The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 31

Chapter 31

“That’s it?” Uncle Yang thinks this reason is too farfetched. Even if his wife was a bit nagging or said something bad, it wasn’t so bad that she needed to be mute, right? This is too serious. We are a family, so why make it so serious?

“Humph! She must have said something bad again. ” Grandpa Yang, who was at the side, slapped the table heavily, full of displeasure, “If she didn’t talk nonsense, then would Shiyi make her unable to speak? What? Do you think she is still reasonable? “

“Dad—” second uncle Yang, was scolded by Grandpa Yang, and his face turned red, “But she can’t just make herself mute. How can she live? It’s too much. “

Grandpa Yang glanced at Song Juanhua sarcastically. “Too much? Why didn’t she think she was going too far when she was talking nonsense? I think we should teach her a long lesson, it’s good to talk less and offend less. “

Seeing his own father’s attitude, Uncle Yang sighed helplessly. He also knew that his father didn’t like his wife, but after all, she had been with him for so many years and was the mother of his four children. Could he really ignore her like this?

Second uncle Yang grabbed his head in frustration, walked up to Shiyi, and bowed to her, “Doctor Shiyi, I know my wife has a broken mouth and likes to talk nonsense. It must have made you angry, but please be kind enough to forgive her, I will teach her a good lesson so that she will not dare next time.”

Shiyi didn’t speak, but casually stood up and took her empty bowl to the kitchen. After a while, she filled the bowl with rice and sat down to eat it.

“Dr. Shiyi.” Second Uncle Yang was anxious and wanted to plead again, but he was stopped by Yang Shifeng. “Second uncle, don’t rush Shiyi to forgive. Let’s find out what happened. “

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi. “Shiyi, what did your second aunt say to you? Have you been wronged? “

Song Juanhua was so angry when she heard this that her seven apertures were about to rise to heaven. [1]the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth What’s this? Did she bully the little witch? It’s obvious that the little witch bullied her. Why is it that the little witch is wronged when she comes here? Song Juanhua was so angry that she stepped on Uncle Yang’s feet and let him decide.

Uncle Yang’s face was wrinkled with pain, but he didn’t say what Song Jianhua wanted. Instead, he asked, along with Yang Shifeng’s words: “Doctor Shi, tell me, what did Shifeng’s aunt say?”

Shiyi is not the kind of person who would be wronged silently when others tell her something and she holds back the grievance in her heart. She told Yang Shifeng the truth: “She said that if I continue to live with you, you will be laughed at by people and delay your marriage.” She said I should be self-conscious and don’t delay you.”

With these words, Yang Shifeng changed his face in an instant. He clenched his fist subconsciously, and he said what his heart wanted to say: “Shiyi, don’t listen to her nonsense. It’s not like this. You didn’t delay me, no you didn’t! “

Shiyi chewed for a moment, then bowed her head and continued to eat, and said faintly, “Oh.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t understand what her “Oh” meant. Did she care or didn’t? Was she angry? “Shiyi, don’t take it seriously. I… Grandpa and I like, you, living in our house. You can stay as long as you want, just take what others say as nonsense. Don’t care about it.”

Grandpa Yang glared at Song Juanhua and Uncle Yang. Grandpa Yang explained to Shiyi: “Miss Shiyi, you are welcome in our family. You can live here as long as you want. If others say anything, you can think of it as nonsense. Don’t mind it.”

Shiyi smiled at Grandpa Yang and said, “I didn’t care, she was just annoying.”

Grandpa Yang was a little relieved to hear what Shiyi said. It’s good that she didn’t take it to heart. He was really afraid that if Miss Shiyi was angry and wanted to leave, his eldest grandson would be worried to death.

Yang Shifeng’s heart hasn’t completely relaxed yet. He looked at Shiyi inquisitively to see if she really didn’t care. Unfortunately, Shiyi’s face was as usual, and he couldn’t read what was in her mind.

Yang Shifeng’s chest suddenly became painful and stuffy. At this moment, he really hated Song Juanhua and said impolitely. “Second aunt, you can eat indiscriminately, but don’t talk nonsense. Don’t come to my house in the future. You’re not welcome in my house. “

Song Juanhua stared at Yang Shifeng in disbelief. Seeing that he was not joking, she was so angry that she shook Uncle Yang’s arm and motioned him to see what his good nephew was saying.

Second Uncle Yang threw away her hand. If he was just very angry with Shiyi’s actions, then it’s fine, but at this moment, it has all been turned into an embarrassment. He really didn’t expect his wife to say this. Can Yang Shifeng be happy when she said this? And Shifeng. He knows how much Shifeng likes Doctor Shiyi. His wife said these. How can Shifeng not be angry? Isn’t this ruining Shifeng’s marriage?

This woman is really confused.

“Juanhua, how can you talk nonsense like this? Doctor Shiyi has just cured your brother’s leg. She is our benefactor. You’re confused! ” Uncle Yang pointed to Song Juanhua, “Quickly apologize to Dr. Shiyi!”

