The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Yang Shifeng firmly held Song Baozhu’s leg that was trying to kick around. While pressing down on Baozhu’s legs, sweat started to drip down from Yang Shifenmg’s forehead. Even so, he made sure that Baozhu’s legs wouldn’t be able to move, which also allowed Shiyi to smoothly align the bone back to its place. 

After connecting the bone, the next step would be to just let the bone slowly go back into its original shape. Shiyi picked up the appropriate herbs and started pounding the herbs together. After this process, she put the herbs on Song Baozhu’s leg and then wrapped his leg with gauze. 

Seeing Shiyi’s hand closed, the Song family rushed forward. Mother Song asked, “Dr. Shiyi, he is okay, right?”

Shiyi nodded, “From now on, come here every two days to change the medicine, and then follow the prescription I gave you, Make him drink the medicine.” After Shiyi stopped talking, she went to the courtyard, grabbed several kinds of herbs from the herbs she processed, and carefully picked up the right amount and gave them to the Song family.

The Song family was overjoyed, and happily took the medicine bag and carried Song Baozhu back to Yang Erzhu’s house.

At this time, Yang Shifeng brought a basin of water and put it on the table, saying, “Shiyi, wash your hands.”

Shiyi was planning to wash her hands outside, but the water was brought by Shifeng, so she smiled at Yang Shifeng, “Thanks.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and said nothing, and sat straight down on the wood in the yard, picking up the tool and planed the wood.

Shiyi squatted down in front of him and watched his rough hands move skillfully and quickly across the wood. In a short while, the sample of a medical box came out, Yang Shifeng picked up the sanding tools on the wooden box and began to polish it carefully.

Shiyi looked satisfied. “Yang Shifeng, you’re a good carpenter.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and shook his head, “Compared to my grandfather, I’m still far from his skills.”

Shiyi took the medical box and looked at it carefully, but when he saw Yang Shifeng still working on something in his hand, she asked, “What else are you doing?”

While drawing lines on the wood with charcoal, Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. “You’ll know later.”

Seeing that Shifeng was acting mysterious, Shiyi shrugged her shoulders and did not ask again. She just watched Yang Shifeng work, and as a result, she saw a delicate swing.

Shiyi was surprised, “Yang Shifeng, are you making a swing?”

Yang Shifeng nodded, picked up the two thick ropes he prepared and walked to the yard under the tree. He threw the rope to the thickest branch that stretched out while answering Shiyi’s question. “I’ll make a swing for you to play.”

In fact, Yang Shifeng was afraid that Shiyi would be bored. Usually, when there was nothing to do, she would see Shiyi squatting in front of the chicken cage watching the chickens. Afraid that she would be bored, Shifeng thought of making her a swing, so that, when she had nothing to do, she could go to the yard and play. 

Shiyi became interested and went to the tree to watch Yang Shifeng make the swing. Shiyi knew what swing is, but never played it. In the last few days, only kids under the age of six could play with this, but she couldn’t. She was imprisoned in the experimental base while she was still a child. Because of this, it was impossible for her to come in contact with this kind of entertainment. As Shiyi was old enough to go out of the experimental base, Shiyi was in no mood to play. When it comes to entertainment, may be facing an opponent would give her a little fun. When her death came, she wasn’t able to know (experience) these things. 

However, she never expected that when she came here, she would have an exclusive swing! Shiyi has never been interested in playing, but at this moment she is also full of anticipation.

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi’s bright eyes. His eyes had a soft smile on them as well. Shifeng climbed the big tree in just three or two steps, tied the rope he had thrown on the branch, and jumped down when he was done with tying it. After that, he fixed the other end of the rope that was hooked onto the swing board.  

Yang Shifeng did not dare let Shiyi try first. He sat on it first, pressed down hard, and swung twice to make sure the swing was okay, then stood up and held out the swing, and said to Shiyi: “Okay, you can play. You can try it now.”

Shiyi smiled and immediately ran over. She sat on the swing, feet on the ground as support. She started to move the swing and the breeze started to hit her face. It felt like she was flying.

Shiyi couldn’t help but laugh. Her laughter was especially sharp and clear. “Yang Shifeng, I am flying.”

Shiyi was happy as a child at this moment, not at all her usual appearance, but such Shiyi, made Yang Shifeng’s whole being soft. The warmth of happiness filled his whole chest. If he can let Shiyi show such a smile every day, he is willing to do anything.

Yang Shifeng silently stood behind Shiyi, “Shiyi, I’ll give you a push, okay?”

Shiyi nodded, “Okay, then you have to push a little higher.”

“Good, then you hold on tight.” Yang Shifeng smiled, reached out and grabbed the rope, and pushed hard. Shiyi was sent high up in the air, and suddenly, the whole yard was full of Shiyi’s laughter.

Grandpa Yang saw these two in the courtyard through the window of his room, and also laughed silently, the corners of his eyes quietly moistened.

If only these two children had been like this.

Shiyi played for a while before taking a break. She was sitting on the swing and swinging slowly while watching Yang Shifeng hammering on the ground again. Yang Shifeng was making double crutches for Grandpa Yang this time, Shiyi said that Grandpa Yang could try to pestle the crutches and walk around a bit so that his legs won’t have too much strain and he can slowly recover.

Shiyi looked at his nimble hands for a while and said idly, “You’re so good at carpentry, you can decorate your own home in the future, what you want to make, you can decorate it beautifully.”

When Yang Shifeng heard Shiyi’s words, he was stunned and smiled and said, “The furniture in the house was made by my grandfather when he first started his family, and it has not been changed over the years because of his illness. Because of this, he doesn’t have the time and mood to change it. That’s why there’s no new furniture at home. ” The money for his grandfather’s treatment cost all of his time and energy, so naturally he didn’t have the heart to think about decorating his home. And of course, he couldn’t spare some money for decorating, but if he wanted to get married in the future, the home really couldn’t be like this.

