The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32 Part 1

Shiyi’s feet began to hurt when she came to town again. It was the same scene, but this time, she was alone. The last time she came to town, Yang Shifeng carried her here, and the little money he earned from hunting was used to buy her food.

As Shiyi thought of Yang Shifeng, Shiyi couldn’t help but remember her last moment with him. Shiyi started to feel uncomfortable. She quickly shook her head and forced herself to not think of Shifeng. 

When Shiyi found an inn, she rested there for a while. She didn’t want to stay in this town. Early the next morning, she rode in a carriage headed to the city.

This city is called Feiyun City. It is one of the most prosperous cities in the part of Jiangnan. When Shiyi was still in the village, she often heard the villagers say that this city was prosperous and lively, and she could also hear the envious longing for the city in their tone. Seeing it in person today, Shiyi understood what they meant and that their words were, in fact, the truth. 

The streets were wide and flat, all paved with clean stone slabs, and no mud would be splashed on rainy days. The sounds of businessmen calling customers on both sides of the street were nonstop, and there was a constant flow of people. 

Shiyi discovered that the people here were wearing much better clothes than the people in the village and town. She rarely saw someone wearing clothes with patches. This shows the obvious gap between the rich and the poor.

Shiyi walked slowly along the main road, observing as she walked by. She planned to stay here for a while longer, and then go to the next place when she started to get bored of staying in this city. Thus, the reason for wanting to know the place as soon as possible.

 Shiyi intends to rent a small courtyard to stay in first. She could barely tolerate the inn for two or three days, and she couldn’t stand living on it for a long time. Not to mention the noise of people coming and going, what she couldn’t take was the all of the things used by the other people in the inn. The most important thing is that the food in the inn is really terrible. If she was in the inn as soon as she crossed over, she would be very satisfied. However, after tasting Yang Shifeng’s craft, the food in the inn suddenly became tasteless to her.

“Selling wontons, delicious wontons…” A peddler’s shout on the street attracted Shiyi’s attention.

Shiyi looked towards the stall. A couple was selling wontons. The aroma of wontons quickly reached her nose. The bowls of wontons being served looked crystal clear and seemed to be delicious, and they looked exactly like the wontons made by Yang Shifeng.

Shiyi stopped in her tracks and walked into the wonton stall and found an unoccupied seat.

A girl of 15 or 16 years of age came up to Shiyi and asked, “Miss, would you like a bowl of wontons?”

Shiyi lifted her head and nodded lightly.

The girl who asked the question suddenly froze when she saw Shiyi’s face, and her mouth opened slightly, forgetting to speak for a while.

“Xiaoya, what are you doing? Hurry up and serve the guests her wontons. ” The man stood behind the pot stove and reminded the girl who was dazed.

“Huh? Oh oh! ” The girl then came back to her senses. Her face turned unnaturally red and she stumbled. “Miss you…… Please wait a moment… Wait a moment, I’ll serve it right away. ” After saying these, she hurriedly fled, as if she was being chased.

Xiaoya went behind the stall with a red face and whispered to her parents, “Father, mother, that sister over there is so beautiful like a fairy.”

The stall owner and his wife looked towards Shiyi, but they only saw Shiyi’s side profile. With her head hung low, they couldn’t see her face, but her delicate side profile was enough to know that she was indeed a very beautiful person.

“Well, she’s a very beautiful girl.” Xiaoya‘s mother said.

Xiaoya‘s father smiled happily and said, “What’s the matter? Our Xiao Ya is also a very beautiful girl. No one is as good-looking as our little girl.”

Xiaoya blushed and stomped her feet in embarrassment. “Ai ya! Father, don’t talk nonsense. “

“Haha, I’m telling the truth.” Xiaoya‘s father laughed more and more happily.

The girl’s mother also nodded approvingly, her daughter was indeed very beautiful. Recently, the people who were proposing marriage were almost stepping on the threshold of their house, which made her, as a mother, proud and worried. Her daughter’s marriage, ah, she’ can’t be sloppy about it.

“Miss, this is your wonton. Please enjoy.” Xiaoya bit her lip slightly and carefully brought the wontons to Shiyi.

Shiyi nodded, picked up the spoon, and scooped one out first, sending it into her mouth.

Shiyi pursed her lips, lowered her head, and continued to eat the wontons one by one.

