The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Shiyi took the bow and arrow from Yang Shifeng’s shoulder and stood up when Yang Shifeng didn’t react, instantly pulling the bow and arrow to the limit and aiming it at the wild boar.

“Shiyi, what are you doing!” Yang Shifeng was frightened by Shiyi that he could no longer hide and quickly stood up to protect Shiyi and ran.

Before Yang Shifeng could pull Shiyi, a violent buzzing sound came out, and the arrow in Shiyi’s hand had gone straight towards the wild boar with a force of thunder.

The arrow went straight into the eye of the wild boar, and the blood gushed out in an instant. The wild boar gave a scream, which was creepy, and Shiyi and Yang Shifeng were completely exposed at the sight of the wild boar.

The wild boar gave out a frightening roar, stared at the two people, and ran directly in their direction. Its momentum was more ferocious than before.

Shiyi pushed Yang Shifeng aside, “Yang Shifeng, climb up the tree and don’t come down.” With that, Shiyi’s figure has fled.

“Shiyi!!!” Yang Shifeng’s heart was frightened by Shiyi’s action, and his heart stopped for half a beat. He watched Shiyi rush towards the wild boar. Without enough time to think about it, he instinctively picked up the bow and arrow left by Shiyi, pulled the bow, and shot at the wild boar.

This arrow hit the boar’s stomach without hurting the vital part, but it made the boar’s speed increase. The boar was almost in front of them. The boar was in a state of madness. It was impossible for Yang Shifeng to shoot it again.

Yang Shifeng immediately put down the bow and arrow, took out the dagger from the bag, and ran to the wild boar.

Shiyi took out her scalpel, and when the boar came in close, she rolled to the ground to avoid its attack, rolled nimbly behind the boar, and before it could turn around, stuck the scalpel into the boar’s buttocks, and the boar howled violently in pain and quickly turned around to attack her.

“Shiyi, look out!!” Seeing that Shiyi was about to be attacked, Yang Shifeng shouted, with a dagger in his hand, he pounced on the boar’s back and stabbed it hard, hoping to draw the boar’s attention away from Shiyi’s body and focus the attack on himself.

The wild boar was really annoyed by Yang Shifeng and turned on Yang Shifeng. The ferocious momentum seemed to tear him up in the next second.

“Shiyi, go!” Yang Shifeng attacked the wild boar in close proximity. Shifeng was too close. He couldn’t escape before the wild boar attacked him. Yang Shifeng could only watch the wild boar come towards him. He didn’t flinch. Shifeng raised his dagger again to make the final attack. He hopes this will give Shiyi more time to escape.

Shiyi understood the despair in Yang Shifeng’s eyes and was so angry that she wanted to tear him apart. This big fool asked him to hide, but he didn’t know how to hide. He took the initiative to kill the wild boar!

At this moment, Shiyi was so angry that her eyes were red. She kicked her foot on a tree and threw herself at the wild boar. The second before the wild boar hit Yang Shifeng, she grabbed the tail of the wild boar. The wild boar made a loud cry as it was being pulled back. At that moment, a strong explosive force surged through Shiyi as she kept pulling the hundred-pound boar, and instantly, the boar was dragged backward, away from Yang Shifeng, leaving a deep trace on the ground.

The boar was dragged back by Shiyi for several tens of meters until it couldn’t stand up. It roared violently on the ground, and the dust and leaves rose. At this time, Shiyi took out her silver needle and stabbed the hemp hole on his body. In an instant, the wild boar’s struggle became smaller, and he didn’t even hiss so hard.

Right now!

Shiyi jumped up, grabbed the scalpel, and stabbed directly at the boar’s artery. Suddenly, a stream of blood gushed out and splashed in Shiyi’s head and face. Even her eyes were lost.

“ROAR!” the boar roared violently and struggled frantically. Finally, he stood up with his last breath and went to Shiyi again, trying to tear Shiyi apart.

Shiyi ignored the blood on her face and immediately rolled aside to avoid the attack of the wild boar, who began to fight back madly. She shouted to Yang Shifeng, who ran to her: “Run! Run away! “

Yang Shifeng ran to Shiyi, grabbed her on the side, and ran away for hundreds of meters. Then he heard a loud noise behind him. Looking back, the wild boar had completely collapsed due to excessive blood loss.

Yang Shifeng gasped violently. Not caring about the boar, he looked at Shiyi in his arms. She was covered in blood. He asked in fear. “Shiyi, are you okay?”

Shiyi reached out and wiped her face, revealing her eyes. “I’m fine.”

Yang Shifeng put Shiyi down, took her into his arms, took a breath from his chest, shook his hands, and wiped the blood on her face with his sleeve. His eyes wandered around her uneasily, for fear that she might be hurt.

Shiyi held his trembling hand. “I’m really fine. Come on. ” She could feel the tension and worry all over him. She knew he was afraid.

