Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 94.1

Chapter 94 Part 1 (Extra 1)

If anyone asked about the Zhao family of Shanghe village, everyone in that village knew this family.

“The Zhao family is amazing. The eldest son is an officer in the county, the youngest son is doing business in the provincial capital, and the eldest daughter has opened a restaurant in the county. The youngest daughter is a teacher in the county’s No. 1 junior middle school. Besides, they said that the eldest daughter-in-law of the Zhao family is an interpreter who specializes in welcoming foreigners. They are said to be the leaders of the province. The youngest son-in-law is a policeman. This Zhao family, not only can they walk sideways in the village but also in the county. “

“That’s true, but it’s no use being envied by others. They are serious about taking the college entrance examination. If you envy it, you’d better go home and let your children study hard.”

This is reasonable. Reading is naturally useful. Since ancient times, too many people have made significant advancements after studying. This is the best way to change their social class.

In 1981, Jiahui graduated with Zhao Donglin. After graduation, Zhao Donglin was assigned to the economic reform and development commission of Yun county. At first, he told Secretary Zhong that he would work in the commune when he returned. However, in September 1980, the Central Committee issued a document on strengthening and improving the responsibility system for agricultural production. The responsibility system has been rapidly promoted, the people’s commune system has been gradually abolished throughout the country, and the Shengli commune became Shengli township. The county’s higher governing institution is Yun County.

On this day, Zhao Donglin went to the countryside for research and ran into Mayor Zhong.

“Donglin, you are in charge of the economy in this county. You have to give our township some benefits.”

“Mayor, what are you saying? I am just an ordinary member of the administrative section. I can only work according to the rules. “

At most, the research report should be enhanced and detailed, and the decision-making needs to be made by the leaders above.

Mayor Zhong also joked with him and patted Zhao Donglin on the shoulder. “I believe in your ability. I’m telling you, don’t forget our township. The planting industry of your wife’s family is developing well now. Fruits and vegetables have been supplied to the province and animal farming. Our entire township’s eggs were contracted by them. “

Who would have thought that the Dong family, who was scolded as stupid by the villagers at the beginning, would really become the first bigshot family in the township? The family is too busy and hires workers to work for them. For this, someone told the higher-ups that the Dong family was a remnant of feudal society and they were landlords.

The leaders of the townships felt helpless and laughed. Now, with economic reform, the state is very supportive of the people who create wealth. The Dong family’s land went through a formal contract procedure. There is nothing wrong with them.

Of course, the Dong family is also very good at human relations. They send vegetables and eggs to the leaders of the township during the new year. There must be 20 kilograms of pork and two chickens for the new year.

In this way, naturally, no leader will find trouble with the Dong family on the premise of not violating policies and regulations.

“I have a project here. I know a friend in the provincial capital. His uncle wants to set up a garment factory. The wages of workers in the provincial capital are high, and the land is expensive. He asked me if there was a suitable place in Yun County. “

Mayor Zhong knew the meaning of this information. He pats Zhao Donglin on the arm and says, “While smiling, Let’s go. I’ll invite you to dinner at noon. Let’s talk while eating. “

Their township was full of land. What they lack is a formal factory. In addition to tax revenue, it can also provide employment opportunities for its people. This is why he must take this opportunity, and the key point of this opportunity is Zhao Donglin.

When Zhao Donglin returned to the county in the afternoon, he called his friends in the provincial capital and told them the situation.

“Of course, we can. Anyway, where my uncle would run his business doesn’t matter; it’s all the same. Donglin, since it’s your hometown, 

Anyway, it’s the same as where my uncle runs a factory. Donglin, even if it’s for your face since it’s your hometown, I have to go and have a look. “

“The traffic in Shengli township is still very convenient. If you ride the truck from the township to the county, it would only take you a few hours, and the people here are also very simple. “

“I know. The people there are excellent. Otherwise, how can your family produce so many outstanding talents? “

Zhao Donglin smiled brightly, “Yes, when will you come? Can you inform me in advance? I’ll make an arrangement for you and make you feel at home. “

“Oh, look at you. You’re too polite. Don’t prepare anything else. Just take care of the pheasant from your father-in-law’s family. I like the stewed chicken mushrooms made by your wife. “

“Then the time will have to be arranged by Madame Dong. She is much busier than me now, and I haven’t seen her for a few days.

