Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 95.1

Chapter 95.1 (Extra 2) – The most beautiful time to meet you.

Under Zhao Donglin’s negotiation, Lao Xing’s uncle finally decided to open the garment factory in Shengli township. The township set aside a piece of land for him, which is located in the traffic center extending in all directions in the town, and there are various preferential policies. Both sides are very satisfied with the result.

Time soon entered October. Meixiang’s son, Leilei, was one year old. Ji Qingming and Yang Yuqin loved this little grandson so much that they held Leilei’s one-year birthday party in the hotel.

Jiahui and Donglin took the children to Ji’s house first and gave them gifts.

They gave a pair of Chinese Zodiac bracelets engraved with the word “Fortune.” A longevity lock, a small blanket made by Jiahui, and a tricycle that can be ridden and pushed.

The tricycle was painted by Jiahui and made by the master of the Provincial Machinery Factory with good steel bars and sprayed with red ginger paint, which made it very beautiful.

The tricycle was later seen by the deputy factory director of the machinery factory, and she especially found Jiahui. He wanted to mass produce this small tricycle and was willing to pay her. Jiahui declined to take the payment and agreed to the production of the machinery factory. In the final analysis, this is not her patent. This kind of tricycle has appeared abroad for a long time, and it will be all over the streets in a few years.

Her vision is still very long-term. The tricycle can be used for gaining connections. With this, the relationship between the parties will build up.

“Sister-in-law, your gift is really great and thoughtful.”

Besides Zhao Donglin, Meixiang is the one who knows Jiahui’s mind best. Meixiang was very moved to see this child’s tricycle. Her sister-in-law must have asked someone to do it. For my sister-in-law, the most valuable thing she could do for anyone was to spend time with them. She is so busy with her work and still puts Leilei in her mind. Why would Meixiang not be moved?

“It’s really good. It’s convenient for me whenever I walk down the street to buy vegetables. I can just push him with this. “

“When Leilei is older, he can ride it by himself.”

“Jiahui, how did your brain grow? How can you be so smart? “

Yang Yuqin likes Jiahui very much. One reason was lack of appreciation. The other was to love the house and its crows. ((The meaning of this idiom means that because you love a person, you will also love the crow on his house. It is a metaphor for loving a person and caring about the person or things related to them.

She always thought she was a person that didn’t have any fate with her daughter-in-law. Who knows that her youngest son found such a good daughter-in-law, Meixiang? She is considerate and sensible and is willing to listen to her elders. Whether what she said is right or not, or whether she did what she said or not, At least Meixiang won’t refute them in front of their faces and won’t give them a face.

The only thing Yang Yuqin was satisfied with was that Meixiang became pregnant the second month after her marriage. The high efficiency makes Yang Yuqin smile.

She has three grandchildren. Leilei is the only one who grew up around her. She is busy day and night with a handful of excrement and urine. Although it was hard, she was happy.

“When I went abroad, I saw that foreign children had this kind of trolley. It was only a reference to theirs. “

“There are a lot of people going abroad. I don’t see how others can find a way to make a tricycle. You are still smart and know how to learn from one example. “

While talking, Ji Jialu and Ji Zhenlin came one after another with their other halves.

Ji Jialu has always been kind, while Luo Siwen has always had a poor complexion.

On Meixiang’s wedding day, Luo Siwen inexplicably targeted Jiahui. No matter if it was Meixiang or Jiahui, she could no longer get close to this person.

Everyone sat on the sofa eating and drinking tea. Leilei had a lot of fun playing with the tricycle. Yang Yuqin looked straight at him with a smile. Without preparation, Luo Siwen’s son, Ji Pengyu, said to Yang Yuqin, “Grandma, do you prefer my younger brother? My mother said, “You didn’t get me a one-year birthday party when I was one year old.”

The atmosphere instantly became quiet, and Luo Siwen’s face also carried a hint of discomfort. This is what she had said to her son privately. Siwen didn’t expect him to say it so carelessly.

The smile on Yang Yuqin’s face stopped, and even Ji Qingming, who had never participated in the lady’s conversation, turned around.

“Siwen, did you say that in front of the children?”

At this time, if Luo Siwen smiled and explained with two sentences, it would have passed, but she somehow pursed her lips and did not speak. Not denying it naturally means acquiescence.

