The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to the wall of a mountain. Under Shiyi’s gaze, Shiferng directly reached out his hand to move a large piece of thorn. After this move, Shiyi found that there was a mountain hole behind the thorns.

Yang Shifeng took the lead in the cave and waved at Shiyi, “Come on in.”

Shiyi walked into the cave and found out that the cave was not large and the ceiling was relatively low, but it was still very clean. There were no animal feces. There were many firewood piles and hay in the innermost corner. At first glance, someone often came, so she asked Yang Shifeng, “Did you clean this cave?”

Yang Shifeng put down the things he had brought one by one. “I found this cave accidentally when I was 16 years old. Since then, I often come here to rest when I am hunting. Sometimes I would come in and take shelter when I suddenly encountered heavy rain. When I left, I would block the hole with thorns. It is not easy for ordinary people and animals to find that this is a cave, so no one else knows about this cave. I’m the only one who comes here. “

Shiyi understood and was quite satisfied with this place. She went to the smooth stone on the side and sat down. “Then we can have a good rest tonight. It’s better than sleeping outside. “

Yang Shifeng smiled, took out the bamboo tube from the bag, and handed it to Shiyi, “Drink some water, I’ll go out and hunt a wild animal, we’ll roast it for dinner tonight.”

Shiyi looked at the sky outside. It wasn’t completely dark yet, so she said, “Then you should hunt around this area. Don’t go far.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in a minute. ” Yang Shifeng couldn’t resist reaching out to rub her hair, and quickly ran off with his bow and arrow before she could reach out and punch him.

Shiyi got up and went to the corner, brought some firewood, and then went to the cave to find some withered grass. She found a fire fold from the burden brought by Yang Shifeng, lit the withered grass, and then put on the firewood. The fire gradually burned up.

At that moment, Yang Shifeng came back and showed Shiyi a wild rabbit in his hand, “Shiyi, let’s have some cake and roast rabbits in the evening.”

Shiyi’s eyes lit up, and she licked her lips. Even if the rabbit had not been roasted, it was as if she could smell its fragrance. She couldn’t help but sigh that it was right to bring Yang Shifeng here. The last time she came here alone, she starved to death. This time she didn’t suffer, on the other hand, it was as pleasant as a picnic.

“Yang Shifeng, why are you so virtuous?” Shiyi sighed from her heart.

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi helplessly. “Shiyi, don’t say a man is virtuous. This is used to describe a woman. “

Shiyi raised her mouth and laughed, “You are the most virtuous. No woman can compare to you.”

Yang Shifeng shook his head dotingly. He took out the dagger he had brought in the bag, peeled off the rabbit’s skin three or two times, then opened its belly, cleaned its internal organs, washed them with water, and finally put it on a wooden stick, put it on the fire, and began to roast.

Shiyi initially assumed they would simply roast it, but Yang Shifeng magically pulled out a paper bag from the burden and opened it, revealing the seasoning for cooking at home.

Shiyi couldn’t help but admire Yang Shifeng, “You even brought the seasoning with you? How did you still remember to bring it?”

Yang Shifeng skillfully sprinkled the seasoning on the rabbit and turned the rabbit meat. “I always take it with me when I go up the mountain, just in case.” In fact, when Yang Shifeng came to hunt in the mountains himself, he always dealt with his stomach with only two coarse-grain steamed buns. He was reluctant to roast his prey. This time he brought it all for Shiyi. He was not willing to let her chew dry cakes, but he certainly wouldn’t say that to Shiyi.

Shiyi suddenly felt that if Yang Shifeng was in her time (in the end times), he would have been able to live better than her.

The smell of rabbit meat soon came out and filled the whole cave. The smell made people drool. Shiyi couldn’t move her eyes on the rabbit.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t stand Shiyi’s expression, so he had to speed up the roasting. When it was cooked, he pulled off the rabbit’s leg and handed it to her first, “Okay, eat it. Be careful, it’s hot.”

Shiyi can’t wait to take it and bite it down. The smell of rabbit meat spreads in her mouth. It’s delicious.

“Yang Shifeng, roasted rabbit is delicious.”

“Then eat some more.” Yang Shifeng smiled lightly, and when she finished eating, he tore off another rabbit leg and gave it to her, “Next time I’ll roast it for you at home.”

Shiyi was about to nod her head but found that Yang Shifeng didn’t eat the roasted rabbit, but took out the dry cake from his bag. Shiyi’s hands were faster than his heart. A hand snatched the cakes over, and her mood suddenly dropped. In a very fierce tone, she said: “Are you stupid! Why are you not eating the roasted meat and eating the dry cakes instead?!”

Yang Shifeng chuckled and immediately reached out to tear off a piece of rabbit meat and put it into his mouth to coax her, “OK, OK, see? I’m eating it. Don’t be angry.”

Looking at his smile, Shiyi closed her lips and felt that she was being really nosy. She reached out and returned the cake to him, “Whatever you want, eat whatever you like.”

