The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 21

Chapter 21

It was already late afternoon when Yang Shifeng came back from buying meat in the town. The weather was hot and the meat couldn’t be stored. Yang Shifeng took the time to deal with it and promised Shiyi three dishes that night.

Shiyi was so captivated by the aroma of the three dishes that she couldn’t walk away. So, she stayed in the kitchen and watched Yang Shifeng cook, not giving any sign of wanting to go out.

Yang Shifeng smiled helplessly and let her be. He took out the fan from the fire and gave it to Shiyi to use.

When all three dishes were ready, Shiyi’s eyes lit up, and she picked up the three dishes and put them on the table in the hall. Then, without Yang Shifeng’s urging, Shiyi took the bowl and served three bowls of rice, “Okay, let’s eat!”

Yang Shifeng was so amused by her appearance that he shook his head dotingly, “Okay, let’s eat.”

Yang Shifeng went to the room and carried Grandpa Yang out, and the three of them gathered around the table and ate a sumptuous meal.

During the meal, Grandpa Yang and Yang Shifeng talked about what happened when Yang Erzhu came in the afternoon, and also said that Yang Erzhu asked him to help talk to Shiyi about treating the leg of Song Juanhua’s brother.

Yang Shifeng frowned at his words and looked at Shiyi: “Shiyi, if you don’t want to treat him, then don’t. You don’t have to care about what Second Uncle said. “

Shiyi took a bite of rice and said, “But I already agreed.”

“Huh?” Yang Shifeng was surprised and said, “You agreed? I thought you didn’t want to? Did second uncle say something to you? “

Shiyi shook her head, “No, I wanted to say yes, but I made a condition. I will take five taels of silver. “

Five taels of silver? Yang Shifeng was surprised by the price. A family of farmers could only save less than five taels of silver a year. Yang Shifeng can be sure that some poor people in the village do not have five talers of silver in their family’s savings. It can be said that it is very difficult to take out five taels of silver at once.

“I guess second aunt’s mother won’t be willing to take out a huge amount of money. If they are not willing to take out, then we will not give treatment.” Yang Shifeng said to Shiyi. He didn’t want Shiyi to cure them for free. He can still remember how his second aunt scolded Shiyi.

Grandpa Yang nodded at his words: “Yes, since you want to cure the leg, then you have to spend money. Do they want Miss Shiyi to treat them for free? In their dreams! If you do not want to spend money, then Miss Shiyi doesn’t need to cure him. “

Shiyi agreed and nodded to their words. “There’s nothing to talk about if they don’t give money.”

Yang Shifeng thought for a moment and said, “Let me talk to my second uncle about your conditions today, and ask them if they were willing to pay 5 taels of silver or not.”

Grandpa Yang suddenly smiled and said meaningfully, “You don’t have to wait for tomorrow. We will be able to talk later.”

“Ah?” Before Yang Shifeng could react to what Grandpa Yang said. Outside their door, he heard the voices of two little carrots from the second uncle’s house. “big brother — big brother –“

Yang Shifeng: “……” Well, he forgot that today he cooked some delicious food. How could the second uncle’s family not smell it?

The two dragon and phoenix children smelled the scent and came running in, followed by the smiling Song Juanhua.

As soon as the two children arrived, they pulled on Yang Shifeng’s sleeve and asked for food. Song Juanhua said with a smile, “I’m sorry, these two children are too greedy. They wanted to come here after smelling the aroma of the food you cooked. Alas, I can’t control them. “

Grandpa Yang acted like he hadn’t heard it, and Yang Shifeng didn’t take Song Juanhua’s obvious lie. He went into the kitchen to get a bowl of rice for the two children and let them sit together to eat. As for Song Juanhua, Yang Shifeng didn’t see her.

Seeing this, Song Juanhua was not very happy, but she looked at Shiyi, who was sitting at the dining table. Juanhua didn’t say much and went to find a bench and sat down. She used the fan in her hand to fan herself while looking at Grandpa Yang, and said, “Father, I see that your body is much stronger again. I heard it from Ershi when he came back. He said that your legs could now bend up, right? This is thanks to Miss Shiyi’s good medical skills. “

Grandpa Yang snorted. He didn’t bother to pay attention to her and continued to eat his own food. However, Yang Shifeng looked at his second aunt and thought that his second aunt would let people know what she was here for at the beginning.

Song Juanhua didn’t care about it, and then said, “I heard that Miss Shiyi saved Zhang’s eldest grandson yesterday, didn’t she? Oh, what a terrible thing to happen. I heard that he was out of breath and that his heartbeat was gone. I didn’t expect that Miss Shiyi’s move would bring her back to life. It’s amazing. With Miss Shiyi’s medical skills, she really is the living Hua Tuo. ” After Song Juanhua’s speech, she gave Shiyi a thumbs-up.

As Shiyi was eating, she just felt goosebumps all over her body. Shiyi felt that Song Juanhua was also talented. Obviously, Juanhua didn’t like her or even hated her, but in order to ask her for treatment, she could flatter herself by changing her face. It was a typical example of being able to bend and stretch.

Yang Shifeng smiled quietly at Shiyi’s slightly unbearable look. He also felt that his second aunt’s words made people have goosebumps. 

Song Juanhua spouted a lot of words, boasting everything she could say about Shiyi. Finally, after not having Shiyi’s response, her voice became angry. Seeing that the people at the dining table didn’t pay attention to her after the meal, she knew that she couldn’t expect Shiyi to take the initiative to take her words. If she wanted to ask her to cure her brother’s leg, she had to take the initiative to the end.

