Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 89.2

Chapter 89, Part 2

That night, the Dong family didn’t want to eat. If they went home to calculate, they would have to pay more than 4,000 yuan a year. All the deposits in the family add up to less than this amount. Even if the team agreed to pay the rent every six months, the pressure is really not small.

What if you can’t make money? What if you lose money? That’s the family’s savings for decades! Every cent spent is a cent lost.

Chen Guixiang picked up the chopsticks, patted the table, and said loudly, “Okay! Don’t be depressed. For what has been decided, it’s better not to think about something unpleasant. It’s better to work when you’re full. “

“Aihua, you will send the money to brother Haotian tomorrow. As soon as the land is divided, everyone will go to the land to clean it up. If you clean up one day earlier, you can earn money one day earlier.”

After Chen Guixiang’s words, everyone seemed to become motivated, and everyone was instantly in high spirits.

Yes, although the money at home was less, there was so much more land at the same time! The thought that the whole mountain behind their house was owned by their family gave birth to a sense of pride in having the world.

“Okay, so Well, let’s eat quickly. If the dish is cold, I’ll take it to the kitchen and reheat it. “

Zhou Yindi was also happy. All these big and small things in the family were handed over to their own man. Among the three brothers, her father-in-law and mother-in-law trusted her own man most.

Women are like this. When their men have a face, they also have a face.

As for Dong Aimin and Dong Aiguo, the eldest brother was born as the eldest brother. It’s right for parents to entrust important tasks to the eldest brother. They have nothing to compete for. With their parents, can they make themselves suffer losses?

Besides, Liu Xiuyun and Zhao Lijuan were married later than Zhou Yindi. My sister-in-law has been the first proud daughter-in-law in her mother-in-law’s heart in recent years. Like their husbands, they have long been used to their mother-in-law’s behavior. The family is harmonious, neither competing nor snatching something from someone.

Fifty acres of wasteland and seven hundred and thirty-two acres of mountain land. The half-year rent is 2130 yuan. Dong Haotian gave back the 30 yuan to the Dong family.


Zhao Caixia gave birth at the end of October. She gave birth to a little girl. Zhang Qiaoer called to report her joy. She said that the little girl was white and fat. She is a little beauty and looks like Da Ya when she was a baby.

After Zhao Caixia’s pregnancy, Zhang Qiaoer and Meixiang took turns taking care of Zhao Caixia’s baby. Li Wangping couldn’t come to the restaurant alone, and several sisters-in-law of the Li family came together to help.

Speaking of the Li family, it’s all trivial things. The Li family’s conditions were not as good as the Zhao family’s, and Li Wangping was not the favorite child of his parents. When Zhao Caixia married into their family, she was suppressed by her several sisters-in-law because of her gentle temperament. At first, she didn’t live well. Later, her mother-in-law died, and her brothers separated, so her life was better.

The married couple (ZC and LW) had the least property when they separated. They didn’t have an iron pot for cooking and no dishes or chopsticks for eating. Zhao Caixia was busy at home and outside the house, and she still had to take care of her two children. In the winter, her hands were frozen and turned purple, and she had a bad backache after an accidental bump. If Zhang Qiaoer wasn’t worried about her daughter’s wellbeing, she would have chosen not to go back to her mother’s house to make a noise.

When the couple opened a restaurant, everyone knew that their restaurant was earning a lot of money, and the brothers and sisters-in-law finally seized this opportunity to move forward.

“How’s Linlin today? Did she sleep well? “

“No, she slept quite well.”

Zhao Caixia was in confinement in Meixiang’s dormitory. The environment in the restaurant was noisy, and it was certainly not suitable for pregnant women and children. Meixiang thought that several empty rooms in the dormitory were not occupied. With the consent of the school leaders, Zhao Caxia was allowed to be confined there.

Meixiang put the chicken soup on the bedside table for her eldest sister to drink.

“How’s the restaurant? Was the business good? “

“Very good. There are many customers.”

“Where’s your brother-in-law? Is he busy? “

The family didn’t tell Zhao Caixia those bad things for fear of affecting her mood during confinement.

“Well, we looked for someone who could help.”

Meixiang handed the rice, “Sister, don’t worry. Eat first. When Linlin wakes up, you don’t have time to eat well.

Zhao Caixia nodded and began to drink chicken soup.

In fact, the restaurant is now a mess. Today, several sisters-in-law quarreled, and the collection of money was in outer chaos. Her brother-in-law was too anxious, but he was too honest to say that he couldn’t help others. Finally, he took it away.

As they said, they are all brothers with broken bones and tendons. When brothers are in trouble, they all come to help, and if you don’t allow them to help you, then you will be called small-minded and fussy. We don’t care about any small contradictions in the past. Why is it still in your heart?

If she said these words to her eldest sister, Meixiang felt that her eldest sister could vomit blood.

Jiahui, Donglin, and Donghe came back with their children at the weekend. The two brothers went to the restaurant first. Zhao Caixia directly came to Jiahui Jiahui.

“Elder sister.”

Jiahui smiled and pushed the door open. Zhao Caixia just got out of bed and prepared to wash Lin Lin’s diaper.

There are no disposable diapers these days, and the “diapers” in this era were all hand-washed.

“I’ll do it. The water is a bit cold.”

“No, I’ll just add some hot water.”

“It’s all right. I’m her aunt. What’s the matter with washing a diaper for my niece? “

Jiahui put down the things she brought and said with a smile, “Sister, you put it away first. I’ll see my niece before washing it.”

Linlin slept fragrantly, with her small pouting lips and exceptionally small hands. Her skin was white and red, Jiahui was moved at first glance, and her memory pulled her back to the time when Fang Fang was firstborn.

“It’s wonderful. Children are the purest and most beautiful existence in the world. It’s really great.”

“You like children so much. You should have more.”

Jiahui shook her head, “My energy is limited, and I am too busy. I can’t give birth anymore. “

And what? Give birth until I have a soccer team?

“If you give birth, and mom can’t raise them for you, then I will help you raise the baby.”

Jiahui smiled. “Elder sister, I’ll consider what you said, and we will follow fate. We will definitely want it when it really comes. “

For the sake of their studies, they were very serious about contraception. Jiahui also talked to Zhao Donglin. She did not want to get pregnant again. There were already three children in the family. Although she did not give birth to Heidan and Ying Bao, she cared for them the same way she cared for her own child. She hoped for their success. She hoped that they would grow as independent and strong individuals and have a bright future.

Zhao Donglin expressed his respect for Jiahui’s wishes; after all, Jiahui suffered from giving birth, and when she was pregnant with Fang Fang, he was quite distressed to see how she did not eat and sleep well.

Therefore, on the issue of childbirth, he fully respects Jiahui’s wishes, and the couple’s consensus is that they deliberately didn’t want any accident to happen, but they would also still openly accept it if it was their fate.

Of course, this situation will only last a few years, and in a few years, the country will have to implement family planning.


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