The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The Zhang family pounced on the child excitedly and hugged the child while crying and smiling.

Fifth Uncle Zhang was quite calm. He remembered that it was all because of Shiyi. He looked at Shiyi excitedly and thanked her: “Thank you, Miss Shiyi. You are the savior and the benefactor of our family. Thank you so much. Without you, the child’s life would be gone. “

Shiyi’s biggest frustration was dealing with people’s long-winded “thank yous’. “OK, stop talking. You can go to the town tomorrow and grab some medicine and come back and let the child eat a few. Tell the doctor about it. The doctor knows what medicine to prescribe for the child.

Fifth Uncle Zhang nodded endlessly, “OK, I understand. We’ll go tomorrow. “

After the matter was done, Shiyi was too lazy to stay here and be watched like a monkey by others. She looked at Yang Shifeng and raised her eyebrows, “Well?”

Yang Shifeng smiled and nodded, “OK, let’s go home.” Then he exchanged pleasantries with the Zhang family and took Shiyi away.

“Shiyi, what was your method just now? It’s amazing. Obviously, Xiao Sheng was out of breath. How can he live again? ” Yang Shifeng was curious about Shiyi’s first aid method. He had never seen such a method before.

“That method just now is specifically aimed at a situation like just now. If you encounter an emergency when someone’s breathing stops or heartbeat stops, you can use the method I just used for treatment. In this way, there is great hope to save them, but it won’t work if your heart stops or you’re out of air for too long. ” This is just a simple first aid method, but people here have not seen it. They still think that this method was considered to have problems in her brain. Medicine in this era is really backward.

Yang Shifeng listened carefully, thinking about what Shiyi had just done, and asked, “Just like you just did, blowing air into the mouth, and then pressing your chest?”

Shiyi saw that he listened so carefully, so she answered him carefully and patiently. She thought that Shifeng might be able to use it in the future. If he encountered such a thing again, she could let him do it by himself. Shiyi didn’t want to give artificial respiration to anyone at random. It’s okay for her now because it was a child. If it was a man, she’d be sick to death.

“You’re almost right. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is called artificial ventilation. Before doing it, you should remove the things in a person’s mouth and nose to avoid blockage, and then hold his nose like what I did, lift up his jaw, take a deep breath and blow it down, then let go and do it again. “

Yang Shifeng nodded after being taught and wrote it down carefully. In fact, he remembered it so clearly that he wanted to go and do it on his own next time. He can’t let Shiyi blow air into someone’s mouth. Shiyi’s innocence will be destroyed if it’s a big man. Although the goal was to save people, it was easy to become confused after the person was saved. What if Shiyi marries him?

I have to say that these two people still have a tacit understanding in this regard.

Yang Shifeng then asked, “What about pressing the chest? Can you tell me exactly how to do it? “

Shiyi then carefully talked to him about the specific steps of heart compression. The process of pressing the chest is called “heart compression.” Before doing it, let the patient lie flat, then press your left hand on the back of your right hand. Straighten your elbow and press straight down with force until your breastbone sinks. After that, relax both of your hands and let the chest bounce up by itself. ” Shiyi said and demonstrated it to him.

Yang Shifeng followed Shiyi’s gestures and movements, and by the time the two arrived home, Yang Shifeng had mastered first aid measures.

What they didn’t know was that behind them were two pairs of eyes staring angrily. One was having a burning desire and the other was jealous.

“Beautiful, so beautiful…” Standing in the crowd, watching the excitement, Song Dawei touched his chin and murmured. His eyes were obsessed with Shiyi’s slim back. His adam’s apple rolled up and down. Just looking at her made his body feel hot. If only the young lady belonged to him, he could press her under his body and make love to her fiercely.

The red-eyed Song Cuilan was already upset, and now looking at her elder brother, who was also staring at the woman, with a faint trace of being charmed, she became angrier. What’s so good about that impudent woman? Is she worth being a goddess for these two? Will the daughter of a really good family live in a man’s house for no apparent reason?

Song Cuilan became angrier and angrier and stomped on Song Dawei’s foot. What are you looking at? Even if you look again, she won’t be yours! “

“Hiss——” Song Dawei got hurt when he was trampled. He jumped up immediately and glared at Song Cuilan. What’s wrong with you?! Be careful, I’ll beat you! “

Song Cuilan was not afraid of him and said so in disdain. “I woke you up.” Don’t be dazed! “

Song Dawei stared at her for a long time, then suddenly smiled and said with derision, “I think you are jealous?” Yang Shifeng despises you and treats other people as treasures. Your heart was feeling sour, right? “

Song Cuilan was hit in the heart and stomped her foot in anger, “What are you talking about! How can he disdain me? He also likes me, but he just can’t accept joining my family for the time being. When Shifeng accepts it, we can get married! ” Her family was so well off, her father was still the village head. She just couldn’t believe that Brother Shifeng would choose a woman who had nothing over her.

