The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Uncle Sun cuts the meat, while Yang Shifeng weighing the meat. The two people buried their heads and been working hard all morning, until the sun rose high at noon, the yard full of people finally dispersed with a satisfied smile.

By then, there was less than a tenth of the boar left.

Yang Shifeng used a knife to cut off a large piece of meat on the hind legs, tied it up with a rope and handed it to Uncle Sun, “Uncle, you have worked hard today, take this meat home to eat. I will not sell the remaining, I’ll keep it at home for my family.”

Uncle Sun didn’t act polite and happily took at least five or six kilograms of pork. He said while smiling from ear to ear, “Then okay, Uncle will be leaving now. I’ll leave the tools for you. Just send them to me after you’re done with it.”

Yang Shifeng thanked him.

After sending Uncle Sun out the door, he used his knife to cut out several portions of the remaining meat, which he intended to give to the people who helped him carry the wild boar in the mountains yesterday.

“Oh, Shifeng, this is the only meat left?” Song Juanhua came in from the door with a smile, staring at the meat on the ground.

Yang Shifeng looked up at her, bowed his head and continued to cut the boar, “well, it’s sold out.”

Song Juanhua bristled and beckoned the two little ones following behind her to come quickly, “Come and see, this is the wild boar meat your big brother hunted, there is only this much left, if you don’t look at it now, you will have nothing to see.”

The little boy was worried when he heard his mother’s words. He hurried to the meat with short legs and said to Yang Shifeng, “Big brother, I want to eat meat. Don’t sell it out. When it’s sold out, I have nothing to eat.”

When the little girl saw her brother run to Shifeng’s side, and she ran forward to squat and look at the meat on the ground, shouting that she wanted to eat meat.

Song Juanhua looked at it with a smile.

Yang Shifeng ignored Song Juanhua and handed the little boy a piece of pork that almost weighed four or five kilograms next to him, “Here, this is the meat for your family. Take it back to your father.”

The little boy’s eyes lit up when he saw such a big piece of meat. He didn’t think the pork was dirty. He held the pork and stood up and ran to Song Juanhua. “Mom, look, my big brother gave me such a big piece of meat.”

“Brother, wait for me, and I also want to hold the meat.” The little girl ran after the boy.

Song Juanhua looked at the size of the meat, but her face was didn’t look very good. She was too dissatisfied with the size of the meat given to their family. Such a big pig, with a total of 500 or 600 kilograms, and he could only give 4 or 5 kilograms of meat to their family? He’s too stingy. Why don’t you give 50 or 60 kilograms?

(T/N: girl, you’re dreaming)

Song Juanhua first asked the two children to take the meat home, and then said to Yang Shifeng, “Shifeng, even if your uncle was old, he still went to the mountain with you to carry the wild boar for you without any complains. He always had you in his heart. Even his own son can’t compare to you, your uncle treats you better than his own son. “

Yang Shifeng cut the meat with his head down and kept silent.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Song Juanhua rolled her eyes and began to talk about the past. “When you were young, your second uncle often hid his ration for you to eat. He is a big man, yet he would go hungry and skinny every day. Do you still remember these?”

Yang Shifeng divided the meat on the ground, put it on a rope and put it in his hand, then walked outside the door. When she came to Song Juanhua, she said, “Aunt, there’s so much left. What’s left is for grandpa to eat. You won’t take grandpa’s meat, right?”

“You—” Song Juanhua was so angry that she wanted to swear, but Yang Shifeng had gone out to deliver meat and ignored her.

Song Juanhua couldn’t say what she wanted to say. She stamped her feet, turned her head and looked at the meat left on the ground. It looked like there were more than ten kilograms. They still have a lot of meat left in their hands. Can the old man finish eating it all?

Song Juanhua looked around and saw no one was there. So, she quietly walked to the meat and was about to reach out to pick up the meat on the ground. Suddenly her hand was hit by a stone. Her hands became numb in an instant.