Yang Shifeng took a deep breath. The next second, he hugged Shiyi so tightly that there was no gap. It seemed that the person in his arms would disappear as soon as he released her from his embrace. “How dare you be so brave?! How dare you!”

Yang Shifeng doesn’t dare think about what he would do if Shiyi got hurt. He just saw the wild boar go towards her with his own eyes. His heart was really about to stop beating. It’s all because of the brave girl in his arms. Yang Shifeng wanted to spank her.

“Yang Shifeng…” Shiyi, who was wrapped by his fiery chest and bound herself tightly. She can clearly feel that this man is trembling and afraid of her.

There was a strange feeling in her heart. She didn’t know what it was, but under this feeling, she involuntarily raised her hand gently, touched his face, comforted someone for the first time, and said, “Don’t be afraid. I am very strong, so I will be fine.”

Yang Shifeng grabbed Shiyi’s hand and pressed it tightly against his cheek. “Shiyi, don’t do this next time. It’s too dangerous. “

Shiyi looked at him for a moment and nodded, “OK.” I must promise him that, otherwise, this man may not be able to sleep.

“Then you can let me go now. Let’s get the boar back. ” Shiyi poked Yang Shifeng in the shoulder to remind him.

Yang Shifeng found that he was still embracing Shiyi in his arms and holding Shiyi’s hands. His face turned red, quietly. Shifeng quickly released her from his embrace and stood up to pick up the things he had brought. Then he went to the wild boar lying on the ground and walked around the wild boar several times. He was a little worried. “Shiyi, the wild boar is too big. We can’t get it back. Otherwise, we’ll go back and find more people first, and then come and carry it back together. “

Shiyi kicked the boar, visually inspected it, and clapped her hands, “no, I can drag it back.” Then Shiyi grabbed the hind leg of a wild boar with one hand and dragged the wild boar away. If you don’t look at the boar behind her, people who don’t know will think that Shiyi is dragging a small thing.

Yang Shifeng:”…..” He knew that Shiyi had great strength, but this was the first time he knew that her strength could be so great, which was beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Now he found out how gentle and merciful she was when she dealt with his second aunt last time. His second aunt should be glad.

However, he didn’t want Shiyi’s unusual features to be known to others. A wild boar was too big to hide from everyone. Naturally, some people will wonder how they get the wild boar back. If others know Shiyi’s peculiarity, there will inevitably be unnecessary trouble. Therefore, he stretched out his hand to stop Shiyi. “Shiyi, let’s not get it back by ourselves. Let’s find someone to carry it. “

Shiyi raised her eyes and looked at him suspiciously.

Yang Shifeng took off a dead leaf on her head and explained seriously, “Shiyi, your strength is too great. It’s not like an ordinary people. You’d better not let others know. It would be bad for you. “

Shiyi knows that she is very different from the people here. A normal woman here may not be able to lift 30 kilograms. It’s strange that she can lift hundreds of kilograms with her bare hands, but she never wanted to cover it up. There’s no other reason. She won’t live here forever. This is just her starting point. It doesn’t matter what people think of her or what they think of her, At the right time, she doesn’t mind using force to frighten some foolish people.

However, Yang Shifeng was worried that she would be regarded as an alien and that she would be in danger. This man is always thinking about her and always wants to erase the factors that are bad for her in advance.

How could there be such a man…

“OK, find someone to carry it.” Shiyi finally accepted his offer.

Yang Shifeng laughed. “Let’s go and find a dozen people to carry it back.”

Shiyi nodded, dragged the hind legs of the wild boar, dragged the wild boar to a bush to hide, and then stopped, “It won’t be easy for others to find it.” She didn’t want someone else to pick up the board after their hard work.

Yang Shifeng shook his head in amusement and didn’t tell her that basically, no one dared to come here. Even if he came, they couldn’t carry such a big guy. Did she think everyone had boundless strength?

The two returned home as quickly as possible. Yang Shifeng went next door without drinking a mouthful of water. He looked for Uncle Yang and told him about the boar. Uncle Yang immediately picked up the shoulder pole and the rope at home and followed Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng went to find several young men who had a good relationship with him in the village. A dozen people headed for the deep mountain. When they saw the giant wild boar hidden in the bushes, they were stunned and looked at Yang Shifeng with admiration, “Shifeng, you are so powerful. It can be estimated to be at least 5 or 6 hundred pounds. “

Even though Yang Shifeng didn’t say it was defeated by Shiyi, he waved his hand and said, “No, no, I’m not that good. I’m just lucky. When we saw it, the wild boar was dying because of its injury. I picked up the leak. Otherwise, how can I defeat such a big guy?”

When others heard what he said, they suddenly realized that it was reasonable and praised Yang Shifeng’s good luck.

