The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 34.2

Chapter 34 Part 2

Lian Yue went straight to Xiaoya’s wonton stall. When Xiaoya’s parents saw such a noble young master in a brocade robe sitting on the stall, they hesitated for a moment. “Young Master, do you want to eat wonton?”

Lian Yue smiled politely and said, “I won’t eat wonton. I came here today to inquire about it with you”

Seeing that he was so polite, Xiaoya’s parents became frightened and hurriedly said, “Young Master, please tell us. If we know anything, we will tell you everything.”

Lian Yue said, “Well, my grandmother is ill and needs a doctor with excellent medical skills to treat her. It happens that the girl who lives with your family is a miracle doctor. I want to come and ask her to treat my grandmother, but I can’t talk to her, so I want to ask someone to deliver my message. “

Xiaoya’s parents were surprised, “Is Miss Shiyi a doctor?”

Shiyi? So the fairy was called Shiyi? What a strange name. But finally, he knew her name.

“She is indeed a doctor with excellent medical skills, but it’s not very easy to invite her. I have no choice, and I hope you can help.”

Lian Yue’s attitude is too good, his speech is polite, and he is very worried about his grandmother. Xiaoya’s parents feel very good about him, so he said, “Then when we go back, we will mention it to Miss Shiyi, as to whether she is willing or not. That is Miss Shiyi’s own business. There is nothing we can do to help you.”

Lian Yue nodded. “Of course, I’d appreciate it if you just mentioned it to her.”

After Lian Yue left, Xiaoya’s parents were still lamenting, “I didn’t expect Miss Shiyi to be a doctor. Our family is really lucky.”

Xiaoya immediately said, “I told you that my sister is a great person, too great. Fortunately, I let my sister live in our house. “

Xiaoya’s parents were amused by her and poked her forehead.


Lian Yue’s grandmother is really very ill. He wants to cure his grandmother. The doctors in the city have no good way to cure her, and his grandmother was physically weak, so she couldn’t go to the capital to find a better doctor. His whole family is very worried.

Lian Yue suddenly thought of Shiyi in his mind. He felt that Shiyi could do it. He saw her medical skills in the town at that time. He wanted to ask Shiyi to come to their house to treat his grandmother so that his grandmother could not only recover, but he could also have more opportunities to get along with her. He believed that he would be able to move her.

Unfortunately, Lian Yue’s strategy didn’t work at all. He was frustrated beyond belief when he went to her house for several days in a row, without seeing Shiyi’s person.

There seems to be no one at home.

In fact, Shiyi is not at home. She goes shopping at dawn every day.

What she dreamed of before was a leisurely and free life. Now that she’s here. Of course, she should have a good experience. Shiyi is still interested in eating, so she starts shopping at the head of each main street. When she sees something delicious, she stops to eat it. Whether it’s a snack stall or a restaurant, she tries them one by one until she can’t eat enough, then she goes back and goes shopping the next day.

The food in the city is complicated but tasty. Shiyi hasn’t eaten many of these foods at all, because Yang Shifeng hasn’t cooked them for her, but somehow Shiyi doesn’t think these foods have brought her too many surprises. Even the top restaurants in the city, she doesn’t want to go there again. She simply does not have the same kind of desire to eat again and again, just like when she was in the Baiyun Village. Shiyi felt that the food in the city was not as good as the food in the Baiyun Village.

Shiyi felt that the food in the city was not as good as she thought it would be, and after a few days of eating it, she was not much interested and became bored. The day was a bit boring, so Shiyi simply ran to Xiaoya’s house to sit at the food stall, watching the customers come and go dazed.

But Shiyi’s presence there brought a lot of business to Xiaoya’s stall. The business of her little wonton stall suddenly became hot. There were not enough seats. Xiaoya’s parents couldn’t get down from the wonton, and Xiaoya was too busy to touch the ground.

Finally, she was able to take a breath. Xiaoya complained to Shiyi weakly: “Sister Shiyi, as soon as you sit here, the guests will come at you. My parents and I are almost too busy. See, there are many people waiting in line.”

Shiyi looked at her with her cheek in her hand. Those in line were looking at her, intentionally or unintentionally. These people were basically men.

Shiyi turned her gaze away from them and felt a little bored in her heart. She hates these kinds of eyes. It was not comfortable at all.

Shiyi stood up. “Xiaoya, I’m going back.”

Xiaoya nodded. She also thought it was better for Sister Shiyi to go back and stay at home, or else their stall business would explode.

Shiyi walked home blandly and saw a white figure standing at the door of her home from a distance.

“Miss Shiyi, are you back at last?” Lian Yue hasn’t seen anyone for several days. Now he finally sees her. He has been waiting here for two hours.

“What are you doing here?” This man is simply annoying.

Lian Yue automatically ignored Shiyi’s impatience towards him in her tone and dared not say any more nonsense. He stretched out his hand to take out the burden he had brought and opened it, revealing a large bag of white silver inside.

Shiyi raised her eyebrows.

“Miss Shiyi, my grandmother is very ill. I hope you can help me. This is a gift of thanks. I will thank you again later.” Lian Yue remembered that when he first met Shiyi, she didn’t ask for anything. She only asked for silver. He thought she liked silver money better. In that case, he would like it.

Shiyi really wanted money before, because money could buy her delicious food, so she didn’t have to spend so much money from Yang Shifeng’s hard-earned money. But now, she doesn’t lack money and doesn’t have such a strong desire to eat delicious food. Naturally, she doesn’t like money much.

These silvers can’t impress her.

But Shiyi now feels too bored. If she doesn’t find something to do, she can only sleep at home.

So Shiyi asked, “What’s wrong with your grandmother?”

Seeing that Shiyi finally paid attention to him, Lian Yue was overjoyed and his heart jumped up quickly. He hurriedly said, “My grandmother often gets dizzy, tinnitus, and headaches. She often has chest tightness and can’t breathe properly. Now it’s getting more and more serious.”

After listening, Shiyi asked, “Is your grandmother very fat?”

Lian Yue nodded, “Miss, you know as soon as you hear it. My grandmother is really fat. The doctor said that she was too fat and asked her to lose weight, but my grandmother just couldn’t lose weight. ” The old woman has had a habit all her life, that is, she likes to eat meat. She had a big appetite. She must eat sweets and meat every day. When she got old, she got fatter and more uncomfortable.

Shiyi basically knows what’s going on. She thinks about the time it takes to cure the disease. She thinks she can pass the time temporarily. Anyway, being idle is too boring. She hasn’t figured out what to do next. She might as well go and take a look.

“OK, I can go and see your grandmother.”

Lian Yue didn’t expect that Shiyi would really agree. He was so happy that he forgot his happiness and anger. He smiled so much that his teeth showed, “Miss Shiyi, you really agreed. “Great, thank you.”

Shiyi waved her hand. “Leave the silver and the address. I’ll go there tomorrow.”

Lian Yue quickly handed over the baggage. “Miss Shiyi, I’ll send a carriage to pick you up tomorrow morning. It’s a long way. “

Shiyi didn’t say much. She closed the door and almost hit Lian Yue’s nose.

Lian Yue touched his nose and smiled happily.

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