Song Juanhua cried out in pain. She covered her injured hand with her other hand. “Who? Who dares to beat your mother?” [1]It’s like I, your Father, or something, it’s used to belittle someone.

“Me.” Shiyi came out of the house and faintly looked at Song Juanhua. ” Keep your hands to yourself. You can take what’s given to you, but don’t try to touch what’s not yours.”

When Song Juanhua saw that it was Shiyi, she felt a little embarrassed. During the past few days, she has been respectful whenever she meets Shiyi. Who made her be the doctor who would cure his brother? But now that her brothers leg has been cured and there’s no need to apply any medicine to his leg. He only needs to drink medicine, this means, she doesn’t need Shiyi anymore.

Thinking of this, Song Juanhua became more confident. She was not as careful as before. She smiled and said, “Oh, it’s Dr. Shiyi. I wasn’t doing anything here. Can’t I just look at it? I’m his second aunt. Can’t I look at my nephew’s things? As for my qualifications, I seem to be more qualified to manage things here than you? After all, you have no specific relationship with Shifeng, don’t you?”

Shiyi hooked her mouth, dragged a stool and sat down in front of the pork. “Then do you think Yang Shifeng will be willing to be managed by you? Or…me?”
Song Juanhua choked. Of course, she knew that the smelly boy Yang Shifeng was fascinated by this little witch now. What this woman said, Shifeng would do it. However, the woman was too shameless. Can she say this casually?

“Dr. Shiyi, I didn’t mean any harm. You’re a girl but you don’t pay much attention. If you live together like this, are you not afraid of being the talk of the people? You don’t have any relationship with Shifeng, you don’t plan to marry him, so you must be ready when you leave. It’s not good to occupy someone’s room like this. You’ll delay Shifeng’s search for wife. Be human, and be more conscious of your surroundings.”

Shiyi was silent for a moment. She raised her eyelids, looked at Song Juanhua without any emotion in her eyes, “Why do you care? Are you a dog who catches mice?” [2]Dog who catches mice- meddlesome.

“You!” Song Juanhua was angry and patted her chest. “Shifeng’s parents were not here. I’m Shifeng’s second aunt. It’s natural for me to care about him. In the future, I have to take care of everything when he marries a wife. Why can’t I take care of it?”

Song Juanhua said with a smile, “Besides, Shifeng is young and not sensible. As his second aunt, can’t I think about my nephew’s future wife? If my nephew’s future wife knows that a girl’s family is staying here, who will marry Shifeng? Can he be single all his life? It’s not kind of you Doctor Shiyi.”

Song Juanhua was completely unscrupulous and released her dissatisfaction with Shiyi.

Shiyi pursed her lips and stared at Song Juanhua. Suddenly, she hated the words Song Juanhua vomited out of her mouth, and she also hated this person. She was too noisy!

Shiyi approached Song Juanhua step by step. This frightened Song Juanhua, she unconsciously stepped back and said, “What are you doing? I… I am telling you, don’t think… Don’t try to mess around.”

Shiyi stood in front of Song Juanhua without saying a word and moved her hand. Song Juanhua only felt a slight pain in her neck, which was basically negligible. Then Shiyi turned back to the stool and continued to sit.

Song Juanhua didn’t understand what she was doing. She wanted to ask her what she meant, but she couldn’t make a sound with her mouth open.

She lost her voice! Song Juanhua was shocked and shouted desperately, but there was no sound at all.

Song Juanhua covered her throat in horror. Her other hand trembled and pointed to Shiyi. Her lips kept moving. She didn’t dare to get close for fear of being beaten by Shiyi.

Shiyi faintly looked at her frightened appearance for a while. Then she held her cheek in her hand and said, “Now I’ll give you a chance. Either you go immediately, or I’ll let you try the feeling of being paralyzed. What do you think?”

Song Juanhua was shocked and ran home without thinking. When she came to the threshold, she tripped, fell and rolled out, and finally ran away.

Shiyi pulled the corners of her mouth and looked out of the gate. “Come in if you want to come in. What are you doing stealthily!”

