The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 26

Chapter 26

The news that Grandpa Yang’s leg was healed completely spread in the village. Those people who were close to Grandpa Yang came to see him carrying gifts, and those who were not close to him came to see if such an amazing miracle had appeared.

For a while, Yang Shifeng’s house became really lively. Grandpa Yang was happy to see people come to visit him. People who were old were like this: they always liked to see a lot of things going on around them, especially an old man who had been lying alone in bed for more than ten years.

The people of the village now completely see Shiyi as a miracle doctor. Whenever they had a headache or fever, they would come to Shiyi for medication. Shiyi would just give them herbal medicine, they only needed to drink it after boiling. Even her silver needles were not used at all. Shiyi wouldn’t ask them for a higher price for such diseases. She would take 20 yuan, if they didn’t have enough money, the patients could give her eggs and vegetables. Anyway, these things can be eaten, it’s the same either way.

Under Shiyi’s medication, they would get better within two days after returning home from visiting Shiyi. It can be seen that the medicine she uses is a little bit better than the doctors from the town. These garnered the villager’s compliments towards Shiyi. 

Shiyi’s original purpose was just to treat the villagers and earn some silver. She didn’t expect that the effect of her work would even spread outside of their village.

On this day, Shiyi was swinging in the courtyard, when suddenly a group of people burst into their house and shouted: “Where is the doctor? Where is the doctor? Come out and save the people! “

The leader was a very young man, not more than twenty years old. His face was still a bit young, his head was full of sweat, and his hair was scattered. The young man’s face was full of panic. He was like a headless fly, and his mouth kept shouting for help.

When he saw Shiyi sitting on the swing, the man looked like a light had suddenly appeared in the darkness. He became excited. The young man ran like a madman towards Shiyi, “Do you know where the doctor of this house is? Quickly call her out; my wife is waiting for her to save her life! “

Shiyi raised her head and looked at the man coldly, without saying a word.

The man was stunned by Shiyi’s eyes. Gradually, he recovered his calm demeanor under Shiyi’s gaze. The expression on his face gradually improved a lot. He wiped his face with his hand and said, “I’m sorry, I was too anxious.”

Only then did Shiyi speak, “What’s your business?”

After the man regained his composure, his mind also cleared, and he could almost guess that the unusually beautiful woman in front of him should be the miracle doctor. People say that the miracle doctor of Baiyun Village is a young girl who looks as beautiful as a fairy. If she was not the woman in front of him, there should be no woman who could compare with this fairy in front of him.

“You are the miracle doctor, right? My wife has difficulty giving birth. This is her first time giving birth. She had been in labor for almost a day and the baby still wasn’t out yet. She’s getting weaker. The midwife said that there was no way to help my wife. Please save my wife. I will work like an ox and a horse for you. ” [1]to work like an ox, to work like a horse; fig. to work extremely hard

After the mand said these to Shiyi, he kneeled down and kowtowed. The midwife in the village was powerless. The child couldn’t get out, and his wife was dying. The midwife advised him to be psychologically prepared, as both mother and child would die. The news made him feel like a bolt of light had come out of the blue and the sky was falling. 

His family cried and accepted the consequences of one corpse and two lives, but he couldn’t accept it. He and his wife had just been married for more than a year. When they had their first child, they were so happy after the arrival of the child, but in the twinkling of an eye, it was one corpse and two lives. How should he accept it! He wants his wife to be okay, and he wants his children to be okay!

At the time, no one knew who among the villagers present spoke up suddenly. “It seems that there is a miracle doctor in Baiyun Village. My eldest sister’s niece married into Baiyun Village. The last time she came back to her mother’s house, she said that the miracle doctor is not only as beautiful as a fairy but also her medical skills were good, as a living Hua Tuo. She can’t cure any diseases. She also said that an old man who was paralyzed in bed and about to fall into his deathbed has been saved and can walk now. “

These words were like a ray of light in the darkness. He was given hope, and without saying a word, he immediately borrowed an ox cart and hurried to Baiyun Village.

Shiyi, at that time, also completely understood what this person was here for. It seems that ancient women really liked what the book said. Giving birth to a child is like entering the gate of hell. If they are not careful, they can die with two lives still with them. [2]This includes the baby

Shiyi’s original principle was to not do a door-to-door treatment. Whoever wanted to be treated for their disease needs to come themselves, but this person’s wife is now lying in bed and close to dying. It’s impossible for the patient to come by themselves. It seems that she has to go today.

Who let her encounter it accidentally?

Shiyi couldn’t help but reflect on herself while sitting in the ox cart. She hadn’t been infected by Yang Shifeng to become a good person, right? This thought made Shiyi shiver uncontrollably. She thought she had gone crazy; she was anything but a good person.

The road was tight, and it was too fast. When the rice in Shiyi’s stomach turned upside down, they finally arrived.

The people in the room rushed out when they heard the voice. The woman in charge asked, “Da Zhuang, has the miracle doctor been invited?”

The man named Dazhuang replied excitedly, “Mom, she’s here. There’s hope for Xiaoyun. “

At this time, the woman also saw Shiyi getting out of the ox-cart. She was stunned at Shiyi’s face before she could react. She quickly invited Shiyi in politely, “Miracle doctor, please help my son’s wife this time.”

Shiyi didn’t speak. She took her medicine box and followed the woman into the delivery room. As soon as she entered, there was a strong smell of blood, which made people want to vomit.

Shiyi frowned and understood the amount of bleeding. Looking at the pregnant woman in bed, Shiyi saw that her face was as white as paper and she had fallen into a semi-coma as if she would stop breathing in the next second.