Therefore, Song Juanhua became shameless again and talked about her purpose, “Miss Shiyi, I know you have great skills and a heart of Bodhisattva. [1]Bodhisattvas act in accord with the Dharma, and their hearts are broad and pure. When they look, they look with the heart of understanding. They are always looking for ways to help people and solve … Continue reading As long as there is a disease and a disaster, you are the right person to look for. Miss Shiyi, have mercy on my brother. He was still young and would be crippled all his life. How pitiful! Can you save him? We will never forget your great kindness. “

Shiyi finished eating the last bit of rice in her bowl and wiped her mouth. Then she looked up at Song Juanhua and asked, “Do you want me to save your brother?”

Song Juanhua’s eyes lit up, and she thought things were going well. She immediately nodded, as if he was pounding garlic. “Yes, yes, Miss Shiyi, have mercy on us and save my brother’s legs.”

Shiyi nodded and said slowly, “I’m okay with it if you want me to save your brother, but I have conditions. It’s up to you whether you agree or not. “

Are there conditions? Song Juanhua hesitated for a moment and asked tentatively, “What are the conditions?”

Shiyi raised her five fingers. My fee is five taels of silver, and I won’t come to your house to do the treatment. If you want me to cure him, you must come to me. “

“What?!” Song Juanhua jumped up from her chair and shouted incredulously, “Five taels of silver? You’re robbing! “

Shiyi raised her mouth and smiled casually. This is my condition. If you can’t agree to it, then don’t talk to me about anything else. “

“You—” Song Juanhua pointed to Shiyi and couldn’t speak. She held her breath again.

Yang Shifeng then stood up to pick up the dishes and chopsticks and said, “Aunt, there’s no free lunch in the world. You can’t ask Shiyi to cure him for free, right? Just like what you said, Shiyi’s medical skills were like Hua Tuo’s. You only need to pay five taels of silver to cure his leg. Do you think it’s too expensive? Then there’s no need for treatment. See if you can find someone to cure your brother’s leg with five taels of silver. “

Yang Shifeng’s words are honest and reasonable. Song Juanhua choked and knew in her heart that even if they spent ten taels of silver or twenty tales of silver, they (other doctors) could not cure his brother’s leg. It’s not like their family didn’t find a doctor to cure their brother’s legs. They even went to the doctors in the city to look for it, but it was useless. The doctors said that it couldn’t be cured, but they could only make his crippled leg less severe. 

Even though Song Juanhua wanted to cure his brother, she didn’t want to spend money. Originally, she thought that Shiyi was an acquaintance, and she was even living in Yang Shifeng’s house. So, she could treat their family for free. Who thought this person would need five taels of silver as soon as she spoke? That’s five taels of silver. It’s so painful to take it out.

The corner of Shiyi’s lips raised when she saw Song Juanhua’s “in pain look.” She looked at Yang Shifeng with satisfaction and silently praised him. Seeing that Yang Shifeng turned red, she felt sweet in her heart.

“Can… can…” Song Juanhua hesitated for a long time and said, “But aren’t we all family? How can you be so alienated? Can’t you charge less? ” Better not.

Shiyi sneered, “I’m not a family with you. Don’t pretend like we’re relatives. “

Song Juan’s face became stiff.

Shiyi then said, “Five taels of silver was already a small amount after considering Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang’s face. If you think it’s too much, don’t come to me. I’ll only increase the price, not reduce it. Who knows? If you annoy me or make me upset, I may not want to cure him. “

Song Juanhua’s face was almost deformed, but there was nothing she could do, and she did not dare to say more to make Shiyi angry, for fear that she would really not cure her brother.

In the end, Song Juanhua had no choice but to take her two children home. She thought of going back to her mother’s house to talk about it. Whether they were willing to pay or not, depended on her parents. She has tried her best, and they can’t blame her.

Song Juanhua left. Shiyi raised her eyebrows, looked at Yang Shifeng, and said, “Yang Shifeng, in recent months, if anyone wants to see me for treatment, they can come to me. Help me agree with them. “

“Ah?” Yang Shifeng is a little confused. He still remembers that when he asked her to save Xiaosheng yesterday, she didn’t want to. If he hadn’t coaxed her with delicious food, she wouldn’t have gone. How could she have changed today? And she asked him to agree to them. That was strange. “Shiyi, why?”

Shiyi said faintly, “No reason. Just say yes, but it won’t be for free. I want to collect money. If they agree to pay, I’ll cure it. If they don’t, then forget it. “

Yang Shifeng couldn’t react for a moment, and then his eyes were filled with a smile, “Shiyi, it would be great if you were willing to treat the villagers around us. You don’t know. Our side is too remote. We don’t have a doctor. When we get sick, we have to go to town. Some people die halfway before they get to the town. If you are willing to become a doctor for our village, they will be very happy. “

Shiyi didn’t have such noble feelings of “contribute to everyone.” She just wants to make some money. She has to have money before she can go outside.

Grandpa Yang was also very happy. He patted his hands and said, “Good, there will be a doctor in our village, and she’s even a miracle doctor. There is hope in our village.” Then grandpa Yang told Yang Shifeng, “Shifeng, go and talk to the village head tomorrow and tell him that our Doctor Shiyi is willing to treat the villagers. If they wanted to be cured of their disease, they could come to our house, but remember to say it clearly that there would be a consultation fee. If they don’t want to pay, then they don’t have to come. “

Yang Shifeng smiled and nodded, “I know, Grandpa.”

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1 Bodhisattvas act in accord with the Dharma, and their hearts are broad and pure. When they look, they look with the heart of understanding. They are always looking for ways to help people and solve their problems.

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