Second Marriage in the 1970s Chapter 97 (end)

Chapter 97 (Extra 4) – All is well.

As the first private restaurant opened in the county, Xiaoli Restaurant quickly gained a firm foothold in the county due to its excellent geographical location and novel, delicious snacks. The income from the first year was 1,000 to 2,000, but later on, it turned into 7,000 to 8,000 yuan. Just like what the married couple, Li Wangping and Zhao Caixia, said to Jiahui, they didn’t take advantage of Jiahui’s house. For the first three years, they gave half of their profits to Jiahui. Unfortunately, Jiahui didn’t take it, so they decided to stop.

A few years ago, the couple opened a hotel at the suggestion of Zhao Donghe. From then on, from being an owner of a small business, they now became a real boss.

“Donghe, your sister and I don’t know how to run a business.”

“Brother-in-law, you don’t have to do it yourself. If you don’t understand, ask someone who does understand to help you. That’s the advantage of being a boss. “

It took a year and a half to select the location, build the house, decorate, and finally run the hotel. Due to the luxurious decoration design, the couple’s savings were insufficient, so Zhao Donghe accounted for a large share of the investment.

The name of the hotel is Jinyun Hotel. On the day of the opening, all the famous people in the county and many people in the province came. The Jinyun Hotel became popular.

Jinyun Hotel operates in a high-end way, with a high-end environment and high-end service. Its managers and service personnel have received professional hotel management training, reaching the level of three-star hotels. Naturally, the price is also rising. It’s truly “talking and laughing with Hongru.” [1]which means chatting and laughing freely with people who are knowledgeable, and it means that people who make friends are different from ordinary people.

Daya is 21 years old and was about to graduate from University.

“Is this your daughter? Oh, she’s so beautiful. How old is she? Have you arranged for her? “

Daya went to the hotel several times, but eventually, she became too scared to go back again. Her mother was completely brainwashed and wanted to introduce her to someone all day long.

“Mom, I’m only 21. There’s no need to remind me to get married. “

“You’re not too young; you’re turning 22.”

“There is no law that stipulates that you must find someone to marry. I haven’t graduated yet.”

Daya learned from her sister-in-law, Zhao Meixiang. She’s a model example chosen by the University. However, she didn’t go to a specialized training school; she took an undergraduate course. Teachers and staff are the most popular types of jobs in the blind date market.

“Find a suitable person before graduation. I didn’t tell you to get married now, and you’re going for an internship soon. Your Aunt found a partner as soon as she started working. You have to keep up with your Aunt. “

Daya pursed her lips and didn’t want to get entangled with her mother on this topic. She decided to go to her Aunt’s house for refuge.

“Aunt, my mother asked me to go on a blind date after hearing a few words from someone. She didn’t have her own ideas and refused to respect my wishes. “

Meixiang, with a faint smile on her face, lowered her head to cut the apple for Daya. The peeled skin of the apple reached the coffee table.

“Did you like someone at school?”

With that, Meixiang handed the peeled apple to Daya.

Daya felt uncomfortable when she heard this question. Meixiang knew at a glance that it meant something.

“If you have someone you like, you should consider whether the other party is suitable for you and make a decision early. Girls’ youth is very important. It’s OK not to want a blind date now, but you can’t put your precious feelings on someone who is not suitable for you. “

Just like when she had a young love for Cui Zongyi, she finally proved that she was really wrong.

Daya listened like she understood but actually, she didn’t understand it. For young people, it may be difficult to understand adults’ thinking. They should like everything from whom they like. They shouldn’t care about each other’s conditions and family; otherwise, they will look insincere and snobbish.

Daya hid in her Aunt’s house for two days. On the third day, her mother blocked her at the door.

“Today’s children are really disobedient. It’s not comparable to our time. “

Zhao Caixia also complained to her sister, and Meixiang poured a cup of tea in front of her.

“Times have changed. We had little knowledge and didn’t understand anything at that time. Now children are much happier than us. “

Zhao Caixia agreed with this, sighed, and said, “Yes, a few years ago, who would have thought we would live well like this today?”

Ten years ago, she was still poor. Now she has opened a hotel and become a big boss. There are four brothers and sisters in her family. Donglin has been promoted from the county to the province. Donghe’s doing more and more business. Meixiang is the most stable teacher. Her brother-in-law’s grandfather was promoted from his position again and again. He is already a deputy director as of now, which is very rare for someone his age.

