The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 33.2

Chapter 33 Part 2

Grandpa Yang didn’t want to go back to the house to have a rest. He wanted to accompany his eldest grandson, so he asked, “Shifeng, what are you doing? You’ve been doing it all day.”

Yang Shifeng looked at the wood surface in the moonlight and replied, “I’m making furniture. I’m going to change all our furniture. “

“Well, why did you remember to change our furniture? Isn’t it still usable? ” Grandpa Yang wondered.

Yang Shifeng paused for a long time. “The furniture is too old. Replace it with a new one. “

Grandpa Yang thought for a while and didn’t say any more. Since his grandson wants to change it, then let’s change it. It also gives him something to do. Let him stop thinking about some unhappy things.

At this time, the closed door was suddenly pushed open with a “squeak”. Grandpa Yang looked up and saw that it was Uncle Yang and Song Juanhua.

Grandpa Yang immediately “hummed” unhappily, “What are you doing here again!”

Uncle Yang drew Song Juanhua closer, a sad expression on his face, “Dad, is doctor Shiyi really gone?”

Grandpa Yang’s face became even more ugly. “Whether she’s gone or not, how do you not know?!”

Second Uncle Yang reluctantly scratched his hair. “But Dad, if Dr. Shiyi left, what about Song Juanhua?’s throat? Will she be mute all her life? Did Dr. Shiyi really didn’t’ give any medicine when she left? “

Grandpa Yang waved his hand and said, “There’s no cure.”

Uncle Yang and Song Juanhua’s faces became ugly. Song Juanhua was so anxious that she pulled Uncle Yang’s sleeve and asked him to find a way quickly.

Uncle Yang had to look at Yang Shifeng and said, “Shifeng, did Dr. Shiyi really not tell you about your second aunt’s throat when he left? Can you find any way to cure your second aunt’s throat? “

Yang Shifeng lowered his head and planed the wood for a long time. He didn’t answer for a long time. When Uncle Yang’s face was almost hanging, he finally opened his mouth and said, “Uncle Yang, I can’t find a way. Don’t come to me again in the future. Grandpa and I want to live a quiet life.”

As soon as he said this, he immediately made Uncle Yang change his face. He incredulously looked at his nephew, whom he had always liked more than his own children. “Shifeng, what do you mean? You don’t want to associate with your Uncle Yang anymore? “

Yang Shifeng bowed his head and busied himself, silently giving the answer.

Uncle Yang turned pale and almost didn’t stand firm. He couldn’t accept what his nephew did to him. He looked at Grandpa Yang in a panic, “Dad, what does Shifeng mean?”

Grandpa Yang closed his eyes and waved his hand. “Go. Don’t disturb us in the future. We want to live more quietly now.”

Uncle Yang only felt heartache and a sense of discomfort sweeping through his body. He knew that he had completely hurt his nephew’s heart this time. His nephew’s sweetheart was angry with his wife, so his nephew resented them.

Uncle Yang covered his face painfully, forced Song Juanhua to leave with an angry face, and walked out of the house.

Behind him, the door slammed shut.

Uncle Yang’s heart hurt and he threw Song Juanhua’s hand away, “It’s all your fault. Why did you talk nonsense? This time, Father and Shifeng are completely angry with me.”

Song Juanhua was so angry that she was about to explode. If she could speak, she would scold Uncle Yang, but now, she is mute. Not only that he didn’t help her out, but he also blames her. This dead man!

Song Juanhua was so angry that she twisted Uncle Yang’s arm. When Uncle Yang felt the pain, he became angry. He didn’t want to bear it this time. He pushed Song Juanhua away, Juanhua staggered as she was pushed down.

Song Juanhua looked doubtfully at Uncle Yang, who fought back. She screamed silently and rushed up to scratch Uncle Yang’s face. The husband and wife fought, making a lot of noise.???????

At this time, every family had just finished dinner and sat in the yard to cool off and gossip. When they heard the news, they had to come out to watch the excitement. At that time, they found that it was Uncle Yang and his wife. They were stunned one after another. They wondered why Uncle Yang, who was afraid of his wife, would fight back. It was really strange.

Everyone looked with interest, and some people knew what it was, so they said, “It seems that Song Juanhua’s messy words offended Dr. Shiyi. Dr. Shiyi made her mute, but Dr. Shiyi was also angry, so she left the village. “

Everyone was surprised and asked if Dr. Shiyi had really left, but they still expected to be treated by a doctor. What can they do if they are sick now?

