The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

Su Xiaoxiao’s heart has never been this heavy. 

It was all thanks to Li Yufeng for preparing a lot of food for Su Xiaoxiao, especially eggs. 

It can be guessed that she had this many eggs because she traded with their neighbors for these twenty or thirty eggs. 

Su Xiaoxiao peeled an egg and fed it to Xiao Doubao little by little. 

She was afraid that the yolk would choke him, so she only gave him the white parts. 

The cake they brought was already a little hard to swallow, and it was not suitable for such a small child to eat, so she did not give it.

At first, Xiao Doubao opened his eyes wide in a daze, as if he didn’t believe that people other than his brother would give him food. 

Xiao Doubao was only a few months old when Han Cheng went on a mission, and now he doesn’t recognize his father. 

He looked at his brother.

Xiao Doubao did not dare eat anything unless his brother approved of it.

Xiao Fantuan gobbled up the egg in two bites, which made him turn pale and choke on the yolk.

The more Su Xiaoxiao looked at her, the more uncomfortable she became.

“Han Cheng, let’s take them to the restaurant to have a small wonton. Except for eggs, other foods are not suitable for children. The chicken was cold, and children’s intestines and stomachs were too weak to eat too much oil at once.”

Zhao Xianfeng said, “Don’t worry, I’m looking for a restaurant.”


When they arrived at the restaurant, the adults didn’t have much appetite. 

They had a lot to do later, so they asked for several bowls of small wontons. At this time, the amount of food is enough. 

Doubao is still small. Su Xiaoxiao and him, had only one bowl to eat together. 

Su Xiaoxiao asked for a small bowl to be divided and fed Xiao Doubao a bite.

Children have strong adaptability. With such efforts, Xiao Doubao fully trusted Su Xiaoxiao. He will eat whatever Su Xiaoxiao gives him.

Xiao Fantuan has been secretly observing Su Xiaoxiao. He found out that the stepmother, who his father found for them, was just like her name. She always laughed, spoke softly, and treated his brother very well. 

He decided to observe for a few more days. If nothing happened, he would reluctantly accept his new mother.


Han Cheng had no appetite. He forced himself to eat. Just like Zhu Bajie, who ate the whole ginseng, he finished eating his food after two or three bites. 

After he’s done, he said to his son, “Fantuan, tell your father in detail how she treated you and your brother. Father will settle the bill.”

Fantuan thought about it for a while and said truthfully: “Dad, the old witch didn’t hit my brother and me, it was Tie Niu and Tie Dan. They robbed all of the things I and my brother had.
The old witch said that they raised me and my brother, so it’s natural for them to take those things. She also said that if I ate too much, she would sell my brother to afford the food they gave me. I obviously didn’t eat much.
They ate all the meat. I didn’t eat it. I want to give my brother food, but sometimes, when my brother ate one bite, they would take it away and eat it themselves, leaving nothing for me. The old witch said that you are very busy and threatened me not to tell you, or else, she will sell my brother.”

Tie Niu and Tie Dan are Zhou Cuihua’s two grandchildren.

Xiao Fantuan’s communication skills and logical ability were better than ordinary children of the same age. He wiped his tears as he talked.

Han Cheng: “You are afraid that she will sell your brother, so you didn’t mention anything whenever I called you? How can you endure until it now?”

Xiao Fantuan wiped his tears with his dirty hands again. He nodded and said, “When you called, the old witch would always stare at me. Sometimes, she would hold a kitchen knife in her hand. I’m afraid, but my mother is not here, and my father is busy. I want to take care of my brother. However, I can’t take good care of my brother. They always beat my brother. I can’t protect my brother from them. The old witch doesn’t care if they beat up my brother. If I fight back, the old witch will hold us down and let her grandchildren beat us, wooo woo…”

Han Cheng is depressed and felt like his heart is being stabbed by a knife. 

Once again, he had the urge to kill Zhou Cuihua.

Han Cheng picked up his son and let him sit on his lap as he rubbed Fantuan’s head: “Son, I am sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have sent you here. I found out too late. You must tell me honestly no matter what you encounter in the future. This is something that only adults can solve. Only adults know how to deal with it, but it won’t happen again. Father and Mother will protect you and your brother.”

Su Xiaoxiao cried when she heard this.

Zhao Xianfeng slapped the table, and the bowls on the table jumped:

“This old witch is an old poisonous woman. No wonder she is not afraid of being reported to public security. She didn’t do it herself! She let her grandson do it. When investigated, she would say it was a fight between children and it was not that serious. If she went to the police station, the worst punishment she would face was being educated! Such a person will act good but is a witch! She was able to coax you into sending your children to her. With her martyr’s family status, the public security couldn’t do anything about her.”

Han Cheng’s deep eyes flashed a cold light: “Didn’t she care most about her sons?”

Her two good sons have done many “good deeds.”

