The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 55 – Aries ◦ Misty Rain City

Chen Ling suspected that she might have returned and was being beaten up by her boss…

After all, not only did the mission fail, but they also lost five high-level mages.

His guess was completely correct.

In a distant hidden realm, a man with a black veil covering his face was angrily berating and physically assaulting Huan Yingying.

“F*cking useless trash.”

“What Curse Master? You’re useless!”

Huan Yingying’s expression while being beaten this time was completely different from when she was beaten by Chen Ling. Her face was filled with fear, and she couldn’t even bring herself to look at the man in front of her. She endured the beating and insults, not daring to utter a word, even if she spat blood.

“Wait a minute…” Chen Ling suddenly realized something.

Could the addition or subtraction of points be related to one’s strength?

In this city, there were no individuals with high strength, so Chen Ling couldn’t even find someone who would add or subtract more than a hundred points. But on that night, the people who came included a curse master who could deduct 100 points at once.

And then there was Lin Yi, whose level was lower than a curse master, but he could deduct 1000 points at once. So Chen Ling speculated that perhaps, for people other than Sui Li’er, they needed a certain level of strength to deduct so many points.

Sui Li’er was an anomaly, but let’s not discuss that for now.

In that case, Chen Ling would have to find a place with more powerful individuals.

This Nanyun City was just a small city on the N-line. Perhaps going to a city where strong individuals gathered would encounter more people who deducted more points?

Then Chen Ling opened the dimensional overview.

He began to search for cities.

There were a total of 12 super first-tier cities worldwide.

That’s right, they were all under the jurisdiction of the 12 Star Leaders and were located directly below their respective zodiac constellations. They were bustling with activity!

Those were the gathering places of high-level grand mages and curse masters. Powerful mages were all scrambling to establish themselves there.

Chen Ling thought about capturing a few curse masters again. Then he looked at Sui Li’er beside him and said, “Hey, silly.”

Sui Li’er was watching the projection, thinking to herself: What is this thing? It actually has images? It’s just like the holographic projection magic, able to show what’s happening all over the world!

Logically speaking, the technological level of projection shouldn’t be lower than the holographic projection in this world. But since Sui Li’er had never seen it before, it was impressive…

Hearing Chen Ling’s voice, she subconsciously replied, “Huh? What’s up?”

She didn’t realize that Chen Ling called her a silly person.

Chen Ling chuckled lightly and asked, “Do you have any city you want to go to? A super first-tier city, the main city of which zodiac?”

“Hmm? Super first-tier, huh?” Sui Li’er pondered for a moment, recalling the cities she had been to over the past ten years.

“Um… how about Aries – Misty Rain City? Hehe.”

Chen Ling raised an eyebrow upon hearing her answer and asked, “Why?”

“Because it’s so warm there! Even the rain is warm!”

Misty Rain City, located beneath the Aries constellation, was indeed warm.

And it happened to be within the borders of Huaguo (Fire Country).

This world was divided into four elemental countries.

There were the Fire Country, Wind Country, Water Country, and Earth Country, representing the fire, wind, water, and earth elements respectively. Huaguo represented the fire element, and the constellations Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius were all within its borders.

Mingguo represented the wind element, with the constellations Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini within its borders.

Nanguo represented the water element, with the constellations Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces…

Jinguo represented the earth element, with the constellations Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo among them.

In order to maintain a balance of power among the 12 constellations, the concept of power alternation was introduced. Everyone governs together, ensuring fairness and justice.

Misty Rain City, the main city of Aries, is a city where it has been raining continuously. The rain in the city is naturally caused by the Aries constellation, designed to cool down the people. Sometimes, the rain is even hot, due to the explosive energy from the Aries constellation above.

With summer-like seasons and perennial rain and mist, it is named Misty Rain City. It is truly a warm city.

After hearing this, Chen Ling smiled and said, “Okay, if you like it, I’ll take you there.”

“Yay! Really? You’re so good!”

“Woohoo!” Sui Li’er happily bounced on the sofa, causing Chen Ling to sway along.

He extended his hand with a smile and said softly, “Hand.”

“Oh, hehe.” Sui Li’er pursed her lips and lightly placed her small hand on his.

Then, Chen Ling took Sui Li’er and their house, directly changing their location and arriving at Aries – Misty Rain City!

Just like playing a game, they switched maps directly, without any loading time, very convenient.

“We’re here.” Chen Ling sat on the sofa and said calmly.

Sui Li’er was momentarily stunned.

What? We’re already here?

Surprised, she looked out the window and indeed, there was the familiar continuous drizzle. “Wow! Can I go out and take a look?”


Upon hearing this, Sui Li’er smiled and immediately jumped up from the sofa, running outside.

At that moment, the temperature in Misty Rain City was around 30 degrees Celsius, so Chen Ling removed the temperature control from Sui Li’er.

“By the way… There shouldn’t be that big fly outside, right?” Sui Li’er stood at the doorway, looking at Chen Ling with a hint of fear.

