The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

At dawn the next day, Yang Shifeng got out of bed and steamed some buns for Shiyi and Grandpa Yang. He carried two buns and walked toward the direction of the town with the help of moonlight. Today, he went to town to buy meat and tofu and came back to make delicious food for Shiyi.

“Brother Shifeng, are you going to town?” The village head’s house was the only path they could take to go to the town. When Yang Shifeng passed by, he was suddenly stopped by Song Cuilan, who came out of the house.

Yang Shifeng frowned and nodded to answer her.

Song Cuilan smiled, lifted the basket in her hand, and said, “Brother Shifeng, I’m also going to town today.” My family has worked hard to harvest rice these last two days, so I’ll buy some meat to replenish my family’s body. “

Yang Shifeng nodded, “Then I’ll go first.”

“Hey, Brother Shifeng, we’re both going to the town, right? So we might as well go together. It’s better to have company; you won’t get bored on the way. ” Song Cuilan stopped Yang Shifeng in his tracks again.

Yang Shifeng refused, “It’s not good for us to go together. It’s easy to be misunderstood. We’d better go on our own ways. “

Song Cuilan didn’t expect Yang Shifeng to refuse so easily. She felt uncomfortable and her eyes turned red. “Brother Shifeng, are you unwilling to even walk with me now?”

‘What does she mean by that? They haven’t been together before. ‘ Yang Shifeng frowned more tightly. In order to avoid misunderstanding, he said, “After all, we are alone. We should avoid suspicion. Don’t say such words that are easy to misunderstand in the future. It’s bad if it were to be heard by others. I really have to go. ” Yang Shifeng turned around and left.

Song Cuilan’s breath stagnated, and a sense of embarrassment arose spontaneously as if she had been slapped in the face. She looked at Yang Shifeng’s tall back. Song Cuilan’s nails sank deep into her flesh.

Why did he do this to her? Obviously, when he was a child, he would take her to play, carry her home when she sprained her foot, and give her his hard-won candy. Isn’t he very kind to her? How come he has changed now? Is it because of that woman?

However, Shifeng is hers. She was the one who saw him first.

Song Cuilan was not willing to lose Yang Shifeng, so she gritted her teeth and chased after him with a cheeky face.

“Brother Shifeng, I’m afraid to go alone. Can you walk with me? If you are afraid of being misunderstood by others, I’ll stay away from you, okay? ” Song Cuilan followed behind Yang Shifeng. Her voice was pitiful as if she could cry out immediately if he were to refuse.

It’s hard for Yang Shifeng to say to Song Cuilan to not follow him. This road is owned by the public and he has no right to refuse to let others walk here. Therefore, Shifeng acted like he didn’t see Song Cuilan. Yang Shifeng went his own way and didn’t stop to accommodate the woman’s steps. Song Cuilan had to bite her teeth and walk quickly behind in order to catch up with Yang Shifeng.

(T/N: the desperation >_< )

“Brother Shi Feng, I heard that you picked up Miss Shiyi from the mountain. There’s no one left in her family, so she must be alone, right? “

Yang Shifeng didn’t want to tell her more about Shiyi, so he went on his way silently, as if he hadn’t heard her.

Seeing that she was being ignored, Song Cuilan bit her lip and finally decided to ask what she wanted to know most: “Brother Shifeng, do you want to marry Miss Shiyi?”

When Shifeng heard what Song Cuilan said, he lowered his head and quickened his pace, not wanting to discuss the topic with outsiders.

Song Cuilan saw him quicken his pace, and so she also quickened her pace. As she walked, she continued: “Brother Shifeng, we both grew up together. In my heart, I wish for your happiness.” My father wanted to lend you a hand when he mentioned our marriage to you. Your family was in a difficult situation. You are so capable, but you are living such a poor life. If you marry me, half of my family’s property will be yours. My father will also help you. If you want to become the village chief in the future, my father can also help you. Your family does not have much land, so if you marry me, you will own more land. All of my family’s land will be for us to plant. “

“Brother Shifeng, I know you’re worried about your grandpa, right? But we can give you money, 20 yen a month. Your second uncle and second aunt must be willing to take good care of Grandpa Yang, and you can also go back to see Grandpa Yang every day. It’s not much different from taking care of him now, is it? 20 wen a month, Grandpa Yang will live a better life now.” When Song Cuilan said these, she didn’t see Yang’s terrible look on Yang Shifeng’s face or his clenched fist.

