The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Yang Shifeng went to the village head’s house and told him that Shiyi was willing to treat the villagers. After hearing what Shifeng said, the village head was overjoyed. He was a person who had seen Shiyi’s medical skills and knew that it would be a great thing if there was a person like that in the village. For a moment, the village head was so excited that he rubbed his hands together.

The village head patted Yang Shifeng on the shoulder and said: “Good, good. Our village will have a doctor in the future. The people from our Shiliba village can also come to see a doctor. They don’t have to go all the way to town. This good thing has fallen on us! Shifeng, thanks to you, I will thank you here on behalf of the people of Shiliba village. ” The village head patted Yang Shifeng on the shoulder and said

Yang Shifeng didn’t dare take credit for it. He waved his hands and said, “Village head, don’t thank me. It has nothing to do with me. The person we should thank is Miss Shiyi and her good medical skills. I’m just here to pass on the message. “

The village head smiled and patted Yang Shifeng on the shoulder with appreciation. He knew that he had always been a person who didn’t like bragging about meritorious work. That’s why he liked Shifeng so much. Shifeng was a steadfast, willing to work and kind-hearted man. There were not many young men like him. If only Shifeng could have had an affection for his family’s Cuilan, but unfortunately,

The village head looked at Yang Shifeng sadly and remembered that her little daughter’s eyes were red and swollen every day. It’s not like he didn’t feel distressed for her daughter. Unfortunately, his love for his daughter prevailed. The village head thickened his face and asked again. Shifeng, can’t you really consider my daughter? She has liked you since she was young. This kind of affection is rare. “

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips, shook his head, and said seriously, “Village head, I still think the same as before. I have no love for Cuilan, and my family’s condition is also poor. Cuilan can find a better one, and her future will not be bad.”

At this point, the village head also knew that it was completely impossible and sighed deeply, “It’s just that, it seems that you two just don’t have any fate. I won’t say anything in the future. I won’t say anything. ” The village chief turned around and waved his hand towards Yang Shifeng behind him, “Go back, I’ll go ahead and talk to the villagers about this now.”

Yang Shifeng looked at the village head’s back for a moment. After a while, he turned around and went back home.

Not all of Yang Shifeng’s rice has been cut yet, so he still has to go to the field to cut it. But this time he didn’t let Shiyi follow, saying, “It’s too hot. Your skin will turn red after going out for a while. You won’t be able to stand it. You’d better stay at home. Besides, don’t you want to be a doctor in the village and give treatments? What if some villagers want to see you, and you’re not there? “

Yang Shifeng said a lot. He was afraid that Shiyi would follow him to the heat, and then her delicate skin will be sunburned.

In fact, Shiyi didn’t intend to follow him to see people cutting rice in the field. Instead of being afraid of being exposed to the sun, she had important things to do. Now that she has decided to be a doctor in the village, she can’t just look at them. She needs to make medicine; she doesn’t have any medicine in her hand. Can she just take a look at them, write a prescription, and let people walk back and forth for eight hours to get medicine in the town? What’s the difference between that and going straight to town to see a doctor?

Since she wants to use this last month to make some money, she has to guarantee the quality of service after receiving people’s money, which is her usual principle of doing things, so Shiyi decided to go to the mountains today to pick some herbs, so as to facilitate the treatment of people here.

Therefore, Shiyi acted obediently and said, “I won’t go. “Go by yourself.”

Yang Shifeng thought Shiyi was persuaded and smiled happily. He put on a straw hat for himself and took a sickle. Before going out, he said, “I’ll come back to cook at noon. Have a good time at home. “

“Got it, you’re too naggy!” Shiyi waved her hand and told him to hurry away.

Yang Shifeng, who was driven away, grinned and walked out of the door happily.

After Yang Shifeng left, Shiyi took a basket from the house. 

After going into the house and talking to Grandpa Yang, she headed for the mountains.

She still remembered the path she walked through, so she entered the mountain very smoothly. In order to get back to eating lunch before noon, Shiyi did not go any deeper into the mountain. She only picked herbs at the periphery of the halfway point of the mountain, but the herbs at the periphery were some ordinary medicines, like those for curing some simple headaches and brain fever. But she can’t use these herbs for difficult and miscellaneous diseases. However, Shiyi does not intend to pick herbs in the deeper parts today. She plans to come back sometime in the future.

When Shiyi was almost done collecting herbs and was ready to go back, she suddenly heard the sound of grass and trees rubbing in her ear. The habit of many years made Shiyi immediately hide behind a big tree and enter a state of full alert. Her eyes stared at the place where the sound was coming from behind the tree and were ready to attack at any time.

As a result, there was no danger at all. It was just a gray rabbit running.

Shiyi breathed a sigh of relief. Then she came out from behind the tree, put down the basket in her hand, took out the scalpel from her waist, and ran in the direction of the rabbit.

Now that they have met, there is no reason to let it go to nothing.

If someone were here at the moment, he would be stunned and think he was dazed because Shiyi’s speed is very fast. Shiyi moved as quickly as the rabbit through the mountains and forests. She is like a natural fighter, full of murderous spirit. Even the rabbit who passed by inadvertently was scared to speed up by the momentum of Shiyi and was afraid of falling into her hand.