Seeing that everyone had no doubt about his words, Yang Shifeng breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

A group of people tied the limbs of the wild boar with the rope they brought, and then carried it up with a shoulder pole. Several people came in turn on the road. Only when it was about to get dark would the big guy be carried back to the village.

At this point, the people in the village had already begun to boil. They all know that Yang Shifeng beat a big boar in the mountains and asked many people to carry it down the mountain. Can the villagers still sit at home? They ran to the door of Yang Shifeng’s house and waited, just wanting to see what this big boar looked like with their own eyes.

When more than a dozen people came home with wild boar, the villagers finally saw how big the big guys were. They were stunned and talked around the yard of the Yang family.

One of the women asked, “Shifeng, what are you going to do with the wild boar? It’s so big that it’s not convenient for you to carry it to the town to sell?”

When some people heard her words, they turned their eyes and immediately echoed, “Yes, Shifeng, it’s not easy for everyone to transport it to the town. It’s better to deal with it in the village and benefit from the light. “

A number of villagers who wanted to eat meat in the back agreed with them.

In fact, Yang Shifeng thought of it before, he didn’t plan to sell it in the town. The reason is that it’s too inconvenient, just like what these people said. Therefore, he discussed it with Shiyi on the way and sold it in the village.

Yang Shifeng told all the villagers: “I won’t go to the town to sell it this time, I plan to sell it in the village. The price will be cheaper than that in the town. In the town, I sell it for ten wens per kilogram, but I will sell it for seven wens per kilogram here in the village. If you want it, come and buy it tomorrow morning.”

People in the village were overjoyed. It was already a lot. Where can they find such a good thing? A kilogram of meat can be three wan cheaper, and you don’t have to travel all the way to town to get it. At present, many people say they want to buy it, and let Yang Shifeng keep the good parts and not sell them.

Yang Shifeng made promises to them one by one, and it wasn’t until it was dark that the villagers invited themselves out and went home.

After dinner, Grandpa Yang looked at the wild boar on the ground and worried, “Shifeng, how are you going to sell this meat? You don’t know how to sell meat, either.”

Yang Shifeng reassured Grandpa Yang, “Sir, I’ll go see Uncle Sun later. He will do it. He kills all the pigs in the village. He’s skilled. I’ll ask him for help. I will give him five kilograms of meat for free, he will surely be willing to do it.”

Grandpa Yang thought of this and said happily, “Look at me, I’ve forgotten your uncle Sun. He’s been doing it for many years. It’s easy for him to kill pigs and sell the meat. You should definitely ask him for help. “

Yang Shifeng nodded and got up to help Grandpa Yang, who yawned. “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll go see Uncle Sun later. Have a rest first. “

Grandpa Yang pushed away Yang Shifeng’s hand and picked up the crutch he had put aside. “I can do it myself. Grandpa can walk very quickly now. I don’t need help.”

Yang Shifeng had no choice but to let go of the stubborn old man, “OK, I won’t help you. Take your own time. “

Grandpa Yang waved his hand and walked slowly, step by step, back to his room with his cane, slowly but steadily. He really didn’t need help.

Yang Shifeng looked at his grandfather with a smile. When the candle in Grandpa Yang’s room went out, he went to the door of Shiyi’s room. The faint light from the crack in the door showed that Shiyi was not asleep, but busy.

Shiyi went into the room after dinner and hasn’t come out yet. Yang Shifeng knows that she must be busy making her anesthetic. As long as she starts making any medicine, no one can persuade her to go to bed until she finishes. The last time she made a suture, Yang Shifeng couldn’t do anything with her.

Yang Shifeng stood quietly at the door for a while, Yang Shifeng smiled, then left quietly and went straight to Uncle Sun’s house.


Early the next morning, Uncle Sun, who had been invited, came with his tools. When he saw the wild boar lying in the yard, he exclaimed, “This pig is really big. It must be five or six hundred kilograms. I have never seen such a big pig in my life. And now, I was able to see it today. “

“Yes, yes, the pig is too big for everyone in our village.” At this time, some villagers came with baskets waiting to buy meat, followed by the words echoed. There are many people looking at the pig, hoping to buy good parts of the meat.”

By the time Old Uncle Sun set up his stance and the tools were ready one by one, the Yang family’s yard was already packed to the brim with people asking to hurry up and start selling, Yang Shifeng saw this and nodded towards Old Uncle Sun, who yelled and started to move his knife.

“Uncle Sun, give me two kilograms of meat. I want it fat, no lean meat. “

“Uncle Sun, give me two kilograms too. I want half fat and half lean meat. “

“Old Sun, give me two kilograms too.”

Everyone talked and pushed forward, one by one. They wanted to buy it first. They were afraid that it would be gone if they bought it late.

For a time, the yard of the Yang family was livelier than a large-scale Chinese opera.

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