The person familiar with the matter said: “Dr. Shiyi really left. I saw her go out with the medicine box on her back yesterday morning and never came back again. Only Yang Shifeng went home alone. Alas, she left.”

The people around them were surprised and angry when they heard the news. Of course, the anger was all directed at Song Juanhua. The miracle doctor was angry with her. In the future, when they’re sick again, it will be over for them. This hateful Song Juanhua.

Therefore, the onlookers were so angry that they scolded Song Juanhua. They scolded her too much, and the two stopped fighting. They hurried home and closed the door.

Of course, some people are sad, and others are happy about Shiyi’s departure. Song Cuilan is the happiest person.

Knowing that Shiyi was really gone, Song Cuilan was so happy that her heart was about to fly. Her heart was extremely excited at the thought that Yang Shifeng wouldn’t be robbed. At present, she couldn’t care about anything else. She immediately said to her parents, “Dad, Mom, can you talk to brother Shi Feng again? I want to marry him.”

The village head’s wife was annoyed immediately, “You silly girl, why can’t you forget that Yang Shifeng? Didn’t your mother say that I would find you a better man? ” 

Song Cuilan pouted. “I don’t want anyone else. I want my brother, Shifeng. Brother Shifeng is the only person I like. Mom, I want to marry him. “

The village head wife’s face sank, “But he didn’t want to marry into our family. Can your father and I tie him up?”

Song Cuilan pursed her lips. “Mom and Dad, I don’t want my brother Shi Feng to be married into our family. I’m willing to marry Brother Shifeng. Even if his family is poor, it doesn’t matter. I’m willing. “

Afraid of her mother’s disapproval, Song Cuilan hurriedly added, “and mother, Grandpa Yang has good legs and can work now. Brother Shifeng doesn’t have to earn money to buy medicine. He will soon live a good life by himself. He won’t be poor in the future, and I won’t suffer. In the future, we can honor you and Dad together. “

The village head’s wife was moved and hesitated when he heard Cuilan’s persuasion. He felt that what his daughter said was quite reasonable. Yang Shifeng is still a good boy. Carrying the burden of his Grandpa Yang, he is really not allowed to have a good life in the future. Moreover, the boy’s character is good, and he will certainly not ignore her and his husband.

The village head’s wife looked at the village head hesitantly.

The village head quietly took a cigarette and said, “You think very well. The key is whether Shifeng will be willing? He obviously doesn’t like our Cuilan, so how can we come to him and ask for marriage? “

Song Cuilan was worried, “Dad, it was because there was that goblin in the past. Brother Shi Feng was fascinated. Now that the goblin is gone, my Brother Shifeng will agree to marry me. “

The village head’s wife also said, “He dares not agree with my Cuilan? Cuilan has agreed to marry him. What else does he disagree with? “

The village head took a deep breath of smoke and didn’t want to argue with his two women. Anyway, they didn’t understand. They were too confident. Based on his understanding of Shifeng, he wouldn’t agree.

However, the village head looked for Yang Shifeng the next day because he couldn’t stand the shelling of two women at home. At that time, Yang Shifeng had just made a dressing table and was in the process of final coloring.

The village head’s eyes brightened when he saw the dresser, and he couldn’t help but praise the dresser. “Shifeng, your craftsmanship is really not inferior to that of your grandfather. Your craftsmanship is better than that of Li Daniu. If you’re a carpenter, we’ll come to you. ” Li Daniu is a carpenter in the village.

Yang Shifeng didn’t say anything more. He just looked up and asked, “What can I do for you, village head?”

When he looked up, the village head was immediately shocked. Yang Shifeng’s eyes were red, his undereye was blue and black, and black stubble appeared on his chin. He looked like he had gone through a lot of vicissitudes. More importantly, his aura seemed to have changed. If Yang Shifeng had been an ordinary iron piece before, then Yang Shifeng now is like a sword after being tempered. It was extremely sharp and was also not easy to approach.

Shifeng… The child has changed!

The village head reluctantly suppressed the shock in his heart and spoke out his intention.

Yang Shifeng listened quietly until the village head finished talking. He then replied. “Village head, I have made it clear before. I hope you won’t come to me in the future.”

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