Her left foot was really at the door of hell.

Shiyi shook her head. It seems that the mother and son will not die when they meet her today.

Shiyi put the medicine box on and came forward to check the pulse of the pregnant woman. She carefully explored it for a moment, and immediately told the people in the room, “Prepare a lot of hot water for me, and then give me the scissors that have been disinfected with wine.”

The midwife at the side immediately said. “Yes, it’s all here, and there is also hot water.”

Shiyi looked at it and nodded. She directly took out a piece of ginseng that was as thick as a finger from the medicine box she brought. She cut a piece with a knife, quickly put it into the wife’s mouth to keep her, then took out a silver needle and applied needles at several important acupoints around the pregnant woman’s body.

The people in the room watched Shiyi’s actions nervously. No one dared make a sound for fear of disturbing Shiyi. At this time, Shiyi was their life-saving straw and their hope.

At this time, the pregnant woman, who had her eyes closed and stopped moving, suddenly opened her eyes and cried out in pain again.

“Ah, she woke up! She’s awake, Xiao Yun woke up!”

“The stomach is moving again, and the child is still moving in it!”

“It’s alive, it’s alive, there’s hope!”

When the people in the delivery room saw that the pregnant woman was moving again, they were so excited that tears filled their eyes, and they couldn’t help crying.

“Shut up! Get out! ” Shiyi shouted coldly at them.

The people who were still excited didn’t dare speak immediately. They stepped back and didn’t dare to disobey Shiyi’s order. They all went out. The delivery room was quiet again, leaving only Shiyi and the midwife here.

Shiyi looked at the midwife at this time and said, “Proceed on assisting her in giving birth.”

“Ah? Oh. ” The midwife was stunned and then reacted. She hurried to the end of the bed, spread out the pregnant woman’s legs, and continued the previous delivery again, “Come on, come on, come on, come on!”

The pregnant woman has regained consciousness. Originally, she felt that she was dying, and her body suddenly seemed to be injected with vitality. She was conscious again, felt the pain again, and felt the baby in her belly again. The pregnant woman knew she was saved, and she burst out with renewed strength, holding on to the intense pain and pushing hard to give birth. She wanted to be safe and sound with the baby.

Shiyi pressed the acupoints around the pregnant woman’s stomach with her fingers. Each time she pressed, the pregnant woman screamed more tragically, but it is undeniable that her voice was louder. It was not as weak as before. When the people waiting outside the door heard such a loud cry, their hearts were relieved. Being able to shout showed strength and hope.

Under Shiyi’s pressure, the child came out soon, but the child’s head had come down, but the pregnant woman was too small, the child just couldn’t get out and be stuck. The midwife was so anxious that she shouted, “Miracle doctor, the child’s head is stuck and can’t get out!”

Shiyi was quiet for a moment, then picked up the scissors and walked to the maternal leg. “Move aside and I’ll do it.”

The midwife quickly made way for Shiyi.

Shiyi stared at the pregnant woman, stretched out her scissors, and stabbed her hard. She was so scared that the midwife almost fell to the ground. It also made her cry sadly, and she was about to die of pain.

Shiyi didn’t have time to deal with the frightened eyes of the midwife. She directly picked up the child, who came out smoothly because it was already open, cut the umbilical cord with scissors, and handed the child to the midwife. “Take the child. Don’t bother me.”

The midwife took the child and went aside to take care of the baby, but she couldn’t help peeking at Shiyi’s actions from time to time.

Shiyi took out the suture made of a special plant on the mountain from the medicine box, passed through the silver needle, and sewed up the pregnant woman’s wounds needle by needle, making the woman cry again.

When the sewing was finished, Shiyi stopped and said to the midwife, “I’ll leave it to you.” Then she went to wash his hands.

The midwife nodded stupidly. When cleaning up for the pregnant woman, she couldn’t help staring at the stitching place. She really hasn’t seen human flesh sewn with a needle and thread like when sewing clothes. Isn’t this really a joke?

Unable to resist the curiosity in her heart, the midwife hesitated and asked Shiyi, “Miracle doctor, will it really be good if you sew it with thread? Will there be a thread here forever? Will the thread snap? “

Shiyi replied indifferently while cleaning up, “No, the wound will slowly heal and the thread will disappear as it heals. It will return to the same original as if it didn’t exist. “

The midwife opened her eyes and looked at Shiyi. Oh dear, was it the case? She’s really a miracle doctor. She’s too powerful!

What’s happening in the room? The people outside don’t know. They only know that they heard the child’s cry. They know that the child has come out smoothly, but they haven’t seen the child being carried out for a long time. The people in the room didn’t come out. They didn’t know what they were doing inside. They were as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

Finally, half an hour later, the door was opened. The midwife came out of the delivery room happily and smiled, “Congratulations, it’s a boy, the mother and son were both safe!”

When the people outside the door heard the words, they all smiled, as if they were relieved from carrying a heavy load, and hurriedly thanked the midwife.

The midwife was thanked. Although she was happy in her heart, she was not a person who spoke against her conscience. She said bluntly, “You really can’t thank me. I wasn’t able to help her this time. You have to thank the miracle doctor inside. She saved the mother and son. If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid…”

We all know what the midwife meant before she finished. They were afraid when they recalled the despair they felt at that time. They really want to thank the miracle doctor for saving two lives. Otherwise, the family will not have a happy event but a funeral.


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1 to work like an ox, to work like a horse; fig. to work extremely hard
2 This includes the baby


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