Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 92

Chapter 92

The marriage house of Ji Zhenfeng and Meixiang was in the apartment building near the county government. They will be living with Ji Zhenfeng’s parents.

Ji Zhenfeng consulted Meixiang on this and asked her if she would like to live with her elders.

“As you know, my parents have good character and are not difficult to get along with. Before my brother got married, my sister-in-law didn’t want to live with them, so my brother moved out. When we got married, I had to respect your ideas.”

“I can live with them. If uncle and auntie didn’t mind if their house was crowded and they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, then I would be willing to live with them. “

“This child, why would we be uncomfortable with having the place become lively? We are eager for our daughter-in-law to live with us. Please let Meixiang rest assured that I am not one of those annoying evil mothers-in-law. I will treat her as my own daughter. “

Yang Yuqin was so happy. Meixiang is a girl who is sweet and sensible. She knew she had not made a mistake.

At this time, Yang Yuqin and Ji Qingming were waiting happily at home. Ji Zhenlin, Luo Siwen, Ji Jialu, and Lu Wei were also there.

Ji Zhenlin is the director of the municipal Party committee office. Luo Siwen works in the power department. Ji Jialu married another county, and she is also a teacher. Her husband, Lu Wei, was in charge of the railway department and their department’s head.

“Sister, have you seen the daughter-in-law Zhenfeng found?”

The room was lively, and Luo Siwen played with her fingers.

“I’ve seen her once. She’s a nice girl.”

Seriously? I heard my parents praise her like a flower. Was she really that good? “

Luo Siwen was unconvinced. Her mother-in-law, Yang Yuqin, never mentioned herself in such a satisfied tone.

But she is still a girl from the countryside. Even if she went to university and became a teacher, she couldn’t hide her rural upbringing. How good could she be?

Ji Jialu looked at her and did not say anything.

When the caravan arrived, the courtyard sounded with the crackling of firecrackers. Yang Yuqin, who was originally sitting on the sofa talking and laughing with the old sisters, stooped up happily when she heard those sounds.

“It’s Zhenfeng who came back from picking up the bride.”

“Oh, today I can finally meet your daughter-in-law, who you praised endlessly.

This was a thoughtless remark, but Luo Siwen was not happy to hear it.

Meixiang was wearing high heels. When she got off the car, Jiahui wanted to help her, but Ji Zhenfeng took a big step to get off the car, and the princess hugged Meixiang and carried her out of the car.

“Oh, oh, the groom hugged the bride.”

“The bride is so beautiful, ah.”

“No wonder the groom likes her so much.”

Yang Yuqin stood at the window watching and saw her son hugging Meixiang as he walked towards the courtyard.

“I didn’t expect Zhenfeng to love his wife so much, and the two will definitely have a good relationship in the future.”

“Exactly! He loves her dearly. “

“You, as his mother, do not envy it?”

“The more they live well, the happier I am as a mother.”

The kind of mother-in-law who gets jealous of her daughter-in-law is indeed not uncommon. Anyway, Yang Yuqin didn’t quite understand. She will choose to live far away from her daughter-in-law if she can’t get along with her daughter-in-law. Just like her eldest daughter-in-law, she doesn’t see her figure except during the new year’s festival, and the same with Yang Yuqin’s relative. In fact, her neighbors were closer and kinder to her than her daughter-in-law.

Meixiang blushed and nestled into Ji Zhenfeng’s chest. This is her temperament. She doesn’t like to attract attention, but today is her wedding day. It’s inevitable to receive countless compliments. Although it was very uncomfortable, there was such a man, with his strong arms hugging her—a man who would accompany her to receive the blessings and attention of all people. Meixiang’s heartfelt sweetness, thus, becomes particularly courageous.

“Mom, Dad.”

“Yes, good girl. Today you are married to Zhenfeng. You can rest assured that I will definitely treat you as my own daughter.

Yang Yuqin took Meixiang’s hand and introduced the family’s guests to Meixiang one by one.

“This is your Great Aunt Mei. She might not be a close relative, but she took care of Zhenfeng from childhood to adulthood.”

“Oh my! What a good girl. It’s so beautiful. No wonder Zhenfeng liked her. “

“This is your great-uncle, Zhenfeng’s own uncle.”

“This is your great aunt.”

“This is your big brother, sister-in-law, and this is your big sister, big brother-in-law.”