And Jiahui, as the head of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Department, although she is nearly 40 years old, is well maintained, and she looks like 30 at most. Zhao Caixia has lived for more than 40 years. She has seen a little of the world in recent years. What she admires most in her life is her sister-in-law.

It was also heard that there was a willingness to send a sister-in-law to the capital. The sister-in-law declined. Compared with her sister-in-law, she was too much of a loser. If she didn’t have useful relatives at home, she wouldn’t be able to live well today.

In a yard near Wudong University, a teenager with a board-inch head, carrying a schoolbag and a basketball, strode through the door. As soon as he entered the door, he shouted, “Mom, I’m hungry. Make me something delicious.”

After not hearing his mother’s response, a girl in a dress came out of the house.

“Mom hasn’t come back yet. There’s leftover food at noon. Why don’t I heat it up for you? “

The one who talked was Yingbao, whose name is Zhao Xinyi. Naturally, the teenage boy is Fang Fang, whose name is Zhao Zhuorei.

Once he heard that Mom was not at home, the only one who could cook for him at home was his sister, and he immediately acted spoiled.

“I want to eat noodles. Sister, can you make it for me?”

Fang Fang, who had a tiger’s head when he was a child, has grown into a small teenager. He looks more like Jiahui, with white skin and beautiful eyebrows and eyes. Although he is only 13 years old, he is already 1.7 meters tall.

He loves playing basketball. His mother said that boys are the most handsome when playing basketball. On the other hand, he doesn’t like the way he looks. He looks too pretty. When he was a child, people always thought he was a little girl, so he was willing to tan and grow stronger. He found out that he was unable to get tanned. Other little friends had already become darker after playing basketball in the summer. But he didn’t change. In fact, he was getting whiter and whiter. In this contrast, it stands out from the crowd.

At this time, he is like the green onions in the fields in the morning, white and green. He has a youthful flavor of vitality, reminiscent of the green onions under the sunrise, full of vitality and hope.

Zhao Xinyi has loved this younger brother of hers since childhood. When he entered puberty, his younger brother became less cute than when he was a child. Now hearing his younger brother talk to her in a coquettish tone, Zhao Xinyi couldn’t bear it.

“OK, I’ll make it for you if you want.”

Zhao Xinyi is in high school this year. Her brother Zhao Zhuojun was admitted to Tsinghua University at her age. Therefore, Zhao Xinyi is under great pressure. She wants to enter a good university like her brother.

Tsinghua is her brother’s alma mater, and Wudong University is her parents’ alma mater. These two schools are her choices. In fact, her family wants her to take the Wudong University examination. She is a girl. Her family couldn’t help but worry about her. It’s more reassuring for her not to go far and stay near her parents.

Zhao Zhuorui sucked up a bowl of shredded pork noodles with green peppers. Finally, he leaned on the back of the chair and patted his belly to express his satisfaction.

Zhao Xinyi sneered and said, “Look at yourself. Why do you look like an old man? “

Zhao Zhuorui replied discontentedly, “What do you know? I call it masculinity.”

“Masculinity doesn’t mean looking like an old man. The definition of masculinity is our father and brother.”

Zhao Zhuorei was discouraged. The young man always wanted to act like an adult. He also took his father and brother as his inspiration, but when could he become like that? It doesn’t look scary but mighty. People won’t dare look down upon them. It’s really a headache for him.

As night fell, Zhao Xinyi and Zhao Zhuorei did their homework and reviewed their lessons in their respective rooms. The Zhao family has a strong learning atmosphere. No matter how naughty and how to play, the children must finish their homework, and their school ranking for each exam cannot fall out of the top ten. This is their agreement after lowering the requirements.

Once Zhao Zhuorui and Zhao Zhuoming raised an objection, Jiahui or Zhao Donglin faintly said, “Your brother was the first in the school back then.”

With one sentence, the two shut up.

Later, after Zhao Zhuorei was admitted to Tsinghua University, he was very popular in school because of his handsome appearance and cheerful personality. When others talked about learning, he would always sigh heavily.