“Snort–” Song Dawei snorted disdainfully, “Which eye did you see that Yang Shifeng likes you? I’ve heard that when a father went to propose marriage to him, he flatly refused. “

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Song Cuilan’s face turned blue and white.

Song Dawei didn’t care about her face at all. Besides, with your looks, if I was him, I wouldn’t want you either.

“You, Wu, I’ll go back and tell my parents that you bullied!” Song Cuilan was so embarrassed that she burst into tears and ran home.

Song Dawei tilted his mouth and continued to look at Shiyi’s back, but found that he could not see her. He was extremely disappointed and longed for Shiyi more and more in his heart.


On the other hand, Shiyi and Yang Shifeng returned home to make lunch. Just after lunch, the Zhang family came to their door. Fifth Uncle Zhang, the eldest son of the Zhang family, came with a basket of eggs and vegetables. 

Uncle Zhang put the things on the table and said it with full gratitude. “Shifeng, Miss Shiyi, I wasn’t able to take the time to thank you two properly because I was in a hurry. But now that my grandson is getting much better, we finally have the time to thank you. So please don’t mind these. “

Yang Shifeng quickly waved his hand and refused, “Fifth uncle, you’re too polite. Everyone is from the same village. It’s just a little help. There’s no need for you to thank us. You can take these things back to eat and replenish your body. “

Shiyi sat quietly, eating cucumbers while rolling her eyes. This fool didn’t even ask for a reward for doing good things. If they want her to cure anyone at the end of the world, she will not do it without enough reward. When she came to this world, doing these things became just a matter of raising her hand. When did she, Shiyi, ever do anything with a very slight effort?

Yang Shiyi stepped on Yang Shifeng severely under the table. Yang Shifeng was so stiff that he looked at Shiyi and smiled at her. He looked pathetic.

Shiyi took back her feet, and for the sake of him making herself delicious food, she decided to give him face and continue to eat her own cucumbers. Shiyi let him do whatever he wanted to do. He promised to make three dishes for her anyway.

Uncle Zhang is a kind-hearted person and knows how to repay the kindness. If Yang Shifeng isn’t polite, he’ll follow suit. He firmly pushed the things back and said, “That’s not good. Miss Shiyi saved Xiaosheng’s life. She is the benefactor of our family. Our family won’t have anyone to thank, so you must accept these things, otherwise, we will feel bad. So you have to accept them! “

At the same time, Aunt Zhang said, “Yes, yes, Shifeng, you must take it, or else we’ll feel guilty. Don’t refuse. “

Yang Shifeng wanted to refuse but had to accept it.

When the Zhang family left, Yang Shifeng sighed at the two baskets of things and felt very embarrassed. In his opinion, everyone was in the same village. Who would help each other when you’re in this urgent situation? How can he ask for repayment? Shifeng felt uncomfortable when he accepted the reward. “Hey, this basket of eggs must have been saved for a long time.”

Looking at how Yang Shifeng was acting, Shiyi hummed and kicked Shifeng’s calf, “Do you like to help others?”

Yang Shifeng scratched his head in embarrassment. “We help each other. They have helped me before. I was starving when I was a child. Many people gave me a bite to eat. “

Shiyi doesn’t quite understand the mentality of helping others without any repayment. Anyway, she always pays back. If she is not able to pay back what she owes, she will probably go crazy.

Shiyi doesn’t mind that Yang Shifeng sees her true face, “Then we are not the same.” I do not do things without benefit, and I have never done anything to help others for nothing. “

However, Shiyi’s casual remark made Yang Shifeng’s heart suddenly jump. So, he hurriedly explains: “no, we are not the same people. I’m not a good man who only gives and doesn’t want any return. “

Shiyi smiled. “Then what did you ask for when you helped someone before?”

“I… I…” Yang Shifeng really can’t say anything, because he has never asked for a thank-you gift from someone.

“Hehe, you can’t name any?” Shiyi deliberately laughed at him just to see his anxious look.

Yang Shifeng was so anxious that he had to bite his teeth and say, “I must do it next time.” I won’t refuse in the future. ” In this way, I can be with you.

“Come on.” Shiyi waved her hand, “Do whatever you want. If you don’t want to do it, just give me the three dishes you promised me, and I don’t care about the rest.” If she makes this her principle, she doesn’t want to make Shifeng make this his principle too. This is everyone’s freedom. She is not qualified to ask him to change himself, and there is no need. Anyway, they will have nothing to do with each other in the future and will live their own lives.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and nodded. “OK, I’ll go to town to buy meat tomorrow, and then come back to make it for you.”

T/N: Soft boi Shifeng~

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