The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 35.1

Chapter 35 Part 1 

Early the next morning, a carriage parked in front of Xiaoya’s small yard and waited respectfully, which made the residents look at it curiously.

Lian Yue waited in front of the door, he stood there for more than an hour before Shiyi came out.

“How are you, Miss Shiyi? Can we go now? ” Seeing Shiyi coming out, Lian Yue asked quickly.

Shiyi got into the carriage with her medicine box on her back.

Lian Yue smiled and got into the carriage. He sat in front of Shiyi and ordered the coachman to drive. 

“Miss Shiyi, this is the cake from Furong Restaurant. It’s freshly baked, have some. ” Lian Yue opened a delicate food box and revealed four cakes neatly placed inside. The smell filled the whole carriage.

Shiyi looked at it. It looked good. She reached out and twisted a piece into her mouth. A sweet flavor spread in her mouth. It was really delicious.

Seeing that Shiyi ate it, Lian Yue smiled and said, “Does Miss Shiyi like it? The cook in my family makes cakes well. Let them make them for you to taste at that time. “

Shiyi didn’t answer him. She reached out to lift the curtain and looked at the scene on both sides of the road.

After being ignored by Shiyi, Lian Yue was not annoyed. He wisely didn’t talk anymore. He quietly stayed with Shiyi and only poured Shiyi a cup of tea and gave her a snack from time to time. 

But half an hour later, the carriage stopped at a corner gate. Lian Yue took the lead in getting off, lifted the curtain, and stretched out his hand to help Shiyi get off the carriage, but Shiyi avoided his hands. She jumped gently and fell to the ground without a sound.

Lian Yue withdrew his hand, touched his nose, and led Shiyi inside. 

As soon as you entered Lian Yue’s mansion, you could feel the majestic atmosphere. There were jade buildings, carved beams, and painted pillars, all decorated with luxury without losing their elegance. There were many trained servants coming and going from the mansion. When they saw Lian Yue, they would bow and salute her with great respect.

Shiyi raised her eyebrows. She could almost figure out this family’s identity. This family could reasonably afford to hire a very good doctor, but still, her disease couldn’t be cured. It seems that this person’s grandmother’s health was hard to manage.

When Shiyi was preoccupied. Lian Yue had taken her to a yard. The maids at the door saluted Lian Yue, “Young master.”

Lian Yue waved his hand and asked the head maid. “What’s going on inside?”

The maid shook her head. “To answer Young master, Doctor Yu was treating Lao Fūren, and the Master and Madame were waiting inside. “

Lian Yue nodded and asked Shiyi to come in. “Miss Shiyi, come in with me.”

Shiyi didn’t notice the surprise in the eyes of the servants around him, and he stepped into the house.

Inside the pavilion, a middle-aged couple in luxurious clothes was sitting on a chair drinking tea. They saw a beautiful girl behind Lian Yue. Their faces changed slightly. The woman asked, “Yue’er, who is this girl?”

Lian Yue hurriedly introduced Shiyi to his parents: “Mother, Father, this is the doctor I told you about last time. She saved the child. Her medical skills were very excellent. When your son finally met her in the city, I came to ask her to treat my grandmother. “

When Master Lian and his wife heard about Lian Yue’s incident last time in town. They had a deep memory of the female doctor with extraordinary medical skills. Unexpectedly, they were not surprised by how the woman looked very young and very beautiful, they were surprised by how Shiyi didn’t look like a doctor with extraordinary medical skills at all.

However, as people who are used to seeing big scenes, even if the two people were surprised, it did not show on their faces. Instead, they politely asked Shiyi to take a seat and asked the maid to serve snacks and tea.

“Miss has excellent medical skills at a young age, I wonder which master did you learn it from? Madam Lian smiled and asked Shiyi.

Shiyi raised her face to look at her. “There’s no master.”

“Oh, there is no master. It seems that the girl is very intelligent and self-taught.” Madam Lian was a bit sarcastic and sought another topic. “My son must have told Miss about his grandmother’s illness. May I know if Miss has any opinion on my mother’s illness? We hired a lot of doctors before, but none of them could help my mother.”

Shiyi shook her head. “I don’t have any opinions for the time being.” She hasn’t seen the condition of the patient with her own eyes. She doesn’t want to jump to a conclusion.