There was no movement outside the gate. After a while, a figure appeared at the gate and came in with a basket.

Song Cuilan swallowed her saliva and stood far away from Shiyi. Her fingers clenched the basket tightly and her heart was nervous. Just now Song Juanhua was silenced by Shiyi. She saw it clearly. Her legs went soft in fear. She was preparing to leave quietly, but Shiyi knew she was there.

“I… I’m… I’m here to buy meat.”

Shiyi glanced at her basket, looked up at her again, and said faintly, “The meat is gone. You can go.”

Song Cuilan swallowed her saliva and wanted to turn around and leave, but somehow, after looking at Shiyi’s expression that didn’t pay attention to anything, a sense of reluctance suddenly rose in her heart. This reluctance made her bold to turned around and face Shiyi. Song Cuilan said what she wanted to say: “Do you like Brother Shifeng?”

Shiyi’s blinking eyelashes trembled slightly. She raised her eyes and stared at Song Cuilan nervously. She didn’t speak.

After saying the first sentence, Song Cuilan also had some courage and continued, “I heard what you just said, you plan to leave, you will not marry Brother Shi Feng, right?”

Shiyi raised her eyebrows to see what she was going to say.

Song Cuilan: “Since you don’t like him, why stay with him? You know he likes you. In this way, he will only be more and more inseparable from you. As long as you are here, he won’t marry other women and be alone all his life. Is this what you want? The deeper he likes you, the deeper the pain. Do you want to hurt him more?”

Song Cuilan’s eyes filled with tears. “Dr. Shiyi, are you too selfish? Brother Shifeng is so kind to you. You shouldn’t treat him like this. He will be sad.”

After Song Cuilan stopped talking, she wiped her tears, turned her head and ran away. Looking at the posture, she looked like she was running for her life.

Shiyi also ignored her and sat on the stool and lost in thought.

Is she selfish? Well she agrees, but everyone is selfish. She can’t do things like devoting herself to others. She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with being selfish.

Shiyi didn’t care what Song Juanhua and Song Cuilan said, but she listens to one thing. That’s what song Juanhua said: She will delay him from marrying a wife and having his own children.

She always knew that Yang Shifeng liked her, and his words and deeds were expressed to her clearly, but she couldn’t accept his feelings. Shiyi didn’t felt that way towards him, she’s just staying here temporarily and had to leave sooner or later.

Yang Shifeng and her were not destined to be in this world.

Yang Shifeng should find a hard-working and honest girl like him to spend his life with.

If her existence really made him refuse to find someone to marry and have children, or other girls are unwilling to marry him, it’s not very good. He wouldn’t be able to marry a wife.

If it were someone else, Shiyi would not care whether he got married or not. Anyway, it has nothing to do with her. Why should she care for them? But for Yang Shifeng, Shiyi is willing to think more for him. After all, this man is too stupid and kind to her. He held his heart out and gave it to her unreservedly. It is the first time she has met such a man in her life, and it is estimated to be the only time she will ever meet such a man. This unrequited goodness towards her made Shiyi willing to think about him for once.

Shiyi thinks it’s time to get out of here.

She had planned to wait until old man Yang’s legs were completely healed. Now it’s almost the same. Although grandpa Yang’s legs can’t walk like normal people, it’s only a matter of time for him to recover completely. So she won’t need to apply needles at all in the future, as long as the herbs are applied on time.

It’s no problem at all for her to walk away now.

After Shiyi thought about it, she stood up, patted her palm, turned into the room and began to pack her luggage.

In fact, Shiyi doesn’t have anything to bring. Yang Shifeng gave her everything. She’s not going to take it away. The only thing she wants to take away is the medicine box he made for her.
Shiyi patted the medicine box, went to the table, picked up the paper and brush and wrote something on the paper with the pen, dried it, looked at it, nodded, folded the paper and put it on her body.