Ji Jialu had met Meixiang before. She took her hand and said some blessings with a smile. For Luo Siwen, this was her first time seeing Meixiang. It’s very different from her imagination. She thought that Meixiang looked rustic and timid and too inferior to show in public. She didn’t expect herself to be so beautiful and fashionable. She didn’t look tacky from wearing red; instead, she looked like a dignified and graceful beauty. She didn’t look like she came from the countryside at all.

“These two are Meixiang’s eldest brother and sister-in-law. They are both students at Wudong University and pillars of the country. They are valuable.

Yang Yuqin didn’t ignore Zhao Donglin and Jiahui and introduced them to her relatives and friends.

“Oh, college students. So many college students in a family. They are a family of scholars. “

“There is also a brother who was also in the provincial capital to go to college. He was admitted to Wudong Mining University. He did not come today, but he will see everyone again next time there is an opportunity. “

“Certainly, we can also be influenced by seeing more college students, can’t we?”


When the bride arrives, the whole atmosphere becomes lively. The banquet for Ji’s family is placed in the hotel. It’s not time for dinner yet. Those who are close to Ji’s family went to the Ji family’s house. Those who had a distant relationship with them naturally went directly to the hotel for dinner when it was time.

“Now, I can see you. I often hear Meixiang mention you. “

It was Ji Jialu, Ji Zhenfeng’s sister, who spoke to Jiahui.

“Hello, I also heard Meixiang talk about you. She said, “You are very kind to her.”

“We are family. There’s no need to talk about cordiality; it’s all as it should be.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

The Ji family’s banquet was very lively. At noon, there were 18 tables in the hotel. The standard banquet for each table was 50 yuan, including chickens, ducks, fish, pigs, cattle, and sheep, as well as crabs transported from other places.

The wine is Wuliangye. The cigarettes were from China. At noon, it is just relatives and friends. At night, there are all kinds of relations between colleagues and society. There are more tables. According to the preliminary calculation, 36 tables are obtained. In this way, the banquet alone will cost more than 2000 yuan.

“The event of the Ji family was very big.”

Before dinner, Jiahui whispered to Zhao Donglin, who nodded.

“Brother-in-law, don’t just sit here. You have to drink it. Come and sit at that table with me. “

Ji Zhenfeng’s uncle took Zhao Donglin away. Zhao Donglin also looked back at Jiahui, and the meaning in those eyes was to remind her to take care of herself.

“You two have a good relationship. How many years have you been married? “

Sitting next to Jiahui is Meixiang’s mother-in-law’s friend, Aunt Da Mei.

“Five or six years.”

“That’s not a short time. You look very young. How old are you this year? “

“I’m twenty-eight this year.”

Virtual age 28, real age 27.

“Quite young, looking at your appearance, you only looked like you’re more of like 24 or 25 years old. I can see that your husband looks older than you.”

“Yes, he is a few years older than me.”

Probably because she was afraid that Jiahui would feel bored, Aunt Da Mei kept chatting with Jiahui in a pleasant manner, and as she talked, Luo Siwen, who was sitting opposite, spoke.

“I heard that you are not the original couple. Both of you were married twice, right? “

When these words came out, the whole table stopped talking, and some people secretly took a look at Jiahui.

“Yes, it’s true that we are not the original couple. We were once divorced for some reason.”

Jiahui calmly responded to Luo Siwen’s deliberate provocation.

“Hey, don’t stare blankly. Hurry up and eat; the food will get cold if you don’t eat.”

Ji Jialu didn’t expect that this sister-in-law would deliberately cause trouble for Jiahui in front of so many people. Not to mention that Jiahui is Meixiang’s sister-in-law. Today is Meixiang’s wedding to Zhenfeng. She said that she is a serious college student and her future must be unlimited. Luo Siwen always felt that she was superior to others in the city since she was a child. In fact, on what grounds does she have the ability to look down on others?

The river flows thirty years to the east and thirty years to the west. [1]change is the only constant Maybe others will become rich in the future, and there will be places where others can help them.

“OK, have a meal. Today’s dishes were specially selected by Yuqin. She asked me to try the dishes the day before yesterday. I think it’s good. You should eat more.

