The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 27

Chapter 27

At this time, Shiyi packed up her medicine box and came out of the house. The maternal family immediately surrounded her outside the door, “Miracle doctor, thank you. You saved my grandson’s life. You are the benefactor of our old Zhou family.

“Doctor, thank you. Thank you for saving my wife and son. “

“Miracle doctor—”

A bunch of “Thank you” buzzed in Shiyi’s ears, making Shiyi’s eardrums ache. Shiyi immediately put out her hand to block the people’s mouths around her. “Stop it, stop it. If you have spare time, go and see your wife, don’t look at me.”

The mother-in-law saw that Shiyi didn’t like noise and gratitude, so she sent everyone away. Finally, she was the only one left and said, “Miracle doctor, please stay for dinner and let our family thank you.”

Shiyi waved her hand. “No, I don’t like eating in other people’s homes. I’ll go back to eat.” She’s going back to eat the delicious food made by Yang Shifeng.

The mother-in-law didn’t force Shiyi anymore when she heard what Shiyi said. She directly took out the money bag and took out one and a half taels of silver from it and gave it to Shiyi. “Miracle Doctor, this is your medical fee. It’s been hard for you today. Do you think it’s enough? “

In fact, one and a half taels of silver are the highest medical fee that her family can take out at present. If the price is higher, her other son’s wife will cause trouble, but she is also afraid that the amount was too small for the miracle doctor. If the amount she gave was not enough, then, she could only offend her daughters-in-law by taking out more money.

She can’t offend the miracle doctor. She didn’t know if, in the future, they would need the help of a miracle doctor.

Shiyi looked at the silver and reached for it. “OK, I’ll go.” Then she went out of the Zhou family’s house.

The mother-in-law breathed a sigh of relief and knew that this meant a lot. With a smile on her face, she politely sent Shiyi out the door, “Miracle doctor, I’ll ask my son to send you back in an ox cart.”

Shiyi didn’t want to go back all the way back by foot. When she was about to agree, She saw a familiar figure standing outside the gate. Isn’t that Yang Shifeng?

Shiyi quickly walked up to him, “Yang Shifeng, “Why are you here?”

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi. “When I came back from hunting, I heard from Grandpa that you came here. I’m afraid you’ll come back alone, so I went here to pick you up.”

Shiyi was amused by his words. He still treats her as a weak woman. Shiyi really can’t read what this person thinks. Has he forgotten her strength?

However, since someone came to pick her up, Shiyi naturally didn’t have to let the family send her back. She turned to her mother-in-law and sat in the ox cart that Yang Shifeng came to.

“Yang Shifeng, where did you get your ox cart?” Shiyi asked.

Yang Shifeng answered while driving: “I borrowed it from the village’s Daniu.”

Shiyi nodded. “It seems that you really need an ox cart to live here. Otherwise, it’s inconvenient to go out, and you’ll also be tired from walking. Although the ox cart is slow, you don’t have to walk by yourself. “

Yang Shifeng listened in front and wrote it down silently.

Shiyi poked him in the back. “Hey, why don’t you ask me how the pregnant woman is?”

Yang Shifeng chuckled, his eyes full of trust in Shiyi, “I won’t ask. You must have saved her, didn’t you, Dr. Shiyi?”

“Um.” Shiyi hummed and laughed, but she stopped laughing the next second. She sighed: “it’s not easy to have children here. Your life could be in danger at any time. If one thing doesn’t do well, it’s one corpse and two lives. “

Yang Shifeng breathed softly when he heard Shiyi say, “Yes, it’s dangerous to have children. Many women in the village can’t survive when they give birth and end up dying. ” He has seen too many examples since he was a child.

Shiyi also knows that this is the limitation of medical technology in this time and it cannot be changed, but what she doesn’t understand is why those people have to have children one by one when they know the danger of having children? Basically, every family in the village has four or five children. Some families can even have seven or eight children in their life. Aren’t these people afraid?

According to Shiyi’s knowledge, there are contraceptive methods and sterilization prescriptions in this era. If you don’t want to have children, you can’t have any at all, but they’re rarely used.

Shiyi spoke out about her doubts. Yang Shifeng frowned slightly after hearing this. He couldn’t speak clearly about this situation. Maybe the idea handed down by their ancestors was to have this mindset. Everyone would give birth until they were unable to give birth or until they gave birth to a son. Everyone didn’t think it was wrong, and they all thought that women should have children.

But what if it was himself? Yang Shifeng asked himself.

Yang Shifeng had never considered this issue before, but at that moment, he had a clear understanding of it in his mind: if having children is so dangerous, he would rather not have children. If he is lucky enough to have a child, he only needs one. Yes, one. He can’t let his wife suffer again.

He doesn’t want to bear the pain of losing his wife.

