The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34 Part 1

The village head knew in his heart what Yang Shifeng would answer, but he couldn’t help but be disappointed in his heart when he heard it in person. If possible, he really wanted Yang Shifeng to be his son-in-law. What a good child he is.

The village head couldn’t help asking, “Shifeng, are you refusing to marry my daughter because of Miss Shiyi? But the girl has left. If you can’t let go of her, you’ll just suffer all by yourself. It’s better to start your life again. Forget about her, son. “

Yang Shifeng stopped painting the dresser, and opened his mouth to say: “Village head, please go back.”

The village head sighed and knew that he had completely refused his advice. It was useless to say more, so he had to leave with regret.

Yang Shifeng, behind him, looked down at the ground. He hadn’t moved for a long time.

Shiyi didn’t know anything about the series of events that happened in Baiyun Village due to Shiyi’s departure. At that moment, she was being pestered by a man.

“What the hell do you want?” Shiyi looked at the man who knocked at the door early in the morning with deep vigilance in her eyes.

Lian Yue looked at Shiyi with a smile on his face. “You disappeared as soon as I turned around yesterday. Why didn’t you tell me? It was hard for me to find you. ” Fortunately, this is his territory. Finding someone in his territory would not be a problem for him. In just a night, he had already found out about her location. If he still lose here, just like what happened in the town, his intestines would be ruined.

Shiyi frowned. “We are strangers. Why should I tell you? “

“Well…” Lian Yue’s words got stuck, and his face stiffened unnaturally, but he soon recovered his warm smile. “What you said is true. I was hasty, Miss. Please don’t blame me. “

“Miss, wait.” Shiyi was too lazy to say anything to this person. She raised her hand to close the door, but once again, Lian Yue reached out to block the door from closing.

Shiyi’s eyes suddenly became cold. “Are you leaving or not?”

Lian Yue was surprised by her eyes. His eyes flashed. He knew that the fairy in front of him was different from other women and would not favor him. Moreover, if he delayed her any longer, she would really close the door. Lian Yue hurriedly said, “Wait a minute, Miss. I have something to ask you. I hope you can listen patiently.”

Shiyi stared at him coldly.

Knowing that he couldn’t say more nonsense, Lian Yue hurriedly said, “Well, my grandmother has recently fallen ill. It was very serious. We’ve seen many doctors, but they couldn’t cure my grandmother. I know that you have excellent medical skills, so I would like to ask you if you could go and see my grandmother. “

“No, I’m not free.” When Shiyi finished talking, she immediately closed the door with her force. Lian Yue’s strength could not match Shiyi’s, so he was pushed back several steps by the force of the door closing. Fortunately, the young man behind him helped him in time.

“Miss, Miss!” Lian Yue patted on the door. Unfortunately, the person in the room didn’t want to pay attention to him.

The young man was very angry. “Young master, this woman is too foolish to treat you like this.”

“Shut up!” Lian Yue heard that the boy was being so unreasonable and immediately scolded him, ” How she talks to me is none of your business. Be polite when you see her in the future. “

The boy nodded his head and admitted his mistake, “Young master, I know. I won’t dare do it again next time.”

Lian Yue stroked his long sleeve, looked at the closed door, and sighed. He waved his hand and said. “I’ll go first, and come back tomorrow.”

Lian Yue was feeling uncomfortable and didn’t want to go home. So, he decided to go to the restaurant he often went to and called his two good friends to drink with him.

Bai Qingyun sat down on the stool and poured himself a glass of wine. “What’s the matter? You look good these days. You haven’t told us why you chased the beautiful girl yesterday. Does being in a low mood have something to do with her? “

Lian Yue pursed his lips and raised his head to a dry glass of wine. He was a little bored and wanted to talk about it, so he nodded and said, “Actually, I met her last time I went to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, she helped me, but later I couldn’t find her, I didn’t expect to meet her again here.”

Wang Linshan was also considered a veteran when it comes to love affairs. From this short sentence, he understood what was going on with him. He patted Lian Yue on the shoulder in disbelief. Are you serious? Did you fall in love with her? Really, like her? “

Lian Yue shook his hand off his shoulder, looked up, and drank another glass of wine.

