The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Why do I have to run? Can shouting also cure diseases? ” Song Dawei was puzzled.

“Of course, your heart is about to fail, and it will gradually stop beating. However, if you run, your heartbeat will speed up. It’s just the right treatment. Don’t you think that your heart beats very fast every time you run? “

When Song Dawei thought about it, his doubts were eliminated. At this time, he listened to Shiyi’s continuation of her explanation: “As for shouting, it is because there is turbid Qi in your body when you’re sick, so we must discharge it. Shouting can make the turbid Qi discharge well. If you do these treatments, you will recover faster.”

Song Dawei was convinced and nodded again and again. He completely forgot what was the purpose of him, coming here today. For him, his lust is not as important as his life.

“Well, go back quickly. You’d better not eat big fish and meat, drink wine and be in contact with the opposite sex this month. If you don’t follow what I said, your disease will become more serious. ” Shiyi added another knife to Song Dawei’s.

Song Dawei became stiff. His heart was full of bitterness. He just felt that these requirements were killing him. He couldn’t eat meat or drink. And he’s not allowed to touch women? Since he was 14 years old, where has he quit having sex? How can this be tolerated?

Looking at Song Dawei’s look, Shiyi said slowly, “You should remember that once you break even one of the things, I forbid you to do, your condition will become more serious. By that time, I won’t be able to save you. “

Song Dawei was frightened and immediately gritted his teeth and nodded, “OK, I understand, I will abide by it.”

Shiyi stretched out her hand. “OK, then there will be no problem with your recovery. Now give me the consultation fee.”

Song Dawei took out his money bag and asked, “How much was the consultation fee?”

“One tael of silver.”

“What?! One tale of silver?!” Song Dawei’s hand shook and he was startled by Shiyi’s greedy demand. One tael of silver is enough for him to go for two drinks in the brothel.

Shiyi’s face sank. “What do you mean? If you can’t afford it, don’t come to me. “

Song Dawei is a man who loves to save face. How can he be told that he can’t afford to see a doctor, especially in front of the young lady he is pursuing. Left with no choice, he gritted his teeth and gave Shiyi the one tael of silver in his money bag. His heart bled. This money was set aside for the purpose of using it to drink in the flower house [1]brothel

After giving the silver, Song Dawei’s body went weak, and wasn’t in the mood to flirt with Shiyi. He turned around and went home. Now he has no strength left in his body.

As soon as Song Dawei left, Yang Shifeng came back. He put down his sickle and asked, “I just seem to see Song Dawei. Did he go out of their house? “

Shiyi didn’t hide it from him, “He came for a consultation and just left.”

As soon as Yang Shifeng heard this, he threw his hat on his head, quickly walked up to Shiyi, and looked at her anxiously, “Did he do anything? Don’t pay attention to that man. He’s a bastard and doesn’t do good things. “

Shiyi saw that Shifeng was worried, so she waved her hand. “What can he do? I even cured him. Here, I earned one tael of silver.” Shiyi showed him the one tael of silver in her hand.

Is he really sick? “Is he really ill? What disease costs one or two silver? “

“There’s nothing wrong with him, but he said he was ill, and I can’t say he wasn’t ill, so I went along with him.” Shiyi thought that Song Dawei was not only disgusting but also stupid. She was obviously fooling him and yet, he still completely believed her words. Shiyi really doesn’t know what to say. 

Shiyi told Yang Shifeng how she cheated on Song Dawei. Yang Shifeng was stunned and didn’t know how to evaluate Song Dawei.

However, Yang Shifeng was still a little confused, “But he is obviously not ill. If he goes to the town to see a doctor, won’t the doctor reveal your secret?”

Shiyi rubbed her silver needle carefully. “It didn’t exist originally, but he had it after I poked the needles in. Now he is weak and his heart still hurts. Isn’t this a disease? What can it be if it’s not a disease? “

Yang Shifeng was a little afraid that Shiyi played too much, So he’s not in danger, right? It won’t really harm him? “

Shiyi waved her hand to reassure him, “It’s nothing. It won’t hurt his body. He just has to suffer from his sins. As long as he really runs for two hours every day and yells while running, the symptoms will disappear automatically in a month.”

Yang Shifeng felt relieved and laughed at Shiyi’s tricks, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong. Song Dawei deserved it. He had impure thoughts and pretended to be ill to deceive Shiyi. Everyone knew what he was up to. It’s a pity that he wasn’t at home. Otherwise, he would beat him to the point that the village head wouldn’t recognize him. Let’s see if he would still have any (bad) ideas towards Shiyi next time!

Since then, when people were still asleep every morning, they would hear a person shouting. When the villagers were woken up, they were cursing him, and when they came out to teach the person a lesson, they saw Song Dawei running around the village like a madman, sweating all over, shouting while running, and ignoring anyone who asked him, He just kept running and shouting.

Everyone thought that Song Dawei was possessed by the devil and ran to persuade the village head to find someone to drive away from the devil. The poor village head and his wife didn’t dare to tell others that their son’s heart was about to fail and stop beating. They were afraid that when everyone found out that Song Dawei was in bad health, no girl’s family would be willing to marry him in the future, which would be a bad thing. They had to explain to everyone that they had asked him to exercise.

