Second Marriage in the 1970s
Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 96.2

Chapter 96 Part 2 (Extra 3) – Efforts will eventually be rewarded

The green train travels for seven hours and forty minutes from Wudong to the capital. Jiahui and Heidan rode the train at 7:10 in the morning and arrived at the capital train station at 2:50 in the afternoon.

“Are you hungry? If you’re hungry, let’s find a place to eat first.”

Jiahui and Heidan bought the sleeper tickets. They didn’t eat fast food on the train at noon; they took the dry food they brought to pad their stomach. So, Jiahui was afraid that her son was hungry.

“Mom, I’m not hungry. Let’s eat if you’re hungry. “

“I’m not hungry either. Let’s go to the school first. I’ll take you out to eat when the school matters are taken care of. “

After coming to the capital, she must take her son to eat something good, such as the famous capital roast duck, brush lamb, and so on.

As for Jiahui herself, not to mention her previous life, she has been here several times with the leaders of the province, and she still knows the overall administrative and business planning of the capital very well.

Walking outside the car and passing the platform, they saw a group of little comrades holding banners with words such as “Welcome to Tsinghua University,” “Central China Normal University Welcomes you,” and “Welcome to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,” all of whom were students of major colleges and universities.

Zhao Zhuojun also saw it with Jiahui and stopped in his tracks.

“Let’s go and get to know them.” Jiahui looked back and said that. 

Zhao Zhuojun immediately nodded in agreement. Those were his seniors. After seeing his seniors, he sincerely wanted to be close to them, and his heart was filled with an emotion that could not be described in words.

The students who had been talking together saw a fashionably dressed aunt with a young and handsome boy walking over. They changed their previous careless appearance and looked brightly at them. They guessed which school they were from.

“So handsome, he must be from our Central China Normal University.”

“Why? I think he’s from our Posts and Telecommunications. “

“I think he’s from our institute of technology.”

The junior student from Tsinghua University, who was in charge of welcoming the new students at the station, stroked his glasses. He had just clearly noticed that the other party’s line of sight looked in his own direction. If he hadn’t guessed it wrong, the other party should be their University’s freshman.

Sure enough, they walked towards Tsinghua University’s banner.

“Hello, little comrade. My son is a freshman in the Department of Economics, Class of ’85. “

Jiahui said and asked Zhao Zhuojun to come forward and meet the Tsinghua University students who were welcoming the freshmen.

“Hello, Seniors. My name is Zhao Zhuojun, from Wudong province.”

“Oh, hello.”

They warmly shook hands with Zhao Zhuojun and introduced themselves. The leader was Zhang Qiangwei from the Department of Mathematics. There was another one named Ding Hanyu from the Department of Chemistry, and the last one was a girl from the Department of History named Gu Pan Pan.

“Junior Brother looks quite handsome.”

Gu Panpan joked when shaking hands. Zhao Zhuojun immediately blushed. After saying that, Gu Panpan regretted it. Heidan’s parents were still there. When she looked in Jiahui’s direction, she saw Jiahui smiling and not angry at all. Gu Panpan sticks out her tongue.

“Aunt, Zhuojun, the situation is like this: The school arranged a car for freshmen, but in order to make use of the space, we had to wait until 20 people arrived before we drove.”

This was done to save fuel. Jiahui nodded understandably.

She looked at the time. It was already 3:08. It was estimated that they had to wait for a while before twenty people arrived.

“Then we won’t wait. We’ll eventually get to know each other. You’ll be familiar when you meet at school. “

Gu Panpan was disappointed, and Zhang Qiangwei nodded directly.

“Then, of course, bumping into each other is fate. In the future, student Zhuo can come to me if he has any questions at school.”

Zhang Qiangwei is from the student union. He is good at observing. It can be seen that Zhao Zhuojun comes from a well-off family. His mother is well-dressed, looks beautiful, and treats people well. It shows that he has seen the world naturally different from the students born into poor families.

After the mother and son left, a group of students whispered.

“His family must be rich, and he is also very handsome.”

“You don’t have a crush on him, do you? He’s two years younger than you. “

Normal students enter University at the age of 20. According to common sense, Zhao Zhuojun should be two years younger than his female classmate. In fact, Zhuojun jumped two grades and enrolled in the primary school a year earlier. He is only 17 years old this year, but he is calm and tall and doesn’t look so small.

“He must be very rich. I think the bag carried by that Aunt was only available abroad and can’t be bought in our country. “

The speaker was a female classmate from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with good family background. Naturally, everyone believed her words. Wen Yan had no other emotions except emotions.

As soon as they left on their front feet, several freshmen with luggage came on their back feet, waiting to go to school by car.


“I’m going to leave now. Write home often. Call me or call your dad if anything happens. “

The next afternoon, Jiahui was going to leave by bus. Her scheduled departure was on the 2:15 pm train. If she hadn’t been late, she should have been able to arrive at Wudong before 10 p.m.The reason why she chose the afternoon ride was to spend more time with her son.

“Well, you should have bought an airplane ticket.”

“The airport is too far away. It’s inconvenient to come and go. The train is very good. You’ll be home after you sleep.”

Zhao Zhuojun nodded and felt reluctant.

“I’ll take you to the station.”

“No, I’ll take a taxi and leave. You can rest in your dormitory, read books, chat with your roommate, or ask your classmates to go shopping with you.”

Zhuojun has seven roommates. Jiahui met and invited them to dinner last night. According to her first impression, these roommates are good people. Most of them come from the countryside and are very simple. One is local to the capital and has the frankness and self-confidence of a capital boy, which is not difficult to get along with.

“Well, go back, take care of yourself, and come back after the holiday. Your family will miss you very much. “

Zhuo Jun held back the sourness in his eyes and nodded. He did not listen to Jiahui’s words to go back to the dormitory. He stood in place and watched Jiahui’s departing figure until he could not see her silhouette, then he bowed his head and walked back.

Zhao Zhuojun performed very well in school. He won school-level scholarships every semester and refused his parents’ tuition fees from the beginning of his sophomore year.

He joined the student union and was also the main debater in the debate society. When he was in his junior years, he served as the president of the student union. completed the undergraduate course ahead of schedule, and continued to study for a master’s or doctor’s degree abroad.

After graduation, he chose to work for a Wall Street investment bank. He made tens of millions of dollars in only two years with his keen economic sense.

“Zhuo, do you really want to leave?”

“Yes, I’m going home to start a business.”

“Oh, what a pity. You are such an excellent young man.


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