Bai Qingyun stretched out his hand to fill Lian Yue’s glass with wine and said to Wang Linshan, “You can’t blame Lian Yue for this. With the girl’s appearance, the sage will probably be moved when he sees her.”

When Wang Linshan thought about the girl’s face, his heart suddenly became numb. As a man, few people could resist the girl’s face. It’s not strange for Lian Yue to fall into it. However, like is like. People like them have to look at their family when they get married. Their status is very important.

“That girl is beautiful. It’s good to marry her at home, but looking at her dress, she should not be a lady from a noble family. Isn’t Lian Yue’s family already looking for a wife for him? I’m afraid such a girl can’t get into the eyes of his family, right? ” Wang Linshan said rationally.

Bai Qingyun nodded and agreed with this, “that’s for sure. Lian Yue’s family has to marry a lady from a family of officials. It’s impossible for him to marry an ordinary woman. However, if you really like her, you can take it home and let her be your concubine. “

Then Bai Qingyun looked at Lian Yue and said, “Lian Yue, what do you think?”

Lian Yue put down his glass and stared at the unknown place outside the window. “I really like her. I liked her at first sight. I’ve been dreaming about her for so many days and have been looking for her everywhere. It’s not easy to see her again this time. I won’t let her disappear again. She’s mine. “

There is no doubt that the young master’s hegemonic power is revealed.

Bai Qingyun and Wang Linshan looked at each other and knew that their good brothers were really interested and were bound to get her. 

Wang Linshan said, “Then you have to think about it before you do anything. I heard that your mother recently looked for the youngest daughter of Lieutenant Fu. Their family seemed to be interested, and they were almost done with settling the marriage. At this moment, you can’t even take concubines. If you don’t want to offend your wife’s family, you can only take someone in after you get married.”

Bai Qingyun thought a little more, but it was also different from Wang Linshan’s conclusion. “Do you think that person will be willing to do it? I don’t think that girl is an ordinary person. Will she be willing to be a concubine? “

As soon as he said this, Wang Linshan was stunned and said for a long time: “No? With Lian Yue’s family background and the status of Lian Yue, even becoming his concubine is already good for many women, but they can’t ask for it. Many of the best merchants in the city were constantly thinking of a way to give their daughter to Lian Yue as a concubine. “

Bai Qingyun shook his head. “I don’t know, but I just feel that girl is not ordinary. What do you think, Lian Yue? “

Lian Yue thought of the coldness he had received from Shiyi several times in a row, and the corners of his mouth were bitter. However, this could not stop him from trying to get her. He must get her.

He knew that his family was making arrangements for his marriage. It was basically determined that it was the youngest daughter of Lieutenant Fu’s family. This marriage was very important to his family and could not be rejected by him. However, he did not love Miss Fu, and his heart had fallen for the little fairy. He knew that being a concubine will wrong the fairy, but he would give her all his love and let her live no worse than his main wife.

Lian Yue looked up and drank the last glass of wine. He stood up and left. “I’m leaving. You can play by yourself. “

Bai Qingyun and Wang Linshan looked at each other and secretly sighed that love makes people crazy.


T/N: I don’t really like this Lian Yue. I feel bad for the main wife. And  I want Shiyi to go back to Yang Shifeng now T___T Thank you for reading~

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  1. Mai Lee has spoken: Mai Lee 3 weeks ago

    Don’t feel bad for him guys, he’s trying to get the best of both worlds: power and shiyi. He thinks he can “make it up” to her by “loving” her more but he didn’t even think about what shiyi wanted. His friend even asked if he had considered her feelings about the situation.

  2. GiL has spoken: GiL 11 months ago

    I don’t like him too but in ancient era you can’t choose who to marry. Anyway, even at this time. People do that kind of thing. Thanks for the chapter

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    please do your needle magic and give him a limp d*ck

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    He sounds like a decent guy and I understand that back then, concubines were considered normal, but I loathe that he clearly knows that he will wrong her if she becomes his concubine and still wants to force her. That’s not love at all. He deserves to be in the timeout corner hmph

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    I don’t like him too…


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