Even Madame Lian choked on Shiyi’s answer, and her face was a little embarrassed. The smile on her face faded. She didn’t like Shiyi’s cold attitude and felt that this person was too arrogant. She deliberately put down her identity and talked to her politely to give her face. Instead, she ignored her question. This person is also very arrogant.

Seeing his mother’s displeasure, Lian Yue frowned and hurriedly said, “Mom, Miss Shiyi hasn’t seen my grandmother yet. How can she diagnose grandmother? This is nonsense.”

When Madame Lian saw that her son had protected her quickly, her heart snapped. For a while, her eyes faltered on Lian Yue and Shiyi. Madame Lian’s face sank, and she stopped talking.

Even the Master looked at them quietly with no expression on his face. He drank his tea quietly. For a time, the atmosphere was very silent, and an invisible pressure lingered in it.

But Shiyi didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She drank tea quietly and didn’t care about the people around her. She was calmer than Master Lian, which made Master Lian look at her more.

At this time, the door curtain of the wing room was lifted, and the maid led a doctor out. When the doctor locked eyes with the Master and Madame, they immediately stood up and asked, “Doctor Yu, how’s my mother’s disease?”

Doctor Yu sighed, shook his head, and said, “The old lady hasn’t been thin at all these days, and her physical condition has become more and more serious. If it goes on like this, I can’t help it. “

Madame Lian said: “But Doctor Yu, my mother has tried her best to avoid eating, but she can’t lose any weight. What can I do? Can’t you make her lose weight? “

Doctor Yu shook his head. “There’s no other way to lose weight. You can’t do anything except eat less and move more. If you want the old lady to recover, you’d better urge her to lose weight. “

Even Madame and the Master frowned. Now, it’s very painful just to avoid eating. What else can we do?

After Doctor Yu left, Lian Yue said, “Don’t worry, mother and father. Let Miss Shiyi have a look.”

Even the old man looked at Shiyi and waved his hand, “Then please invite Miss Shiyi to go in and have a look.”

Lian Yue hurriedly took Shiyi into the wing room.

On the bed, a bloated old woman was lying on the bed, her eyebrows locked and her face ugly. It can be seen that she is very uncomfortable now.

Shiyi looked at the old woman’s figure and shook her head in her heart. This is obviously because of obesity. Physical discomfort is a series of symptoms caused by obesity.

In order to clarify, Shiyi took the old lady’s pulse. Her condition was indeed as she guessed. It is hypertension and hyperlipidemia caused by obesity, which causes a series of physical discomforts, including dizziness, breathing problems, and so on.

To solve this problem, she really needs to lose weight. It’s good to lose weight.

Shiyi told Lian Yue about the situation. Lian Yue pursed his lips and said, “Miss Shiyi, other doctors say the same, but my grandmother has tried to abstain from eating for two months and hasn’t lost weight. What should we do? Does Miss Shiyi have a good way to make my grandmother less uncomfortable and lose weight quickly? “

Shiyi said, “Losing weight is not just about eating less. You should eat less and move more. You have to pay more attention to this. “

“This…” Lian Yue smiled bitterly. His grandmother’s temperament can’t be controlled by the younger generation. She likes to eat meat and doesn’t like to move. Sometimes when he comes back, he can coax his grandmother out for a walk, but she will be panting and sweating in less than a quarter of an hour, and then come back. How can she lose weight? They can’t do anything about it.

Shiyi almost knows why the old lady can’t lose weight. It’s just that she can’t eat less and exercise more. She can’t rely on her own strength.

In that case, you can only lose weight by an external force.

Shiyi said, “I can use external force to help your grandmother lose weight, but after losing weight, she still has to avoid eating, or she will get fat again.”

Hearing that Shiyi had a method, Lian Yue was overjoyed. “Miss Shiyi, do you really have a way? That’s great. Don’t worry. If Grandma can lose weight this time, we’ll take good care of her and stop her from eating meat. “

Shiyi: “Now I’ll give her some injections first, and irrelevant people can go out.”

When putting the needle in, she needed to take off the old lady’s clothes, so the personal servant girl stayed, and the others, including Lian Yue, went out.

Shiyi asked the maid to take off the old lady’s clothes, turned her over, and then pricked the acupoints on her back with a silver needle. After all the acupoints were pricked, she pressed the acupoints with her fingers. This method can quickly help the old lady lose weight. Coupled with the medicine she prescribes; she should lose about 20 kilograms a month. The old lady’s situation could be similar to that of normal people in almost two months.

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