“Brother Shifeng, think about it. If you marry that girl, Shiyi, she will have nothing. She will directly eat and wear what is yours. You will be living a harder life. She can’t help you at all, can she? But it’s different if you marry me. Half of my property is yours. My parents can take care of our children in the future so that we can live well. “

“Enough—” Yang Shifeng shouted angrily and interrupted Song Cuilan’s words, which also startled her and stopped her abruptly.

Yang Shifeng turned and looked at Song Cuilan. At this time, Song Cuilan saw that Yang Shifeng’s face was really bad. She panicked, “brother Shi Feng, you… what’s the matter with you?”

Yang Shifeng took a deep breath and didn’t say much to take into account the face of the village head. Now he wants to make it clear, “I’ve already said that I won’t marry you. I’m a man with hands and feet. Why do I have to come to the door to become a burden? Can’t I support myself? I don’t want half of your family’s property, nor your father’s help. I won’t abandon my grandfather for the good life. Also, I don’t like you at all and won’t marry you. I hope you can understand and don’t come to me again in the future to say these words! “

“You… you…” Song Cuilan’s tears fell down at once. The belief that “he liked her” that she established in her heart completely collapsed at this moment. A ruthless reality appeared in front of her. She simply couldn’t accept it at all!

Yang Shifeng didn’t want to see her. He turned around and strode ahead. No matter how the person behind him cried, he ignored it and disappeared into Song Cuilan’s sight in a flash.

If it’s not necessary, Yang Shifeng won’t say these hurtful words so bluntly, but he knows that if he doesn’t make it clear, Song Cuilan will still hold such an idea for him, which will not only delay him but also her. In the end, it’s bad for both of them. What’s more, he doesn’t want Shiyi to have any misunderstanding. He doesn’t have any relationships with other women. He is innocent.

Although Shiyi may not care,


After knowing Yang Shifeng was not at home, Shiyi took the steamed bun in the steamer and sent two to Grandpa Yang. Shiyi squatted next to Grandpa Yang, and the two ate together.

After dinner, Shiyi let Grandpa Yang sleep for half an hour. When he woke up, she covered his legs and then began to get a needle.

Inserting the needles through the skin began to hurt now since Grandpa Yang’s sensation came back. Grandpa Yang has been able to feel the pain completely. He would always clench his teeth and sweat would drip down from his forehead every time.

In the past, Yang Shifeng held grandpa Yang’s leg down and didn’t let him move. Today, Yang Shifeng was not here. Shiyi was worried that Grandpa Yang would not be able to stand the pain and move. When she was thinking about whether to tie Grandpa Yang’s leg with a cloth strip, Uncle Yang, who was supposed to be cutting rice, came in.

As soon as Uncle Yang came in, he pressed on Grandpa Yang’s leg. “Dad, Shifeng is not at home today. I’ll press your leg. ” Today, before Yang Shifeng left, he went to find Uncle Yang and asked him to come to help press Grandpa’s legs so that Shiyi could poke in the needles. After hearing this from Shifeng, Uncle Yang took advantage of noon to cut some rice, and then took the time to help press Grandpa Yang’s legs.

Grandpa Yang was quite satisfied with Uncle Yang’s move and snorted, “Boy, you haven’t completely broken your conscience.”

Uncle Yang smiled bitterly.

With the help of Uncle Yang, Shiyi smoothly inserted the needles and wrapped Grandpa Yang with herbs.

Seeing that it was over, Uncle Yang scratched the back of his head and shouted to Grandpa Yang, “Dad.”