Zhao Xianfeng was stunned: “You mean…”

Han Cheng was worried about scaring Su Xiaoxiao. He didn’t want to say anything bad in front of her.

As a result, she stared at Han Cheng with her red eyes. She looked indignant and said, “What are you going to do? Do you want to beat her son in the dark? It’s not enough to relieve the anger. We have to get the money and the children’s things back. We can’t let this old witch get away with just this!”

Han Cheng softened and said, “What she cares most about is her two sons, and her sons did something bad, I have a way to deal with them. It won’t be like that. Don’t worry.”

Zhou Cuihua’s sons are like birds of the same feather.

If only Zhou Cuihua had stopped her grandchildren, they would not have bullied Fantuan and Doubao.

After they ate their meal, they agreed to meet in the afternoon. 

Several adults acted separately. Su Xiaoxiao and Zhao Xianfeng took the children to the hospital, and Han Cheng went to deal with Zhou Cuihua.

The bruise on Fantuan looks serious, but he didn’t hurt his bones. There is also a little sprain on his foot. 

On the other hand, Xiao Doubao was seriously injured. His left hand was fractured and needed to be fixed with bandages for some time.

The doctor looked at Su Xiaoxiao and Zhao Xianfeng reproachfully and said, “I want to report to public security that you beat children like this. You are a soldier. Why are you doing bad things? Besides, these injuries do not occur in a day or two. I have reason to suspect that you have abused these children for a long time.”

Su Xiaoxiao said: “Doctor, this comrade was just kind enough to send me here. My child has been abused for a long time. Please write down the child’s injuries in the medical record report in detail. I need this evidence to send the people who abused them to the police station. As their parents, we admit that it was also due to our mistakes and poor supervision. We will not let this happen again in the future.”

The doctor looked at them in surprise and said, “That’s what I thought. How can you beat your children when you are so gentle.”

The doctor thought about it for a while and wrote down the time and severity of each wound in detail. He deliberately made some of the light wounds appear grave. 

After leaving the hospital, Su Xiaoxiao asked Zhao Xianfeng if he had any clothes tickets or shoe tickets, that he could lend her right now.

Alas, Zhao Xianfeng really has it.

“What do you mean, borrow? It’s my gift to my eldest nephew.” Zhao Xianfeng said.

Su Xiaoxiao was not polite to him either. 

She went to the nearby shopping mall to buy shoes and pants for the children and then opened a room in the hostel to wash the cubs. 

The clothes she bought before also came in handy.

The two new cubs showed their original appearance. They were a little thinner, but their skin was fair. 

The shape of their faces and their facial features looked like Han Cheng’s. They are beautiful and delicate. 

In particular, Xiao Fantuan, who was five years old, had handsome facial features. If she was a little fatter, she would be extremely cute. Su Xiaoxiao finally regained some confidence that she could raise cute cubs.

Zhao Xianfeng, who was familiar with the two brothers, was still filled with righteous indignation: “This old witch, Fantuan and Doubao, has lost a lot of weight.”

Su Xiaoxiao kissed Xiao Doubao on the cheek: “It’s all right. The old witch could only wait for your father to clean her up. They will drink malt and milk every day, and soon they will return to their previous figure.”

The little Fantuan, who was held in Zhao Xianfeng’s arms, stared thoughtfully at Su Xiaoxiao and his brother. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he pouted and said nothing.

It seems like my stepmother only likes my brother and doesn’t like me.


Back at the hotel.

Han Cheng had been waiting there with a large bag of luggage.

Han Cheng was stunned when he saw his son, who was freshly washed. He wanted to take Xiao Doubao from Su Xiaoxiao’s hand, but as a result, Xiao Doubao turned his head and hugged Su Xiaoxiao’s neck with his uninjured hand.

“It’s OK. Let me carry him.” Su Xiaoxiao patted the cub on the back to reassure him, “Doubao, don’t be afraid, he is your father.”

“That quick?” After pacifying the cub, Su Xiaoxiao asked Han Cheng.

Han Cheng nodded, “Those two brothers of the Tan family only know how to behave like quails. It’s easy to deal with them. “

Han Cheng didn’t say anything about the specific process of how he, took back the children’s things and money.

“Where is Zhou Cuihua?” Su Xiaoxiao asked again.

Han Cheng: ” They will personally send Zhou Cuihua to jail. Let’s just go back and wait for the news. “

He would not do anything to a woman, but it didn’t mean that he would be kind to her son. Isn’t her son her heart? Zhou Cuihua dared to touch his son, and he would give it back to her son tenfold.

“Then, this is useless?” Su Xiaoxiao gave the child’s injury examination report to him.

Han Cheng clenched his fist after reading it. After a while, he said, “It’s useful. Keep it. If she dares to make trouble again, I will clean her up all at once!”
In the future, I’ll clean it up every time I make trouble!”

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