Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 96.1

Chapter 96 Part 1 (Extra 3) – Efforts will eventually be rewarded

Zhao Zhuojun was admitted to Tsinghua University. He was the only person who was able to get this achievement, not only in the Shengli Township but in the entire Yun County. Zhuojun was even in the newspaper. In addition, some leaders in the county came to praise him, saying that he had won glory for their county. Heidan was young and promising, and his future would be prosperous.

Unlike the other people, Zhao Zhuojun was not proud of being admitted to Tsinghua University. As usual, he got up at five o’clock to read English, then ran at six o’clock and had breakfast at six-thirty. Zhao Donglin was very satisfied with Heidan. He felt that his son was not arrogant and impetuous. With such a personality, Donglin didn’t have to worry about Heidan in his life.

“Heidan has been admitted to a university. This is the most joyful event for our family in recent years. I think we have to celebrate with a drink. “

Jiahui didn’t expect that Zhang Qiaoer, who has always been thrifty, was the first one to propose having a celebration at home, but it’s not hard to understand what she felt. After all, going to Tsinghua University was equivalent to honoring their ancestors. It’s the best university in the country. Her pride and joy can’t be suppressed. It’s human nature to want to have a celebration.

“It’s time to do something big! Let’s have a three-day banquet in the village. Brother, sister-in-law, this money is my gift to my nephew for being successful with his college entrance examination. “

After graduation, Zhao Donghe first did some small business and then contracted a coal mine with his friends. He made a lot of money in recent years and started trading in the provincial capital at the beginning of the year.

Now he has the appearance of a big boss. There is a BB machine on his waist, and from time to time, this BB machine rings twice. He would pick it up and look at it. If he is anxious, he will call back and ignore it if he is not anxious. Jiahui can always imagine Donghe wearing sunglasses, carrying a leather bag, and holding a phone every time she sees him.

“Well, his uncle should spend some money on his nephew.”

When the family returned to the village from the county, they really set up a three-day flowing banquet, and the chicken, duck, and fish were eaten openly by everyone.

“Donghe, you are a big boss now. You can’t patronize and make a fortune by yourself. You have to take the younger generation to our village. “

Ding Huaishan, the village head, smoked and chattered with Zhao Donghe. One of the Zhao brothers is an official in the county, and the other is doing business in the provincial capital. In addition to the spring festival, he rarely goes back to the village. The village head is taking the opportunity to pull in some “benefits.”

The village introduced the joint production responsibility system several years ago. In the village, there is not much work on the land. Except for the farming season, there is not much to do at ordinary times. The village boys also want to go out to find something to do, but the factory can not enter, and there is no other way for Donghe. After all, in the provincial city, the village chief wants Donghe to find a way for the village boys.

Donghe understood the intention of the village head. He went through it in his mind and thought it was OK to lend a hand. Anyway, the village head has always been good to their family.

“OK, I know a friend who has contracted a project. There is a shortage of workers there. Uncle Huaishan, find some honest and capable young men and go to the provincial capital with me in two days. “

Ding Huaishan didn’t expect Donghe to accept it right away. He was both happy and satisfied.

“OK, Donghe, you’re doing a great thing now. Don’t worry. Uncle will definitely find the most capable young men on our team. “

Donghe exhaled a smoke ring and smiled. His face showed confidence that was not seen in earlier years.

The time soon came to mid-August. It was time for Heidan to go to school to report. No one in the group was relieved; it was the first time for them to be far away from Heidan. 

Jiahui decided to send Heidan to the capital because Zhao Donglin had a prior commitment to his work.  

Jiahui works as a translator. With the leaders of the province, she often has to go on business trips. She has also been abroad several times. If she sends Heidan to the capital, their family will be at ease.

Before the start of the school year, Jiahui prepared Zhao Zhuojun’s luggage, food, and clothing. Everything was carefully selected. In the end, two boxes weren’t enough to fit in all of the things Jiahui packed. 

“Mom, don’t bring so much. Just keep it simple.”

