Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 95.2

Chapter 95.2 (Extra 2) – The most beautiful time to meet you.

On the way to the hotel, Yang Yuqin also especially comforted Meixiang and told her not to take it to heart. Luo Siwen made such a fuss today. She didn’t give Meixiang, and Zhenfeng faces. Yang Yuqin was afraid that Meixiang would be unhappy. Who knows that Meixiang was not unhappy, but instead, she comforted her and said, “Mom, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a word or two. Don’t be angry. “

Yang Yuqin happily took Meixiang’s hand and smiled, “I’m so old. Many things have been thought of. It’s not so easy for anyone to anger me.

People only care about the people and things that they really care about. Once some people and things are released, they will no longer affect her mood. This is also a kind of cultivation of life.

That day, Ji Zhenlin was drunk and pulled Ji Zhenfeng to say a lot of words.

“You are so smart. You know how to find a sweet one. Your brother and I have never had a comfortable day. “

“Women—it’s better if they are considerate.”

“I’ve had enough. She thinks she’s some kind of high and mighty princess! She’s just relying on the shadow of her ancestors. What is their Luo family’s outstanding character?

“When I get promoted, I’ll see if she still dares.”

Ji Zhenlin is now the director of the office of the municipal Party committee. He has done a good job in his position in the past two years. If he makes a good plan, it is expected that he will be promoted to the province. The Luo family has a good family background, but this is good only for the older generation, and in the younger generation, no one is better than Ji Zhenglin.

Seeing his brother drunk as mud [1]completely drunk saying these half true and half false drunken words, Ji Zhenfeng didn’t know whether to sympathize with him or blame him.

His wife was chosen by himself. Their parents did not interfere with him. He could only live his life on his own, and no one else could interfere.

“Brother, you can only blame yourself for choosing such a wife. Your vision was not good. Look at me. If I’m happy, it’s because I chose the right wife for me. “

When Zhenfeng sent his brother to the door of his house, Ji Zhenfeng did not knock on the door to send Ji Zhenlin in but instead turned around and left. He didn’t want to see his sister-in-law, who has a face longer than a horse.

As Ji Zhenfeng drove home, his mother and Meixiang helped Leilei finish bathing. They are now giving Leilei bubble milk powder.

In the past, his mother would ask two questions, such as whether his brother arrived home safely or if his sister-in-law had not taken care of his brother. But today, she didn’t ask.

“Meixiang put away this jewelry. It’s easy for children to lose them. Just keep two bracelets. “

In addition to Jiahui, other people also gave jewelry. The Ji family doesn’t want to receive money, and others can’t eat white rice with empty hands. They will bring something, more or less.

“OK, I’ll put it away for him first.”

Yang Yuqin nodded and looked at Leilei, drinking his milk in the bottle. His small appearance was amusing.

“These are all earned by Leilei himself. Keep them for him to use when he marries a wife later. “

Meixiang smiled, “Mom, how old is Leilei? Why are you talking about marrying a wife? “

“With children, life goes fast. I still remember when I was just born. I was just a little old. Now I’m married and have children. “

It’s true that the days are fast and slow; that is, when you think it’s fast, it’s particularly long. When you think it’s slow, it’s gone with a brush.

Leilei sleeps with Yang Yuqin at night, which has been the case since she was weaned for ten months.

In the room, Meixiang took a bath and wiped her hair. Ji Zhenfeng came and took the towel from Meixiang’s hand.

“Are you angry about today?”

Meixiang knew he was talking about Luo Siwen and shook her head.

“I won’t be angry about unimportant people and things. If I was really mad, I would have been angry for a long time. “

Ji Zhenfeng smiled. He put his hand around Meixiang as if she were embedded in his arms.

“That’s why I like you. You’re right. We shouldn’t be angry with unimportant people.”

When he said this, he kissed her hard on her forehead. Meixiang smiled and thought, “Why should I be angry?” My mother-in-law loves me, and I have a husband who thinks of me all the time. Now their son is one year old, and there’s nothing to be unsatisfied about in her life.

She remembered that when she first got married because Luo Siwen was not friendly to her sister-in-law, Jiahui. Her husband really found trouble with Luo Siwen and detained the car of Luo Siwen’s second brother’s transport team. Naturally, the reason was that the car was illegal, but he usually turned a blind eye to it. The Luo family came to their door to greet her and give her gifts.

She told her sister-in-law about it. After hearing this, her sister-in-law smiled and asked her to live a good life with Zhenfeng.

“Zhenfeng is a man with good fortune. What’s rare is that he is also honest and resolute, scheming without conspiracy. This kind of man is worth your trust for life. “

Meixiang sighed more than once. What kind of luck did she step on? In this life, she was so lucky and happy. 

She was spoiled by her mother’s family and had such a good mother-in-law. She also had a good husband. Her mother said she fell into the honeypot, and she thought so herself. Sometimes she would wake up when she fell asleep. Sometimes, she finds herself smiling whenever she wakes up from her sleep. 

When the person behind her noticed that Meixiang’s attention was not on him, He was unhappy. Zhenfeng turned around and stared at her face, asking, “What are you thinking?”

Meixiang put her toe ring around his neck and smiled, “I’m thinking of you.”

My sister-in-law said that the interest between husband and wife is very important. She has to give her husband some sweets from time to time so that he feels refreshed and can’t stop thinking about herself.

Ji Zhenfeng was stunned when she saw that his wife had taken the initiative to hug him. She smiled so beautifully and said that she thought of him. Who can bear it? He didn’t say much and went to bed with his wife.


1 completely drunk


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  1. Devi Shapfitri has spoken 9 months ago

    Haha. 😒 When JZL said how he would handle his wife after he’s promoted… Well, I can just imagine that LSW could easily be an MC of a rebirth of a wronged abandoned wife. 😑

    Ofc, JZL would play the scum ingrate ex-husband. The one who took advantage of the MC’s family to get the wealth and power, then abandoned the MC when he’s more powerful than her family. Her disagreement with her MIL would be the “self-righteous” excuse they’re using to “slander and humiliated” her.

    The Ji family would also play the role of the “power hungry hypocrites” who tolerate “rotten things” around and inside their family to save face. Conveniently use filial piety to their own advantage and bully her. On top of it, MeiXiang and Jiahu would be the fake white lotus villainesses who’s ruined her by their schemes.😒🙄😒 Look at how she “remembered” her MIL didn’t held her son first birthday party. I believe that someone like LSW have their own sets of “facts and reality” to justify their behavior. 😑😔😑

  2. chi has spoken 11 months ago

    What I’m more curious about is who MC grandmother is, I thought we would get to see it maybe next chapter, but I wonder if its Meixiang because the story’s been really focused on her [wpd-tenor full=’uJC_A-CJSkUAAAAM/hmm-dot-dot-dot.gif’ preview=’uJC_A-CJSkUAAAAe/hmm-dot-dot-dot.png’ width=’498′ height=’256′]

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    Yep that older brother has to take responsibility for choosing badly 😏

    And Xiang’er has to periodically give “sweets” to her hubby to keep his tail wagging 🐶


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