Chen Ling smiled and replied, “No, those magicians in this city have already killed them all.”

“Hehe, then I’ll go out!”

Afterward, Sui Li’er opened the door, and a gentle breeze accompanied by warm streams and drizzling rain touched her tender face. She felt refreshed.

She stepped out gently and realized that the house was still on a rooftop.

The place Chen Ling found was located in Aries – Misty Rain City, in a residential area in the closest central region to the constellation’s core area, the Double Seas Domain. Those who could live in the Double Seas Domain were either powerful and influential individuals or wealthy and formidable people.

It was a gathering place for the wealthy in Misty Rain City.

At a height of 80 floors, the wind was light, but it was definitely not as warm as the ground.

With 80 floors, it was basically the tallest building in the city. Looking down, the entire city was shrouded in mist and drizzle.

Raindrops fell to the ground, quickly evaporated, rose up into the mist, and then fell again as raindrops. This cycle repeated, enveloping the entire city in mist.

The humid climate was very nourishing, and people who grew up here from a young age had generally smooth and hydrated skin. That’s why Misty Rain City was also known as the “City of Fairies.”

Of course, there were also those unfortunate souls whom not even the climate could save, but they were still a minority. It was considered a city with the highest average attractiveness.

Sui Li’er stood in the drizzle, opened her arms, tilted her small head back, closed her eyes, and quietly felt the light rain that wouldn’t soak her too much. She felt completely relaxed, body and soul.

Chen Ling also stepped out and walked towards Sui Li’er, who was happily embracing nature in front of her. Silently, he approached her, turning his head to look at her.

The misty rain wetted her long eyelashes, and a layer of glistening mist covered her face, making her look very beautiful.

She was truly beautiful.

“Hehe, thank you,” Sui Li’er suddenly turned her head to look at Chen Ling and noticed that he was looking at her. She couldn’t help but reveal her adorable little tiger tooth.

When she turned her head, the person she loved the most was right beside her. How could she not feel delighted?

Chen Ling said calmly, “No need to thank me.”

Then he turned his gaze to the city below his feet.

It was still morning, so the fog was a bit thicker. But by noon, the intense sun would penetrate the mist and illuminate the city, revealing its unique beauty.

“Well… I thought it would be even more beautiful from up here, but I can’t see anything.”

“This city is actually very beautiful. It should be better around noon.”

“Oh…” After speaking, Chen Ling put his hands in his pockets and took two steps forward.

He glanced faintly at the fog in front of him. With a light leap, his body rotated gently in the air, spinning like a top. Then, without warning, he kicked the air.

“Whoosh!” A powerful energy spread out, accompanied by a gust of wind, rushing out like an avalanche.


The drizzling rain was carried away by the strong wind, and the fog beneath their feet dissipated completely.

A strong gust of wind swept across the entire city.

Everyone on the streets couldn’t help but look up, astonished, at the gradually clearing sky. The wind felt so natural, without any trace of energy. They instinctively thought it was a natural wind and couldn’t recall experiencing such a strong wind before.

Many children were blown off the ground. If they weren’t resilient, they might have been seriously injured upon landing.

They couldn’t imagine that it was caused by Chen Ling’s kick. If that kick had hit the ground, the entire city would have split open.


Although Chen Ling was the one who kicked, the airflow lifted Sui Li’er as well. Her petite body was lifted off the ground by the strong wind, her feet leaving the surface. She felt a powerful impact on her back, as if she had been hit by a fluffy cotton ball.

When she flew past Chen Ling, she instinctively reached out her hand. When their eyes met, it seemed that she suddenly became less afraid. In her heart, she firmly believed: he will definitely catch me.


Chen Ling gently grabbed her and pulled her back.

Sui Li’er quickly held onto his arm.

See, I told you he would! It’s my skill after all. Hmph…

Strangely, even with such a strong wind, Chen Ling stood still in his place. He only looked down at the city with an indifferent gaze. The fog had already dispersed due to the gust of wind he generated, revealing the entire appearance of the city.

Apart from this central area, most of the buildings were relatively short, with an antique charm.

However, Sui Li’er didn’t look at the city below her feet. Instead, she was once again captivated by his cold yet beautiful eyes.

She couldn’t help but marvel in her heart: perhaps only Lord God could possess such enchanting eyes.

She murmured to herself: “Really so beautiful…”

Chen Ling didn’t look at her, thinking she was referring to the city. He casually replied: “It’s alright.”

“No, I mean your eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world.”

Chen Ling paused for a moment and turned his head to look at her. With her head tilted and her arms wrapped around herself, she looked clingy and adorable.

Her cute and affectionate appearance directly broke through his defenses.

Chen Ling had always believed that mature women were the best. But ever since he met Sui Li’er, he didn’t know when it started, but his preference for mature women had collapsed.

A flag with the word “lolita” written on it was waving in his heart, swaying in the wind and would never break again.

“You’re beautiful too.” Chen Ling suddenly whispered, his voice even softer than before.

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