Yang Shifeng doesn’t know when he had this idea, but every time he thought of wife, he always subconsciously substituted Shiyi for the role of his wife in his mind. What kind of emotion is directed at Shiyi? He knows he shouldn’t insult Shiyi like this, but he just can’t control his mind. He can’t imagine anyone else becoming his wife.

Yang Shifeng wondered if he would still think this way if that person was not Shiyi, but felt he was overthinking it. He would not have married if that person had not been Shiyi; instead, he would have cared for his grandfather for the rest of his life, being alone until he died.

Yang Shifeng smiled at himself and said to Shiyi, who was behind him, “I don’t know what other people think, but if it was me, I only need one at most. I’m satisfied with both the boys and girls. “

Shiyi raised the corners of her mouth and patted him on the back with appreciation. “That’s good, that’s a good idea. Your wife will be blessed in the future. “

Can you be the blessed wife? Yang Shifeng asked silently in his heart, but he didn’t dare to speak out.

At this time, Shiyi thought of something, reached out to open the medicine box, took out a piece of ginseng, and showed it to Yang Shifeng, “Yang Shifeng, you see, it’s not easy for you to give me a piece of ginseng. As a result, I only earned one and a half taels of silver. I’m really losing a lot today. I’m getting more and more stupid now. I was infected by you.”

Yang Shifeng was teased by Shiyi’s distressed and resentful tone. He couldn’t help laughing quietly and coaxed her, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go to the mountain to find it for you. I’ll find it for you. Don’t be distressed. “

Shiyi rolled her eyes at him. “Was it so easy to find ginseng? Are you that lucky to find it? If you can find it, it would be strange.”

Yang Shifeng continued to comfort, “It’s okay, we can always find it, I will look for it every time I go hunting. If I can’t find it on the first day, I will find it on the second day, if I can’t find it in two days, I will find it on the third day, if I can’t find it in three days, I will find it in three months, I can always look for it, right?”

Shiyi froze for a moment, her emotions suddenly fading. She can’t wait for the second day. She will leave soon. When she finds it, she can sell it for money. The money can be used to build a big house. Then she will not be so poor, right?

Shiyi did not have the desire to talk. She looked at the scenery along the road and saw their house.

When they returned home, Grandpa Yang was sitting in the courtyard under the tree cooling off, and there were many people under the tree. When they saw Shiyi and Yang Shifeng return, they said excitedly, “They’re back!”

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng in confusion. ‘Why are there so many people here today? Did these people come to talk?’

Yang Shifeng’s eyes flashed helplessly and he quietly said to Shiyi, “Some villagers saw you carrying your medicine box when you were picked up with a medicine box. The story about you, going to save a pregnant woman with dystocia has spread. Now, everyone knows it. I guess that they want to see if you have saved her. “

“Huh?” Shiyi still couldn’t understand their curiosity. 

Sure enough, a woman immediately came up to Shiyi and asked, “Doctor Shiyi, how’s the woman with dystocia? I heard she’s dying. Have you saved her life?”

“Dr. Shiyi, you came back so soon. Did you save her life?” Another woman asked.

“Yeah, yeah, tell us about—” The woman intended to gossip.

Shiyi became speechless and didn’t understand how everyone here could know that news quickly even without any communication equipment. That’s great, too, but have these people got nothing to do?

Yang Shifeng knew Shiyi was impatient to talk to the village women about this and that, so he patted her on the back, “Go inside and rest for a while, I’ll cook later and call you when it’s ready.”

Shiyi nodded and went straight back to her room.

People in the village are used to Shiyi’s temper. They know she doesn’t like to talk, and they didn’t take any offense to Shiyi’s temper. As a miracle doctor, her temper is always different from that of normal people.

Seeing that Shiyi left, everyone focused on Yang Shifeng again and began to ask how the pregnant woman was doing. Yang Shifeng had to say something in a few words, then went into the kitchen to cook and let these people discuss with themselves.

Shiyi, who entered the room, was not really sleeping, but thinking about something-she was thinking about anesthetics.

She didn’t know which dynasty in history was the extension of this era. Anyway, medical technology is very backward. Not only doesn’t this era have sutures, but also anesthetics. Shiyi didn’t want to develop anesthetics, but when she heard the pregnant woman scream today, she was suddenly reminded of anesthetics.

Although the pregnant woman can deliver the baby without anesthesia, if she needs to have a cesarean delivery, it is definitely necessary to have anesthesia. Can it be that the next time she encounters a woman who can’t deliver and needs a cesarean delivery, I can force an incision without anesthesia? Then I’m afraid that the mother would not give birth to a child, but would only die. It would be painful even if she lived.

Besides, in addition to having children, there are too many situations that need anesthetics, but without anesthetics, can this work?

That is certainly not possible, Shiyi can’t tolerate that her medicine is not complete, even if she doesn’t have a machine. She can’t do anything without anesthesia.

Shiyi decides to go up the mountain tomorrow to find herbs to make anesthetics. She wants to make them herself.

