The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The Song family came with their luggage this time. They planned to live directly with Uncle Yang and go back until Song Baozhu’s leg was cured.

In this regard, Uncle Yang, whose house was already too small for his family, had no choice but to go secretly to Yang Shifeng’s house and ask him to go outside to talk. ” Shifeng, Uncle doesn’t have many beds in his house. This time, your Second Aunt’s family of four went here to live for a while. However, your uncle’s house can’t accommodate them all. I thought, maybe I could bring the little one here to squeeze in with you at night, is it okay?”

Yang Shifeng also understood the situation of his second uncle’s family. There are only three rooms in his family. A family of six was way too crowded for them to fit in. They can’t turn over when they sleep. How much more if four additional adults are squeezing into their house? There’s almost no place for them to move. The second aunt’s family didn’t understand the situation of the second uncle’s family at all, but as a nephew, he always had to help, “Okay, the second uncle, you can take Xiaowen over here to sleep in my room.”

Uncle Yang patted Yang Shifeng on the shoulder and said, “Thank you, Shifeng. Uncle Yang wasn’t able to help you. Instead, I asked you to help me. In this life, your Uncle Yang is useless.”

Yang Shifeng shook his second uncle’s hand, which looked like the withered skin of an old tree. “Second uncle, you should think about yourself more in the future. Don’t wear yourself out.”

Uncle Yang smiled at his nephew’s concern and fondly touched his nephew’s head like when he was a child. “Uncle Yang knows. Uncle Yang can still do it. He’s full of strength! ” 

After Yang Ershu left with the Song family, Yang Shifeng told Shiyi about Yang Ershu’s reason for coming here. Shiyi didn’t have any opinion about it. Anyway, this family belongs to Yang Shifeng, and she has no right to talk.

Shiyi talked about the treatment. “In the future, patients will lie down for treatment, but there is no place to lie down. Is there a carpenter selling beds in the village?”

Yang Shifeng remembered that there was really no bed at home. If Shiyi was going to treat the patient, he couldn’t let the patient lie in Shiyi’s room. In any case, they can’t let the patient lie down on their family’s bed. So, Yang Shifeng thought and said, “You don’t need to find a carpenter. I can work as a carpenter. I’ll go to the mountain to cut some trees and drag them back. I’ll do it at night so that I can make a bed tomorrow. “

I didn’t expect that Yang Shifeng could even work as a carpenter, which was a surprise to Shiyi. “Can you still do this? Was it self-taught? “

Yang Shifeng shook his head. “It’s not so easy to teach yourself. It’s Grandpa. Grandpa used to be a famous carpenter here. Many people came to find Grandpa to make furniture, but Grandpa couldn’t do carpentry after he was injured. Later, Grandpa, who was lying in bed, taught me. After doing it for so many years, I almost learned most of it. “

Shiyi: “So, can you do anything?”

Yang Shifeng: “Not everything, but almost everything. What else do you want me to make? “

Shiyi does have something that she needed to have made. “Can you make a medicine box for me that can hold the things I need for treatment?”

Yang Shifeng knew what Shiyi was describing. “Is it the same as the box the doctor carried when he visited?”

Shiyi didn’t know what box the doctor was carrying, but she thought it should be almost the same as what she wanted. Shiyi said, “Then you can make me one according to that, and I’ll pay you for making me one.”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. There was a trace of sadness that rose in his eyes, but in the next second, it was changed to a smile. Yang Shifeng smiled slightly and said.” You don’t need to pay me. Shiyi, you, treating the villagers well is good enough. There’s nothing for you to pay for, so there is no need to pay me.”

He didn’t want her to treat herself as an outsider.

Shiyi frowned. Shiyi thought it was something she wanted personally. There was no reason to let others do it for her for free. It was right to give the payment, but he didn’t want to take it…

After this period of time together, Shiyi also understood Yang Shifeng’s attitude. This person has always been a fool when it comes to her. If he doesn’t want her to pay, then she really can’t give her compensation.

