Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 90.2

Chapter 90, Part 2

Jiahui was entrusted to look for the seedlings, and she came to ask a professor from Wudong Agricultural University, who specializes in the grafting and cultivation of fruit seedlings.

This time, Chen Guixiang showed a sincere smile. They sat at home and didn’t know where to get saplings. Jiahui told them not to worry. She came to find a way, but how could they not worry?

Now it’s good, and everything is in place.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Besides, you said that some poultry and livestock could be raised on the mountain. I have selected eggs to hatch. When the chickens hatch and stay at home for a period of time, they can be directly put on the mountain.

Dong Dagui has not gone to the field in the past few days. He was on the mountain to build chicken pens and sheep pens. He was in full swing.

They have all figured out how to raise them. They can raise them in the daytime and go to the enclosure in the evening. The grass on the mountain is enough for them to eat.

Jiahui nodded and turned to take her backpack in front of her.

“Mom, I brought some money back. I think there must be more places to use money at home. Take it first and use it if you need it. You shouldn’t save money and delay things. “

Kraft paper envelopes have a thick stack. At this time, there are no hundred-yuan bills. The largest bill has a face value of ten yuan. Jiahui has prepared 3,000 for her family. The envelope she was holding in her hand was a thick stack.

Chen Guixiang took the envelope. The mouth says the opposite, but in fact, she was relieved.

Most of the money at home has been used for half a year’s rent. In addition to the rent, there are a lot of things they need to buy next. It is estimated that there will be no return on investment in this half of the year. The rent in the second half of the year is a big problem, and Jiahui is like giving charcoal in the snow.

“The money was borrowed by your brothers. When they earn money, I’ll ask them to pay you back first. “

The son and daughter are the flesh of her heart. The daughter has a good life and is willing to help her family. Chen Guixiang can’t let her suffer.

Jiahui smiled, “I’m also looking forward to our family’s better days.” To tell you the truth, I’m also under pressure to let my eldest brother do this. “

The idea was put forward by her. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If she didn’t make money and lost the money in the end, she would die of guilt.

After all, she doesn’t major in social economics. All her ideas were based on her supervisor’s cognition and had no professional data support.

There are a lot of people engaged in agricultural development, but if this time and place are not suitable for this, who can she talk to?

Chen Guixiang understood the meaning of her daughter and patted her hand with infinite emotion.

“Mom knows, mom knows. Anyway, there are so many places. If the same kind is bad, we’ll change it. There’s always a time to make money. “

On this point, Chen Guixiang is still very optimistic.

She came all the way from the old world. In the old society, there were landlords, middle peasants, and poor peasants. In her understanding, having land is money. Why were landlords called landlords? Wasn’t it because of the large amount of land?

Now, in addition to the ten mu of land distributed by the village, there is also 50 mu of wasteland and more than 700 mu of mountainous areas that have completely reached the level of “landlord.”


“What do you think about the Li family?”

On the way back from her mother’s house, Jiahui talked to Zhao Donglin about the Li family.

At first, she funded the opening of the restaurant to make her eldest sister live well. Now the Li family came to take advantage of the benefits. Jiahui naturally doesn’t like it, but the Li family is her eldest sister’s in-laws. Jiahui didn’t want to say the words first. She wants to hear Zhao Donglin’s opinion on this matter.

Zhao Donglin naturally complained about the Li family. No one reached out to help her when she needed it most. What’s the point of running here now? Donglin knows that his brother-in-law is too simple and honest. This character has its advantages, but it also has many disadvantages. It is easy for him to suffer losses.

Zhao Donglin wants to see his brother-in-law suffer a loss, but his eldest sister, niece, and nephew will also suffer a loss, which is not what Zhao Donglin wants to see.

“I’ll go talk to them. Don’t care about it anymore. “

If the restaurant is short of people, they spend money to find others to help. The Li family must leave. This is business, not charity. If they really get involved, the restaurant doesn’t have to be opened, and they will close it directly.

Since Zhao Donglin said so, Jiahui really doesn’t care. She didn’t know what he said when he went to the restaurant. Anyway, the Li family had left before she left.

“Donglin, it’s all my fault. I ended up giving you guys trouble.”

Zhao Donglin thought it was a little complicated and patted Li Wangping on the shoulder. Thousands of words turned into a word of comfort.

“Brother-in-law, don’t think about anything else. Just take good care of your elder sister and the children. We are all one family. There’s no trouble. “

In other words, whether it is to open this restaurant or to solve the Li family’s affairs, he didn’t do it for his brother-in-law Li Wangping, but for his eldest sister Zhao Caixia, Daya Er Pang, and Lin Lin.

Li Wangping’s thought was not so complicated. He didn’t perceive Zhao Donglin’s deep meaning. He just knew that Donglin didn’t blame him, which made him very happy.

Zhao Caixia knew about it last night. She cried in the night and said a lot about her previous days, such as how several sisters-in-law bullied her, how they bullied Li Wangping, how she went down to the ground to earn work points while taking care of her children, and how she couldn’t even get a hot meal when she came back.

Li Wangping hurriedly caressed her ears and cheeks for comfort and vowed that he would not be involved with his brothers in the future, no matter whether their lives were good or bad. After hearing these words, Zhao Caixia stopped crying.

“Don’t blame me for being cruel. They’ve been really cold-hearted towards our family for so many years. But if they treated me a little better before, I wouldn’t separate our family from them. “

“I know. I don’t blame you. “

How dare he blame his wife? According to the conditions of his wife, marrying him is considered to be a dowry. If he wants to blame someone, he can only blame himself for his incompetence. He hasn’t let his wife live a good life in the past ten years.

As his brother-in-law said, people have to distinguish right from wrong, know how to never do things that are not conducive to themselves, and can’t be led by others.

He is the head of the family, and has opened a restaurant and become a boss. He should grow up and give his wife and children a stable and peaceful sky.

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