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi and again lowered his head to do the things in his hands. While doing so, he pretended to ask Shiyi carelessly: “What if it was you? If you were to decorate your home, how would you like to decorate it? “

Shiyi did not think much about it, but followed the words of Yang Shifeng and thought about it. However, what she came up with were the modern styles. It can’t be certainly achieved in this period. At the very least, things like toilet bowls, showers, and bathtubs are not available here.

If it’s in this era, what is the best decoration that can be made? Shiyi held her cheeks and thought of it, and trying to explain it: “Well …… The most important thing is that the roof is tiled. Thatch is too ugly and not strong, and then the walls should be plastered with white ash, the whole wall should be white and bright, with that, the house will look bright.”

Yang Shifeng stopped moving his hands and listened carefully, “And then what?”

“Then, ah, the floor can’t be dirt, but rather smooth stone tiles like in the town restaurant.”

“As for the rest, the most important thing is the toilet. It must be clean, there should be no stench, and it should be possible to flush the toilet with water. Then the bathroom should have a bath bucket that can be connected to the water pipe. It will be more convenient for getting water or filling water, and you can take a bath in the bathroom every day.” What Shiyi hates most is the toilet here. It’s really disgusting. If she can, she really doesn’t want to go in at all.

However, Shiyi laughed at herself, feeling as if she was talking in vain. Shiyi thought that the people here may not understand it. After all, no one had seen the modern layouts. Yang Shifeng was probably puzzled as he listened, right?

Shiyi smiled and asked Yang Shifeng, “Did you understand it? I’m talking nonsense for fun. “

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and shook his head, but did not say anything. He lowered his head and continued to make crutches.


Yang Shifeng’s crutches have been made for several days. After finishing, he wrapped several layers of cloth around them carefully, and put a specially made anti-skid treatment underground, so that it wouldn’t hurt when Grandpa Yang clamped it under his armpit and wouldn’t slip when walking.

At this time, Shiyi let Yang Shifeng assist Grandpa Yang out of bed and tried to walk with a crutch.

Yang Shifeng put the crutches on the side of the bed, helped Grandpa Yang out of bed, and then put the crutches under his armpit.

Grandpa Yang put his hands on the crossbar of the crutches and held them firmly, slowly touching his feet to the ground. Then, with a slight effort, his legs touched the ground. With this effort, Grandpa Yang’s brow immediately wrinkled and sweat emerged.

Yang Shifeng worriedly supported Grandpa Yang. His hands did not dare let go of Grandpa Yang, “Grandpa, can you do this?”

Grandpa Yang nodded with sweat, “Yes, my legs have strength. It’s just a little pain, but I also can’t just lie in bed. I should try to walk and exert a little strength. Don’t always use strength to support, let Grandpa do it himself. ” 

Shiyi also said at the side, “Yang Shifeng, you can protect on the side, let Grandpa Yang exert a little strength by himself.”If he walks more, he will recover. “

Yang Shifeng nodded and slowly withdrew the strength from his arm, allowing Grandpa Yang to support himself.

Grandpa Yang steadied himself, bit his lip, and slowly stepped out on his right foot. By the time he took one step, he was so tired that he gasped hard, but the result was still very pleasing. The successful step was a great surprise to Grandpa Yang, who had been paralyzed in bed for more than ten years.

Grandpa Yang’s hope for life was rekindled.

“Shifeng ah, as you can see, Grandpa can do it. You don’t need to support me, Grandpa can walk slowly.” The old man awoke his fighting spirit.

After Yang Shifeng saw the situation, he also stopped supporting his Grandpa and went to the side to protect him instead. Let Grandpa Yang slowly move by himself, only when he saw that he was a little unstable and would fall, would Shifeng go up to protect him.

Grandpa Yang moved step by step with pain and gasping for breath, moved from the bed to the door, then sat on a chair and rested for half a quarter of an hour. After resting, he continued to stand up, slowly moved from the door to the door of the hall, and then actually saw the courtyard of his own home.

Grandpa Yang’s eyes were red with excitement and his voice was choked with emotion, “Shifeng, how many years has it been since grandpa stood here and looked at his family’s yard? I never thought I would have this opportunity when I became this old. “

Yang Shifeng silently patted Grandpa Yang’s arm and turned his head to Shiyi with a smile.

He knew that it was all thanks to Shiyi and that meeting her was the greatest luck of his life.

At this time, someone passed by the front door of Yang Shifeng’s house and inadvertently took a look inside, only to see Grandpa Yang standing at the door of the hall. The figure walking by retreated in surprise. The person stood at the door and took a closer look inside, and found that it was really Grandpa Yang.

“Old Yang ah, are you okay? You can even stand?” The visitor asked, surprised.

When Grandpa Yang saw the visitor, he also smiled and replied cheerfully, “Old Li, you also can’t imagine that I can still get well again after being paralyzed for more than ten years, right? It was all thanks to Dr. Shiyi. She cured me completely, and now I can walk. “

The two of them were good friends for many years. Later, when Grandpa Yang was paralyzed in bed, Grandpa Li would come to see Grandpa Yang during the New Year holidays, and the two of them would chatter about family matters.

Grandpa Li went up to hold Grandpa Yang and patted him on the chest, “Good old man, you are really lucky. This is great. When you are well, we can also go to the field together!”

Grandpa Yang laughed out loud, “That’s true. When I get better, I can still cut rice faster than you.”

Once again, the two old men laughed.

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