Song Juanhua looked at Uncle Yang incredulously. Her eyes were spitting fire and she was about to swear. However, she couldn’t make a sound. She was so angry that she grabbed Uncle Yang’s arm and twisted it desperately. She screamed at Uncle Yang but Uncle Yang quickly shook her hand. “Are you crazy? Well, if you don’t apologize, you’ll always be mute! I don’t care anymore.”

Uncle Yang turned and left. He really didn’t want to care about her.

Song Juanhua was in a hurry. She didn’t want to be mute. In a hurry, Song Juanhua rushed up and pulled Uncle Yang with no intention of letting him go. It was rare to see a look of begging on her face.

Second uncle Yang couldn’t help but soften his heart. He sighed heavily, took Juanhua’s hand, and dragged her to Shiyi. He scolded, “Nowapologize to Dr. Shiyi!”

Song Juan couldn’t help it anymore. She folded her hands and bowed down to Shiyi, saying sorry with her mouth.

“Dr. Shiyi, as you can see, she knows she’s wrong and apologized to you. Just forgive her and let her talk again. ” Uncle Yang prayed.

However, Shiyi put the bowl on the table, turned around, and went back to her room. The door was slammed shut, isolating the people outside.

Uncle Yang got up at a loss and looked at Yang Shifeng imploringly, “Shifeng, your second aunt knows she’s wrong. Please help your second aunt beg for mercy. How can your second aunt live if she’s mute? “

Yang Shifeng calmly cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks. “Second uncle, I think it’s good for my second aunt to talk less.”

“This…” Uncle Yang frowned and went to see Grandpa Yang again. However, Grandpa Yang also went back to his room for a nap with a crutch and didn’t intend to pay attention to him.

Uncle Yang had no choice but to brazenly sit in the hall with Song Juanhua and wait, waiting for Shiyi to come out of the room and continue to plead, and waiting for Yang Shifeng to be soft-hearted enough to plead for them.

However, Shiyi stayed in the room all afternoon and didn’t come out until dinner.

Yang Shifeng directly prepared meals for three people this time. As for Yang Ershu and Song Juanhua, he chose to ignore them.

Second Uncle Yang sighed helplessly. He knew that his nephew had offended him this time. He blamed the stupid woman. But after all, she is the child’s mother. He can’t really ignore her.

“Dr. Shiyi, I know that my wife has a bad mouth. Can you spare her for the last time? The two little ones in the family still need to be taken care of. Their mother can’t talk. How bad would it be? Have pity for the two children and treat her. “

Song Juanhua was really scared and wanted to knock herself to death. Why did she go out of her mind to offend the little witch? She knew she had all kinds of powerful methods for dealing with people. How could she forget it! Pig brain!

Song Juanhua apologized to Shiyi with her hands folded in tears. She hoped she would forgive her once and she would never dare again next time.

Shiyi ate her own meal indifferently and didn’t take their pleas seriously. Until she finished eating, she said, “Don’t beg me. It’s most suitable for such a person to not talk, otherwise, we won’t know when her tongue will be pulled out.” With that, Shiyi made a gesture of pulling out her tongue, which scared Song Juanhua enough to scream silently.

Seeing that she was frightened, Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng and said, “Yang Shifeng, I’ll leave tomorrow. Thank you for this time. “

A word that was like thunder.

“Pa—,” the chopsticks fell to the ground, and Yang Shifeng’s hand was motionless in the air.

Shiyi didn’t see what he looked like now. She turned to Grandpa Yang and said, “For your legs, you just have to drink the medicine for a period of time, and you will recover slowly. In addition, this is a prescription for health preservation. If you use it more in the future, you can live a long life. ” Shiyi puts her prescription in front of Grandpa Yang.

Grandpa Yang doesn’t care about the prescription now. He looked at his stunned grandson and felt distressed. “Dr. Shiyi, why did you leave so soon? Did living here make you unhappy? Was it because Shifeng’s aunt’s words made you unhappy? “

Shiyi waved her hand carelessly, “No. what I’ve always planned is to leave when your legs are completely healed, and now it’s time to leave.”

Now Grandpa Yang doesn’t know what to say, because there’s no reason to force others to stay. It’s Shifeng… Grandpa Yang looked anxiously at his eldest grandson.

Yang Shifeng didn’t say a word, but there was no brilliance in his eyes. He bent down rigidly, picked up the chopsticks on the ground, and went to the kitchen step by step.

Shiyi looked at his back for a moment, got up, and went back to her room.

Grandpa Yang knew that his grandson was having a hard time and was so angry that he pounded his cane and shouted angrily at Uncle Yang: “Get out of here! Look at what you have done! Don’t let me see you in the future. “

Second Uncle Yang was feeling bitter. He didn’t expect that the matter was so serious that it made her want to leave. Although Shiyi said it wasn’t about Song Juanhua’s words, second uncle Yang thought it was caused by his wife’s random words, which made him feel very guilty. He was embarrassed to stay here again and forced Song Juanhua back.



