The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33 Part 1

Shiyi is currently walking through an alley in the city’s west, looking at the houses one by one.

The west part of the city is where ordinary people live. The houses were relatively ordinary. Each family lives in a small low yard, which looks similar to that in the town.

Shiyi inquired about all of the vacant houses there. She wanted to rent a small yard to live in. The east part of the city was mostly the territory of dignitaries and rich people. It’s not easy to rent a yard there, so she came to the west part of the city.

The alley was narrow. There are residents on both sides. When these people saw Shiyi, they curiously glanced at her, but Shiyi turned a blind eye and walked calmly.

When Shiyi finally saw a place where the environment was quite passable for her, Shiyi stopped on her tracks. She saw an old woman is sitting in the yard napping, so Shiyi went forward and asked her : “Is there anyone renting a house here?”

The old woman’s ears were a bit deaf and her eyes were not very good, so she squinted hard to see Shiyi, but she still couldn’t see clearly. She asked loudly, “What did you say, girl?”

Shiyi asked her again loudly, but the old woman still couldn’t hear her clearly. She was about to give up and leave when a surprised cry came from behind, “Miss, it’s you!”

Shiyi turned around and saw the family of three. It was the stall owner where she had wontons for lunch. She didn’t expect to meet them here again.

Xiaoya‘s mother excitedly put down the things in her hand and walked quickly to Shiyi. “Miss, thank you so much for what happened at noon. We don’t know what to do without you. Our family wanted to thank you, but you disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. We didn’t have time to thank you. “

Xiaoya ran to Shiyi with red eyes. “Sister, I didn’t expect that we could meet here again. Now, we can thank you properly. “

Shiyi waved her hand carelessly. “No, I didn’t mean to help you. He just soiled my clothes. “

Although Shiyi said so, the three members of the family thanked her very much and kept inviting her to sit at their home. Shiyi waved her hand and refused.

Xiaoya‘s mother noticed that Shiyi was really unwilling to go, and she was no longer insistent about it. She just asked, “Miss, do you live here?”

Shiyi looked at the items behind the three members of the family. She could basically conclude that they lived here. Remembering the purpose of her trip, she told the truth, “I want to rent a small yard here and came here to inquire.”

“Rent a yard?” Xiaoya thought for a moment, “but there seems to be no empty yard here. A family came here a few days ago and left without asking. “

“Really?” Shiyi frowned slightly, thinking to have a look elsewhere.

At this time, Xiaoya on the side suddenly opened her mouth, “Sister, do you mind living in our house? There are still vacant rooms in my house, and there is no one else in my house. “

“This…” Xiaoya‘s father and mother hesitated and looked at Shiyi. They thought this idea was ok, but they were afraid that Shiyi would dislike it.

Shiyi blinked, and his mind wandered. Xiaoya’s parents can definitely cook. If she lives with them, the problem of eating will be solved, and since they are not at home during the day for business, they are still quiet. The most important point is that this family seems to be quite good so far. Living in their house will certainly not cause so much trouble.

If you think about it this way, this is a good offer for a little girl.

Shiyi looked at Xiaoya’s parents. “Are you willing to rent it to me? The price can be given at the price of a courtyard, but my three meals a day should also be included, is that okay? “

After seeing Shiyi agree, Xiaoya‘s parents thought that there is no reason to disagree. Shiyi is their benefactor, and a while ago, they were worried that they have no chance to repay her. “Miss, as long as you don’t dislike our house, you can live in our house without paying.”

Shiyi waved her hand. “The rent must be paid. If you refuse to take it, I won’t live here. ” She doesn’t want to owe anyone.

Hearing the decision, Xiaoya‘s parents immediately said, “Well, we will collect the rent fee. We will collect it.” They could lower the rent for her.

After the matter is settled. Shiyi followed the family of three back home. Their house was not far away, so they walked a few steps and arrived home. It was a small yard. It looks a little shabby, but it’s clean inside. The appearance of the place looks like it belongs to a hard-working family. Shiyi is very satisfied with this.

Xiaoya‘s mother led Shiyi to their spare room. “This room has always been empty. Our family has a small population. My wife and I and Xiaoya, are the only people in our family. This room has never been used. It would be great if you came to live here. My daughter will not be bored with someone to accompany her, she would be very happy. “

Shiyi nodded and put the things on the table in the room. “How much is the rent? I’ll give it to you now. “

Xiaoya thought and said, “Then give us fifty wens a month.”

Although Shiyi didn’t know the outside market, she also knew that fifty wens were definitely a bargain. At present, she took out a 100 wen and handed it to Xiaoya‘s mother, and said, “This is the money for this month. The extra will be used for my food expenses. In the future, you can cook more for me.”

Although Xiaoya‘s mother refused, Shiyi was determined to give it to her. Xiaoya’s couldn’t do anything but to accept it.

Since then, Shiyi has officially lived here. Xiaoya was very happy. She liked this powerful sister so much that she was excited for Shiyi to live in her house. She led Shiyi to the street to buy daily necessities and also chattered Shiyi to introduce the situation at this residence.

That night, Xiaoya’s family cooked a sumptuous dinner for Shiyi. Shiyi ate the dishes on the table, but the food in her mouth suddenly became tasteless. All she remembered were the dishes made by Yang Shifeng for her: Roast chicken with potatoes, sweet and sour fish, and meatballs.

Shiyi frowned. She didn’t know why she always thought of things related to Yang Shifeng. In the future, they will only be strangers to each other. Why did she always think of him?

Was it because they had lived together for too long and she wasn’t used to being separated for the first time? Shiyi thought it was possible. She shook her head and forced herself not to think about it while concentrating on her meal.

Baiyun Village, Yang family.

Yang Shifeng sat in the yard, planing the wood in the moonlight, one by one, powerfully and quietly.

Grandpa Yang sat and looked at him. His old face wrinkled. He was distressed and couldn’t help persuading him, “Shifeng, it’s way too dark, you will hurt your eyes, don’t do it.”

Yang Shifeng continued to dig, “Grandpa, I can see it. I’ll plane it for a while. Go and have a rest. “

Grandpa Yang sighed and was worried. Since Miss Shiyi left, Shifeng came back alone and shut himself in the room for most of the day. When he came out again, his eyes were red and swollen. At a glance, he knew that his eldest grandson was very sad this time. But now he’s like nobody else. He doesn’t drop a thing he should do, he won’t talk, and he keeps digging wood. It’s normal, but at the same time, it seems abnormal.

Alas, he is really worried that his grandson is feeling suffocated in his heart.

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