The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 58.2

Chapter 58 Part 2

In previous years, it was just him and Grandpa Yang on New Year’s Eve. But this year, there were two new members of the family to eat with on New Year’s Eve. Now that Shiyi has a child in her belly. It’s double happiness. This meal is extraordinarily festive. Yang Grandpa took out four red envelopes as soon as they came to the table, giving one to Yang Shifeng and Xiao Shitou, and two to Shiyi. “In Grandpa’s eyes, you are all children. You should have lucky money for the new year. However, Shiyi still has one in her stomach, so Shiyi takes two, and she will keep them for the children for now. “

Yang Shifeng and Shiyi both laughed, but Xiao Shitou directly gave the red envelope that hadn’t stayed in Xiao Shitou’s hand to Shiyi. “Sister, I’m old. I don’t want the new year’s money. I’ll give it to my nephew. You should keep it well for my nephew. “

Shiyi couldn’t laugh or cry, so she quickly stuffed it back. “Your nephew is still young. He can’t use it now. Would you take it first and give it to him when your nephew comes out? I’m afraid if you let me take it now, I’ll lose it accidentally. “

Xiao Shitou thought carefully and took back the red envelope. “Then I’ll keep it for my nephew. I’ll give it to him when he comes out. “

Shiyi rubbed his head. “Then I’ll thank you for your nephew.”

Xiao Shitou said happily, “No need for thanks. I’m an uncle. “

The whole family laughed at Xiao Shitou’s words.

Grandpa Yang was so happy that he took out the wine and filled it for him and Yang Shifeng. He was ready to have a good drink to celebrate. Yang Shifeng knew that Grandpa was too happy today and did not refuse. He drank several cups with Grandpa Yang in a row.

However, Shiyi still had no appetite for the dishes on the table. She only picked up vegetable leaves and ate two mouthfuls of vegetable leaves after a meal. Only then did she barely vomit. Seeing this, Yang Shifeng’s happiness suddenly disappeared, leaving only worry.

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, the family chatted for a while and listened to the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks outside. Xiao Shitou also-ran to the yard to watch excitedly. However, Shiyi couldn’t hold on for a while. Her eyelids were barely fighting to keep them open, and her whole body was weak. Grandpa Yang saw this and asked Yang Shifeng to take Shiyi to bed. Grandpa Yang and Xiao Shitou stayed outside for a while.

Yang Shifeng was also reluctant to let Shiyi suffer. He burned some hot water and took her to the bathroom to wash. Then he put her in bed.

Looking at Shiyi’s drowsy appearance, Yang Shifeng felt very distressed and touched her thin face. “Are you hungry? You didn’t eat anything at night. Why don’t I make you something to eat and then sleep with? “

Shiyi shook her head. “I don’t want to eat; I just want to sleep.”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. “Okay, then go ahead and sleep, and I’ll watch you.”

Shiyi nodded, gradually closed her eyes under his tap, and fell into a sweet dream.

Yang Shifeng had been unable to sleep for a long time. He looked at Shiyi in the dim light, and his eyes were reluctant to blink. Today is like a dream for him. The woman he loves is pregnant with his child. There’s a child in her stomach. To be honest, he is still confused.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t help but put his face on Shiyi’s stomach and felt it silently. Although he couldn’t hear anything, there was a strange attraction. It seemed that there was a small person in Shiyi’s stomach feeling him in the same way. It was his child.

Yang Shifeng could not help but do the same stupid thing as Xiao Shitou, and said to Shiyi’s stomach, “Baby, I’m your father.”

Yang Shifeng looked at Shiyi and found that she was still sleeping soundly. He was relieved, then he continued to talk to the baby in Shiyi’s stomach: “Baby, you have to be obedient when you’re staying in your mother’s womb, okay? Your mother is tired and she’s distressed for you, and Father is very distressed for the both of you. You should be kind to your mother, too. Don’t bother her. If you are good, when you come out, father will take you to ride a horse and cook delicious food for you. Whatever you want to play, father will play with you, OK?”

If Shiyi were awake now, she would definitely say that Yang Shifeng is childish. There is no other person besides him who will speak seriously to a child who is still a cell in her womb.

The next day, Shiyi was awakened by the pain coming from her stomach. She felt her lower abdomen sinking and tingling. Yang Shifeng was no longer around. He was probably doing something outside. If it was before, she would just sleep again and use her silver needles to poke her acupoints and drink medicine, but last night, she promised Yang Shifeng that she would tell him everything.

She couldn’t let Shifeng be unaware anymore, Shiyi didn’t want to lie to him anymore, so she called Yang Shifeng. “Yang Shifeng, Yang Shifeng.”

After she shouted twice, the door was pushed open. Yang Shifeng hurried in and rushed to Shiyi. “What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable? “

Looking at Yang Shifeng’s worried and distressed appearance, Shiyi suddenly felt wronged, and couldn’t help but act like a spoiled child and burst into tears. “My stomach hurts so much. Hug me.”

Yang Shifeng immediately carefully held Shiyi’s quilt in his arms and stroked her stomach. “Is your stomach hurting again? What should I do now? “

Shiyi took a breath and felt better. She then took out the silver needle from under the quilt, and said to Yang Shifeng, “Loosen up your holp, I’ll poke in the needle.”

Yang Shifeng hurriedly loosened his hold. He put her on the bed and began to untie her clothes. Only then did he nervously watch her prick herself. However, every time he saw Shiyi get a needle, his heart ached. He wanted to take the place of Shiyi and be the one to suffer the pain. If he knew that Shiyi would suffer so much when she’s, he wouldn’t want anything. He just wanted Shiyi to be safe.

When Shiyi was finally done with acupuncture, Yang Shifeng’s head was sweating. He wrapped Shiyi up and held her in his arms again. He kissed her on her forehead. “Does it hurt?”

Shiyi smiled and looked a little pale. “It doesn’t hurt much. It’s OK. I scared you. “

Yang Shifeng rubbed his cheek against Shiyi’s face. After a long silence, he suddenly said, “Shiyi, we’ll only have this baby in the future, we don’t need another one. Even if he… We won’t give birth to another one, okay?” Yang Shifeng suddenly remembered that many women in the village died because of difficulties in childbirth. He wasn’t scared of it before, but now that Shiyi was pregnant, his heart was terrified. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if something happened to Shiyi.

Shiyi touched his face and promised, “OK, this will be the only one. I won’t give birth in the future. “

Yang Shifeng smiled as if the heavy load he was carrying had lightened. He took Shiyi’s clothes and put them on for her. He said, “I know you have no appetite to eat, but your body can’t take it if you don’t eat anything. I went to ask the experienced aunts in the village in the morning, and they told me a lot of dishes that pregnant women like to eat. I just made one. Pickled cabbage and crucian carp soup, I heard that it is appetizing and nourishing. Shall we get up and eat something?”

Although she had no appetite, Shiyi nodded. She couldn’t help eating for the sake of her children. However, when she tasted the pickled cabbage crucian carp soup made by Yang Shifeng, she didn’t feel sick. Instead, she thought it was good. She couldn’t help kissing Yang Shifeng. “It’s very delicious.”

Yang Shifeng is relieved to see that Shiyi has finally stopped vomiting. He especially went to Grandma Wang’s house to beg for some special sauerkraut, which is hard for normal people to eat, but good for pregnant women. It seems that what Grandma Wang said was right.

Shiyi couldn’t eat any more after half a bowl, but it was very good. At least she didn’t vomit. Yang Shifeng decided to study more appetizers for Shiyi in the future.

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