The knock on the door sounded in the silent night. Shiyi opened her eyes and remained silent for a moment. She got up and got out of bed and opened the door. Yang Shifeng stood outside the door.

“What’s up?”

Yang Shifeng looked at her quietly. There seemed to be thousands of words in his eyes. Finally, he only said one sentence, “Can you not go?”

Shiyi looked back at him for a moment. “No. I don’t belong here. I’ll go sooner or later. “

Yang Shifeng’s heart trembled and his throat trembled, “Where are you going?”

“I’ll go wherever I can.”

Yang Shifeng’s shoulders collapsed slightly, and his strength seemed to be drained. His heart was desolate at this moment. He realized very clearly that she was really going to leave, and he couldn’t keep her.

He has always understood in his heart that she will leave sooner or later, but he still wants to try to make her like this place and hope she can stay. However, hope was still hope after all.

Yang Shifeng didn’t know what he could do. In fact, he can’t do anything. He only has a heart that loves her.

But would she lose her just like this?

“Shiyi……” Yang Shifeng closed his eyes and opened them again. He accumulated all the courage in his chest and put all his eggs in one basket, “I like you very much. Can you stay? I know I’m poor, but I’ll try to make you live a good life. I’ll treat you well and make you happy. Will you stay?”

Yang Shifeng finished, clenched his fist tightly, his heart nervous and hopeful, waiting for the final decree.

Shiyi felt a trace of discomfort in her heart. She paused for two seconds before firmly shaking her head, “Yang Shifeng, I don’t belong here, and I’m just a passer-by in your life.”

Yang Shifeng’s fist suddenly loosened. The last expectation in his eyes was finally sunk, and he finally fell silent.

Shiyi pursed her lips. “It’s late. Go back to bed. ” Then she took the lead in closing the door.

She didn’t want to see his eyes, which would make her uncomfortable.

That night, Shiyi didn’t sleep very well. She woke up before dawn the next day. Shiyi didn’t want to sleep anymore. She just got up and planned to go early and arrive in town early.

As soon as she opened the door, Shiyi was startled by the man outside the door. “Yang Shifeng, you haven’t gone to bed all night?”

Yang Shifeng still maintained his posture last night, but his beard grew out, and his eyes were red and very haggard.

He didn’t answer Shiyi’s words. He quietly let her open the way. His voice was hoarse and ugly. “I steamed a bun and prepared hot water in the pot. Have some.”

Shiyi frowned. This big fool was rejected by her, but, why is he still kind to her? Is this man out of his mind?

Shiyi ignored the man and didn’t go to the kitchen. She went directly to the yard, brushed her teeth with well water, and washed her face. Then she went into the room, picked up her medicine box, and carried it on her back. Shiyi walked out of the door and started walking towards the town.

However, as she took one step, the person behind her followed. The sound of tight footsteps made her very upset. She had to turn around and stare at the person behind her, “Why are you following me?”

Yang Shifeng looked at her quietly and said nothing.

Shiyi took a deep breath and decided to ignore the man. She wanted to see how far he could follow her.

However, seeing that she was almost in town and the person behind her was still following her, Shiyi became angry and said, “When are you going to follow me?”

Yang Shifeng looked at her with red eyes and didn’t say a word, but it made her feel uncomfortable when she looked at her.

Shiyi’s heart suddenly trembled, and an indescribable emotion surged up. She didn’t understand where this strange emotion came from, but she didn’t like what she couldn’t understand.

She and he had an unexpected intersection. They were not and will not be from the same world, may it be in the past or in the future. There will be no intersection between them. Then why? His love will only last for a while. There is no one in the world who can’t live without her. The days after this would still be good. Why stick to the impossible?

This fool is only temporarily trapped and can’t get out. In that case, she will help him out completely.

Shiyi looked straight at Yang Shifeng, “Yang Shifeng, I know you like me.”

Yang Shifeng looked back at Shiyi and tightened his lips.

Shiyi then said, word by word, “But I don’t like you.”

With these words, Yang Shifeng’s heart completely fell into the dust and was broken into pieces.

Shiyi didn’t intend to let him go like this. Her words were cold and cruel. “Yang Shifeng, do you know why I don’t like you? Because you are a stupidly good guy. Good to everyone and kind to everyone, especially your annoying second uncle family. What I, Shiyi hate the most is a stupid good guy, like you, do you understand? You make me sick.”

Hate? These two words are like a sharp sword heavily stabbed into Yang Shifeng’s heart.

It turned out that she hated him. Yang Shifeng never knew that a person’s words could hurt people so much that his heart was bleeding.

It hurts, it hurts.

Shiyi forcefully closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, her eyes became emotionless. Shiyi turned around and walked away. Yang Shifeng, who was facing Shiyi’s back could not take another step.

T/N: I was crying while translating this. T___T

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1 the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth

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