was really rich in that large area. It was almost a thousand acres of land, right?

The real person does not reveal his face. Some people look so ordinary that you wouldn’t expect their family’s wealth to be so thick.

“Okay, I’ll take someone to measure the land this afternoon. You follow along to take a look.

Measuring the mountain is more difficult than measuring the flat land. They had to measure while climbing the mountain. Dong Haotian was looking for several young and clever guys in the village. This quantity is measured from noon to dark. It is 732.07 acres. Point seven was not counted. It was directly measured as 732 acres. 


1 to exploit one’s position to advance oneself.


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