Most of the important things, such as bedsheets and quilt covers, can be bought at school. The rest is a few sets of clothes to change and wash, as well as his study notes for so many years. For other things, Zhao Zhuojun doesn’t think it’s important. He’s going to study, not go on an outing. There’s no need to pay too much attention to food and clothing.

But he was particularly moved. This was a mother’s little love for her son, who was about to travel far away.

“You’ll be living far away from us, and we can’t go see you often. These cans of sauce must be brought. I made it especially for you.”

Jiahui made chili sauce, beef butter, and peanut butter. Whether eating noodles or steamed buns for dinner, they match very well. She also made beef jerky, which Zhuojun loved to eat from childhood. This time, she specially made a few kilograms more and brought over a share for other students, which is also a kind of way to socialize with people.

She told Zhuojun all these principles. Although he was no longer a child and knew many principles, he still listened carefully.

The night before he went to Beijing, Zhao Donglin went to Heidan’s room and gave him a copy of Zizhi Tongjian. On the title page was the famous quote from Chairman M. “Hope rests on you.”

The original words were, “The world is yours and ours, but in the end, it is yours.” Your young people are vigorous and flourishing, like the sun in the morning. Hope rests on you. “

“Since childhood, you have never let me down, whether it is learning or dealing with people. I have always been proud of you.”

This sentence directly made Zhuo Jun’s eyes red. At the age of 17, he has grown into a young man, tall, straight-backed, with clear and resolute eyes, with a trace of young people’s fearlessness and longing expectations for the future.

He has a handsome face. His face was a combination of Zhao Donglin and Wang Mei.

Although he hasn’t mentioned it to anyone, he studies so hard and strives for the top in order to let his father see his excellence.

Or maybe, deep down, he had a fear of not getting his father’s attention and affection, fearing that his father would loathe him because of his biological mother.

Now that his father told him that he was proud of him, there was a feeling of pleasure and ease of finally being recognized by his father.

“This is the book I always read, and it is also Chairman M’s favorite book. One must understand the history. I hope you can learn from it and be a good and diligent thinker. “

The book “Zizhi Tongjian” focuses on politics, military, and ethnic relations but also covers the economy, culture, and evaluation of historical figures. The title of the book was given by Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, who thought that the book was “in view of past events and useful for the way of governance” and gave it to future generations through the description of the policies of the ruling class that concerned the prosperity and decline of the country and the rise and fall of the nation. 

Whether Zhao Zhuojun was admitted to the Department of Economics at Tsinghua University, whether he entered officialdom or business and entrepreneurship, reading this book will be of great benefit to his thinking. Just like what others said, “To use history as a guide to know the rise and fall, and to use virtue as a platform to know the gains and losses.” It would still be useful for him.

After saying goodbye to their families, Zhao Zhuojun and Jiahui set off on a train. There was no train station in Yun County, but there was a train station in the provincial capital.

“Heidan has been sensible and obedient since he was a child. It’s really good to be admitted to Tsinghua University. “

Shen Nianru is also happy for Zhuojun. She has long regarded these children as her grandchildren.

“This is a gift from your Grandpa Zhong and me. See if you like it. “

Zhuojun took the box and opened it. A Parker fountain pen and a bookmark with the words “the three conditions for learning are to observe more, bear more hardships, and study more.” were written on the bookmark. 

This is Ji Fi áo’s famous quote.

“Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma. I like this gift very much.

Shen Nianru and Zhong Daomin smiled happily, “It’s good if you like it. You can learn more and have better knowledge when you enter the university. In the future, it’s up to young people to strive for the future. “

“Strictly speaking, we are working together. You have been teaching and educating people and have not stopped struggling. “

Shen Nianru shook her head with a smile and said to her partner beside her, “This Jiahui is so eloquent. No matter what comes out of her mouth, people will love to hear it.”

Zhong Daomin also smiled and nodded, “She’s really eloquent, but I believe that Jiahui is sincere in whatever she says. At most, she exaggerates it a little bit.”

Zhong Daomin was praising Jiahui at the time. Finally, there was a turning point. He not only praised Jiahui but also had the meaning of unpretentiousness. This is the way of speaking of the older generation. It is meaningful and interesting at the same time.


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