In that case, she could only compensate him in other ways that he could accept.

But what can she do? After thinking about it, Shiyi finally decided to give a good idea that the Yang family could use, so he asked, “Your second uncle’s bed is not enough, isn’t it?”

Yang Shifeng didn’t understand why she suddenly asked this question, so he nodded, “Except for the eldest brother, the other three children sleep in the same bed. They can’t turn around much, but there’s no place to add more beds. The second uncle was also worried about this.”

Shiyi smiled, “How about I give you an idea so that your second uncle can sleep more comfortably in the future?”

“Huh?” Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi suspiciously and said, “What can we do? My second uncle’s house has no spare room. “

Shiyi scratched her lip. “There’s no need for extra space. Can you find me a pen? I’m going to draw it. “

Yang Shifeng didn’t ask much and said, “My eldest brother has. I’ll go to him and lend it to you.”

Yang Shifeng borrowed a pen and a piece of paper. Shiyi directly drew a drawing of double beds on the paper and then handed it to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng took a look and was immediately attracted to the picture. After looking at it for a long time, he looked at Shiyi in surprise and said, “Shiyi, this is…”

Shiyi explained: “This is a kind of bed, which is divided into upper and lower floors and connected by a ladder. It only occupies the area of one bed, but more people can sleep on it. You can give it a try.”

Yang Shifeng once again moved his eyes to the drawing and looked more carefully. The more he looked at it, the more interested he became. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but tilt up gently. “Shiyi, this bed is really easy to use. If you had this bed, you could put two beds in the same place. I never thought of this. Shiyi, thank you. “

Shiyi waved her hand and couldn’t tell Yang Shifeng that this is a very common bed in later generations. “Don’t thank me. It’s even my reward for making things for myself. In the future, if you have more children, you can also make this kind of bed, so the space will be enough.”

children… ” Yang Shifeng’s heart suddenly jumped. He subconsciously looked at Shiyi’s stomach, and his mind was uncontrollably thinking about his children.

He can’t help thinking of the children and Shiyi as two peas. He had never thought of having a child before because he did not even want to marry, but with the thought of a child looking exactly like Shiyi, his heart could not help but warm up. If that happens, he must not be greedy at all. One is enough. He would be satisfied in this life.

Seeing that Yang Shifeng was stunned, Shiyi shook her hand in front of him and said, “What’s the matter with you? What are you thinking? “

“Ah? Oh, nothing …… Nothing. ” Yang Shifeng was shaken back to his senses. Thinking of what was just going through his mind, his face quietly reddened. Shifeng pursed his lips, grabbed the axe in the corner, and walked out, “I’m going up the mountain to chop down a tree.”

Shiyi shrugged her shoulders, thinking he was acting strange.

Yang Shifeng spent half a day cutting a very thick tree from the mountain back, came back without even having time to drink water. He immediately went to Shiyi to make a bed. Uncle Yang knew that this was for Shiyi to use. He also rolled up his sleeves to help. The uncle and nephew did not sleep all night, until dawn. With the help of Uncle Yang, the speed became instantly faster. The next day, the bed was made.

“Second uncle, thank you.” Yang Shifeng thanked Uncle Yang.

Uncle Yang waved his hand, “You kid. What’s with the thank you? Uncle wasn’t able to help you [1]referring to the years he wasn’t able to help Shifeng., but Uncle can at least help you by using his strength. ” [2]He’s speaking in third person

Yang Shifeng smiled and took out the drawing Shiyi gave in his arms and showed it to Uncle Yang. “Second uncle, this is the drawing Shiyi gave me to make a new bed for your family. With this bed, your family will have enough space to sleep in the future. You no longer need to squeeze the children together. “

When Uncle Yang heard this, he immediately looked up carefully. The results of this taking a glance immediately made him excited, “So. There is this kind of bed. This bed is good. Great, a lot of people will have enough space to sleep in, but at the same time, this also does not occupy space. How did you think of this?”