Shiyi said to Yang Shifeng during mealtime, “Tomorrow, I’m going up the mountain to find herbs to make anesthesia.”

Yang Shifeng froze as he ate his meal, and instead of asking Shiyi what the anesthesia was, the first thing he asked was, “How long will it take?”

The reason why Yang Shifeng asked this is because last time Shiyi said she would go to the mountain to find herbs to make sutures, she also made an understatement. Yang Shifeng thought she would come back as soon as she went, just like she was looking for herbs to treat headaches and brain fever. As a result, who knows, Shiyi went for two days. He was so anxious that Yang Shifeng looked for people everywhere. When he found her, Shiyi was almost out of shape. At that moment, Yang Shifeng was very distressed.

Shiyi thought for a while and shook her head truthfully. “I don’t know how long, I’ll come back when I find it.”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. “OK, I see.” Then he bowed his head and continued to eat.

The next morning, after Shiyi washed, she took the basket and set off towards the mountain. Who knows, as soon as she opened the door, Yang Shifeng stood outside, with a burden on his back and his bow and arrow.

“What are you doing here early in the morning?”

Yang Shifeng reached for the basket in Shiyi’s hand and said, “I’ll go to the mountain with you to find herbs.”

Shiyi frowned. “Why are you going with me? Are you not going to take care of your grandpa? “

Yang Shifeng walked forward, “I have made arrangements for Grandpa. I gave my aunt next door money and asked her to deliver food to my grandpa every day. It’s okay for a few days. Grandpa can walk with a crutch now. It’s no problem. “

And Grandpa Yang didn’t trust Shiyi to go up the mountain all by herself, so he asked Yang Shifeng to follow her.

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng’s back for a while and quickly followed him. “I don’t know how many days it will take me. I’m going to go without food or water, I don’t even know if I can sleep. Do you really want to go? ” This person became stupid again, right?

Yang Shifeng patted the baggage on his back and said, “I’m ready. There’s food and drink and a blanket in it. We can eat, drink, and sleep. “

Shiyi:”…….” This man is great.

“Well then, this time, it can be considered as me hiring you. When we return, I will pay you. ” Shiyi gladly accepted the life little assistant Yang Shifeng to follow her. There is no reason to refuse a partner who can make her comfortable, but she can’t accept others’ kindness in vain. He must be paid.

“Shiyi, I—” Yang Shifeng was about to speak, but Shiyi raised her hand to stop him, “Okay, okay, I know what you’re going to say. You don’t want me to pay you, right? I won’t give you any money. I’ll give you some drawings, okay? “

Yang Shifeng laughed and scratched his head, “This is fine.”

Foolishly kind….

The two people first looked at the hillside, but unfortunately, there was no herbal medicine Shiyi wanted on the hillside, so they had to go deeper.

“Shiyi, what kind of herbs are you looking for? Tell me about it, I will help you find them. Two is better than one. ” Yang Shifeng said.

Shiyi thought about it. Then she told Yang Shifeng about the general appearance of the herbs she was looking for and their effects. Yang Shifeng now knows a lot of herbs. He learned them from Shiyi. He would carefully write them down. Then when he went hunting in the mountains, he would help Shiyi pick some and take them back, which saved Shiyi a lot of trouble.

Yang Shifeng looked for it carefully according to Shiyi’s description. Whenever he finds something similar, he will ask Shiyi if it is the herb she was looking for. If not, he will continue to look for it. He is more careful and patient than Shiyi. It’s a pity that the two people didn’t get anything after looking for a long time. Yang Shifeng pulled Shiyi. “Let’s have a rest first, eat something to cushion our stomachs, and then continue in the afternoon.”

Shiyi nodded and sat down on the boulder Yang Shifeng found and reached out to take the cake Yang Shifeng handed to her.

“I made this cake in the morning. It’s very dry and not very delicious, but it can be stored for a long time. Come on, eat it. I’ll cook delicious food for you when we go back. “

Shiyi waved her hand. She took a bite of the cake, and chewed, “It’s all right, this can also be eaten.” It’s already good to have something to eat when you go out. What else can you be picky about?

Yang Shifeng saw that she ate well, and a smile flashed in his eyes. He took out the bamboo tube he brought to Shiyi and said, “Eat slowly and drink some water.”

Shiyi took it, took a few drinks, and returned the bamboo tube to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng bowed his head and ate.

After lunch, they had a short rest and continued to look for herbs, but they didn’t know if they had bad luck today. It was almost dark and they still hadn’t found them.

Yang Shifeng looked at the sky and said to Shiyi, “Shiyi, it’s dark and we can’t see the surroundings. Let’s stop looking. Let’s continue tomorrow. “

Shiyi was also afraid that there would be a danger when it got dark, and she agreed with Yang Shifeng, “Let’s find a place to stay in for the night and continue searching for it tomorrow.”

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi’s sleeve and walked in one direction. “Come with me. I know of a cave where we can spend the night.”

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