“I’m forced to study. If your parents are Xueba, your brother is Xueba, your sister is Xueba, and your whole family is Xueba, you have to study and be excellent. When you break the exam, you feel like a reform through labor prisoner and can’t raise your head at home.” [2]“学” means study. “霸” means the king. It mostly refers to students who study really hard, and rarely participate in social activities. They always get high scores in important exams.

The words are said in jest, but the reason is indeed this reason.

Zhao Zhuoming is the worst student in the Zhao family. But who let him have a father who can earn money? He is a real rich second generation. The money his father earned, even if he worked hard to spend it all, he will never be able to empty all his father’s money with it all his life. That’s why Zhao Zhuoming also took an examination at the University of science and technology, majoring in architecture. After graduation, he is ready to become the prince of his father’s real estate company. Zhao Zhuorei was most envious of this cousin of his.

Of course, these are later words. We will continue to go back to the present: 1990.

Zhao Donglin and Jiahui were busy people, but today it was rare for them to go back home together.

Zhao Donglin is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the Wudong Provincial Party Committee and the head of the provincial economic development zone. In the past ten years, he has made a lot of achievements in the economy.

“Dad, mom, you’re back.”

Zhao Xinyi saw her parents enter the yard and happily came out of the room. She affectionately held Jiahui’s hand.

“Have you had dinner with your brother?”

Zhao Xinyi smiled and shook her head. “I didn’t eat it. My brother came back and said he was hungry and asked me to heat up a bowl of noodles, but his belly was like a black hole. I’m sure he’s hungry again now.”

While talking, Zhao Zhuorei also came out of the room.

“Dad, mom.”

Zhao Donglin was stricter with his son, so Zhao Zhuorei was still afraid of his father. At this moment, Zhao Donglin’s eyes lightly sweep over him, and Zhao Zhuorei inexplicably feels that he has done something wrong.

“Dad, I finished my homework, and I’ve studied it. I’ve won first place in this monthly exam. I am friendly to my classmates and respect my teachers at school. I haven’t done anything wrong, have I?”

Jiahui chuckled. She turned her head and looked at her husband. As his position became higher and higher, his face became fiercer and fiercer like Bao Gong. No wonder whenever her son saw him, he looked like a mouse that saw a cat.

“Your father just looks like this. If you make a mistake, he will not stare at you. He’ll beat you with a stick.”

Zhao Zhuorui murmured discontentedly, “It’s a fascist education…”

When Zhao Donglin’s eyes swept again, Zhao Zhuorei quickly closed his mouth and ran back to the house. He also missed a smile on the corner of Zhao Donglin’s mouth.

It’s rare for the family to sit together for dinner. Jiahui warmed up the dishes that could be eaten at noon and fried two new ones.

“You two should eat more. It’s the time for your body to grow. You need to supplement your body with more vegetables and protein. You can’t be picky about food. Only in this way can you grow tall.”

“Mom, I’m already 1.66 meters. I don’t want to grow any taller.”

Girls are not short if they are 1.67 meters. If they become taller, they will be 1.7 meters. Zhao Xinyi does not like to be too tall.

“It doesn’t matter. Girls usually stop growing when they reach the age of 18. You are just right.”

Jiahui comforted her daughter and looked down at her son, saying, “Zhuorui, you have to play more basketball and drink more milk. Your father and brother are both 1.8. You can’t be left behind. “

Zhao Zhuorui choked on his rice. He patted his chest and coughed with a red face. After coughing, he complained about a little unhappiness, “Mom, I’m only 13 years old, and I’m already one of the best in the class.” Aren’t you asking too much of me? “

Zhao Donglin looked over and put down his chopsticks. Zhao Zhuorei’s anger immediately disappeared, and he said, in a condescending manner, “I’m just reasoning with my mother, not being mean to my mother.”

There is an unwritten rule at home that everyone must abide by. You can’t talk loudly to your mother, don’t make her angry, or make her cry. Or else, Dad will definitely teach the who made a mistake a lesson.

Therefore, the sons of the Zhao family have a gentlemanly demeanor that their peers don’t have, thus attracting the hearts of many girls, as the saying goes. “Unintentionally passing through like a wind, but causing torrents.”


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1 which means chatting and laughing freely with people who are knowledgeable, and it means that people who make friends are different from ordinary people.
2 “学” means study. “霸” means the king. It mostly refers to students who study really hard, and rarely participate in social activities. They always get high scores in important exams.

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