Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 91.1

Chapter 91 Part 1

In the twinkling of an eye, January has come. On the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, Jiahui returned to the provincial capital, and the school began its winter vacation.

“All things that needed to be prepared were almost ready. She bought six cotton wadding, two Shuangxi thermos bottles, a mandarin duck porcelain basin, a spittoon, a pillow towel, and the bride price money she would take with her. In addition, they added 188 yuan to the bottom of the box. There is also a needle and thread box and a mirror comb with these small bits and pieces.

The betrothal gifts given by the Ji family were a lot of money. It’s an auspicious number, 888. As for the money, Zhang Qiaoer didn’t intend to take it. Naturally, she also gave back the bicycles and watches to Meixiang. Only tobacco, alcohol, and candies were kept at home.

This bride price money was given back (to MX) together with the money from the bottom of the box and other items. Meixiang’s wedding outfit was definitely one of the best in the whole village.

As a matter of fact, in many families, the mother’s family will deduct some money from the bride price. After all, many families were not rich, and there were a lot of kids at home. They take turns getting married and doing wedding events one by one. The family property has been hollowed out. Being able to leave a little is good enough.

“I bought woolen cloth from the provincial capital and came back to make a coat for Meixiang. In addition, this pair of dragon and Phoenix double happiness earrings is also our wedding gift to Meixiang. “

Originally, Jiahui wanted to buy a bracelet or necklace, but these were not popular at the time. The earrings are just right; not too eye-catching but also very meaningful.

Gold in this era is affordable. Jiahui herself took the opportunity to buy some jewelry. In the future, if the style is not good-looking, she can melt it and remake the ring again.

“Aiya, these earrings are really well made, and there are paintings engraved on them.”

“No, dragon and phoenix double happiness, which means good luck.”

Meixiang took them from Jiahui and held them in her hands. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

“Thank you, sister-in-law. Thank you, brother. I made you two spend money again.”

“Marriage is a once in a lifetime event. We must let you be happy on your wedding day. However, without these, you must already be happy to marry Zhenfeng. “

“Oh, sister-in-law, don’t tease me.

“What? Were you embarrassed to hear it? “

Zhang Qiaoer also laughed, “She’s a big girl, but thin-skinned, and can’t bear to listen to it.”

You need to get used to this. There will be many people teasing you these days. “

Meixiang laughed and pouted, “I don’t care about others. Just don’t tease me, sister-in-law. “

“That’s right, Meixiang, you’re more articulate than ever since you became a teacher.”

“That’s true! She had improved a lot. Meixiang used to be a child, but now she’s a little adult.”

Zhang Qiaoer has always been proud of her daughter’s ability to become a junior high school teacher in the county.

The time soon reached the eighteenth day of the twelfth lunar month. The Zhao family got up just after dawn. Today is the day of Meixiang’s wedding.

Meixiang’s room is warm. A stove is set up to keep the room warm. They helped Meixiang prepare.

The cream was applied, the foundation was put on, and the big red lipstick was worn. The hairpins were clipped into her hair, and the double happiness earrings were worn on the ears, along with silver bracelets, big red woolen jackets, and long red skirts and black heels.

The pair of silver bracelets were bought by Zhao Caixia and her husband. They earned some money by opening a restaurant in the county. Their days were much better than before. On the other hand, Meixiang and Zhenfeng often came to the store to help after opening it. One of the intentions behind this pair of bracelets was to give blessing to their sister and brother-in-law’s marriage, and the other was out of gratitude to the two of them.

 Zhang Qiaoer Zhao Caixia was in the room, watching Jiahui little by little, dressing up and applying makeup on Meixiang. Zhang Qiaoer looked at her daughter with full of pride.

“Our family’s Meixiang is really good-looking.”

Jiahui dressed Meixiang according to her own aesthetics. The makeup is extremely light, which gives the impression of “natural beauty.” Meixiang is also shocked as she looks at her reflection in the mirror.

She never dreamed that she would look this good one day. Perhaps every girl has imagined that she would be the most beautiful bride in the world on her wedding day, and it was just an unrealistic thought before, but today, she feels that her dream has come true.

“Sister-in-law, thank you. You are so kind to me.”

The dress she was wearing was made for her by her sister-in-law, and the earrings and hairpins were all bought by her sister-in-law. Of course, these were all small things. Three days and nights were not enough to talk about all of the good things her sister-in-law had done to her.

Thinking about it, Meixiang’s eyes began to redden. Today, she will marry Ji Zhenfeng. Zhenfeng is a good man. She has been looking forward to a better life as a prince and a princess, but she also understands that she can’t often meet her sister-in-law just like that after marriage. That feeling made her sad. Even if her brother and sister-in-law say that she is still the daughter of Zhao, if you don’t live in one yard, you become two separate families.

Just like her eldest sister, she was once the daughter of the Zhao family, but nowadays, it is rare for her to go back to her mother’s house. They have their own small family and are living their own small life.

Meixiang’s bridesmaid is her school colleague named Qin Qing. She is also a young teacher assigned to the school this year. Qin Qing lacks a little luck in love, unlike Meixiang. For the time being, the “supreme treasure” that came with colorful auspicious clouds still hasn’t arrived.

When she arrived at Zhao’s house, Meixiang was already dressed up. She couldn’t recognize Meixiang when she saw her.

Even though Meixiang’s appearance is good, the difference between wearing makeup and not wearing makeup is still quite big.

“Meixiang, I really envy you.”

“Envious of what?”

“You married well, your family treats you well, and I haven’t seen anyone around who got married more grandly than you.”

Qin Qing told the truth. She was truly envious of Meixiang, but this envy didn’t have a trace of inappropriate emotions.

Meixiang smiled and nodded. “My family is quite good to me, but you do not need to envy me. My sister-in-law said that every pot has its lid. There will always be a person waiting for you no matter what time and place. “

When Qin Qing heard this statement for the first time, she was overjoyed. Your sister-in-law is so funny. How does she know that there must be someone waiting for me? It’s really comforting.

Meixiang winked at her and said in a sly tone, “Because there is no girl in this world who can’t get married, you just haven’t met the right one yet.”

Qin Qing sighed. Meixiang was right. She really didn’t lack anyone who was willing to introduce her to her. After all, she was a teacher, had a stable income, and was respected, but none of those things satisfied her. At least there was no man like Ji Zhenfeng, who was handsome and honest, had a good family background and good character.

Of course, it was not necessary to find someone who was good at everything. For example, her requirements need not be as good as Meixiang’s partner’s, but the man has to have one or two things that are good. Such as, if he was not good-looking, he must have had good work, or his family background was almost excellent.

“I’d better take my time and wait for some, but hopefully, he wouldn’t let me wait too long and become an old girl.”

After saying that, the two laughed in unison.

“Well, today is your big day. Let’s not talk about me.”

“It’s all right. Anyway, I’m idle. Let’s talk for a while.”


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