Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 91.2

Chapter 91 Part 2

Today, the Dong family also came. As the eldest daughter-in-law, Jiahui also had to help greet the guests.

“Your sister-in-law’s wedding was quite decent.”

Dong Aihua and Zhou Yindi, her eldest brother and sister-in-law from the Dong family, attended mainly to show their support.

“It’s quite good. After all, when you marry in the county, your husband’s family was also in a family with status.”

Zhou Yindi nodded, “The students who went to school were really different. They can even marry better prospects.”

If Meixiang didn’t go to college, it’s unlikely to find such a husband.

“This shows the benefits of seeking knowledge.”

“By the way, how’s the land at home? Is the harvest for vegetables doing well?”

Speaking of the land at home, Zhou Yindi said more.

“Cabbage and radish grew very well. Your brother listened to you. We have negotiated to supply vegetables to several restaurants. In addition, the chickens at home have begun to lay eggs. Forty or fifty eggs a day were collected, and all of these eggs were purchased by the supply and marketing agency. They complimented our eggs and said that our eggs were much better than those supplied by other families. The yolk was bigger, and sometimes there were double yolks on it. “

Although they were worried before, now the vegetables were growing well, the chickens were being raised well, and the fish in the river was getting fatter and fatter. Their family took ten lambs. Although the return of money that was seen this year was limited, everything is developing in a good direction. Everyone in the family feels that their life is getting better and better.

“When the first batch of fruit trees arrives, the family will be busier.”

“Why should we be afraid that we will be busy? The busier you are, the more prosperous you will be. “

Everyone in the family calculated the sum of money together. Fifty eggs a day. The supply and marketing cooperatives charge five cents per egg. Selling eggs has an income of 75 yuan each month, which means they earn 900 yuan a year.

This is only the initial stage. In the future, the more chickens they raise, the more income will continue to increase.

In addition, when the ten sheep grow up, they will also generate a large amount of income. Half of the rent can be earned back if these two items are added together.

Zhou Yindi really admired her sister-in-law. In the beginning, her sister-in-law suggested the family engage in contracting and signed a 35-year contract at once. At that time, she thought the signing time was too long. Now, looking back, she can’t wait to add ten more years.

Ji Zhenfeng came in a car, wearing a brand-new uniform. There was a small red flower pinned on his left chest—part of his uniform, to highlight his status as the groom. The best man was a little comrade on the same team. In order not to take away from the groom’s style, he didn’t wear a uniform and wore a Tibetan blue Zhongshan suit.

Zhenfeng was accompanied by several comrades in other teams, driving two other cars to support the scene for their vice-captain.

“Here comes the bride’s groom! Here comes the bride’s groom!

Adults and children are all smiling. The children clapped their hands and sang nursery rhymes around them, “the bride’s groom is an official, riding a white horse, with a big red flower on his chest, and the bride is dressed in red with a red cover on her head…”

The best man smiled and distributed candies around them. The children stopped singing and ran to grab the candies.

“Wow, baby candy, this candy is delicious.”

“I ate it once. My father brought it to me from the city.

And those who couldn’t wait to put sugar in their mouth were conquered by the sweet taste in an instant.

Zhao Donglin and Zhao Donghe were in the yard. Ji Zhenfeng came over, and Zhao Donglin patted him on the shoulder.


“Thank you.”

After saying that, the two looked at each other and smiled.

In the hall, Jiahui accompanied Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Manzhu. The old couple looked forward to the happenings outside the house. When they heard that Ji Zhenfeng had arrived, Zhang Qiaoer couldn’t sit still. They looked around and waited for their future son-in-law. When Ji Zhenfeng approached, wearing a uniform with a dignified face. Zhang Qiaoer thought that half of her daughter’s life would rely on him. How well-matched they are, Zhang Qiaoer was happy and at the same time reluctant, and tears came out uncontrollably.

“Mom, are you so happy that you are crying?”

“Yes, I am just too happy.”

Ji Zhenfeng walked in with a smile, bowed to Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Manzhu, and said, “Dad, Mom, I came to pick up Meixiang from your house.”

The words had not yet fallen, but Zhang Qiaoer’s tears soared out again.

“Yes, okay, Meixiang is in the room.”

Zhao Manzhu was holding a cigarette stick. He didn’t know if he was happy or sad. His voice was slightly shaky and hoarse.

In the house, Meixiang was nervously sitting at the bedside. The bridesmaid Qin Qing stared out the window and saw Ji Zhenfeng enter the house and see Ji Zhenfeng come out of the hall towards this room.

“Meixiang, he’s coming, he’s coming.”

Zhao Caixia hugged Linlin and stood by the window with a smile. She turned back and said with a smile, “Today, Zhenfeng is really handsome. You two, ah, the boy and the girl, were just a natural pair.”

The words somewhat relieved Meixiang’s nervousness, and when Ji Zhenfeng pushed the door in, Meixiang was smiling lightly with her head down, and at this moment, Ji Zhenfeng’s eyes only had the beautiful bride in front of him, and he could no longer see anything else.


Qin Qing coughed, bringing Ji Zhenfeng’s thoughts back to reality. Meixiang also blushed and looked up. Their eyes met in the air, and were once again stunned.

The crowd covered their mouths and smiled, and there were direct words of jest.

“The groom became silly when he saw the bride.”

“Such a good-looking bride… if it was me, I would also become silly.”

“The groom is also very handsome.”

Qin Qing held back her laughter, stood in front of the two, and said to Ji Zhenfeng, “The bride is not so easy to take away. You have to show something first.”

Ji Zhenfeng nodded, “Of course, I’m ready.”

He looked sideways at the best man, Xu Zhiyi, who immediately took out a handful of red envelopes from his Zhongshan suit pocket and stuffed them into Qin Qing’s hand, who froze, and Ji Zhenfeng shook his head helplessly.

“Who asked you to give it like this? You have to give it one by one.”

“This child was honest and sincere.”

“It’s not. Who had such a mind to give the red envelope that way? “

“Look at his head. He doesn’t look like a fool.”

Xu Zhiyi finally understood that he had made a fool of himself, but he couldn’t get it back from the bridesmaid’s hand. He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“The auspicious hour is coming. The new couple, hurry up and offer tea to your parents.”

Ji Zhenfeng helped Meixiang to the main room.

Zhang Qiaoer’s eyes were red from crying. Zhao Manzhu is also smoking dry cigarettes. Seeing his daughter and son-in-law coming, Zhao Manzhu quickly put out the cigarette.

After toasting the tea, Ji Zhenfeng will take Meixiang away, and the mother and daughter will hold hands reluctantly.

“I just can’t bear it. I have loved you most since you were a child, and you have been with me the longest……”

Zhang Qiaoer held Meixiang’s hand and was unwilling to let go of her.

“Live a good life with Zhenfeng in the future.”

“Yes, mom, don’t worry, we will live our lives well. You and dad, take care of yourselves at home too.”

The matchmaker saw that the time could not be delayed any longer. She repeatedly urged, and Meixiang finally got into the car. Jiahui and Zhao Donglin, as the relatives who will see off the bride, also rode the car.

The car slowly drove, Meixiang reluctantly looked out the window. Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Manzhu also kept waving their hands. Only when they were out of the intersection and could not see their shadow did Meixiang turn her head to wipe her tears.

“I’ll retouch your makeup when we get off the car later. The makeup was ruined when you cried. “

Fortunately, there is no mascara or anything that can make her cry like a giant panda.


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