The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 32.2

Chapter 32 Part 2


“God, look, look, it’s rare for someone to stand up for injustice.”

“It’s brave to be a woman!”

“However, it seems that she is stamping so hard. He deserves it. Look at Zhang San’er’s face, ha ha… “

“This woman is probably not a native. She doesn’t know the background of Zhang San’er’s family, so she dares to fight. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that she can’t get good fruit in the end. Lao Tzu of Zhang Saner’s family connives at this loser. “

Bai Qingyun and Wang Linshan had a good discussion. Seeing that Lian Yue was in a daze, they went to call him, “Lian Yue, Lian Yue, come and have a look. Someone stood up and defended the injustice. It’s still a woman. “

Unfortunately, Lian Yue was not interested and did not move.

Wang Linshan rolled his eyes and continued to stare at the situation below.

At this time, Shiyi just turned and raised her face. One face was just facing the window where Wang Linshan and the others were located. She looked straight at it thoroughly.

At this sight, Wang Linshan and Bai Qingyun opened their mouths slightly and looked stunned directly.

Bai Qingyun murmured, “How beautiful—”

Wang Linshan nodded, “It’s so beautiful. Why hadn’t I seen such a beautiful woman in Feiyun City before? Didn’t they say that Lian Yue’s cousin is the most beautiful woman in our city? “

Hearing the speech, Lian Yue recovered from a daze and asked, “What are you two talking about? Why are you talking about my cousin again? Are you still thinking about my cousin? I am telling you, my uncle already has a son-in-law whom he likes. Give her up in your heart. “

Wang Linshan stared at Shiyi’s face motionless. “I’m not talking about this. The woman defending injustice at the bottom is a peerless beauty. I haven’t seen such a beautiful woman since I was young. Come and have a look, Lian Yue. I’m definitely not lying to you. “

Lian Yue was not interested. She is not as beautiful as the little fairy. But today, he has swept the interests of his friends twice in a row. Lian Yue also has a sense of propriety. This time, he didn’t shake his head again. He walked carelessly to the window and looked down. This time, Lian Yue was completely stunned.

It’s her——

Lian Yue turned around and ran downstairs.

“Hey, where are you going, Lian Yue? What are you doing? ” Bai Qingyun and Wang Linshan couldn’t figure it out. Unfortunately, Lian Yue had run away. They couldn’t care about the beauty, so they had to run after him.


Shiyi had beaten Zhang San’er violently, which made him cry and spit out his blood. Finally, Shiyi was tired and took the initiative to let go, so she stopped.

Zhang San’er struggled to get up against a pig’s head and face. At this time, he was so angry that he went to heaven. He endured the pain all over his body and wanted to say cruel words, “Shit, do you know who I am? Are you too impatient to die? Dare you hit me! I -” When Zhang San’er saw Shiyi’s face, his words in his mouth were stuck, and his anger shrunk like a deflated ball.

“Beauty… Beauty…” Zhang San’er stared at Shiyi’s face. He had just forgotten that he had been beaten. At the moment, his mind was full of Shiyi’s face.

Shiyi was so disgusted that she didn’t want to see the man. She took out three Wen and put it on the table as payment for the wonton, and then walked away without looking back.

Seeing that the beauty was leaving, Zhang San’er hurriedly stopped her, “Beauty, don’t go, don’t go!”

Seeing that his arm was about to touch Shiyi, Shiyi gave a sharp look, grabbed his hand, and forcefully clenched her fist. He only heard a click, and it was followed by Zhang San’er’s pig-like cry. Zhang Saner’s arm fell down softly.

It’s broken.

The people around him felt numb in their heads. They just felt pain when they looked at their hands. Oh dear, this little lady is too powerful.

Now, Zhang saner didn’t have the energy to stop Shiyi. He just wailed. Zhang Saner’s group of fox friends and dogs immediately asked him how he was, and let Shiyi leave.

When Lian Yue ran downstairs, there was no shadow of Shiyi on the stall. He was in a hurry and immediately searched everywhere. Fortunately, he happened to see the figure of Shiyi walking away. He was happy and immediately caught up with her.

“Miss, Miss—” Shiyi was walking slowly when she was stopped again. She looked at the person in doubt and confirmed that she didn’t know him.

Lian Yue once again saw the woman he had been thinking about for months. His heart was about to jump out. He was so happy that he couldn’t help grinning, “Miss, do you remember me?”

Shiyi looked at him faintly and said, “Don’t know.” She took a detour and continued to walk.

“Hey, hey.” Lian Yue was worried. He ignored the feeling of disappointment when she didn’t recognize him. He rushed to follow Shiyi, “Miss, it’s me. Last time in Baiyun Town, you saved a child who was hit by a carriage. It was my carriage that accidentally hit him. You’re my benefactor. “

Shiyi thought in her mind that there was such a thing. It was her first time in town. The man later paid her thirty taels of silver.

Shiyi nodded. “It’s you.”

Seeing that Shiyi remembered, Lian Yue was happy. “Miss, I really want to thank you for that time. I didn’t thank you well enough before, I wanted to find you, but I didn’t know your name or where you lived. I wasn’t able to find you for a long time. “

Shiyi continued, “You already gave me thirty taels of silver.”

Lian Yue shook his head. “How can I repay you with just 30 taels of silver for saving my life? I didn’t have any money with me last time, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so careless towards you, Miss. I should come to your house and thank you. “

Shiyi was a little impatient. The man’s long words continued, and her eyebrows wrinkled slightly. “I said that thirty taels of silver are the reward. That’s enough. Don’t follow me.”

Lian Yue’s face darkened for a moment. When he didn’t know how to talk with Shiyi, Zhang Saner, who was beaten by Shiyi like a pig’s head, caught up again, “Young lady, don’t go, stop!”

Seeing this, Lian Yue immediately stood in front of Shiyi, blocked Shiyi’s figure, and stopped Zhang San’er, ” Young Master Zhang, what are you doing?”

Zhang San’er fixed his eyes on who it was. He swallowed the curse words he wanted to say to other people who meddled in his own affairs. He smiled and said, “Oh, it’s Brother Lian. Why? Does Brother Lian know this girl? “

Lian Yue was too lazy to laugh with him. This girl is an old acquaintance of mine. This girl’s matter is my matter. If Young Master Zhang bothers this girl for what just happened, I don’t agree. “

Zhang San’er was impatient, but when he remembered Lian Yue’s identity, he didn’t dare to argue with him, so he had to bear his inner lust and explain: “Brother Lian misunderstood. I’m not looking for trouble with this girl. “

But Lian Yue said, “Since you are not coming to trouble this girl, what are you chasing after her for?”

Zhang Saner suddenly got stuck and didn’t know how to answer. Is it possible to tell the truth? That I desired her…

Shiyi looked at the two people’s war of words for a long time and thought it was boring. She didn’t want to talk to either of them, so she turned and left.

When Lian Yue finally sent Zhang Saner away, as soon as he looked back, there was no figure of Shiyi.

Lian Yue’s face suddenly collapsed, and he was eager to look for her in the crowd, but he got nothing.

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