“Shiyi, you’re out.” Yang Shifeng stood at the door of Shiyi’s room and said with a smile, “I just sent a few kilograms of meat to several families who helped carry the boar for us yesterday. It’s a thank-you gift. The rest is not sold. Let’s keep it for ourselves. I’ll pickle some of it. It won’t be easy for it to be spoiled and it can be eaten for a long time.”

Shiyi nodded.

Yang Shifeng then said, “Let’s have roasted pork at noon. How about I steam an egg for you and fry green vegetables? I’ll make braised ribs and meat cakes for you in the evening.”

Shiyi hooked her lips, “OK, cook more rice.” Today would be the last day she will eat his dishes. She should eat more.

“Hey, I’ll cook more. It must be enough for you.” Yang Shifeng smiled more and more brightly. He turned and picked up the knife, cut some streaky meat from the remaining pork, and then made a plate of braised meat with fragrant spray. The smell was so delicious that several families next door could smell the tempting smell.

Shiyi nibbled at the meat with great satisfaction.

Yang Shifeng took a piece of meat and gave it to Grandpa Yang, “yes, eat more. There’s still a lot of meat. Don’t be reluctant to eat more.”

Grandpa Yang smiled and narrowed his eyes. “OK, OK, Grandpa will eat.”

Yang Shifeng took another piece and put it into Shiyi’s bowl and smiled at her, “Eat more.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes at him. She would eat more without his reminder. This man likes to worry about the poor. He didn’t even eat the meat on his plate.

Shiyi threw a piece of meat that couldn’t be piled up in her bowl into Yang Shifeng’s bowl, “Eat yours, don’t nag.”

Yang Shifeng scratched his head, the corners of his mouth hooked with a smile and lowered his head to eat this piece of meat, only to feel that it was more delicious than anything else.

Grandpa Yang laughed and scolded Yang Shifeng, “Shiyi is right. You can eat more yourself. We don’t need you to worry about us. You are young and strong. It’s time to eat more.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and ate another mouthful of rice, “Yes.”

Just then, the anxious cry of Uncle Yang sounded outside the door, “Shifeng! Shifeng!”

Yang Shifeng looked up suspiciously. He saw Uncle Yang holding Song Juanhua with an abnormal face. When he saw Yang Shifeng, he immediately said, “Shifeng, look at your second aunt. She can’t speak!”

Yang Shifeng stood up. “How could this happen? Why can’t she talk?”

Song Juanhua’s face was ferocious. One hand covered her throat and the other pointed to Shiyi, who was still eating. Her lips made a great mouth shape: Yes – her——

Song Juanhua’s expression was too hard to ignore, and her mouthed words were easy to understand. Second uncle Yang looked at Shiyi skeptically, “Did Dr. Shiyi made you like this?”

Song Juanhua nodded fiercely and mouthed to show that it was her.

“This—” Uncle Yang didn’t understand what was going on, so he had to look at Shiyi. “Dr. Shiyi, Shifeng’s aunt said you made her like this. Is there any misunderstanding?”

Yang Shifeng and grandpa Yang also looked at Shiyi.

Shiyi calmly ate a piece of meat and another mouthful of rice. Then she nodded, “it’s me.”

Seeing that Shiyi admitted so openly, everyone present was stunned. Even Song Juanhua opened her eyes inconceivably. She thought Shiyi wasn’t going to admit it even she died. She had thought in her heart how to prove it. As a result, she didn’t expect Shiyi to admit to it so simply, which made her a little at a loss for a moment.

However, it’s always a good thing to admit it. After being stunned, song Juanhua immediately pointed to Shiyi and mouthed: she — accepted — admitted.

Uncle Yang frowned at Shiyi: “Doctor Shiyi, why did you do it? Has Shifeng’s aunt done anything?”

Shiyi just finished a bowl of rice, put down the dishes and chopsticks and said, “She was so noisy that I had a headache, so I told her to shut up.”


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1 It’s like I, your Father, or something, it’s used to belittle someone.
2 Dog who catches mice- meddlesome.


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