“Hey, OK, it looks good at first sight. It took a lot of thought. “

Under the guidance of Aunt Damei, the atmosphere finally got better. Luo Siwen took a few bites, put down her chopsticks, and left the table. Ji Jialu sighed. She felt that her sister-in-law’s “young lady” temper was getting bigger and bigger. The more she got older, the more she grew backward.

“Jiahui, don’t take it to heart. She’s just like this. She doesn’t get along well with anyone and doesn’t know how to speak well.”

“It’s OK. I don’t care at all, and there’s nothing to say about my marriage.”

Ji Jialu smiled reassuringly, “En, I can see that you are an open-minded person. That’s good. People should not be narrow-minded. If you’re too small-minded, you will lead an unhappy life, and other people around you will also live an unhappy life. “

For example, an excellent person like her eldest brother took the position of director of the municipal party committee’s office at a young age. In the beginning, he married Luo Siwen because she had a good family background and was a good match. Who knows that Luo Siwen’s temperament can’t help the table at all? Many of her private friends can’t rely on her at all. It’s hard to say what kind of relationship they can establish. Sometimes she can screw things up. Her eldest brother was also miserable.

Let’s look at Meixiang and her in-laws. Although they came from the countryside, they treated people much better than Luo Siwen. It can be seen that family background is not the only standard to measure people.

All afternoon, Jiahui stayed with Meixiang at Ji’s house. After having a banquet in the hotel in the evening, today’s highlight is to enter the bridal chamber.

There is a group of fun young people in the patrol brigade. There were a lot of tricks in the bridal chamber, such as Wuzi Dengke, beating gongs and drums, sweet, very sweet, loving each other, and Meixiang was blushing as red as blood. A bystander can’t help but have a toothache.

The way to play the Wuzi Dengke was to take five matches, insert them between five oranges, take a red rope and tie the cigarette. The husband and wife bite each end of the red rope with their mouths and light all the matches before the cigarette goes out. The bride and groom cannot use their hands to light all five matches together.

To beat gongs and drums, one must tie a big spoon around Ji Zhenfeng’s waist and a pan around Meixiang’s waist. Ji Zhenfeng must have straightened his waist and beat the pot at Meixiang’s waist with a spoon ten times in a row, and the two shouted the slogan of Iron Man Wang Jinxi: work hard, go fast, dig wells frequently, and produce more oil.

Meixiang couldn’t shout at all. Ji Zhenfeng completed all the work alone.

Sweet, very sweet, is quite moderate. Ji Zhenfeng stood on the chair, threw a peeled orange to a Meixiang, and if it fell out, the penalty was to drink. When Meixiang did not catch, and one of the petals fell off, Ji Zhenfeng drank a glass of Baijiu, which scared Meixiang, so she completely cooperated with him.

And the last game is to love each other. It’s all about the kissing. The action is developed by the people who disturb the privacy of the bridal room. [2]Chinese custom in which guests tease and play pranks on newlywedsWhether it is a long kiss or a deep kiss, the action must be in the precise place.

“This is the last one, but we have to do well; otherwise, we can’t comply.”

“That is, you must show the bravery of a man. You must let everyone see it before it can be considered done.

These words successfully made Jiahui laugh. She said to Zhao Donglin with lingering fear, “fortunately, we didn’t have these when we got married.”

Ji Zhenfeng looked at Meixiang. They looked at each other amidst the noise. Meixiang blushed. She didn’t know whether she was embarrassed or drunk at night.

Originally, Meixiang was only flustered, but after welcoming Ji Zhenfeng’s deep eyes, her mood was also attracted to him, and she forgot everything around her.

Ji Zhenfeng stepped forward and stood in front of Meixiang. Their eyes were glued. He stretched out his hand to hold Meixiang in his arms, bowed his head, and kissed Meixiang’s red lips directly. This French kiss lasted more than three minutes. At first, everyone followed to tease. Later, they found out that the two were kissing sincerely. Everyone smiled.

“Hey, why don’t we all disperse? A moment is worth thousands of gold. The excitement is over. It’s also time to let the couple go to enjoy their bridal chamber. “

With that, everyone laughed and walked out of the room in turn—the last one to leave closed the door very considerately.

Jiahui and Zhao Donglin looked at each other and smiled. They all remembered the day they got married.

That day was not very smooth, and there was a mess. Looking back, all the memories are sweet.


1 change is the only constant
2 Chinese custom in which guests tease and play pranks on newlyweds


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