“Ah! Let go of me—” Just as Shiyi was eating half a bowl of her wontons, a scream sounded in her ear. It was Xiaoya, who had just sent her wonton.

Shiyi didn’t look up and continued to eat her own wonton.

“Don’t be afraid, little lady. Just have a chat with your brother. What are you afraid of? Ha ha… ” A man in a purple robe held Xiaoya‘s hand.

The purple-robed man was followed by a few rich-looking people, “Yes, yes, just chat with us three, and you can earn more than what you earn from selling this broken wonton. This is more profitable.”

“Hahaha…” Several people laughed wildly.

Xiaoya was so anxious that her eyes turned red. She pulled her hand hard, “Let go of me! Let go of me! “

The stall owner and his wife were also very anxious. They begged, “Please be kind, young master. Let my daughter go. Please…”

The purple-robed man kicked the couple impatiently, “Get out of my way! Don’t get in my way, stop being long-winded! “

The old couple stumbled as the man kicked them and almost fell to the ground.

“Father, mother—” Xiaoya shouted anxiously.

“You see, that loser Zhang Saner is causing trouble again.” At this time, in a restaurant box on the second floor, a white-robed man leaned against the window and looked at the scene below.

“Really, Qingyun, is that loser molesting that beautiful woman again?” The green-robed man sitting at the table asked with a smile.

The white-robed man named Bai Qingyun smiled and nodded, “Otherwise, what else could he have done?”

“Ha ha, I don’t know which girl is unlucky to be liked by him this time.” Wang Linshan also went to the window and saw the molested girl. He said, “This girl is indeed quite good-looking, no wonder she was unlucky to be liked by that loser.”

“Lian Yue, come and have a look. What’s the use of running and drinking tea all the time? ” Bai Qingyun shouted to another friend sitting at the table.

Lian Yue shook his head and was not interested in what was going on underneath.

Wang Linshan clicked his tongue. “What’s wrong with you, Lian Yue? Since you went to your grandmother’s place last time, you’ve been restless. It’s like you lost your soul every day. What’s the matter with you? “

Bai Qingyun: “If something happened to you, tell us and we’ll find a way to solve it for you. Are you worried about your grandmother’s illness? “

Lian Yue shook his head. “No, I haven’t encountered anything.” He just couldn’t find the fairy.

Bai Qingyun and Wang Linshan had no choice but to continue leaning on the window to watch the buzz below.

Below Lian Yue and others, there were a lot of people surrounding the wastrel Zhang San’er, who was kicking Xiaoya‘s parents several times, but no one from these people helped them. The customers at the stall were scared and ran out, leaving Shiyi, who continued to calmly eat wontons.

The stall owner and his wife saw that their baby daughter was about to be taken advantage of. Regardless of the pain in their bodies, they got up and pulled Zhang San’er. Finally, Zhang San’er was so annoyed that he simply kicked them back. This time, Xiaoya just bumped into the table where Shiyi ate. Shiyi’s bowl of wontons was hit and scattered. The bowl fell to the ground, and half of the wonton soup was scattered on Shiyi’s clothes.

Shiyi looked at the large oil stains on her clothes, and there was a storm surging in her eyes. Yang Shifeng bought this dress for her in the town.

No one noticed that Shiyi, who was sitting in the corner, slowly stood up and walked step by step to Zhang San’er, who was still molesting Xiaoya.

Zhang San’er held Xiaoya in his arms and tried to kiss her. “Little lady, kiss me. I’ll take you home as my concubine and I guarantee to give you a good meal and a good drink—ah!!!”

Before Zhang San’er finished speaking, he was kicked to the ground by a strong force, and his face fell directly to the ground. His face fell flat on the ground, while Xiaoya, whom he was holding, got away. Xiaoya hurriedly went to her parent’s side to help them up, and the whole family cried bitterly.

“Ah -” another scream sounded. Zhang San’er, who was kicked to the ground, was about to get up, but Shiyi stamped on his back. He felt that his internal organs were twisted together in pain and couldn’t get up completely.

Several men who came with Zhang San’er were about to come up and teach the bold woman a lesson, but when they saw Shiyi’s face, they all shut up and stood still one by one. Like being pressed the “pause button”, they even forgot that their friends were being beaten.

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