Yang Shifeng smiled pleasantly at her, put the cake away, and nibbled on the rabbit meat.

Shiyi didn’t care about him and lowered her head to eat her own meat.

Big fool….

After eating, Yang Shifeng blocked the thorns at the door from the inside and added some firewood to keep the fire alive. Then he spread the hay in the corner on the ground, put the blanket he brought on, and asked Shiyi to sleep on it.

Shiyi looked at the grass bed with only one blanket and asked Yang Shifeng, “What about you?”

Yang Shifeng sat on the rock wall not far away. “I’ll sleep by myself. Go to sleep. “

Shiyi used to take a nap in that position. She knew that she couldn’t sleep well and would be very tired as soon as she woke up. The quality of sleep of sitting was far inferior to lying down, but this man planned to lean on the wall all night.

Shiyi went to the grass bed and laid down, taking up only half of the space. She waved to Yang Shifeng, “Come here.”

Yang Shifeng was puzzled. He went to Shiyi and looked at her, “What’s the matter?”

Shiyi patted the space next to her. “It’s too tiring to sleep in a sitting position. You should also lie down and sleep. The two of us can have each half of the space. “

Shiyi said lightly, but Yang Shifeng immediately blushed, and quickly waved his hands, “No, no, I can sleep sitting down.”

Shiyi lifted the blanket on the other side. “Stop talking and lie down and sleep quickly.”

Yang Shifeng’s ears turned red. He stepped back and didn’t dare look at Shiyi’s eyes. “I’m used to sleeping on my back. It’s good to sleep like this.”

Shiyi hates it when he’s overly careful. She didn’t bother to tell him anymore. Shiyi reached out to clasp his wrist and pulled it hard. Yang Shifeng was caught off guard and was pulled forward by Shiyi. Due to the force, he was about to lunge at Shiyi.

Fortunately, Yang Shifeng’s instinctive reaction made him stretch out his arms to support Shiyi on both sides of her body at the last minute, so as to avoid crushing Shiyi directly.

“Shiyi—” Yang Shifeng’s heartbeat was out of control. He stared at the beautiful face close at hand, and his brain was blank.

“Thump thump—Thump-thump—Thump-thump—” A louder heartbeat came from the chest above Shiyi, who suddenly felt a little stuffy and a little out of breath. She thought it must be Yang Shifeng’s too tall physique blocking the air, so it was like that. She immediately reached out and pushed the person above her to the side.

“Well, just sleep like this. If you move again, I’ll beat you. ” Shiyi covered Yang Shifeng with a blanket, then turned her back and went to sleep with her eyes closed.

Yang Shifeng remained motionless as he was pushed down by Shiyi. His eyes stared straight ahead. His mind was still chaotic. After an unknown period of time, long enough to hear Shiyi’s regular breathing, his mind resumed functioning, and his eyes moved a little bit to Shiyi’s body with his back to his side, quietly watching.

She really lay beside him, so close that he could clearly smell the scent coming from her. Yang Shifeng felt it was like a dream, but he clearly knew it was not a dream. It was true.

Such beauty really belongs to him.

Yang Shifeng gently hooked the corner of his mouth, slowly extended his hand, touched Shiyi’s long hair bit by bit, grabbed a few strands, and held it in the palm of his hand, feeling it quietly.

Shiyi’s breathing is as light as ever.

Yang Shifeng held the black hair in his hand and did not move. There was no sound in the air except the sound of the flame burning. It was as quiet as if both of them had fallen asleep.

At this time, Yang Shifeng suddenly raised his head and slowly leaned towards Shiyi with the lightest of movements. The tip of his nose stopped above Shiyi’s head. Then, slowly and gently, a light kiss fell on Shiyi’s head.

In the dark, Yang Shifeng smiled silently, satisfied and happy.



The next day, when Shiyi woke up, there was no one around. When she touched the space next to her, it was very cold. It seemed that Yang Shifeng had been up for a long time.

Shiyi sat up and stretched contentedly. She just felt that she had a good sleep last night.

Shiyi also didn’t know why she slept so well last night. She was never comfortable with someone sleeping next to her, not even an animal. It can be said that she didn’t sleep well in her previous life for more than 20 years. But it’s strange that. Yang Shifeng, a living man, was lying next to her last night, but she didn’t feel uncomfortable, in fact, she slept better than ever.

Is it because Yang Shifeng was too gentle and not aggressive? Shiyi can only think of this explanation.

At this time, Yang Shifeng came in from the outside and saw Shiyi sitting in a daze. His eyes flickered, “Woke up?”

Shiyi hummed. “Hmm.”

Yang Shifeng handed Shiyi the bamboo tube in his hand. “Rinse your mouth first. Later, we’ll eat some cakes and continue to look for herbs. “

Shiyi nodded, got up, took the bamboo tube and drank a mouthful of water to rinse her mouth, ran outside the cave and spit out the water, then wiped her face with a handkerchief dipped in water.

