Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 93.2

Chapter 93 Part 2

The gifts were sent out one by one, and everyone was satisfied. It was sent to everyone’s heart.

“Zhenfeng, you are so thoughtful.”

Although he was very considerate to them, she only paid more attention to Meixiang. Just now, Zhang Qiaoer has asked Meixiang. Meixiang said that the Zhao family was very kind to her. She didn’t need to get up early to make breakfast. At noon, they are busy cooking lunch with her mother-in-law. In the afternoon, she reads or takes a nap. Dinner is also made by her mother-in-law. They share the housework. They are not tired at all. Zhang Qiaoer is very satisfied.

“What about the rest of the Ji family?”

“The eldest sister is very kind to me. She speaks and does things very politely. Zhenfeng’a sister-in-law is not easy to get along with, but she doesn’t come back often. She has an average relationship with our father-in-law and mother-in-law. I just have to avoid her.”

Speaking of her, Meixiang also apologized to Jiahui.

“I heard later from my big sister (ZF’s sister), sister-in-law, you do not worry about it. Zhenfeng said that next, he met sister-in-law, he would talk to her properly.”

Zhang Qiaoer doesn’t know what this is. She’s confused when Meixiang talks about it.

“I’m not worried about it. Because there are many people who attacked me with these words, can I still be angry all the time? Don’t worry about Zhenfeng. They are relatives. Unlike me, they can’t touch me several times in my life. There’s no need to make trouble.”

Meixiang wrapped Jiahui’s arm tight, “not only is Zhenfeng angry, but I’m also angry. Just like her, I’m not necessarily interested. Nothing can compare with you.”

It’s just that the family background is better. If her sister-in-law has such a good family background, it must be better. Luo Siwen can’t beat her sister-in-law and can’t compare to her.

Zhang Qiaoer didn’t understand until she heard everything, and then she was not happy.

“Who is it? We are all relatives. She was not even as good as an old lady in the countryside.”

What’s the matter with the second marriage? I haven’t heard that the second marriage means it was inferior to others. Fortunately, her daughter didn’t eat with her. Otherwise, she may have been bullied by her.

“You have to be careful not to suffer from her.”

“It’s OK, mom. I won’t quarrel with her. If she quarrels with me, Zhenfeng said that there is still him.”

“This silly girl, how can you rely on Zhenfeng for everything?”

Although Zhang Qiaoer said so, she was happy in the end, which showed that her daughter and son-in-law had a good relationship.

They had a good lunch. Ji Zhenfeng drank a lot of wine and was a little drunk. Meixiang helped her back to the house to have a rest.

Her room is the same as before her marriage. The desk on the ground was not stained. It must have been cleaned up at home.

Meixiang was moved. Lying in bed, Ji Zhenfeng opened his eyes and took her hand.

“Well? Would you like some water?”

Ji Zhenfeng just looked at her and didn’t speak. He just put Meixiang’s hand on his cheek. Meixiang looked out of the window with a red face for fear that her family would pass by and see them.

“I don’t think you’re drunk. Was it a lie?”

Ji Zhenfeng rubbed the palm of Meixiang’s hand with his lips. Meixiang felt itchy and wanted to pull back her hand, but Ji Zhenfeng held it tightly, making it hard for her to pull her hands.

“Don’t do this. It won’t be good if someone saw us.”

What she didn’t know was that. Knowing the stickiness of the newlyweds, naturally, no one would go look at the window. Not only that, but Jiahui also sent several children out to play and didn’t let them shout at home.

“I wanted to go into your house before we got married. I wanted to lie in this bed one day. Now I finally got to do it.”

Naturally, the girl’s bedroom can’t be entered casually. He has been to Meixiang dormitory several times and can smell her faint fragrance every time. He hasn’t entered this room before marriage. Every time he comes, he looks at it, but with so many eyes, he doesn’t dare to make a scene in front of the Zhao family.

“What are you thinking in your head all day long? You can’t think of anything good.”

Ji Zhenfeng smiled, and the heat sprayed on Meixiang’s palm.

“There’s nothing in my mind except you. I’ve waited for more than 20 years, and It was not easy to wait for the right one to come. I have to think more.”

Meixiang pursed her lips and snorted, “Your mouth is bad.”

“I have something bad. I’ll go back and tell you at night.”

An eye wave swept over, and Meixiang waved her hand.

“I won’t stay with you anymore. Go to bed by yourself and get up when you wake up.”

After saying that, Meixiang lifted the curtain, went out, and closed the door.

Ji Zhenfeng looked at Meixiang’s slender back and knew that his wife was ashamed. He was not in a hurry. He really slept with his eyes closed.

Jiahui is in the kitchen. She brought the fried meatballs back to Meixiang. Seeing Meixiang coming in with a red face, she laughed and teased her, “Oh? Why don’t you stay in the house with your husband? Why run to the kitchen? It’s smoky here.”

“Oh, sister-in-law, don’t keep teasing me.”

“That’s no good. I was teased a lot when I just got married. Now it’s my turn to tease you.”

Meixiang snorted a laugh and washed her hands to help Jiahui knead the pills together.

Ji Zhenfeng woke up after lying down for an hour and helped Zhao Manzhu cut the firewood in the yard into blocks and kept it for dinner, and when it was getting dark, he took Jiahui’s newly fried pot of radish meatballs and drove off on his return trip.

Jiahui and Zhao Donglin watched the car drive away until it turned the corner and was no longer visible, then they smiled at each other and went into the courtyard.

In the yard, Fang Fang chased after Shitou, Ying Bao clapped her hands and stood under the pomegranate tree, Heidan recited the English text in the house, chickens and ducks were in pen, goats were sticking their heads in the fence, although it was winter, it was indeed a thriving scene.

“Do you remember when we were first married?”

“I remember, you wore a big red dress. Your waist is very thin. There were many red flowers on your head, your face small.  When you look at me, it’s like I was soaked in it, tickling my heart.”

Jiahui smiled, “what are you talking about? You just remember these, but for the other things, do you not remember?”

Zhao Donglin turned to Jiahui and kissed her on the forehead.

“The most unforgettable thing is that I was almost suffocated after enduring it all night.”

What he said is about the bridal chamber. Jiahui was still embarrassed when she thought about it now.

She reached out and pinched Zhao Donglin’s waist, forbidding him to say this again, and was held down by Zhao Donglin.

“What? Are you annoyed? I was thinking, how did I get into this thing? If I want to continue, I’m afraid you’ll be frightened. If I don’t continue, I can only bear it. You could only sleep next to me. “

Jiahui leaned in Zhao Donglin’s arms, wrapped her arms around his waist, and sighed, “I was scared, afraid that you would turn into a big bad wolf and eat me.”

In fact, she didn’t know the original owner’s situation at all, and she herself was also confused at that time.

“I’m the big bad wolf? Then what are you? A little white rabbit?”

With that, Zhao Donglin turned over and pressed Jiahui down. When they looked at each other, they both closed their eyes and kissed.

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