The expression on Ji Zhenlin’s face was one of embarrassment and anger. This dissatisfaction has formed over time. He didn’t think it was just his wife’s thoughtless words. After all, from their marriage to now, he knew exactly what his wife’s attitude towards his parents and his family was. But the married couple must be one. Today is his nephew’s birthday party. They can’t make it too ugly.

“Mom, Pengyu must have heard wrong. Siwen is not petty and won’t say such inappropriate words. “

Ji Pengyu still wanted to open his mouth to explain, but Ji Zhenlin glared at him.

Ji Zhenfeng bowed his head to play with his son Leilei, with a sneer in the corner of his mouth. He didn’t know whether he should laugh at Luo Siwen’s arrogance or at the whitewashing of his eldest brother, Ji Zhenglin.

“Well, no matter who said this, since it has reached me, I have to explain. I wanted to do it when Peng Yu was one year old. But at that time, Siwen said that there was no need to toss the children to earn money. I was very unhappy after hearing this. I put up with it for the sake of harmony in this family. What is her intention for talking about it now? “

When things are busy at home, relatives and friends will naturally contribute. Luo Siwen’s words made her heartbroken. At that time, Yang Yuqin was angry for months after hearing this. After slowly thinking about it, she realized that some people will not return the same feelings even if you show them your sincere heart. Some people’s hearts are like pieces of ice; you can’t warm them up. 

Luo Siwen’s eyes were red. She didn’t expect her mother-in-law to embarrass her in front of so many people. She admitted that she was young at that time and spoke recklessly. Nonetheless, it was many years ago, and she still remembers her mistakes. Doesn’t that mean her mother-in-law has never been sincere with her?

This time, for Leilei’s party, I told my relatives in advance that our family would not accept contributions; we just want it to be fun and lively. Have a get-together and have a good time. Our conditions are not so bad that we would have to make an unsightly appearance. “

Yang Yuqin was obviously not ready to spare Luo Siwen, or endure it for so many years. Today, she is not ready to continue to endure. One by one, she puts Luo Siwen’s face on the ground and tramples it hard.

Luo Siwen blushed as her chest fluctuated. She suddenly stood up and looked at Yang Yuqin with hatred. Siwen looked at Meixiang, who was sitting next to Yang Yuqin, and said with a sneer, “Yes, mom, since you had this good daughter-in-law, I was naturally not in your eyes.” I’m an outsider in this family. I haven’t seen you serve me so well in my confinement. Serving tea, pouring water, washing, and cooking. We are both your daughter-in-law, but there’s such a difference in treatment. Was it because you value your youngest son? I don’t want anything from you. The family property will be given to whoever you like. I will not do it if I have to wag my tail and beg like a dog!

“SLAP” Ji Zhenlin slapped Luo Siwen on the face. Luo Siwen covered her cheek and looked at him in disbelief.

“How dare you hit me!”

“Luo Siwen, you’re making too much of a scene.”

Luo Siwen sneered. Tears rolled straight down her cheeks. She wiped her face and picked up her handbag.

“Ji Zhenlin, I advise you not to regret doing this to me.”

With that, she turned and left, not even caring about her son.

After Luo Siwen left, Yang Yuqin sighed, “Let’s go. If your minds were not as one, the days ahead for you would be hard. “

Then she smiled again, “Today is a good day. Don’t be unhappy about these things. “

“Yes, Siwen’s temperament is like this. It’s just a small conflict; it will be fine in a few days.

Ji Jialu also smiled and helped out, but Yang Yuqin didn’t follow the words. For her, since she has been provoked and said something Today, it’s impossible to regard it as “nothing happened.” Yang Yuqin always wanted to let Luo Siwen know that she endured up until now, not because she was helpless against her, but because she was unwilling to seriously care about it. Nevertheless, as long as the mother-in-law takes it seriously as her daughter-in-law, she will only suffer in life.

In the farce, Jiahui has been watching coldly. She also deeply understands what the words “if you don’t do it, you won’t die” mean. Jiahui knows what it means to be arrogant and domineering. Luo Siwen’s EQ is simply negative.

Looking at Meixiang, she is also silent. As a sister-in-law, she was scolded by Luo Siwen by pointing her nose, but there were three: her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and a husband who protects her. Meixiang doesn’t care about that verbal embarrassment.

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