When Yang Shifeng knew about this, he couldn’t help laughing for a long time. He thought Shiyi was really good at making fun of others. If he put it aside, he would feel bad about teasing others, but this time he didn’t feel bad at all. He just thought his Shiyi was too cute.

Yang Shifeng thinks he’s a little bad, too.


After a few more days, the villagers gradually finished harvesting the rice, and the villagers began to enter temporary slack time.

At this time, Song Juanhua, who has not been around for a long time, once again appeared. But this time, she brought over four people. Behind her was an old couple and a young couple. The man in the younger couple was crippled.

Before Song Juanhua even introduced herself, Shiyi knew who came with Song Juanhua.

Song Juanhua was very polite this time and gave Shiyi a serious introduction: “Miss Shiyi, these two are my parents, these two are my brother and my brother’s wife. We came here to ask you to treat my brother’s leg. Please.” 

Song Juanhua’s parents followed suit and greeted Shiyi, then said: “Dr. Shiyi, my family’s Juanhua came back to our house and said that your medical skills were excellent. My in-law’s leg has been paralyzed for more than 10 years and yet was cured by you.  After receiving treatments from you, now his legs can be bent. We are so very happy to hear that, so today we want to go see our in-laws. Right, where is he? Seeing that we have not even greeted him, it is too rude. We were rude. “

Yang Shifeng, who heard this, pursed his lips and felt uncomfortable. Only because his second aunt’s family disliked his second uncle’s poverty and his inability to help them (Song Juanhua’s maternal family). They didn’t have much contact with his family at all. He would only let his second uncle carry things to have a look at them during the spring festival, let alone see his grandfather. His grandfather had been ill in bed for more than ten years and had never seen his second aunt’s parents at all. They said that they wanted to visit his Grandpa. But in fact, they still don’t believe in Shiyi’s medical skills at all. They just want to verify it with my own eyes. Only in this way can they judge whether to let Shiyi treat the legs of Song Juanhua’s brother.

They don’t believe Shiyi at all. This fact made Yang Shifeng very uncomfortable.

Yang Shifeng didn’t really want them to see his grandfather. He wanted to refuse on the grounds that his grandpa was sleeping. But Song Juanhua first took her parents and her mother-in-law to the east wing and said, “My father-in-law is in the east wing. My father-in-law will be very happy to see you.”

Watching a group of them enter grandpa’s room, Yang Shifeng’s face sank, and looked at his second uncle with dissatisfaction. Second uncle Yang was also very embarrassed about his mother-in-law’s uninvited entry. He was not too comfortable to see his nephew with this expression, so he patted Shifeng on the shoulder, “Shifeng, your second aunt is like this. Forgive me, when we go back, I’ll talk to her.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t take his second uncle’s words seriously and didn’t give a face to him, and told the truth. “Second uncle, second aunt’s parents don’t want to see Grandpa. What they want to verify was if Shiyi’s medical was good as rumored, right?”

Uncle Yang coughed, and his expression was a little unnatural.

While they were talking, the Song family came out of the East Wing room, but this time, the Song family’s attitude changed. They were visibly warm to Shiyi, and their eyes were full of hope.

Mother Song excitedly came forward and held Shiyi’s hand. “Dr. Shiyi, your medical skills are really excellent. Our in-law’s legs became really good. What we saw with our own eyes was that he was able to bend his legs. Great. Dr. Shiyi, we came here today to ask you to cure my son’s legs. His legs have been crippled for many years. Please cure him.”

Shiyi whose hands were held frowned. She shook her hand immediately. Mother Song’s hand, which was originally holding Shiyi’s hands tightly, was easily thrown away, “Stay away from me.”

Song’s mother’s face was stiff and embarrassed, but she soon smiled again, stepped back, and said, “Blame me, blame me. I was too excited. Please don’t take offense to my actions, Dr. Shiyi.”

“You, the old woman just doesn’t know what to do. Step aside.” Father Song frowned and scolded Mother Song. He apologized to Shiyi and said, “Don’t be upset, doctor Shiyi. The old woman doesn’t understand anything. Today, we’re here to ask doctor Shiyi to cure my son’s leg. Please help us Doctor Shiyi.”

Shiyi’s face was light and she raised her eyes to look at the Song family, “Healing his leg is fine, but you know my conditions, right?”

When the Song family heard Shiyi’s words, the pained expressions on their faces were visible. Father Song asked hesitantly, “Dr. Shiyi, can we pay less for healing his leg? It’s not easy for us farmers to earn this amount of money. Our life is too hard.”

Shiyi pointed to the gate, “As I said, the price can’t go any lower. If you don’t have money, stop talking about treating anyone’s legs. You can go now.”

Song Baozhu, Song Juanhua’s younger brother, was worried when he heard what Shiyi said. For fear that Shiyi would not cure him, he hurriedly pulled his father’s sleeve and shouted in a pressed voice, “Dad, were silver more important than my leg? Five taels of silver are five taels of silver!”

Seeing that her son was anxious, Mother Song also pulled Father Song’s clothes and urged him to stop bargaining. Five taels of silver are five taels of silver! ” If her son can be cured, it’s worth it.

Seeing that there was really no way to lower the price, Father Song gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and nodded his head: “Doctor Shiyi, five taels of silver it is. We will pay for it.”

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