Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 93.1

Chapter 93 Part 1

The two embraced and kissed passionately. After the kiss stopped, Meixiang only then found out that the room was empty.


To think that she put her heart and soul into that kiss to the point that she didn’t notice that everyone went out of the room. Meixiang covered her burning face in shame and felt that she had no face to see people now.

Ji Zhenfeng smiled and put Meixiang across the bed.

“From now on, don’t think about others, just think about us.”

Just like this, Meixiang was intoxicated in his extremely deep eyes.

The red accounts fell, and the clothes faded away. The so-called morning clouds and evening rain, the dragon, and the phoenix are symbols of good fortune. It is a good scene.

After tossing around all night, Meixiang woke up at more than seven o’clock the next day. She was startled. She was just ready to get up, but her waist was sore, and she could only lay back in bed.

“Are you awake?”

Ji Zhenfeng reached out, wrapped his arm around Meixiang’s waist, and took her into his arms.


Meixiang said with a shy response. Although they had been in close contact last night, Meixiang was still very shy and embarrassed to face Ji Zhenfeng’s eyes.

Maybe it’s because you like this person so much that you always want to show your best side in front of each other, always worry about gains and losses, and often blush in a heartbeat. You can’t be as rational and calm as others.

“It’s still early. Go to sleep. “

“It’s daybreak. I can’t sleep anymore.”

When I was in my hometown, which day didn’t I get up at five or six? I remember sister law just got married and didn’t sleep until seven o’clock.

“It’s all right. Mom doesn’t care about this. The later you get up, the happier she will be. “

With that, Ji Zhenfeng’s hands were restless. Meixiang couldn’t avoid him, so she could only fool around with him.

Yang Yuqin had already prepared breakfast: fruit tea, cakes, and steamed buns. But the old couple didn’t eat as soon it was cooked. They waited for the children to get up.

Seeing that the time had passed eight o’clock and the door had not moved, Yang Yuqin was not angry. She smiled and said to her husband, “It must have been your son messing around. It would be good if Meixiang can be pregnant early.”

Ji Qingming looked at the newspaper and didn’t continue the topic.

As a father-in-law, he should avoid this kind of topic.

At a quarter past eight, Meixiang came out of the room, wearing a red coat of Begonia and a braid hanging behind her head. Her face was crimson red, and she looked sleepy with a trace of stiffness. Ji Zhenfeng followed Meixiang with a smile on his face.

“Woke up? Are you hungry? Breakfast is in the pot. Go wash, and I’ll prepare it. Then you can eat it. “

Meixiang’s heart was warmed, and she answered.

“Thank you, mom, thank you, dad.”

Yang Yuqin smiled and turned her back and scolded, “Child, we are a family. There’s nothing to be ashamed of? Didn’t I tell you when you married into our family, I’ll take you as my own daughter. You still think I’m kidding.”

“Mom, she is just too thin-skinned. If she were as thick-skinned as I am, it would be fine.”

Ji Qingming shook his head, and Yang Yuqin spat, “What’s good about being like you? I’m telling you, you’re married now, and you should be calm. Don’t be so careless. “

Ji Zhenfeng refused, “What’s the matter with me? Meixiang likes me being like this. How could I get you such a good daughter-in-law if I hadn’t have this character? “

With that, he also winked at Meixiang, who pursed her mouth and bowed her head and smiled.

“OK, I have a poor mouth. I’ll wash it quickly. It’s time to eat. After eating, I have to wash the pots and bowls for lunch.”

“Mom, I’ll cook lunch today.”

“OK, let’s do it together.”

On the first day after marriage, the family got along well. Meixiang was less worried about her married life. The only worry she had was towards her sister-in-law Luo Siwen. At the dinner yesterday, she heard that Luo Siwen also slandered her sister-in-law, which made Meixiang unhappy.

“Does your sister-in-law dislike me? She made trouble with my sister-in-law yesterday.”

When they were alone in the afternoon, Meixiang inquired of Ji Zhenfeng.

“Don’t mind her. She just looks down on everyone. Everyone has to flatter her. She can’t stand seeing someone better than her.”

Anyway, this sister-in-law was the one that his elder brother wanted to marry at the beginning. So he could only tolerate his brother’s wife. However, the words of this eldest sister-in-law made Meixiang’s family unhappy, which he couldn’t bear.

“Don’t worry, and I’ll find an opportunity for you and make it up for you.”

Meixiang frowned, “What opportunity? Don’t make it too ugly.”

“No, does your man not possess any wisdom?”

Meixiang laughed, “I think so.”

Ji Zhenfeng hummed and laughed, pressed Meixiang underneath him, and looked at her face, “In that case, I have to let you understand me more deeply.”

Meixiang just opened her mouth to retort but was blocked by Ji Zhenfeng’s lips.


The Zhao family and Jiahui were doing sanitation at home. Yesterday, they had a banquet at home. It was a mess. They had to clean up for the new year.

“I’m really not used to Meixiang being married.”

At this time, Meixiang was either cooking or wiping everywhere with a rag. She is clean and hardworking. No matter what she does, she is orderly and sharp. Today, Meixiang has married the Ji family and become their daughter-in-law.

“Mom, Meixiang will be back tomorrow. You can’t keep such a big girl at home for a lifetime.”

Jiahui knew that her mother-in-law just sighed. In fact, she wanted Meixiang to marry better than anyone else.

Early in the morning, the family prepared chicken, duck, and fish on the day of their return. Jiahui made meatballs, fishballs, lotus root clips, sticky buns, and other food. Just when Meixiang and Ji Zhenfeng just arrived at the door, they smelled a burst of fragrance coming from the food.

“Mom, sister-in-law.”

Meixiang pushed the door and entered. The big red scarf set her face rosy, eyes crystal bright and shining. At a glance, you can see that she had a good time.

“Hey, finally, you’re back. I’ve been looking forward to it at dawn.”

Zhang Qiaoer took Meixiang’s hand and looked at it carefully as if she was a long-lost treasure.

“Mom, big brother.”

Only Zhang Qiaoer and Zhao Donglin were in the yard. Ji Zhenfeng came over with a smile and said hello.

As the new son-in-law of the Zhao family, Ji Zhenfeng still knows how to please the Zhao family. In addition to the standard cigarettes and wine, he brought a bunch of things to the house, including fruits, milk powder, cookies, as well as medicinal wine, walnuts, and red dates that he had specially brought from abroad.

“This is for Dad. I heard that Dad’s legs were not good. He can drink this to relieve the pain.”

“This is for mom, red dates for replenishing blood. Meixiang said you have low blood sugar. You have to eat this often.”

“This is for my nephew. My nephew is a good student. He is in junior high school. He needs to eat walnuts for his brain.”

“This is for Ying Bao, Fang Fang, and Shitou. Children must drink milk powder to grow tall.”

“This is for eldest brother and second brother, smoke and play with it yourself.”

“This is for my sister-in-law. Thank you for your concern and care for Meixiang. I heard Meixiang say that you often interpret to foreign guests now. The cashmere shawl is very suitable for you.”

The cashmere shawl was brought by Ji Zhenfeng’s elder sister from outside the country. She said that it is popular among foreign women. It is elegant and noble. Ji Jialu brought two, one of which was given to Meixiang. Meixiang felt that she couldn’t use it at all as a teacher. It’s better to make her sister-in-law use it.


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