Yang Shifeng raised the corner of his mouth, “Shiyi is very smart. She thought of it.”

Uncle Yang nodded his head, “Shiyi is too smart! Not only is she good at medicine, but she can also draw this.”

Yang Shifeng nodded his head, and there was a smile in his eyes.

“Second uncle, if this bed is made, it is estimated that three trees are needed.” Yang Shifeng said after estimating.

Second Uncle Yang said with a smile, “Three trees is not a problem. This time I happen to be free. Tomorrow I will go to the mountains to cut trees. After cutting, I will trouble you to help Second Uncle make it.”

Yang Shifeng naturally nodded his head.

The next day, at dawn, Yang Shifeng took the axe and went to the mountains, his heart full of the idea of making the bunk bed as soon as possible.

Shiyi, however, did not want to pay any attention to Song Juanhua, and even wanted to kick out Song Juanhua’s big mouth. If not for her, today could these villagers come and watch the fun?

The villagers all knew that Shiyi was going to treat Song Juanhua’s crippled brother’s leg today. They were all full of curiosity, and early in the morning, people came to the door, saying they wanted to see Shiyi treat someone’s leg, and then more and more people were staring at Shiyi, asking questions. The level of activity was almost as big as the one at the opera.

Yang Shifeng frowned at this view and went to speak kindly, but he strongly advised people to go back one by one. Finally, he closed the door, to stop all the people in the village from coming to see Shiyi for treatment.

“Second Aunt, next time don’t call so many people, too many people will disturb Shiyi’s medical treatment.” Yang Shifeng said to Song Juanhua indifferently.

Song Juanhua said sheepishly, “I didn’t call them either, I just told them about my brother coming for his leg treatment, but I didn’t know that everyone had nothing better to do than to come here.”  In fact, Song Juanhua just can’t keep her mouth shut. She likes to talk about it when she sees anyone, and then she said to let people come to see, but Song Juanhua didn’t expect that so many people would come. Next time, she wouldn’t dare to talk much.

 “Shut up, move aside, don’t disturb me when I cure his legs.” Shiyi did not bother to listen to Song Juanhua talk. She immediately lowered her head to check Song Baozhu’s leg.

Song Juanhua stopped, retreated to the back, and did not speak.

All of the Song family members also did not dare speak and stared at Shiyi with full attention.

Shiyi groped carefully on Song Baozhu’s crippled leg and moved down inch by inch. When she touched one place, her hand stopped and found the root of his lameness.

It turned out that the bone was misaligned and had not grown and was not connected, because the bone was deformed, so it was difficult to connect, which is why the Song Baozhu wasn’t treated even after seeing many doctors.

What Shiyi first did was put the bone back in its original position, but it will be very painful. Shiyi doesn’t want her to be kicked by the man when she is setting the bone and have the bones connect in the wrong position, making her do it again. So, she waved and shouted to Yang Shifeng, “Press his legs and make sure his legs stay still.”

Yang Shifeng nodded and pressed Song Baozhu’s leg as Shiyi instructed, “Do it, make sure he doesn’t move.”

Seeing this situation, the Song family was startled. The first to bear the brunt is Song Baozhu. Sweat was dripping on his forehead out of nervousness. “Doctor Shiyi, is this very painful?”

Father Song and Mother Song also went forward and said worriedly, “Dr. Shiyi, please do it gently. “

Shiyi washed her hands with the hot water next to her and said while washing her hands. “It hurts, so why don’t we stop treating it?”

The Song family choked and stopped talking.

Shiyi waved her hand and told them to stand to the side, then, without saying a word, she pinched the misaligned bone and moved it slowly.

The air immediately resounded with a sound like the cry of the pigs being killed.

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1 referring to the years he wasn’t able to help Shifeng.
2 He’s speaking in third person


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