“I can hear from your words a taste of a deep-rooted resentful husband. What, miss your wife? “

“Yes, I miss my wife. Can you not miss your wife? “

“I don’t have to miss her. I stay with her every day. We dislike each other. “

Zhao Donglin laughed and said, “OK, don’t complain in front of me. You two are the standard quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed. “

“OK, tell me when Madame. Dong has time. I’ll take my uncle and my wife with me. “

“Well, then it’s settled.”

After hanging up down the phone, Zhao Donglin thought and called Jiahui’s office again.


Zhao Donglin’s heart became soft when the familiar voice came. He untied the buttons on his neck and relaxed his sitting posture.

“It’s me, Donglin.”

Jiahui was preparing the translation material. When she heard Zhao Donglin on the phone, she was surprised and said, “Well, why did you call me at this time? Is something wrong at home? “

“No, I just missed you.”

Jiahui held the phone and smiled, “Don’t lie to me. It’s not like I don’t know you. You’ve always been a public and private person. You won’t call me during working hours. “

Zhao Donglin also smiled and told Jiahui about the garment factory.

“This is a good thing. With a garment factory, our township will be lively. “

Economic development needs the word “lively.” Like money, it needs to be circulated. If you only cultivate land behind closed doors, you can’t develop the economy. That’s why so many polluting enterprises were established in the early stages of reform and opening up, and why these polluting enterprises should be excluded when the economy is saturated enough.

Garment factories cause certain pollution, but they are better than paper mills and chemical factories. On the other hand, garment factories need a lot of workers, which drives local employment.

“Lao Xing said he wanted to eat your stewed chicken mushrooms. When can you come back? “

Jiahui works as a translator in the provincial government and often receives foreign guests. The provincial capital is more than 100 kilometers away from Yun County. It takes more than two hours by car. Zhao Donglin has no time to go to the provincial capital every day, and Jiahui has no time to come back every day. In this way, they live in a different place.

“It should be the day after tomorrow. I have some materials on hand that I need to catch up with. I’m sure I can come back the day after tomorrow. Tell Lao Xing and my family. “

“Well, OK. Don’t work too hard and pay attention to the rest. “

“Well, don’t worry. You also take good care of yourself and several children. When you go back at night, you should care more about them. There should be no lapses in life and study.”

“OK, I will complete the task assigned by Madame Dong without fail.”

The children’s school has been transferred from the provincial capital to the city. With Jiahui’s current work situation, there is no way to take care of them. Zhao Donglin works in the county. They bought a house in the county, and Zhang Qiaoer takes care of the children’s daily lives in the county.

“Glib tongue, that’s all for now. There is something to say when you get off work.”

“OK, hang up the phone first.”

Jiahui smiled. That’s how he’s always been. He would ask her to hang up first.

When Jiahui stepped up to finish her work, she worked late at night until after ten o’clock. When she came home, Shen Nianru was waiting for her.

“Godmother, why are you still awake?”

“I’m not sure if you come back. Why are you so late today? “

“I’ll go back tomorrow afternoon. I have to finish what I have in hand. “

Shen Nianru sighed helplessly, “You should also pay attention to your body. Don’t treat yourself as a desperate Sanniang.” [1]refers to a person who is fearless in battle and does her best.

“No, I’m combining work and rest. If I go back tomorrow, it’s equivalent to rest. “

For Jiahui, work always serves life. Winning social status and gaining economic accumulation were to make them live a happy and better quality of life.


1 refers to a person who is fearless in battle and does her best.

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