However, this rabbit was doomed to have a tragic end when he met Shiyi today. Who made Shiyi chase even mutant species? The rabbit’s speed is not enough in front of Shiyi. Shiyi quickly caught up with the rabbit. When Shiyi saw that the distance was almost enough, the scalpel in her hand was thrown forward, the knife was like a flying knife, shot straight out, and then the knife penetrated the rabbit’s leg. The rabbit fell to the ground and couldn’t run.

Shiyi went up to pick up the rabbit and weighed its weight. She felt very satisfied. She thought it was another plate of delicious braised rabbit meat, and her saliva was about to flow down.

Shiyi was in a good mood because she got an extra rabbit. She walked home with one hand holding a rabbit and another hand holding some medicine. Shiyi hummed a song. However, when she was about to get home, she saw a man standing at the door from a distance, walking on his legs. Shiyi approached a little and took a closer look. It turned out that it was the annoying man again.

Song Dawei also saw Shiyi. His eyes lit up and he immediately greeted him. He said, “Miss Shiyi, you’re back? Where have you been? ” He came here after seeing Yang Shifeng go out to cut rice with his own eyes. Song Dawei wanted to be alone with Shiyi. He didn’t know that he had waited for nearly a morning to noon and didn’t see anyone. He was ready to go back, but fortunately, she came back, otherwise, he would have gone in vain. Next time he comes, maybe the insensitive Shifeng will spoil his good deeds.

Shiyi walked past him as if she hadn’t seen him. She walked directly into the house and closed the door.

“Hey! Don’t close the door! ” Song Dawei quickly stuck half of his body in. Shiyi couldn’t close it even if she wanted to.

“Get out of the way!” Shiyi shouted coldly.

Song Dawei just took advantage of this opportunity to squeeze his whole body in and smiled, “Miss Shiyi, aren’t you going to treat us? I’m here for treatment today. The doctor can’t refuse to receive a patient, right? “

Shiyi smiled at his words. She looked at the man from top to bottom, especially at his key parts, and asked, “Did you come to cure your kidney deficiency?”

Song Dawei’s smile froze, and his face turned the color of a pig’s liver. It took him a long time to continue with a forced smile: “Miss Shiyi, you are so humorous. What a joke, ha-ha. “

Shiyi hooked the corner of her mouth, simply stopped him, and went directly into the main room, “I don’t like to joke.”

Song Dawei twisted his face and pretended not to hear her, then followed her into the house.

Shiyi put down her things and sat on the table looking at Song Dawei. “Tell me, what disease do you want me to cure?”

Song Dawei had thought about it for a long time and immediately replied, “My chest is very stuffy these two days.” I don’t know what’s going on. You can take a look. “

“Oh, chest tightness?” Shiyi stared at his chest.

Song Dawei nodded quickly. “Yes, my chest is stuffy. Yes, it’s stuffy. Miss Shiyi, do you want to touch it? “

Shiyi chuckled, grabbed Song Dawei’s wrist directly, put her two fingers on his wrist for a while, and took it back a moment later.

“Miss Shiyi, what’s wrong with me?” Song Dawei asked with a smile.

Shiyi curled her lips and her smile was very moving, but the words in her mouth were frightening: “Heart disease.”

“Ah? Heart disease? What is heart disease? ” Song Dawei was a little confused. Shouldn’t she say he’s not ill? Then he would let her take a closer look. According to the doctor’s observation, she would take a closer look at his chest, and then touch it again. Then he will have close contact with her.

Why is it different from what he thought?

Shiyi acted as if she didn’t notice his ghostly thoughts. She explained the details with an extremely serious face: “Heart disease is when there’s something wrong with your heart, your heart is about to stop beating.”

You must be wrong, right? My heart is broken. I can’t! ” Song Dawei was a little unconvinced. He was clearly pretending to be sick. Where did the sickness come from? This little lady won’t be a fake doctor, right?

Shiyi smiled and looked insulted. “Since you don’t believe my medical skills, go away and don’t look for me.”

“No, just… just…” Song Dawei saw Shiyi save people with his own eyes and believed in Shiyi’s medical skills. People in the village regarded her as a miracle doctor, but he was just pretending to be ill. Is it true that he had a problem in his heart but was unaware of it?

Thinking of this, Song Dawei panicked and decided whether to believe it or not. He hurriedly asked, “Well, is my disease serious? Can I be cured? “

Shiyi pondered for a long time and said, “It can be cured.” You just have to suffer a little bit. I just don’t know if you can do it. “

“Yes, sure!” It’s all about his life. Of course, he would do everything in this world to be cured.

Shiyi nodded. “In that case, I’ll give you acupuncture first, and then I’ll tell you what to do later.”

Song Dawei nodded without saying a word.

So Shiyi took out a silver needle and pricked several needles on Song Dawei’s body. After pricking his heel, she said to Song Dawei, “Do you feel weak now, and then your heart hurts faintly?”

Song Dawei felt it carefully and found that it was true. He was immediately flustered, “It is true.” What’s the matter with me? “

Shiyi: “It’s because I let your disease come out. It just hadn’t come out before. “

Song Dawei really believes it now. It turns out that there was something wrong with him. Otherwise, why does his heart hurt so much and his hands and feet become so soft? “Doctor Shiyi, please help me. What should I do next? I can’t be sick. My family’s third-generation son has only me. “

Shiyi looked very serious and responsible. “I will definitely save you. Your disease is serious, but also very curable, as long as you insist on getting up at noon every day, running around the village, shouting while running, running until the set time, and you’ll get better after running for a month.

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