Yang Shifeng came out with a burden and a bow and arrow on his back, blocked the entrance of the cave with thorns, and the cave was restored to the appearance of an ordinary mountain wall again.

“Here, have a cake.” Yang Shifeng passed the cake to Shiyi.

Shiyi took it and chewed it. As she chewed it, she went to the deeper part of the mountain to continue looking for herbs.

It was probably yesterday that today’s luck was put together. After the two had not searched for half a day, Shiyi found in a thorny grass some herbs, and a lot of them, enough to make a large pile of anesthesia.

Yang Shifeng was also very happy. He helped Shiyi dig and soon collected a whole basket of herbs.

Shiyi saw that the quantity was enough, so he stopped Yang Shifeng. This is enough for a long time. We shouldn’t dig anymore.”

Yang Shifeng wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Well, let’s go back. We won’t eat cakes at noon. I’ll cook delicious food for you. “

Shiyi nodded without being polite to Yang Shifeng. “Then we should eat minced meat, eggplant, and roasted meat.”

Yang Shifeng nodded unreservedly, “OK, you can eat whatever you want.”

Shiyi snapped her fingers and unconsciously hummed a song. It can be seen that she was in a good mood.

Yang Shifeng gently raised his mouth, listened quietly, and walked around with Shiyi step by step.


“Boom, boom -“

“Shiyi, stop!” Yang Shifeng suddenly pulled Shiyi’s sleeve.

In fact, without Yang Shifeng’s warning, Shiyi would have stopped on her own. She listened quietly with her ears sideways, and silently mouthed words to Yang Shifeng, “There’s something.”

Yang Shifeng’s face became serious, silently nodded to Shiyi. His head was slightly tilted to one side, and his ears listened carefully to the movement and noise to identify the source of the sound.

“Shiyi, over there, something is coming to us.” Yang Shifeng pointed to the southeast.

Shiyi was on alert and stared in that direction. “The speed seems to be very fast. I don’t know what it is.”

Yang Shifeng’s heart beat violently, clenched his fist, leaned close to Shiyi’s ear, and said quickly, “It sounds like a wild boar, and it’s getting closer and closer to us. We don’t have time to go around. “

Wild boar? Does that mean they bump into a boar? Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng and silently asked about his plans.

Yang Shifeng sweated on his forehead and pulled Shiyi to hide in dense grass. “We can’t run now. First, hide and see the situation. The wild boars in the mountains are too fierce for us to touch. We can only avoid them, otherwise, they will be very dangerous. ” Five out of ten hunters would come together to hunt a wild boar. This thing is too lethal. If it’s not necessary, you must walk around when you see wild boars.

Shiyi didn’t speak and looked through the gap in the grass to the source of the sound.

The sound in her ears became louder and louder. After a few breaths, a wild boar that could reach the height of Shiyi’s chest appeared in the sight of the two people. The ferocious momentum made them breathe at the same time.

This wild boar is too big and ferocious. How can its eyes be so scary?

Yang Shifeng carefully observed the wild boar’s body. When he found the wound on the wild boar, his sight suddenly shrank.

No, this is a wounded and irritated boar! And the boar came in the direction of him and Shiyi. If wild boars smelled them, they would be able to find them. Needless to say, the wild boar will attack them desperately, but now they can’t escape. Once they escape, they will still be seen by the wild boar. Their speed can’t match that of provoked wild boars.

Why are they so unlucky today that they ran into this guy!

Yang Shifeng now regrets that he brought Shiyi to the mountains, where dangerous wild animals often go. If something happens to Shiyi today……

Yang Shifeng was short of breath and quickly thought about countermeasures in his mind. Although they can hide and can’t go, the boar may not be able to find them, but he doesn’t dare bet on such uncertain possibilities. He will strangle any possibility that puts Shiyi in danger. For now, the way to make Shiyi 100% safe is that he takes the initiative to lead away from the danger.

“Shiyi, stay here and don’t move or make any noise. I’ll lead the wild boar away, and then you run down the mountain. ” Yang Shifeng explained in Shiyi’s ear with a breathy sound.

With that, Yang Shifeng clenched his bow and arrow and prepared to stand up and escape without waiting for Shiyi’s reply, but Shiyi grabbed him quickly.

“How dare you run?” Shiyi stares at Yang Shifeng and wants to slap him. Is this fool ready to sacrifice himself to protect others? I, Shiyi, am not delicate.

Yang Shifeng was so anxious that he was sweating, “Shiyi, listen to me. This is not the time to be reckless. Mountain pigs are too dangerous, especially those who are irritated. We will be in danger if we meet them, but I have experience. I can find a way to get out. Don’t worry.”

Shiyi put her index finger out and put it on Yang Shifeng’s lips. “Shut up!”

Yang Shifeng’s voice suddenly stopped, his eyes puzzled, and he looked at her anxiously.

Shiyi looked at the wild boar. There are less than 200 meters left. He will come soon. No matter whether the big guy will find them or not since he met them today, let’s turn bad luck into luck.

This wild boar, she wants it.

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