Grandpa Yang looked up at him. “What’s up?”

Second Uncle Yang hesitantly looked at Shiyi. When Uncle Yang saw her go out, Then he said, “Dad, it’s about what Juanhua said last time. As you know, her brother’s leg is disabled. Their family is looking forward to his legs being cured. If Miss Shiyi is willing to cure him, he will surely be cured. However, Miss Shiyi was unwilling. Dad, can you help us to intercede and let Miss Shiyi come forward to cure him? ” Otherwise, that woman will bother him to death.

Grandpa Yang stared, “Good! It’s like what I thought: It’s not normal for you to act so courteously today. So, when you came here, it was because of that. What? So, I have to do something for you before you are willing to take care of me, right? You unfilial son! “

Uncle Yang felt wrongly accused. “Dad, what do you mean? Even if I didn’t ask you for something, I’ll come. Father, don’t think of me as unfilial, okay? “

Grandpa Yang snorted, “Miss Shiyi is my benefactor.” How can I be the Lord of others? If you want her to come forward, ask for it yourself and show some sincerity! “

“But, but…” Second Uncle Yang was embarrassed. “Miss Shiyi doesn’t like Juanhua. She certainly doesn’t want to treat the leg of Juanhua’s brother. “

Grandpa Yang closed his eyes. “Who allowed that woman to offend others? I think that is what she deserved.”

Uncle Yang sighed deeply and scratched his ears and cheeks. “Dad, whether it works or not, can you ask again for me? If not, forget it. “

Grandpa Yang’s old face sank. He was too lazy to listen to him. He waved his hand and drove him impatiently, “Yang Ershi, get out of here!”

Seeing that his father was angry again, Uncle Yang had no choice but to go back in despair. He didn’t dare to say more, for fear of angering his father.

However, Grandpa Yang was just hard on the surface but soft on the inside. In the end, he asked Shiyi for Uncle Yang’s sake once again. He said, “Don’t be embarrassed, Miss Shiyi. If you don’t want to go, no one can force you to. I just thickened this old face and asked you again. Don’t be angry. “

“It’s nothing to be angry about.” Shiyi waved her hand, “but I really hate your second daughter-in-law, so I don’t want to go. However, it’s not that it’s impossible for me to cure him; it’s just that I have conditions. “

Grandpa Yang asked, “What conditions? Just mention it, Miss Shiyi. If they can’t meet them, they won’t be treated. “

Shiyi stretched out five fingers and said, “I want five taels of silver, and I won’t go to them. They will be the ones who come to me, and then I’ll cure him. “

5 taels of silver? Grandpa Yang was startled by this figure, but he thought of Shiyi’s good medical skills and felt that it was not so expensive. It was a good deal to exchange five taels of silver for one leg. If they were reluctant to give up the silver, he wouldn’t be cured. Therefore, Grandpa Yang nodded and said, “OK, I’ll tell my second son.”

Shiyi was willing to treat it. In fact, it has nothing to do with Grandpa Yang’s face. It was entirely because she changed her mind. She suddenly remembered that Grandpa Yang’s leg could be cured in more than a month, and when that time comes, she would have to leave this village. Before she leaves the village, she can save some money while she has nothing to do, and then travel around and eat all kinds of delicious food. It’s impossible to do these things without money.

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    I really like the fl principle, kindness is from heart, if you want to be kind or not, if you want your kindness to be exchange for something or none it is up to your willingness of heart. Not because society told you it was the right things to do. you shouldn’t be so stupid to set yourself on fire to make people around you warm.

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      Right. I don’t understand why they are scolding her. Why force your moral on someone?. People are born different.

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      I agree with @Ines! That’s exactly what I was on about! Kindness is inherent in everyone, but it cannot be forced. It depends on ones willingness to enforce it. So FL is not really sociopathic, it’s just that she came from a world where it’s survival of the fittest and even an ounce of kindness can cost you your life so I understood her principle besides she has our softboi ML to balance her out.


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